At first it was strange, all through my junior school year I had not even known him. Sure, his name would pop up around the girls often but that was among them. He was a football jock built like a Greek god, I was a lean teen that happened to get good grades; we were eons apart from introductions. During the last two years though, his focus just kept leaving his buddies or the chicks that hung around; I could feel his eyes like daggers into my back, and when I returned gaze he would grin oddly.

Was I really such a center of attention? I had never had someone do this before, it was weird and exciting; two things that didn't exactly revolve around me often. When staring became daily, no sooner did he start monitoring where I went and what classes I had. He was just everywhere, there was never any privacy except a slight change in the washroom where we both stood, other then that his eyes never faltered to glimpse me. What was he trying to do? Freak me out? I was confused, until the one day he finally spoke to me in senior years.

It was the end of lunch, when I returned to my locker to grab my stuff; as I swung the door open the fluttering of a folded paper caught my attention. The writer was rushed it appears, his message was clear though:

"Meet me after school, by the gym nearby the locker room."

I flipped the paper tracing a name possibly, but found nothing. Just as the bell rang, I quickly sifted the paper into my pocket and rummaged through textbook to binders before I made way to class.

The day passed quite fast altogether, and as it neared the end of school I was quick to prepare myself for an encounter. The locker room gave off its scent of sweat and sport as I passed it, intoxicating as it was I wasn't coming for a hard on. Leaning on the wall to the left of it I inhaled and exhaled, suddenly a low cough from the doorway made me turn, it was my personal stalker again... Not that I minded it at all.

"Glad you could make it, Park."

He smiled warmly as I considered fist bumping his tightened hand that he outstretched, he had called me by my last name not that many people did. I was very the least recognizable to be Korean, as my moms recessive genes seemed to replace my dads by a great amount. I had her blue-grey eyes, almost gold blonde hair and a very light skin tone. My dad had given me the smooth, hairless Asian qualities though.

My taste for Anime of sorts were always thriving though, I guess my dad had given me more mental aspects.

"Guess you finally dropped the cat off your tongue."

He chuckled slightly as our knuckles collided, before inviting me into the gym. His football team was going through a miniature obstacle course, and one by one people began to notice his guest and him return.

"Whoo-wee, Nick got himself an appetizer eh? Where's my share?"

"Oh shaddap, he's not anything to eat let alone split with."

"Does he wanna join at least? Give himself a little adrenaline?"

"I don't know... Does he?"

They were staring at me alone now, I reddened slightly as I recounted how my forte didn't belong with smashing into walls. Yet I wasn't one to throw down an offer, as I stepped up from my seated position.

"Sure, I'll give it a spin."

"Can't do it in those yo, here you can borrow my spare in my gym locker."

Nick was referring to my jeans, and I decided to fall into his little trap just for fun. He rushed over leading me past the swung door, the aroma of masculinity brush past my nose again causing my little buddy to swell inside my pants.

"I have my own gym strip you know..."

"I know, just wanted you to see how you like mine. Code is 11-45-32, gonna go take a piss."

As much as I might have wanted to follow him, I decided I'd let him make his first move. Fiddling with the switch, I heard a faint 'Click!' as I pushed the door back. Within the compact storage, I found a pair of red and black shorts patterned in a tribal twist below a stinky white jockstrap.

Still hearing the trickling of fluid behind the separate wall, I decided to play around a bit; as I pinched his jockstrap up and gave a whiff of his musk. God it was so strong, my cock jumped to attention as his smell fumed into my nasal holes.

"Oh god that is hot."

My heart stopped as I realized he was watching intently, his hand groping the bulge that had developed in his shorts. As I glanced towards my surprise, it made me realize how much taller he was compared to me. I was 5'8 and Nick was at least 6' or above, he weighed more clearly, being a football player and all but his physical qualities finally took the spotlight.

I gazed at his spiked dirty blonde hair, from the dazzling emeralds of his eyes down to the arched nose and nude lips. He had everything, as I finally realized; he was perfect. From every relaxed muscle to those bulging, I wanted him... I needed him.

"Oh god you're hot."

My voice hoarse, I still got the point through as he gave me a dirty smirk while his eyebrows lifted. My free hand made movement, padding his taut firm leg muscles and brushing under the shorts as it rose to touch his boner.

"Oh eager huh? Not yet, your gonna have to do what I want first."

I whimpered sadly as he commanded me, he approached the worn bench and patted his lap. Still playing the game of teases, I applied my ass to his tightening pants fabric; making a swaying motion that also stirred his cock inside. He moaned into my ear, as his fingers played my chest as an instrument and onto my wriggling waist. I felt the button lift off as I leaned my weary neck on his broad shoulder, he kissed and nipped at my neck and right ear. I felt pre begin to flow out from my cock, as it probably did with him more intensely; his magic touch slid down my zipper, and his hand seemed to linger there.

"Aww, I knew you were so worth pursuing."

He whispered in my ear full of lust, had he actually waited for two years to get me? I didn't have time to think though as his intruding fingers made way past the slit in my pants, coating themselves in a light drizzle of pre that had stained my briefs. His hand lifted up, as streams of pre slowly filled his palm like a small puddle; sniffing and then tasting my clear dew.

"It's so sweet... Just like you, Park."

I flushed a bright pink, escaping a moan as he bit my ear again. His grip stretched the jean fabric and with two great tugs; the clump of blue texture lay abandoned on the tiles. His grip slid onto my briefs as he glazed my cock head, another filter of pre rolled down my thigh. My arms reared back and wrapped around Nick's neck, as I turned to an angle to look at his jade eyes. Then it happened like that. My first kiss ever had just been stolen by a jock, as my dry lips contacted his full ones. We held that position for a bit, until his curious tongue finally purged my lips of defense. Darting in and overlapping my own, his mouth tasted of cherry as I, too, entered his. We broke off in a fit of breaths, our eyes still locked.

"Was that your first?"

"Yeah, and you seemed prepared Mr. Cherry Mints."

He chuckled again, this time with nothing holding back as I myself smiled brightly; yet it was short-lived as I felt his warmth enter my briefs, fondling my swelling glans that permeated with pre. I held my breath that was lost with a moan, Nick was a guy and clearly he knew how to pleasure another one to maximum stimulation. Finally lifting his paw off of my throbbing meat, he toughened at the band and with a dragging motion my briefs dropped into the debris of jeans.

Licking his lips he stole his jockstrap from before away from my grasp, pulling apart the straps with his fingers and in between my feet. Lifting the linen over my damp, erect mushroom headed cock; he leaned his head to my neck again licking at my earlobe.

"Your wet cock juice is in my cum rag of a jockstrap, I must have shot hundreds of loads in that cloth and your dick is bathing in it."

He cooed sexily, making my cock even harder with every word. as his smooth hands slowly wrapped around the two domes of my ass cheeks. Kneading them like dough, he was washing them in my pre as though it was oil. A single finger running back and forth down my pink hole, making it slick and sticky with more of my pre.

"Do you like me rubbing your puss lips? Oh your so wet and gushing, I know you're gonna cum into that jock and slather it in your moist seed."

He continued cruelly, his finger now prodding the hole after a coating of my saliva and pre. Slipping it in slowly, as he enjoyed my moans of pleasure, he soon replaced the entrance of one with two.

Another hand sneaking into my shirt and circling my nipples, yanking tenderly at the nub. I manage to squint and notice the massive bulge that lies below my raised form, my nosy hand placing itself on his shorts lump.

"Aww fuck, I can't take it anymore... Fuck me Nick..."

Hardly noticing the change to vulgar language, Nick grins victoriously as I hear the shifting of clothes. His rock hard snake, pouring a fountain of his own pre closes in on my loosened passage. The first thrust is full of pain to accompany his size, I cry out in shock as the slick cock is passing the canal further with the head. He groans behind me while murmuring in a drunken haze, the tightness of my virginity more then he can handle.

"Oh fuck your ass is so tight, this is what it is like to take a virgin cherry... Oh fuck."

At this point it was surprising nobody had heard us and came to check in, Nick was roaring in pleasure and I was slowly evading pain myself. His hook onto my nipple tensed further, the pain enhancing all other feelings tenfold while his freehand clenched onto my own hand over my hip. His cock was huge, I could feel it pressing in every nook and cranny in my ass, it was dividing my puss lips and continued to thicken and grow with each return.

"Oh fuck... Nick you're hitting... Oh fuck..."

His monstrous love organ managed to directly jab into my love nut, as my prostate exhaled it was given another shove from his trembling schlong. His pattern became more quick and deep, I could feel both our orgasms building up rapidly.


I didn't have time to announce mine as well, because after he shouted I felt a explosion of hot cum inside my canal, it pressed so heavily onto my prostate with his final thrusts that I felt my own cock buck forward with white seed splashing everywhere around my pubes. The jockstrap had done little to contain my spray though, as it sprinkled my chest and washed down my thighs and his too. Nick's jizz overflowed my ass and began leaking out of small creases his cock couldn't fully dam.

Breathing heavily, I turned my neck to look back at him, his charmed lime green eyes bright as Aqua as he returned his view. I could feel his cock remain hard in my ass, and the slimy ooze that was secreted from both our cocks stained the air with a definite smell of sex. We both looked around at the grand mess we made, but instead of beginning to clean I simply leaned towards him...

And we kissed. More passionately then we ever had, to make up for the years we'd left alone.


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