I guess I was about 12 when I first started noticing that all my jack off fantasies were about guys. I know now that this is not unusual. But I didnt then. By the time I was 14, I pretty well figured out that I was probably not ever going to be as attracted to girls as I was to guys - if I was ever going to be attracted to girls at all, which I doubted.

Okay, so I was Gay. No big deal, right?


Very big deal when youre in High School! It wasnt like I was a wimp or a nerd or anything. I was good sized for my age. I was almost six feet tall and I weighed in at about 180. I had blonde hair and blue eyes. Since I wrestled and played football, I had a pretty pumped body for someone my age. I loved any sport where you got sweaty and had body contact with other sweaty males. But thats all the body contact I was getting. I knew that some of my teammates were doing other things with each other, but I studiously avoided any circumstances under which I could end up having sex with any of them.

Why? Well, because I was ignorant enough and also scared enough in those days to think that everyone would immediately know that I was queer. I guess I thought it would pop out on my forehead like those Sprint Wireless commercials. There Id be with "QUEER" in capital letters written across my face. I figured somehow the other guys would know that I wasnt doing this because there were no girls available. I was doing it because I could care less if there were girls available.

And besides, something else happened about this time. I figured out that, as much as my Teammates bodies turned me on, it was nothing compared to the way the body of an adult male could turn me on--especially one adult male in particular! And thats what really freaked me out. I had the "hots" for this one guy. He was 6' 4" tall with blond hair and the deepest blue eyes youve ever seen, beautiful muscular body with wide shoulders and a really packed chest covered with a nice mat of blond hair that led down in a trail across his rippling abs and reached down to become his thick pubic hair surrounding a cock that was 7 thick, uncut inches soft of man meat. His ass was a fucking work of art, high and bubbled with a soft dusting of blond hair which became thicker in his butt crack.

The guy was a construction worker, so his muscles were all natural. And because his work was very physical and outdoors, he sweated something fierce giving him an overwhelming aroma of male animal by the time the work day was over. And being the kind of guy who gets off on the smell of other guys bodies, this aroma - his scent - drove me fucking nuts! He wasnt married. He had no girlfriends. Never really went out except sometimes on Friday nights with his other construction crew guys for a few beers. With all this, youd think he might be more than willing to have a young butch stud like me swing on his cock or suck on his ass. But there was no fucking way I was going to approach him! You see, this fucking aromatic hunk was none other than my Dad, Mike Howard. My name is Matt. Matt Howard.

Yeah! Here I was a fucking 14 year old pervert - drooling over my own studly father! Sick, huh? Well, fuck you! If you saw my old man, youd fucking fall to your knees and beg just for him to let you just smell the stink of his balls!

But I also figured if he ever found out that his only son was fucking pansy - much less had the hots for his own bod! - Hed kick my ass 12 different ways and then throw me out into the streets to fend for myself. And dont think that doesnt happen! Ive already met guys on the street that it did happen to! Their own fucking parents, the people who are supposed to love them, fucking threw them out on the street because they were queer! Told them they never wanted to see or have anything to do with them ever again. And yet I thought wanting my Dad was sick! No! Throwing out your own kid like last weeks garbage - THATS fucking sick!!!

Anyway, it was about this same time that I started to notice I had developed another fascination. I loved watching guys piss. And the high school gym was the greatest place to enjoy this activity. The old gym, built over 30 years ago, didnt have individual urinals. It had long trough urinals where as many as 8 - 10 guys at a time could stand, letting their strong yellow steams empty into the rushing water at the bottom of the trough--all those beautiful pissing cocks, long, short, thick, thin, cut and uncut. I was partial to uncut myself since my Dad was and he had fought my mother to make sure, when I was born that I remained natural as well.

I loved the mixture of piss, pre-cum and musk that developed into head-cheese under the hood of my cock. My foreskin was loose and hung down about an inch below my cock head. After a days working out in either wrestling or football, I could build up a real nice aroma coming from my groin - especially when I would skin back the foreskin and let the air hit all that cheese. The smell would fill my room and I would zone out on the scent. I loved to eat my own head-cheese and often fantasized about what Dads would taste like.

I also fantasized about what Dads head-cheese would taste like and what his piss would feel like. I knew what his piss looked like and smelled like already. With just us two guys in the house, we never bothered to close the bathroom door when we used it so Id seen my Dads hard stream of piss and smelled the odor of it many times. It was nothing for Dad to come into the bathroom while I was showering and stand there and take a piss. I always wondered if he realized with the old frosted shower enclosure that I could see quite clearly his cock and his strong stream of piss. I just hoped he didnt see how fucking hard my cock got when I would watch the yellow piss come shooting out of the hood of his foreskin that covered the head of his thick manmeat.

One morning, I woke up late with a piss-hard that wouldnt go down. Id fallen into bed exhausted from practice that day and hadnt even had a chance to jack off like I always do before I fell dead asleep. I needed to piss really badly, but my cock just wouldnt go down and I didnt have the time to take matters in hand and whack off a load. So I climbed in the shower, after trying to get my cock to go down enough to piss (my cock wasnt cooperating one damn bit!). I figured, What the fuck! Id pissed in the shower before. Maybe I could just piss and then my hardon would go down.

It took a little effort to get it started, but once I did, it was like someone broke the damn on the Colorado River! Piss flew out of the piss-hole of my cock and sent a fountain of golden yellow almost over my head. Now, my cocks got a slight curve to the right in it, and this caused the piss to shoot so that most of it rained down right on me. It was a really intense feeling to feel myself getting covered with my own piss. As the stream abated, it hit my face and my mouth opened to catch some of my morning piss. It tasted really strong and funky but I loved it. As the stream eventually ended it flowed down my chest, over my abs and finally dribbled down into my pubes. But my cock never got soft because I was so turned on to my own piss play.

I turned on the shower, slicked up my body with soap and started pulling on my cock, sliding the skin up and down the thick shaft. I was so turned on from the smell of my own piss on my body and its taste in my mouth that I think I whacked out a load in under 30 seconds. The next thing I knew, my cum was shooting all over my abs and I quickly scooped it up with my hand and brought it to my mouth as well. I added the taste of my own jizz to the piss already in my mouth. It made a delicious morning drink!

From then on, I didnt bother to wait for my cock to go down in the morning to piss. I just got in the shower and pissed all over myself, becoming more and more turned on to the taste of it. I started to wonder what other guys piss tasted like. Would it taste same? Would it be as strong? Of course the one I most wondered about was what my Dads piss would taste like.

I also, of course, discovered the wonderful smell of a raunchy, sweaty male ass from foraging in my own ass while I jacked off after practice one day. The fingers of the hand that wasnt wrapped around my horny teen-age meat were stroking my balls when it began to stray down towards my butt. The next thing I know, Im stroking my fucking greasy ass-crack and its feeling really good! I didnt know my butt was that sensitive, but it sure started my cock leaking like a broken faucet. I decided that I should try to push my finger up my butt but thought that it might hurt dry, so I brought my fingers up to put some spit on them. I got them almost in my mouth, not particularly thinking about where theyd just been, when the smell of my own ass hit my nose like a sledgehammer! Fuck! Was that fucking raunchy! What a smell! And I loved it!!! I stuck my fingers to my nose, took a huge whiff of my ass-scent and blew my fucking load all over myself. I shot so hard, some of it went in my hair! You can bet, I was digging in my butt every time I jacked off from then on.

Anyway, my solitary perversions continued for a couple of more years until just after I turned 18. By now, Id already topped 6' and but was still 4" short of my Dad. I was hitting 200 on the scale and had really packed on the muscle. And I was more and more frustrated at being a fucking virgin. My own fist was getting pretty boring. But I was still too afraid to do anything with any of my team mates and I was still scared of Dad finding out about where my interests really were. But that was going to change, very soon.

One Friday night, Dad didnt come home at his usual time, so I figured that hed gone to have a few beers with the crew. That was ok with me. It gave me plenty of time to have a nice, long jack off session to relieve the tension of the week. I was lying in my bed, not having showered after practice that afternoon, lost in the smell of my own funk. I could smell my ripe pits and the strong odor of unwashed cock that spread from my groin as I pulled my foreskin back and over my cock-head. My fingers had already been digging in my butt and Id swiped them over the skin just under my nose, depositing some of that greasy ass raunch on my upper lip to enjoy while my fingers when back to digging in my fucking hole. I was now able to take at least three of my fingers in my hole and had even tried some inanimate objects like a couple of carrots and a candle. The feel of them up my ass were incredible, but I really wanted to feel a nice, hard live cock in my hole. But I had to do with my fingers for now.

I was so lost in my raunchy fantasies, mostly about licking my fathers ass, being covered with his piss and him fucking the shit out of me, that I didnt notice that my live fantasy was standing at the open door to my room watching me pound my pud. Dad and his crew had gotten off early that day, so the drinking had started early as well. He was early getting home but had more than enough beer to make him horny as hell and to relieve him of a lot of his inhibitions.

Now, I should tell you something about my Dad and me. Dad had knocked up my mother when he was 17. She was a couple of years older than Dad. They hadnt been in love or anything - just wanted to jump each others bones. But she got pregnant. My Dad, being the good and honorable guy that he is, didnt want to see his child brought up without a father so he asked her to marry him. It was probably the one great mistake of his life. I think sometimes she married him just to get revenge for getting her pregnant and taking away all her fun.

The next three years of Dads life were sheer hell. I know, because Ive heard it all from my Grandmother - my Dads mother. My mother ran around on him while he worked his tail off to put a roof over our heads. He had to drop out of school and didnt get his GED until he was in his 20's. Dad was left to take care of me while she went out with her friends. He tells me that he didnt mind. I was the only thing that mattered in his life. And he swears I was worth the hell she put him through. I sure hope so because I love him so much, I would hate to think that I caused him any pain or problems. Thats why I was so scared to tell him I was gay. I didnt want to be a disappointment to him after all hed been through for me.

My mother finally left when I was three. We dont know where she is. Dad got some papers when I was 5 saying that shed gotten a divorce in Mexico. There wasnt even a mention of me in the papers. It was like I just didnt even exist to her. Dad took the papers and went to court with my grandparents help and had himself declared my sole custodial parent. It basically ended any parental rights my mother might have had - like she would have cared!

So really, Dad has raised me all my life. He never dated again; he told me he wasnt interested--that after my mother, he was through with women and their games. As far as he was concerned, he could buy pussy cheaper than marry it and he wasnt interested in even paying for it. Our life was just really uncomplicated. We had each other and neither of us saw a reason for anybody else around.

So here was my stud of a father, only 33, leaning against my doorway with this leering, shit-eating grin on his face, watching me laying there naked as the day I was born, wailing away on my cock while he reached down and squeezed his hardon through his jeans. Those jeans were so sexy on him. They hung low on his hips and had tears at the knees. The fabric was worn almost white at the crotch, emphasizing his hard cock poking up from the leg. And by that point, that was about all he was wearing. Hed already taken off his t-shirt and work boots. His hairy chest and abs stood out in relief from the hall light which seemed to glitter in his blond chest hair. He stood there barefoot with nothing on but his jeans and his worn, dirty jock. I couldnt see the jock, but I knew thats what he always wore to work. He hadnt showered and his funk was mixing with mine until my room smelled like a locker room that just had an orgy in it. The testosterone and man-smells that were building up in my small, warm room were enough to drive any guy nuts.

I looked over and saw him standing there. I stopped jacking off in mid-stroke. I didnt know what to think. I didnt think hed get angry at me for pounding my meat. But I didnt understand that grin on his face which was as much a horny smirk as anything. He was staring at my cock while his hand continued to squeeze his own through his jeans.

"Nice piece of meat you got there, son." he said, his voice husky. "Looks like you bred true. Youre going to be as big as me, maybe bigger."

I didnt know what to say. But I figured if he could admit to liking the look of my cock, I could return the compliment.

"Yeah, but I bet its not as big as yours yet. Not that Ive ever seen yours hard, though." I said, obviously eyeing the bulge in his jeans.

He smiled and casually reached down and popped the top button on his jeans. He grabbed the two sides of the material and pulled, popping the buttons down the fly. As he did, his bulging, raunchy jock strap appeared between the two sides of the material. He dropped the jeans to the floor and stepped out of them and then walked over to my bed, standing next to it with his bulging jock-covered cock just inches from my face.

"Fuck, boy! It smells like a fucking locker-room in here! I guess neither of us bothered showering today. And it sure smells like youve let off a lot of cum-loads as well!" he said, grinning down at me.

"Well, you aint no bouquet of roses yourself!" I said, moving my face over so that I could get a really good whiff of his raunchy jock. I breathed in the male smell of his jock, the combined sweat, piss, and probably pre-cum that permanently permeated the now almost brownish colored mesh. He noticed what I was doing and jutted his groin towards me so that my nose was actually pushed into his jock up against his hard cock. I looked up when he did this and he smiled down at me.

"You like the smell of my raunchy jock, son? I aint washed it in a couple of months. There ought to be a lot of really ripe smells in there for you." he said as he moved his hips around and ground his jock pouch into my face.

I moaned into his jock as my hand continued to stroke my meat up and down. I couldnt resist letting my tongue slip out and I began to lick and taste the raunch stored in his pouch. It was still wet with his sweat from that day but was far saltier because of all the built up sweat over time. I could also taste the piss stains and what had to be pre-cum because it made clear wetness in the pouch.

"You really like that, Matt? You like licking and smelling you Dads fucking jock?" he asked.

He didnt sound angry or disappointed in me. In fact, he sounded major turned on! It was as if he liked the fact that I was so into his body and its smells.

"Yes, Dad! I love your fucking ripe jock. The smell and taste of it make me so hard!" I said, stroking my cock even faster, hearing the slap of the skin as it covered and uncovered my dripping cock head.

"Yeah, boy! I guess you do. Why I bet youd love to taste whats inside that jock, wouldnt you?" he said, still grinning at me as he watched me writhe on the bed while licking his jock pouch and pulling on my meat.

By this time, his jock was soaked with my saliva and I figured Id showed him enough of my pig self, that he had to know that I would do anything to get his cock in my mouth. "Yes! Oh, Yes! Dad! Please! Let me taste what youve got in your jock! Please!" I begged.

"You want my cock, boy? You want to suck on the cock that made you?" he asked, his blue eyes piercing mine.

"Oh, God! Dad! Yes! Let me suck your cock. Let me suck the cock that made me!" I continued to beg.

I had to stop jacking off, however. The idea of actually sucking the cock that made me almost pushed me completely over the edge. Now I knew, no matter what it cost me - even if he threw me out on the street later, I had to have his cock in my mouth. I had to have the cock that made me fucking my face. And maybe, if I did it right, get to eat the cum of the man who helped create me.

"And thats just what Im going to let you do, boy. But youve got to wait a minute. Ive had too fucking many beers and I gotta piss like a race horse first." he said, starting to move his jock-covered cock away from my mouth.

"No!!!" I screamed, and he stopped and looked down at me.

"Dont go. I want your piss! Please, Dad! Let me drink it for you!" Ill never know where I got the courage to say it, maybe it was just desperation, but there it was. Id said it. He looked at me strangely for a few moments and then that horny grin returned to his face.

"Well, boy! You are full of surprises, arent you? So you are a piss-pig, too. You think you can take this mans load of piss, boy? You think you can drink all your Daddys piss without spilling a drop? You spill any and Im going to beat your fucking ass until its red, boy!" Dad said. The words were threatening but he had that horny smirk on his face the whole time he said it.

"I promise, Dad. I wont spill a drop. But if you want to lay into my ass anyway, I wont mind." I said, staring into his face, a horny grin on my face.

"Well, damn, boy! You are just too kinky for words, arent you. You been keeping all this from your old man, havent you? Who you been practicing with?" he asked.

"Nobody. Ive never had sex with anybody before. Just with myself. Ive drunk my own piss plenty of times, almost every morning. I know I can handle you. Please, let me have your piss." I begged again.

Without saying another word, Dad hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jock and pulled it down so that it cleared his cock and balls. His cock stuck out straight ahead, pointing itself towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and gently bought my tongue up to the underside of his massive organ, laying the head of his cock on my tongue. I looked up into his blue eyes and waited for his piss to start.

He reached down, a soft, almost loving look in his eyes, and put his hand on the back of my head and shoved his cock a little deeper in my mouth. I closed my lips around it and suddenly felt the gush of piss spray from his cock. My mouth rapidly filled as I savored the flavor of his piss. It was so mild, it was little more than warm water with very little taste. But the idea that it was my Dads piss made it so exciting. I began rapidly gulping down the flow of his piss. Dad hadnt lied. He must have drunk a lot of beer at the bar because his flow went on for a long time. He just stood there, stroking my hair while I continued to drink down every last drop of his piss.

"Yeah, thats it, son. Drink Dads piss. Yeah, boy, be Daddys urinal. Be my piss-boy. You like that, son? You like Daddys piss?" he asked.

I nodded, moaning as I continued to swallow his golden offering.

"Yeah, well Daddys got a lot for you. Daddys going to save you his piss every day so your can enjoy it. Would you like that, son?" he said as he continued to stroke my hair and piss in my mouth.

I nodded vigorously and moaned my answer. God! Getting to drink Dads piss every day! What a fucking rush! The thought was mind-boggling. To have this warmth flowing in me direct from my Dads body to mine! That I wanted more than anything.

Finally, his piss slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. I kept his cock in my mouth and began to lick the musk and sweat off it. I sucked more and more of his cock into my mouth and felt it growing harder and thicker. I loved the taste of him, all of his masculine funk. I sucked him deeper into my mouth until his cock hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged and then I felt my throat muscles relax and his cock slide down it. My nose buried itself in his sweaty, ripe pubic hair. The smell of his crotch was overwhelming. I loved it from the moment the ripeness of it hit my senses.

As I continued to suck on my Dads cock, I heard him moan deeply and felt a thrill go through my body knowing that I was able to give him pleasure. I never knew that giving good feelings to a guy could make you feel good, too! I hungrily sucked at his cock, tasting his cock-snot begin to coat the inside of my mouth. His was just like mine, only stronger in flavor and greater in quantity than mine.

I figured I would continue until my Dad shot his load in my mouth, but he had other ideas. After a few minutes, he pulled me gently off his hard cock. I moaned my disappointment as he did so.

"Hold on, son! You can have it back later. I think theres some more things you want to smell and taste and I dont want to cum just yet. Okay?" he said, a horny grin on his face.

"Im sorry." I said, hanging my head.

"What are you sorry about? You were doing great! Im having a hard time believing youre this good at it and youve never done it before. You must have some natural born talent for it." He said, giving me a look like he was proud of me and ruffling my hair with his hand.

"Arent you ashamed of me?" I asked, afraid of his answer.

"Ashamed of you? For what? That you like man-sex? Matt, theres nothing wrong with that - no matter what anybody tells you! You dont judge a man by how he likes to get his rocks off! You judge a man by whats inside him - his honesty, his integrity and how he respects himself!" my Dad told me, lifting my head up so he could look directly into my eyes.

Then he leaned over and put his arms around me. He brought his face closer and gently put his lips on mine. I felt his tongue licking at my lower lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and it was quickly filled with his tongue. I knew he could taste his piss and raunch in my mouth, but it didnt seem to bother him at all. In fact, he seemed to like it because we were soon moaning into each others mouths. I moved my hands to his chest, running them through the dense forest of hair there until I could find his nipples. They were like little rubber erasers and I gently pulled on them. Each time I did, it caused another moan to escape from deep inside Dad and his nipples became hard as small pebbles. He broke the kiss and pulled away from me. He looked down at me, straight into my eyes.

"Are you really ok with this, Matt? I mean, I am still your Dad and all. If you want to stop, if this is going to bother you, we dont have to go any further. I dont ever want to do anything to hurt you." he said, his voice turning serious.

"Dad, Ive jacked off every night for the last two years thinking about you. Never in my wildest fantasies did I ever believe that this could actually happen. I was just so afraid to ever let you know how I felt. I figured youd hate me and probably throw me out on the street if you ever found out how I felt about you." I said, still afraid to look in his eyes.

"Look at me, Matt!" a sternness and anger in his voice. I looked up. "Where in the fuck did you ever get the idea that I could ever hate you or ever throw you out on the street!?" his voice showed his anger barely in check.

I was really scared now. My voice almost broke, "I met a kid, about a month ago. He was my age. Thats exactly what had happened to him. His parents found out that he liked other guys and they threw him out on the street, told him never to come back. They told him that they never wanted anything to do with him again. And he was still 17 when they did it!" I couldnt help it, my voice broke and I started crying - tears falling down my face as I looked at him.

I saw the anger leave his face and the shock of what I told him replace it. He didnt say a word, just grabbed me in his arms and held me very tight. I buried my face against his chest until I could get myself under control. I could feel him resting his chin on my head and then he leaned down and kissed the hair on the top of my head.

"Im sorry, Matt. Those fucking people need their fucking asses kicked! Nobody should ever do that to anyone - much less their own son! Im sorry that you lived with that fear of me. I had hoped that you wouldnt think I could ever be that way, but I understand how you would." He said softly. And then he pulled me back from his chest and looked into my face. "You know now that I would never do that to you. There is nothing you can do that would ever make me stop loving you. I might not like what you do, I might not even like who you are - but I can never stop loving my own son! Why, youve been my whole life, boy, ever since you were born; that no good slut who had you never wanted anything to do with you, Im the one who fed you, changed your fucking diapers, held you in my arms all night when you were sick and couldnt sleep. Youre more to me, Matt, than anything else in this world."

"And you have no idea how much I love you, Dad!" I swore to him.

"Oh, I dont know about that. The way you were sucking my cock before gave me some idea!" he laughed, his horny grin returning.

God! I loved this man! That grin of his could light up my world. And it was certainly making my cock hard again. I looked down and I could see the stiffness returning to his as well. I leaned down and sucked the head of it back into my mouth. It got instantly hard and started leaking cock-snot into my eager mouth again.

Dad shoved forward, burying his cock in my sucking throat and held onto my head with both his hands, holding my face buried in his raunchy crotch. The scent of male rut rising from his groin was overwhelming. I own cock was dripping as I reveled in the masculine scent. Then Dad grabbed my head and pulled it back off his cock. He tilted his hips forward and brought his balls to my nose and shoved my head back into them.

"Yeah, smell my nuts, boy. I know you like that smell. I can see your cock dripping juice and throbbing you love it so much. Lick my fucking balls, boy. Taste Daddys balls." he said, his voice husky with lust.

I did as I was told to do. My tongue began to wash his sweaty, ripe balls. If I thought the smell was delicious - the taste just about drove me out of my mind! Salty with a tang that could only be the essence of my Dad. Of course, they were moist with the sweat that had come from working hard all day. The hair tickled my tongue as I laved his balls and the creases between them and his legs - where I also found delicious hidden tastes. I licked all over them, finally trying to get under and behind them.

Dad figured out what I was after. I wanted to go farther. I wanted to reach the most intimate part of his body. And he seemed more than willing to let me. He climbed up on the bed and knelt over me on one knee. This brought his balls and his ass within view at the same time and slightly spread his butt. I began to get whiffs of the scent of his ass as I lay there looking up into the furry trench. He kind of leaned back and brought his ass within a few inches of my nose.

"Is that what you wanted, boy? You want to sniff your Daddys ass? Well, there it is, son! Take a deep whiff!" he growled at me.

I raised my head slightly and buried my nose in his ripe, sweaty ass. The smell was overwhelming. Dark and strong--stronger than crotch or balls! As strong and dark as my own when I would run my fingers through my own ass-crack to sniff while I jacked off. I moved my nose through his furry trench, being tickled by the hairs there, until I reached his wrinkly, dark pucker. I put my nose right to his hole and snorted a deep breath of his pure ass scent.

"Fuck, yeah! Thats it boy! Smell my hole! Suck in all that ass stink! You like that, boy?" he asked, his voice husky from his sexual heat.

"Oh, yes, Dad! I love it! Your ass is so raunchy and ripe! I love the smell of your butt!" I swore from between his legs.

"Now stick your tongue out and lick out my hole, boy! Clean out my stinking ass with your tongue!" he ordered.

I complied. I began dragging my tongue through his ass-trench tasting the tangy flavor of his butt. I licked at the ass-hairs, tasting the dark flavor of his sweat and musk. Moving further, I finally reached his soft, greasy ass-lips and began licking the musk, cheese and ass juices that were deposited there. The taste was stronger as was the smell. I was in pig heaven, snorting and rooting in my Dads ass!

I licked all around his hole and then locked my lips to the edges of it while I sucked on his hole. He groaned at that and continued making rutting noises as I sucked at his butt-hole and speared my tongue through the opening and began to lick out the inside of my Dads ass. The tastes there were the strongest of all--dark and tangy. The idea that I actually had my tongue inside my Dads asshole caused my body to shudder with desire and my cock to cough out a large amount of my own cock-snot.

Dad saw my cock react and he reached down and took some of my cock-snot in his fingers and brought them to his mouth.

"Mmm! Boy-juice! Tastes so fucking good!" he said to himself.

His hand went back down to my abs and he gathered more of the juice my cock was pumping out. He pulled my hand off my cock and replaced it with his own. The slickness of my juice on his hand felt so good as he slowly began to jack me off. His hand was rough from all the years of working construction, but his touch was really gentle. His hand glided up and down my cock making me get closer and closer to orgasm.

At the same time, I continued to suck on his manhole. I was able to work more and more of my tongue inside Dads shitter that I actually had my whole tongue up inside, scraping at the inside walls of his ass. I was lost in the tastes and smells there. My whole consciousness focused on his hole. And it kept opening wider and wider as it relaxed. Evidently, Dad had a lot more experience at ass play than I ever thought.

I was getting really close to cumming but, again, Dad had other ideas. He rose up off my face and walked around to the foot of my bed. He knelt on the bed and grabbed my legs in his strong hands. He lifted my legs and pushed them back until my knees were almost resting on my chest. This brought my cock, balls and ass to within his view - especially my ass. The way Dad had my legs spread, my hairless crack and pink hole were completely open to his view.

Dad leaned down and started sniffing my balls. I could hear the deep breaths he was taking and could hear his moans as he breathed in my scent. I was shocked! Could it be that my construction worker father was as into man-smells and man sex as I was? While this thought would have been completely ridiculous to me just an hour ago, it seemed now that it was not only possible but true! I became completely convinced when his tongue whipped out and began laving my raunchy, sweaty ball-sack. I nearly came just from the incredible feeling of his tongue. No one in my whole life had ever licked any part of me--and to have my own studly father now licking one of the most sensitive parts of my body, brought me almost to the edge of losing my load.

But Dad didnt stop there! He kept moving down until his nose was buried in my raunchy, sweaty jock butt. I could feel his nose pressed right up against my hungry hole, taking deep whiffs of my butt. Then I felt his tongue, licking from the bottom of my ass-trench to the top, pausing only to circle my quivering hole. He did this several times, moaning loudly as he did. Then he locked his lips to my rosy pucker and began to suck on my butt, just as I had sucked on his. I pushed down, like I was taking a dump, to relax my hole and allow his tongue, which was pushing against it, to enter. I felt my Dads tongue go up inside my butt-hole and I began moaning like a slut in heat!

"Yeah! Dad! Eat my butt! Suck my fucking ass!!! Dont stop! Gimme that tongue, all the way up my butt!" I babbled, completely overwhelmed by the wonderful feelings in my ass.

My Dad looked up at me from between my legs. I could see his eyes twinkling as his tongue continued to fuck in and out of my hungry hole. I could feel him packing spit up my butt and I knew what he was after. He wanted to bury that beautiful, unwashed, uncut bone of his up my hole. And my desire for him to do it outdid his! I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted him to fuck me. Nothing would satisfy the itch hes started up in my bowels but his hard driving cock in my chute.

When hed lubed me to his satisfaction, he rose back up on his knees and told me to grab my legs and keep them held back. I willingly complied while he began sucking on his fingers and putting them, one by one, up my hole. When he had two fingers shoved all the way in my hole, he started feeling around inside of me until he grazed something with his fingers. I now know it was my prostate, but at the time, all I could do was moan in horniness as my own cock shot out another load of pre-cum onto my abs. Dad grinned down at me at my reaction.

"Like that, huh, boy? Hit your joy button just right, didnt I. Yeah, youre going to love having Dads cock stroking over that. I bet you cum without even having to touch yourself!" he said, a gleam of pride in his eyes.

He finally added a third finger and worked them in and out of my ass until I was really loose. Then he gathered up some of the cock-snot on my abs and coated the outside of my butt-hole with the viscous fluid. He also brought his own cock to my hole and milked some of his onto the hole as well. Then he skinned back his foreskin and put the head of his cock against my hole. "Push out, boy, like youre taking a dump. It will make things easier." he advised.

I did as he said and pushed down. Suddenly I felt his cockhead shove through my hole and into the inner recesses of my ass. When I looked down, almost half of his ten inch cock was buried in my butt! He stopped to let me get used to it. I expected there would be some pain, but there was only a feeling of fullness - like I had to take a big dump. I guess all my own playing with my raunchy ass as well as Dads sucking and fingering of it, had done the trick. I moaned in wanton sluttishness when he slowly shoved the rest of his thick cock into my hole. He bottomed out in me and his sighs mixed with my horny moans. He looked down at his cock, buried in my hole and then looked me right in the eyes.

"Youve got one hot, tight ass there, boy! This is going to be a great fuck!" he said with a sexy grin on his face.

I lay back and grabbed hold of my nipples and began pulling on them. This caused my ass to tighten in spasms around my Dads cock while I wiggled my hips, just a little, to let him know how much I loved having his cock buried deep in my butt. Feeling this, he realized that I was feeling no pain and was ready to take all the fucking he could give. He pulled back a few inches. I moaned at losing even those few inches of his magnificent cock. I moaned out my loss and heard my Dad chuckle to himself.

"Dont fret yourself, boy! Its not going anywhere. Trust me, I could keep my cock in this tight hole all night long!" he said.

"I wish you would!" I replied breathlessly. "It feels so fucking good up my ass! Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me really hard! Fuck my ass! Please!!!"

Taking me at my word, I felt his hips snap forward and his cock was once again buried to the hilt in my butt. I moaned at the vibrations it sent through that sensitive part of my ass my Dad had called my "joy button". Within a few minutes, he was humping my ass good!!! He was pulling out until only the head was left in my hole and then slammed the entire length of his cock back into my boy-hole until he again bottomed out in my hole.

He pounded my butt with his cock. I could hear the slapping noise of his hips hitting my ass cheeks with each hard-driving pump. I was on the verge of cumming from his cock stroking my prostate when suddenly he stopped. Just stopped dead! With is cock buried all the way up my butt!

I looked at him to see what was wrong. He knelt there, his cock buried in my ass and his head thrown back with his eyes closed. I couldnt begin to guess what he was doing until I heard him moan and an additional feeling of warmth and fullness flooded my bowels. My Dad was PISSING in my ASS!!!

I couldnt believe it! It was the nastiest thing Id ever experienced. It was beyond the scope of my imagination. I never thought of some guy actually PISSING IN MY BUTT!!! Dad finally looked down at me while his cock continued to drown my butt-hole.

"Pissing in your ass, boy! You make a great urinal! Love to fuck in an ass filled with hot piss!" Dad explained.

And saying so, he began to fuck me again. His cock brought small amounts of piss from deep inside my body each time he would pull out. It would drip down and onto my balls until it rolled down onto my abs because Dad had my asshole pulled so high to allow him to get the right angle to fuck me. Some spilled on the bed, but I could have cared less at that moment. My Dad was fucking me; he was fucking me in his own piss! I nearly lost it, just from the thought of it!

Dad, too, was very close. I could hear his moans become louder and closer together. Finally he screamed out that he was going to cum. He buried his cock in my ass one last time and I could feel the twitching of his cock against my asshole, as he delivered what I felt to be at least 10 squirts of his hot manjuice in my ass.

His cock spewing in my ass set off my own orgasm and I shot so hard I hit my face and upper chest with most of my load. And, as Dad had predicted, I didnt have to touch my cock at all for it to cum.

As we both calmed down and regained our breath, both our cocks remained hard. Dads in my ass and mine, pawing the air above my abs. Dad reached down and scooped up some of my cum from my chest and brought it to his mouth. He sucked down all my cum, obviously relishing the flavor.

"Mmm! Fresh boy-cream! Delicious!!!" My Dad said, smacking his lips and winking down at me.

"Dad, that was AWESOME!" I swore. "You are one GREAT FUCKER!"

"Thank you, son! I have never had any complaints!" he grinned at me.

"But, ah..., Dad? What are we going to do about all of your piss in my ass?" I said, worried about my bed.

"Dont you worry about that, son. I have just the thing for that!" And saying that, he reached down and grabbed me under the legs and lifted me up until I was in his arms, his cock still buried in my butt. I grabbed him around the neck with my arms and he carried me off the bed, out of the bedroom, down the hall and straight into the shower. There he lowered us until he was lying on the floor of the large shower stall and I was sitting on his cock.

"Okay now son. Just raise yourself up and I want you to drench my body with all my piss thats up your ass." He grinned at me.

I put my feet on the floor of the shower and rose up slowly so that I was in a crouch over his groin. Suddenly his cock popped from my butt and I could feel all the liquid - piss, cum and ass juice - begin to pour from my ass. Dad moaned as all the hot piss from my ass began splattering all over his body.

"Thats it son! Give Daddy his piss back! Yeah! Fuck! That feels so hot!" he moaned.

It felt really good to me, but when it was over, my butt felt really empty. Spotting his cock still hard, I quickly sat right back down on it and began bouncing up and down. My Dad moaned but his cock stayed rigid up my butt. It was only a few minutes and we were both blowing a second load - him up my butt and me across his muscular, hairy chest.

We showered together, just rinsing off the cum and piss from our bodies. Neither of us was interested in losing the strong, raunchy scent that we had built naturally. Instead of sending me back to my room to bed, Dad took my hand and led me to his bedroom. He pulled me down into his arms on the large, king-sized bed and there I slept, safe in the arms of my Dad. A whole new Dad than the one I had woken up with that morning, but one that seemed to want me as much as I wanted him!


I woke up very early the next morning. My cock was harder than hell and I needed to piss really badly. I guess having all of Dads piss from last night plus my own, really put a strain on my bladder. Plus the fact, that when I woke up my nose was in my Dads raunchy pit and smelling his pit-funk from yesterday. God! Theres no fucking better way to wake up than with my body warmed by my Dads warm naked body next to me and smelling the combined masculine funk of both our bodies in the same bed!

As I began to move, my Dad turned so that he was no longer lying on his back, but spooned up against mine. I could feel his hard cock nudging at my ass and his arm came around me and pulled me closer to him. What a fucking predicament! There I was, loving the touch, the feel, the closeness of my Dad who Id wanted to be with like this practically all my life and knowing that if I didnt get up right now, there was going to be a flood in my Dads bed which I didnt think hed much appreciate. I struggled to get myself out of bed, but his arm pulled me back and held me.

"Where the fuck you going?" Dad mumbled sleepily from behind me.

"Dad, I gotta piss! I gotta piss really bad! Lemme up, okay?" I begged.

Instead of letting me up, he got up over me and pushed me over on my back. He moved down my body until he was between my legs, spreading them while my piss-hard cock rose its full seven inches from my groin. Dad looked at me and he had that horny, shit-eating grin on his face again. Without saying a word, he pulled my dick to his mouth and put his lips around the head of my cock.

I couldnt believe it! My Dad was acting like he wanted to drink MY piss! Just like Id drunk his the night before! This just couldnt be happening! My studly Dad, star of all my raunchiest jack-off fantasies was raunchier than I ever dreamed possible. I guess the acorn doesnt fall far from the tree after all. Looks like all the raunchy shit Im into is just part of my birthright as Dads kid.

"Dad, are you sure?" I asked. I didnt want to misread anything.

Rather than answering, he licked the head of my cock which was resting inside his mouth and winked at me. I could tell he was grinning around the shaft of my cock buried in his warm/wet mouth. I still had a little difficulty getting my flow to start - after all, Id never pissed in another mouth than my own before and my cock wasnt in my mouth when Id do it. The warm wetness of my Dads mouth was feeling too good, at first, to allow me to relax enough to get my piss stream started. But finally, I was able to let go. I know I was pissing really hard. I had a big build-up and wasnt able to slow it down.

It didnt seem to matter to Dad. He moaned at my first splash of piss into his mouth and began swallowing. He nursed on my cock-head like it was a fucking tit and he was a baby sucking down his mothers milk! He drank and drank all of my golden flow, moaning in pleasure at the taste and feel of my strong, raunchy brew. I loved my first piss of the day, it was always strong smelling and tasting. It was obvious from the way he was sucking it down, that my Dad liked it too.

"Mmm. Hot boy piss! Fuck, yeah--delicious first thing in the morning!" He said, licking his lips and grinning at me now that my flow had stopped. He had drunk every drop.

"Ah, fuck, Dad! That was awesome! I never pissed in anybody elses mouth before! That was fucking hot!" I answered, my cock still as hard as nails, even after pissing.

"Ya like that, huh? Well, since I know you like drinking piss, too, I got a nice load here for you!" he said, pointing his hard cock at me.

I quickly rose and got my lips around the uncut head of his cock. I could smell the raunchiness of his cock-cheese as I put my nose near the head of his cock. But that treat would have to wait. I wanted my Dads hot load of morning piss! I pushed my tongue a little ways into the fleshy hood of his foreskin and tasted the raunchiness inside his hood. When wed showered last night, we basically just rinsed some of the piss and cum off each other. We didnt bother with soap or really cleaning ourselves. Since we apparently loved the raunchy odors of each others bodies, we didnt want to remove them. So I still tasted some of my ass funk and Dads piss inside his hood from when he fucked me and pissed up my ass the night before. The mixture was heavenly! I loved the taste of my own ass and Dads piss all fermented overnight inside Dads cock-hood.

I stopped licking inside Dads hood and waited for his flow of piss to start. I didnt have to wait long. Dads strong morning piss started to flood my mouth. It tasted far stronger than his beer-piss the night before. This piss had body and strength. It had fermented inside his body overnight and it tasted even stronger than my morning piss ever did! I was totally turned on. I was so hot as I drank, I almost came without even touching myself. His flow was longer than mine as well. I had to swallow and swallow in order to get it all, but eventually the flow of golden juice stopped and I again began to lick inside his hood, searching for any lost drops to suck down. Not finding any, I used my lips to push his foreskin down and began licking at his head cheese. The strong masculine odor filled my nose and the tart taste filled my mouth with raunch. I loved it!

As I sucked, I felt Dads cock getting harder and harder in my mouth. I was able to relax my throat so that I could take it all the way down to his sweaty, raunchy pubic hair. The smells of my Dads body turned me on so that my cock was dripping beneath me as I continued to suck on his cock. But I didnt want to end this way. I knew what I wanted. I wanted his cock up my ass again. I wanted him to fuck me - really pound my fucking ass! I needed his cock inside me. I needed to feel his hardness punching up against my joy button as he called it. I looked up at his face and could see his horny grin as he watched me chew on his stalk. I pulled off and looked up into his eyes.

"Fuck me, Dad! Please! Fuck my hole! Fill me with your big cock!" I begged him.

"You are one little horn-dog this morning, aint ya!" Dad grinned. "Guess that hole of yours is hungry again after last night? Hmm?"

"Yeah! I love the feel of your cock up my ass! Ive never felt something like that in my whole life!" I grinned back at him.

"Well, Ill tell you what, boy. You aint the only one likes that feeling. Hows about you fuck me first and then Ill fuck your little tail for you? Huh?" he said, his grin getting bigger.

I couldnt believe my ears! My Dad just offered his butt to me to fuck! I couldnt believe it! But I had a problem.

"Dad" I said quietly, "I would give anything to fuck you, but..."

"But what, boy?" he asked, showing some concern.

"But...Ive...never..." I couldnt get the words out.

"Oh! Thats right. Well, son, it aint difficult. Guys just kind of take to it naturally. You just remember to put it in slowly at first to give the guy a chance to get used to it, but after that, you can just pound the shit outa that hole and hes gonna love it! As good as youve done at everything else so far, I figure youll be a natural fucker! You just eat my hole first like you did last night, and Ill be more than ready to handle that beauty youve got between your legs there. Yes, sir! A chip of the old block!" he smiled at me.

My fears all went away instantly. If Dad thinks Ill be a natural fucker then who am I to argue! He laid down on his stomach and spread his legs. I got between them and buried my face in his hairy ass crack. The dark, raunchy smell of his butt drew me like a magnet. I began to lick up and down his ass trench, tasting the sweat and funk that had built up overnight. I locked my lips to his hole and started sucking on it. I shoved my tongue deep into his ass, tasting the tartness of his inner body. As I licked out his hole, his ass began to relax and expand. Quickly, it became apparent that Dad was ready and waiting for my cock.

I crawled up between his legs and put my cock at his wet hole. Dad reached back and spread his butt-cheeks so that I had a clear shot at his hole. I pushed forward and felt my cock slide into his wet warmth. It was a feeling like no other Id ever felt in my life! The soft moistness of his ass surrounded my cock and I groaned in ecstasy. At the same time as my cock bottomed out in Dads hole, I heard him groan as well and felt his ass push back to gather every possible bit of my cock into his hole.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! That feels so fucking good! Fuck my ass, boy! Fuck the ass right off me! Pound me hard! That ass can take it!" he groaned.

I couldnt believe this! It was way beyond any fantasy Id ever had! I looked down and saw my cock buried in my Dads beautiful bubble-butt. I pulled out slightly and felt his ass clinging to my cock. I groaned again and pushed it back into his hole. Soon I was withdrawing farther and farther and pounding back in harder and harder. Each time I did, I could hear Dad grunt in satisfaction. I could feel the head of my cock bumping up against his "joy button" and he moaned each time I did. I tried to hold back, make it last, but I soon found myself pounding his ass harder and harder, faster and faster until I found myself screaming and cumming deep in his ass. As I came, I could feel the muscles in Dads ass tightening - squeezing the cum out of my cock! The feeling was incredible! Id never cum that hard or that long in my life! Finally, I collapsed on his back, sweating and moaning, my tongue licking at the muscles on his back as I tried to get my breath back. I was no longer a virgin. Id had my first piece of ass and from the hottest, butchest stud I knew! My Dad!!!

"I told you youd do good!" my Dad low voice broke through the fog of my afterglow.

"Thanks, Dad. That was awesome!" I grinned.

"Still want me to fuck your butt, boy?" Dad asked grinning over his shoulder at me.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Shove that fucker up my butt!" I practically screamed in excitement.

"Then get off my back, boy, and get on yours!" he said.

I quickly pulled my cock out of his ass and let him get up. He rose up and as I lay down, I reached up my arms and he lay on top of me, nuzzling my neck and licking at my throat and ear.

"You are just one fucking horn-dog, arent you, Matt?" he growled in my ear. "Well, when I was your age, I was sucking every cock, fucking every ass and cunt I could get! Guess thats what being young is all about." he laughed.

I grinned at him. "But most people dont have a Dad as hot as you to play with!" I said to him.

"You really think Im that hot, Matt?" he rose up and looked down into my eyes.

"Yes, Dad! Youre REALLY that HOT!" I repeated. "I have jacked off over you since I first discovered how to pull on my cock! This is really a dream come true for me! But more than that, I love you! I really do! You are the best man I know! Not just because youre my Dad. No one Ive ever met lives up to you! You are not only the man I want; you are the man I want to be!"

I looked in his eyes and I could see them mist up with tears. "Matt, you dont know how much it means to me to hear you say that. I have tried really hard to raise you right. Ive tried to be a good father to you. You didnt have a mother, but I tried to make up for that. I love you, Matt. Youve really been my whole life. Ill be honest with you. I didnt want your mother. We didnt love each other. But I would have done anything for you because I really wanted you! Im not sorry she left. I just glad she never wanted to take you with her because I dont know what I would have done. Thank you, Matt. You just made every struggle it has taken to raise you worth it for me." he said, his voice husky with emotion.

With that, he buried his face in my neck and I could feel him lightly kissing me. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and nuzzled my face against his head. I reached up and lightly stroked my fingers through his hair. I loved this man more than anything in the world. If I was his world, he certainly was mine!

"Now, Matt. What can I do for you, as if I dont know?" he raised his head up and smiled that sunny, horny grin at me.

"Yeah, Dad. Fuck me!" I laughed.

"You got it, boy!" he said and moved down my body until he could lift my legs with his hands.

He pushed my legs back almost to my chest and buried his face in my ass. I could hear him taking hearty, deep breaths of my ass scent and could hear him moan in horniness at the smell. Then I felt his incredibly tantalizing tongue begin to lick from the bottom of my ass crack to the top. I moaned at the feeling. Then I felt him begin to suck on my hole and force his tongue deep into my butt. I was still a little sore from the night before, but his tongue seemed to heal all the soreness and made my ass hungry for his cock to pound me again.

"Fuck, yeah! Thats it! Fuckin eat my ass! Shove that tongue up my butt! Please, dont stop! I love it!" I screamed.

Dad began packing his spit up my ass, getting me ready for his hard, dripping cock. He rose up and put his cock-head at my asshole and began to milk it with one hand to add his cock-snot for additional lube. Then he very slowly began to press his cock into my ass. There was some slight pain because I was still a little sore from the previous night, but the moment his cock head passed the opening to my ass, I pushed down and his cock slid deep and painlessly into my butt. What a fucking rush! To feel my Dads thick ten inches sliding deep into my ass and filling my hole completely. I loved that feeling of fullness. I loved the feeling of Dads body joined with mine, the tickle of his crotch hair on my sensitive ass lips, the smell of rut as my Dads body covered mine. I felt safe and secure under him as he began slowly drawing his cock in and out of my clinging ass.

I guess my fucking Dad had brought his horniness to a fever pitch because he didnt take it easy on my ass at all. He pounded the fuck out of my butt and I loved every hard-driving, butt-stabbing minute of it. Of course, he couldnt last all that long at that pace, but he lasted long enough that before he came, I felt my cock getting harder and harder and suddenly - without my touching it - I started shooting cum all over everywhere! All over my chest, my abs and Dads chest. The clenching of my ass as I shot my load was too much for Dad. As I shot off, I heard him groaning and then I felt him pound into my ass one last time, burying his bone as far up my butt as he could reach. Then I felt his hard cock pulse over and over again as he shot his heavy load deep in my guts.

Dads sweaty body collapsed on top of me and I held him while he caught his breath. I could feel the tremors of his orgasm still arching through his body and, every so often, a twitch of his cock deep in my butt. Finally he got his breath back and his softened cock slipped from my horny ass.

"Whew! Son! You just about wore me out! Come on. Lets get a shower." he said.

We showered together in Dads shower. I loved washing his hard body. I loved running my hands over his hair chest, across his broad shoulders, down his tight gut and I particularly loved running my soapy hands all over his cock, balls and ass. Of course he did the same to me and we both ended up throwing bones in the shower. We decided though, that since Dad had to get to the job site, wed wait til later to take care of those.

Since it was Saturday, Dad would only work half a day. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. Id often gone to the work site with Dad, ever since Id been a little kid. I always have loved being around him and it was a great place to fantasize as I got older. About Dad and about some of the hunky guys he worked with.

In the beginning, Dad had just been a worker. Now he was foreman of a crew of men. Dad wasnt like most foremen, however. He didnt just strut around telling guys what to do. Dad worked as hard or harder than any man on his crew and they all respected him for it. Dad never asked anyone to do anything he wasnt willing or able to do himself. In fact, its more than likely that Dad had done it - hundreds of times already!

I told Dad that Id love to go with him. So I got into a tiny pair of cut-off jeans which I knew showed my ass real good and an old T-shirt that was really too small. It pulled across my chest and showed off my definition, however. Id cut it off so it just barely reached below my pecs and showed off my six-pack of abs below. The cut-offs road low on my hips and you could almost see my pubic hair popping out above the waist-band. Like Dad, I wore and old, worn jock I hadnt washed in months. But I wore it because, if I didnt, the cut-offs were so short, my cock and balls would be hanging out of them.

We got in Dads pick-up truck and headed out to the job-site. Dads company was building two and three bedroom townhouses in a new development on the edge of town. We stopped on the way at a convenience store for coffee and sweet rolls and to fill the cooler in the back of Dads truck with a case of beer and ice. On Saturdays, they usually knocked off work early - around noon - and Dad would always have a cooler filled with beer for the guys.

When we got to the work site, several of the guys were already there waiting for us. Among them were my two favorite of my Dads workers. Joe was tall, about 6'5", with blonde curly hair. He had broad shoulders and a muscular chest covered with dense blond fur. This continued onto his hard stomach and into is cut-offs. His legs were densely furred as well. Joe was about 28 and had worked with my Dad for ever since I was a little boy.

One of the newer members of the crew was also a favorite of mine, Randy. Randy was about Joes age but was slimmer and darker. He stood about my height and was smooth bodied in contrast to Joe. His muscular build was more slim and wiry. He had a swimmers body where Joe was built more like the football player hed been in high school. Randy had dark brown hair and blue eyes and showed a substantial bulge in his jeans where his cock was. I was extremely curious to see how big it actually was.

Randy and Joe were very close friends. In fact, they were roommates. They had been living together almost from the first day that Randy had started working with my Dad. They road together in Joes truck and you never saw one of them without the other close by. Dad joked about them being "Salt and Pepper" because Joe was so blond and Randy was so dark. Randy was a quiet kind of guy who didnt have a lot to say. Joe, on the other hand, was very talkative, always telling jokes and you could hear his big laugh at least a block away. I knew they were very close, and wondered if there was more to it than that. I wondered if they were lovers or, the term I learned later, fuck-buddies. All I knew was I would love to get it on with either one of them.

Dad sent me off that morning to work with Joe and Randy. This was common for Dad to do. He trusted Joe and Randy the most of all the crew and knew that they would make sure I didnt get hurt. Not that I really needed that close watching anymore. But when I had been little and Dad had to leave the job site for any reason during the day and I was with him, Joe was always the one that Dad would have watch out for me.

Most of the time, Dad expected me to just help the guys on the job site - hand them tools they needed or wood for trusses and framing. But as I grew, Joe began to teach me more of the trade and when I worked with him, he often times had me doing the actual cutting of the lumber for framing and other work within the units. Hed taught me well to "measure twice - cut once" to reduce mistakes cutting the lumber. Hed taught me how to read blueprints so that I knew what length of lumber to cut.

So this day, we were framing out the upper floor of one of the units. We worked for about four hours when Joe said that he could really use a break. Randy agreed so we all sat down on some piles of lumber and Joe started passing around a big thermos he had filled with water and ice.

We started bullshitting as guys do and Joe started asking about my love life.

"So, you got your pecker wet yet, Matt?" he asked me.

"Sure!" I said and then added, "With my own spit!"

Joe and Randy really broke up over that one, Joes laughter filling the room. "Have to do with that right hand, huh, kid?" Joe jibed.

"No." I said. "Sometimes I cheat on it and use my left!" They cracked up again.

"Fuck, Matt, when I was your age, I was horny all the time. I think I went through about four years of my life with a bone on!" he laughed.

"Yeah, and when did you ever stop?" Randy suddenly piped up! "You still walk around with a bone on all the time and you are the horniest motherfucker I ever met, except for me!" He laughed.

Now this was interesting! Randy wasnt the kind to usually engage in this kind of banter. Usually he just listened and enjoyed. And certainly, the kind of information he was imparting about Joe wasnt coming from just a friend.

"I get so horned up sometimes I think I could drive my fucking cock through one of those 2 x 4's!" I said.

"Looks to me like you could do that now!" Joe laughed as he was looking at my crotch.

All this talk about boners had its usual effect on me. All somebody had to do was mention a hard cock and mine was hard as a rock in about two seconds. And not just hard, but dripping pre-cum like a faucet! I looked over a Joes crotch and could see that he was no less hard than I was! This was getting REAL interesting.

"Yeah, well it looks like youve got the same fucking problem!" I said, looking directly at Joes crotch and then into his eyes.

What I read there was pure male horniness! Joe was hot and he wanted sex. And he wanted sex NOW!!! I knew I was ready, but I wondered how far he was willing to take this.

"Looks to me like youve grown some, boy!" Joe said, looking again at my cock and taking a grip on his own through his cut-offs. "You must be givin it lots of exercise!"

"Yeah, the more I pull on that thing, the bigger it seems to get!" I answered.

"How big is it now?" Joe asked, looking more horned up by the moment and really rubbing on the hard cock in his pants now.

"Last time I checked, it was over eight inches. But its been a while since I did." I answered.

"Hows about you give me a look at that weapon. Ive got my tape measure here, we can see if its grown any." he said, unhooking the yellow carpenters tape he always had hooked to his belt.

I stood up and slowly opened the fly on my cut-offs. I wanted to make Joe really salivate over my cock. I looked over and the same horn-dog look that Joe had, Randy was wearing on his face too - his eyes locked to my hand as I opened my cut-offs. Randy was busy rubbing his crotch, too, and I could see the bulge of a very large piece of meat between his legs. I pushed down my cut-offs and stepped out of them as I pulled off my shirt as well. Now all I stood there in was my work boots and my ripe, raunchy jockstrap. The strap pouch was already soaked through with my cock-snot and I couldnt resist rubbing my hand over my mesh encased cock while the two horny construction workers watched. I got some of my cock drip on my hands and brought it to my mouth and licked it off. I hear Joe moan as I did and looked over at him.

"Yeah! Taste that sweet boy-juice!" he said.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my jock and pulled it out and down over my hard cock, which was standing straight up against my body. I noticed a drool of cock-snot running down the shaft of my cock from the pool of slime in the hood of my cock.

"If you want a taste," I said in a low voice, looking right into Joes eyes, "theres a whole pool of it here."

Joe didnt say a word he just got up, dropped his tool belt and cut-offs so that he was only wearing a worn, used jock-strap and his work boots as well. He walked the few feet to where I stood and then dropped to his knees. The next thing I knew, I felt his tongue digging in the hood of my cockhead for all the fucking cock-snot that was welling up there. I moaned at the touch of his tongue and moaned louder as I felt his lips wrap around the head of my cock and begin pushing down my foreskin as my cock entered the warm, wet furnace of his mouth. I could feel him licking the head-cheese from under my cock head and then I felt his lips at the base of my cock as he took me deep into his throat. He rose back up and off my cock and looked up into my eyes.

"Thats at least nine inches now! My throats a better measure than any ruler! And that boy-juice your making is about the sweetest Ive ever had! Too bad you dont have some piss to go with it!" Joe said with a wink.

I was just a little shocked. So, Joe liked it raunchy, too! And into piss! Well, he and my Dad must be playing together!

"Who says I dont? You want some of my hot boy-piss?" I asked.

"Fuck, yeah!" Joe answered. "Give me some of your fucking piss! Im one thirsty motherfucker!"

Joe put his mouth back on my cock, but just a few inches of it. Thank God I can piss through a hardon! I relaxed just a little bit and let my golden flow loose in his thirsty mouth. The gush of piss was followed by a moan from Joe as I could feel him swallowing it all down. He continued to moan while I emptied my bladder into his hot, sucking mouth.

When I was through, I pulled my cock from his mouth, leaned down and put my mouth right on his, kissing him deeply and licking out his mouth for a taste of my piss. I then pulled him to his feet and dropped to my knees in front of him. I pulled down his jock and freed his trapped erection. The smell of his raunchy crotch hit me then and I was lost in the ripe scent that emanated from his groin! I pulled down his foreskin and began licking the rich build-up of smegma from under the purple head. It was heavy with man smells and taste and I loved every speck of it.

"Need to piss, stud?" I asked, looking up into Joes eyes.

"You sure you can take it, boy?" Joe looked at me questioningly.

"I can take my Dads, I can take yours!" I answered. Let him digest THAT one! I thought as I wrapped my lips around his cock again.

"Okay, you got it!" he said and I could feel the first gush of his hot piss hit the back of my throat. His piss was hot and salty/sweet. I began gulping it down as he reached down and stroked my head and talked to me.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Drink my fuckin piss! Take all my fuckin piss down your cock-suckin throat, boy! Suck down all my fuckin piss!" Joe said as he watched me pig out on his body fluids.

Soon Joe had emptied his bladder into my guts and I was once again, sucking on his hard cock. I buried that ten inch beauty in my throat and thought about where I really wanted it - up my fuckin butt!

It suddenly dawned on me that there was another cock in the room that I was not paying any attention to at all! How rude of me to ignore what appeared to be a huge fucking slab of man meat! I looked over at Randy who was standing close to the two of us and he was stroking what looked like at least ten thick inches of hard cock! He was avidly watching the raunchy interplay between me and Joe. But before I could do anything about it, Joe pulled out of my mouth and went down on his knees and sucked Randys cock in his mouth just like it was the most natural thing in the world. Randy grabbed hold of Joes ears and began to fuck his face hard! It was a hot sight to watch the two men as one used the others mouth as a fuck hole!

Watching this I knew what I wanted. I wanted Randys cock up my butt. I wanted Joes cock up my butt! Fuck! Id even try to take them both at once!!! Well...maybe THAT was far too ambitious at this point! I figured that I needed to get back into the action so I lay down between Randy and Joe and took Joes hard cock back into my mouth. I sucked him while Randy fucked his face.

I sucked on Joe and while looking up and watching him being used as Randys fuck hole. Some of the spit from his mouth even dripped off Randys cock and fell on my face. I watched fascinated as Randys balls swung back and forth as he eagerly fucked Joes mouth. Finally, I couldnt ignore them any longer. I got to my knees and began licking Randys raunchy balls while he continued to fuck Joes mouth. Joe and I looked at each other as we pleasured Randy. Joe finally pulled off and let me have Randys cock back in my mouth. I took a few strokes of it down my throat and then pulled off and looked at Joe who was watching me suck cock with a horny grin on his face.

"Ive got another hole you can fill with that!" I said, looking Joe in the eyes and then dropping my eyes down to his solid hunk of man meat.

"Fuck, yeah! Id love a piece of that boy-ass!" Joe said, moving behind me.

I got up from my knees and bent over, recapturing Randys cock in my mouth and opening my ass to Joes inspection. Joe got down behind me and spread my cheeks. The next thing I felt had me moaning around Randys cock like a cheap whore. Joes tongue on my hole was hot! He buried his face in my ripe butt and I could hear him sniffing deeply of my ass funk as he sucked on the lips of my hole and shoved his tongue as deep as he could reach. His tongue was so long and dug so deep up my shitter that it felt like a small cock fucking my butt. He scooped out my hole and packed spit up it for the ease of his cock going up my shit-chute.

When I thought I couldnt take any more of Joes tongue reaming, I felt his mouth pull away from my hole and then next thing I felt was the blunt head of his cock pushing against the opening. His tongue reaming, spit and cock-snot was all I needed for lube as his cock shoved all the way up my butt in one long slide. I loved his cock! Not only was it thick, it had an curve to it which rubbed against my joy-button with each movement in and out of my butt.

"Fuck youve got a hot, tight hole, boy!" Joe moaned as he fucked my hole with long strokes of his big cock.

I continued to moan around Randys cock which began to ram in an out of my throat in the same rhythm of Joes cock in my ass. I was sandwiched between the two sweaty construction workers as they used my holes for their pleasure. I was in heaven! The smell of Randys raunchy crotch was steaming up my nose as he buried his cock deep in my throat while at the same time, Joe was battering my ass with that rammer between his legs. I was rapidly reaching the point where I would cum and I hadnt even touched my cock yet, so busy was I digging in Randys hot ass with my hands as I pulled his hips harder against my face and his cock harder down my throat.

Suddenly, Randy reached the point of no return and shoved his cock hard down my throat while shooting great gobs of cum down my gullet. Joe, aware of Randys orgasm from Randys moans, proceeded to deliver his load into my guts. At the same time, Joe reached under me, grabbed my cock and started jacking me off. It only took two or three pulls with his hand and I was shooting my boy-juice all over the floor underneath me. Joe continued to jack my cock as my orgasm receded until just a few drops were gathered in his hand. I felt him withdraw his hand from beneath me and then heard him licking it.

"Ahh! Sweet boy-cream! Nothing better!" Joe said as he slowly withdrew his softening cock from my ass.

I quickly turned around and buried Joes softening cock in my mouth, tasting his cum and my ass juice on it. I loved the taste of a cock thats just shot off up my butt! I continued to clean off his cock and even licked through his pubic hair and down to his balls. I licked under his balls and tried to get my tongue to his ass crack. Seeing what I was trying to do, Joe turned around and bent over, giving me free reign to his muscular butt.

The raunchy, ripe smell of his butt hit my nose and I was lost in a world of masculine funk! I pulled open the cheeks of his butt with my hands and saw, as I had suspected, a fur-lined trench, fragrant with ripe sweat and ass funk. I was in heaven! I buried my face in his ass and breathed deep of all his ripe smells. My tongue shot out and I began licking his ass-trench from the back of his balls to the bottom of his tail-bone. I especially licked through the hair lining on each side of the trench, gathering any smells and tastes that lay hidden there. I finally made my main assault on his hole. I sucked his ass lips into my mouth and pushed my tongue into the opening. His ass bloomed open like a rose at the touch of my tongue. Joe had obviously been seriously into ass play, as open and loose as his hole became as I swabbed it out with my tongue. The tangy taste of the inside of his butt made my cock instantly hard again and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to bury my cock up Joes obviously willing hole.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Ream out my stinky ass, boy! Get all that ass funk! Load me up with spit and then shove that boy-cock up my butt!" Joe groan, obviously reading my mind.

I ate butt! I sucked butt! I all but shoved my head up his butt and would have if it had opened up that far! Then, having slobbered his ass full of spit, I rose and shoved my cock as hard as I could straight up his willing hole!

"Fuck!" he moaned at my assault on his ass. "Gimme that cock boy! Give it to me hard and deep, just like I love it!"

I took him at his word and began pounding his ass with all the power I had. It took a while to notice, but suddenly I felt something warm and wet at my own hole. It was Randy, down on his knees, licking at my just fucked ass. I figured he was after Joes load which was up there so I slowed down my fucking to allow his lips to lock around my hole. I could feel the suction as he sucked Joes load from my loose butt-hole. His tongue was almost as long as Joes and felt good up my ass while I had my bone buried to the hilt in Joes hot butt. After a few minutes of this, I began praying that Randy would replace his tongue with something larger and was gratified when I felt him stand that the hard, blunt head of his cock pressed at my hole and easily slipped inside.

I couldnt believe the feeling of being fucked while fucking! It was like nothing Id ever felt before. Randys cock pounding at my butt while my cock pounded in and out of Joes welcoming hole. I was moaning without stop now. My balls were pulled up tight to my cock and I knew any minute I was going to squirt at least a quart of hot boy-juice straight into Joes guts. I could feel Randys cock getting harder and thicker as well and knew I wouldnt be alone in dropping over the top!

That is until we all heard a bellow!



There we stood, me with my cock up Joes ass and Randy with is cock up mine! BUSTED!!! Dad stood there rubbing his hard cock and grinning--a very horny grin. I knew that he was just figuring which hole hed like to plug that monster into. I have to admit, I sure hoped it was mine!

"I should dock you alls pay for fucking around. But I think I know a better way of dealing with this situation. Youve got three seconds to get a cock up my ass and my cock in an ass! Now, MOVE!!!" Dad yelled like a Marine Corps drill sergeant.

We must have looked like the Three Stooges trying to uncouple from each other and get ourselves into position for Dad. I was quick so I was able to run over and back myself right onto his hard meat. The quarts of Randys cum dripping out of my ass made sliding down Dads monster pole easy. Joe, on the other hand, got around behind Dad and started licking his butt-trench out getting his hole ready for penetration. Randy just stood there looking like a lost sheep.

He wasnt sure where he was supposed to plug into this horny group. I looked up and, taking pity on him grabbed him by the cock and pulled him into my mouth. I love the taste of my own ass on some guys cock and the additional taste treat of Randys cum from my butt was appreciated.

My Dad reached his hands down as I bent over to take Randys cock and grabbed hold of my shoulders with his rough hands. He kneaded my shoulder muscles for a moment and then using them, pulled me back so that his cock was buried in my hole as far as it would go. I love the feeling of his hard cock in my ass. And the fact that it was Dads cock always added to the pleasure. I felt Dad lean over my back, so I figured that he was giving Joe more access to his butt to allow Joes tongue to eat further up his hole. I knew the feeling of that tongue and, if I hadnt had Dads cock in there already, would have felt jealousy that Joes talented tongue wasnt up my butt!

After a few moments of Dad and Joe moaning over the rim job, I felt Dad trying to push farther up my ass and figured that Joe was dicking Dads butt with his thick cock. Sure enough, I started to feel the fuck rhythm of Joes cock sliding in and out of my Dads shit chute, allowing Dad to start pounding my butt. In the mean time, I was deep-throating Randys cock again and he had hold of my ears and was face-fucking me just like he had done to Joe. I was really getting off on this - watching a guys groin coming at you and his cock going into your mouth just like it was a cunt or ass! You get the feeling of being used real up-close and personal! And I loved it!!!

We were all sweating like pigs and the smell of man sweat, crotch odor and butt funk surrounded us like a cloud. I was in sniff-pig heaven! Certainly the gamey odor of Randys crotch alone would have been enough to put me there, but the combination of four guys all fucking at the same time was almost more than I could take. Well...that and Dads fuck-stick pounding up my butt-hole where I felt it belonged. Dads cock could hit my trigger every time it shoved its way up my chute. And I never had to jack off while he was fucking me. I was guaranteed to cum just from the fucking he gave me every time!

"Fuck, yeah! Rape my manhole while I fuck the ass off my boy!" Dad yelled as Joe obliged him.

"Hot boy-hole and hot cock up my fuckin hole! Fuck, yeah! Fuckin pound my hole you motherfucker! Shoot your hot load up my ass!"

"Ill fuck the ass right off you, fucker! Ill shove this goddamned cock so far up your shit-hole youll taste my fuckin load in the back of your throat!" Joe yelled back.

It was obvious that this dirty talk was getting to all of us. I could feel the pounding in my ass intensify which I knew was caused by Joes increased pounding of my Dads ass. Randy, too, began to power-fuck my face with his thick cock, moaning all the while. Even though three of us had just cum, it was clear that none of us was going to be able to hold off cumming for very long. It was Randy who started it this time. He yelled and dumped another load of man juice in my body - this time, letting me taste the salty fluid first hand.

This triggered Joe who dumped a load up my Dads ass. This left only me and Dad. I was trying to hold out until he came, but I just couldnt take his pounding of my butt-nut any longer! No matter how hard I tried to stop it, my orgasm hit me like a runaway cement truck! I was moaning around Randys still hard cock as I shot my load on the floor. My orgasm, however, triggered Dad who came yelling.

"Fuck! Take my fuckin load, boy! Yeah, gimme that goddamned ass of yours. Lemme fuck that hole I made! Here it cums, boy! Ffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!!!!" he yelled.

I could feel Dads cock twitch in my ass as he dumped an amazing load of cum up my hungry ass. I could feel it squishing out of my hole around his cock, adding to the slick mess on the inside of my legs from Randys gush of cum up my hole. All four of us stood there trembling in the aftershock of our ball-busting orgasms.

After a while, we slowly uncoupled. Joe pulled out of Dads ass as Randy pulled his cock out of my throat. Dad continued to stay bent over my back and ran his hands up and down my chest and abs, stopping occasionally to tweak one or both of my nipples. Each time he did, my butt spasmed and tightened on his cock which still rested in my butt. Finally, I felt him pull out and squat behind me and begin sucking on my hole, getting his own load, Randys load and my ass-juices. Then he stood up and I quickly got behind him and returned the favor.

The smell and taste of his ass with the added raunchiness of a just fucked butt plus the tartness of Joes load almost threw me over the edge into another orgasm. My cock immediately came back harder than ever. Joe noticed and pointed it out to Randy and Dad.

"Fuckin shit! I wish I was 16 again! Fuckin came three times and still wants more!" he said, laughing.

"I know how to calm the little horn-dog the fuck down! Anybody besides me have to take a piss?" Dad said to Randy and Joe.

"Yeah!" They both answered.

Holy fuck! I was going to get to drink piss from all three of them! I quickly got down on my knees in the middle of the floor.

"Yeah, boy! Youre gonna get a real piss bath now! Youre gonna find out the meaning of the words golden shower!" My Dad said, holding out his softening cock and milking the end of it.

Joe and Randy joined him around me and I looked up to see three cocks ready to shoot their golden streams at me. Dads started first and I opened my mouth to drink down his hot piss. Then I felt Joes stream start and felt it hitting my chest, drenching me and sending a cascade of smelly man-piss down my abs until my crotch was soaked in it. Then Randys stream hit my face and it was the strongest stream of all three of them. I quickly began turning my head to the right and left so that I could taste each of their piss flows. Joes was light and slightly sweet. Randys was dark and really strong piss, almost like a first-thing-in-the-morning piss. Dads was salty but less dark. I gulped down all the piss I could and for minutes I just knelt there getting drenched in their piss and drinking to my hearts content.

When all three had finished I sucked the last of their piss from the ends of their cocks. It was at that point that I realized that I, too, had to piss really badly. I stood up and announced, "Ive got to piss, now. Who wants it?" I asked, looking at the three, hunky men.

All three of them hit their knees at the same time as I rose to my feet. Taking my cock in my hand, I started to piss, first into Dads open, piggy mouth and then, playing my piss across all three faces. Each one got a good taste of my piss! I was really full! I drenched each one of them with my piss until the room smelled like a fucking urinal. Or maybe, with all the sweat and man-funk in the room already, I should say a locker room with urinals that hadnt been cleaned in a while!

Dad was the one who drank down the last of my piss, putting his mouth right over the end of my cock. When he had cleaned it off, he stood up and took me in his arms, kissing me deeply and sharing a mouthful of my own piss with me.

"Well, howd you like your day, so far, son?" he asked, smiling at me.

"Id say Ive had just about the best day in my whole fucking life!" I said. And all four of us broke up laughing.

We didnt bother to shower up; we just went down to Dads truck and broke open the cooler with the beer in it. The rest of the guys from Dads crew, Mike and Dave, who had been working on another part of the job site, eventually showed up and we all sat around drinking beer and shooting the shit for a while. Then Mike and Dave both left, saying they had dates that night and needed to get home. Joe and Randy stayed for a while and had a couple more beers.

Since wed each had at least four beers, the need to piss arose again. This time, I just got to go down on each of them and drink all the beer piss they had in them. I was one full boy by the time I had to take a piss myself. This time, Joe got to drink me. I loved the way his lips felt around my pissing cock and the way he used his tongue to tickle some left over piss from my bladder at the end. It was a trick I was going to have to learn! Finally, Dad and I climbed in his truck and headed home. On the way, Dad and I had a little talk about things.

"Dad," I began. "Have you had sex with all they guys on your crew?"

"Yes, son." he replied. "At one time or another. Were just horny guys who like to get our rocks off and dont much care how. You understand that, Im sure."

"Well...I do and I dont." I hesitated.

"What do you not understand, Matt?" he asked.

"I always thought that you were either Gay or straight. Period. You either had sex with guys or you had sex with girls. But from what youre telling me, you have sex with either and Mike and Dave evidently do, too." I said. "Do you prefer one to the other?" I asked him.

"Well, son, I guess you could say that I prefer guys. Especially after what happened with your mother. But I guess I always did all along. Its a lot easier having sex with guys, thats for sure! You dont have to fuckin marry them, for one thing! But I knew that if I was ever going to have kids, Id have to fuck women. And, dont get me wrong, fucking a bitch isnt all that bad. But after I had you, I just wasnt much interested any more." Dad explained.

"But what about love?" I asked him.

"What about it?" he replied.

"Have you ever fallen in love with another guy?" I asked, almost afraid to tread this far into Dads private life.

"You mean other than you?" he laughed.

"Yes, other than me!" I grinned.

"Yes, son. I did. A long time ago." Dad said, his voice getting real quiet and getting a far-away look in his eyes.

"Will you tell me about it?" I asked.

"Yeah, Ive guess Ive had enough beers to loosen me up. Like I said, it was a long time ago. It before I met your mother. There was this guy I grew up with. We went through grade school and junior high together. We were best friends. We lived near each other and we stayed over each others houses all the time. I guess we started messing around with each other when we were about 10. By the time we were in high school, we were sucking a fucking each other all the time. We both played on the football team and we both found out that we were not only into guys and into man sex, but we were really into each other." Dad said.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"I guess we were about 15 when I figured out that I was in love with him. It scared the fuck out of me! I knew that everybody thought that was wrong and so I tried desperately to hide how I felt about him from everybody - including him. I started being cold and trying to push him away. I even stopped having sex with him for a while. It about tore both of us up. You see, I didnt know that he was as much in love with me as I was with him." Dad said, and I could see a tear coursing down his face as he drove - watching the road, not looking at me.

"Anyway, one night, he got drunk and came pounding on the door at about two in the morning. Luckily, my parents were away that weekend and I was the only one at home. I went down to let him in and he immediately tried to take a slug at me. He was so drunk that the punch missed by a mile and he ended up falling over in a heap on the floor and started crying his eyes out. This tore me up. I hated to see him in pain like this, and especially since I knew I was the cause of it. I remember I got down on the floor with him and took him in my arms. He told me how much he loved me. He told me he knew that I hated him now, but he had to tell me." Dad stopped talking and I could see he was having trouble keeping his emotions under control.

After a while, Dad started talking again.

"I admitted to him that I was in love with him as well and then I took him in my arms and kissed him. Wed been having sex with each other for all those years but we had never kissed. Fuck! Id never really kissed anybody - not the kind of kiss that was! I carried him up to my room, threw him on the bed and made love to him that night and all the next day." Dad seemed ready to end the story there, but I wasnt.

"So what happened? Why didnt you two stay together?" I urged Dad on.

By this time, though, we were at the house. He got out of the truck without saying a word and walked into the house. Dad went to the refrigerator and got a couple of beers, handed me one and we both sat down at the kitchen table. Dad just sat there for a while, drinking his beer. I knew that whatever was coming was difficult for him so I just sat quietly and waited. After a while, he finally started speaking again.

"We were totally in love and totally happy for the next two years. We continued to have sex with other guys but when we were alone together, we made love. Someday, youll learn that there is a difference in those two things. Both are good in their own way. But making love to somebody, especially someone who loves you, is just about the greatest experience in the world." he said.

"I know." I said quietly. He looked at me strangely.

"Are you in love with someone?" he asked.

"No, not exactly. I love someone very, very much and making love to him the last two days has been the greatest experience of my life." I said, looking down at the table, afraid to look him in the face for fear of losing it.

Dad reached over and gently lifted my chin with his hand until he was looking me directly in the eyes.

"I understand, son. Thank you. I want you to know, it felt like that for me, too." he said.

I smiled at him, reached up and took hold of his hand, removed it from my chin, kissed the callused palm of it and then placed it on my cheek. Dads eyes filled with tears again and he gently stroked my cheek.

"Somebody is going to be so lucky when you fall in love with them." Dad said.

"It will have to be a guy whos as good as you, or he can just forget it!" I vowed.

Dad smiled again.

"So what happened?" I asked gently.

Dad took another swallow from his beer and, looking straight ahead, not at me, continued. "I loved him more than life itself. I felt complete with him. But I still had the desire to have a child. I wanted a son. I wanted a part of me to love. I couldnt have that with him and then your mother came along. I had fucked girls off and on, even after we had become lovers. It never bothered him, he knew I loved him and wasnt going to leave him for a woman. Or so he thought. Then your mom got pregnant with you. Everything changed inside me. It wasnt that I stopped loving him, it was that you were more important to me. He just couldnt understand that. The night I told him I was going to marry your mother, I asked him to be my best man at the wedding. He looked at me and, without saying a word, got up and left. I never saw him again. A week later, he was killed out on Highway 58. The cops say he had been drinking heavily and had a head-on collision with a semi. They ruled it an accident. But I knew what it was. He killed himself. Over me. I dont think Ive ever gotten over it." Dad finished and bowed his head over the table.

I could see Dads tears steadily falling now. I got up out of my chair and walked around behind him. I put my arms around him and held him, putting my face against his neck. "Oh, Dad! I dont know what to say. Im so sorry. My being born sure caused a lot of heart ache." I said quietly.

He rose up, turned around and pulled me into his arms. There I stood, his arms around my waist, his face resting against my abdomen. "Dont you ever even THINK that, Matt! You birth was the happiest, most wonderful event in my whole life! You have given me a life!" he said, squeezing me hard.

"But youve had to sacrifice so much for me!" I argued.

"They never felt like sacrifices! Having you meant more to me than anything. Dont you ever forget that!" he said, looking up at me with his tear-stained face.

I leaned down, and kissed him deeply. His arms came up around my neck and he held me in the kiss for a long time. It was the first time I had ever kissed him like that when we werent having sex. I began to see that love was something entirely different. After a while, Dad calmed down and we talked more about life and about love. I wanted to ask him some things because they were bothering me.

"Dad, would you be terribly disappointed in me if I didnt have kids?" I asked, somewhat concerned about his answer.

"Of course not, Matt! I wanted you more than anything in the world, but each man has to decide for himself whats important in his life. I dont want you living my life! I want you to live your own--do what you have to do to make yourself happy! I take it youre asking this question for a reason?" he asked.

"Well...yeah. Dad, I know that Im Gay. Im not attracted to women at all. I dont want to have sex with one and I sure dont want to marry one. Its guys that Im attracted to. I want to find a guy to love just like you did." I said.

"And I sure hope you do, Matt. If thats what it takes to make you happy, then I pray with all my heart thats what you find. But, Ive got to warn you. Theres a lot of guys out there who are just into using people. They get what they want and just leave you hurting. Ive seen it far too often. You have to be careful in who you choose to love." Dad admonished me.

"I wont have any trouble with that!" I said confidently.

"And why not?" Dad asked, with a skeptical tone to his voice.

"Well, I have the best example in the world of the man I want to marry sitting right here with me! I just have to find a guy like you, Dad. Then everything will be all right." I smiled.

"Thank you, son. Thats the nicest thing that anybodys ever said to me. But, I would suggest, you find out if he wants to have kids first." Dad said, his eyes misting over again.

"Dad..." I said.

"What, son."

"You never said what his name was." I said quietly.

"No, I didnt. It was Matt." he said.

I guess the shock showed on my face. I had been named for Dads dead lover! He had loved the first Matt so much, I guess it was easy for him to love me.

"Thank you, Dad. Now Im beginning to understand how much you do love me - and how much you loved him." I said.

Dad and I continued to have lots of sex with each other, and with the guys from the job site. It got to be a regular thing for the four of us to get together on Friday night, drink beer and fuck, suck and piss the night away. But as much fun as I was having, I kept having this empty feeling inside. There was something missing, but I didnt know what. I started to get quiet and withdrawn at times because of these feelings. I tried to hide them from Dad, but that was like trying to hide things from the FBI! Finally, one night, he cornered me in my room where I was just sitting in the dark and looking out the window.

"Whats wrong, Matt?" he asked.

"Nothing, Dad! Everythings fine!" I tried to lie. Too bad Ive never been any fucking good at it!

"Dont give me that crap! Ive watched you for weeks now. You arent yourself. Somethings wrong." he said and then he got very quiet and softly asked. "Is it the sex stuff?"

Holy Fuck! It suddenly dawned on me that he was thinking I was having trouble dealing with having sex with him! Id been putting him through all kinds of guilt and crap and didnt even realize it! I got up from the chair and threw my arms around him. "No! Dad! I love you! I love having sex with you and with the guys! Thats not it at all! Please believe me!" I cried, almost in tears at the realization of what Id done to him.

"Then what is it, Matt?" he asked gently, holding me and murmuring into my ear.

I pulled away and walked to the window. It was hard to put my feelings into words. "I dont know, Dad. Its like theres something missing. I dont know what! I just have this deep yearning, down deep inside me! I want something. Want it desperately! But I dont know what the fuck it is!" I said, leaning my head against the window.

Dad walked over and put his hand on my shoulder. He stood there looking out the window with me for a few moments. Then he started speaking very quietly. "I think I understand what it is, Matt. I seem to remember having some of these same feelings once in my life. And maybe Ive been having them for a long time. Ive just been really good at repressing them. Son, I think what youre wanting is love. You want to be in love with somebody. You want to have somebody be in love with you. You want to feel that connection, that intimacy with someone. And I dont know who those feelings are hardest on - you, because youve never had it or me - because I had it once and lost it." he said.

As soon as he said it, it was like a light bulb went off over my head. Yes! That was it! I wanted to fall in love! I wanted to love a man with all my heart and feel him loving me! Thats what was hurting so fucking bad down inside me! Thats what was missing!

"Dad," I said, turning to him. "You hit the nail right on the head. Thats exactly what it is. I want to fall in love. But finding a guy whos worth falling in love isnt easy when youre only 18!" I said, leaning my head on his shoulder.

"Fuck, son! It isnt easy at any fucking age!" he said. "Ive never found someone to love after Matt died. And thats been before you were born!"

"But maybe thats because you never stopped loving him. Never stopped blaming yourself for him dying. It must seem to you like cheating on him to love somebody else." I said.

"Where the fuck did you get so fucking smart at your age?" he said, shock in his voice.

"I had a good teacher." I said.

"Youve been thinking about this a lot, havent you, son? I should have never told you that story!" he said, shaking his head.

"Yes, you should have! Do you know what that story did for me? Do you have any fucking idea?" I looked at him, almost shouting.

"Yeah! It made you fucking depressed, just like it does me!" he said angrily.

"No! What it did was give me fucking hope Id never had in my whole fucking life! I thought because I like other guys, I was going to end up fucking alone all my life. I didnt know that guys could really love other guys! You showed me that everything I wanted WAS possible! I just want it to happen now! I dont want to fucking wait!" I told him.

Dad stood there for a few moments, not saying anything. Then he looked at me, my face all serious and scrunched up and he started laughing! I started to get really angry for a second at him laughing at me!

"Fuck, son! We all want it now! I guess its just harder when youre young! I remember wanting everything to happen now when I was your age. Everything took so fucking long and I hated waiting for it! The worst was waiting that whole fucking nine months for your to be born, with your mother bitching and moaning the whole fucking time!" he laughed.

My anger cooled quickly and I saw what an asshole I was being and started to laugh as well. I was only fucking 18! Though I didnt want to wait, I figured I had some years before I ever found the right guy for me. I just hoped I could hang on long enough without losing my mind!

"Dad..." I said. "Do you really want to fall in love again?"

"Ive been asking myself that question over and over, ever since we had that talk about Matt. And I figured out that it doesnt have anything to do with what I want. Love just happens. You cant plan it. You wake up one morning, or something happens and it smacks you in the face like a load of lumber! I do know one thing, though." he said.

"Whats that?" I asked.

"If it does ever happen again, Im not going to take it for granted this time! Im not going to let it get away from me without a fight! Thats what I feel most guilty about. I just thought that Matt would always be there, no matter what. I didnt take his feelings into consideration at all. It was always about what I wanted. I realize now that I deserved to lose him for being such a selfish bastard about everything." Dad said, his voice dropping.

"Dad, youve sacrificed all your life for me! That doesnt sound like a selfish bastard to me." I said.

"Yes, I was. I sacrificed for you because you were all I had left. I love you because youre my son. But I sacrificed to keep you because, in some strange way, you were all I had left of Matt. And I wasnt going to lose you, too." Dad said.

"Dad, whatever the reasons, you did what you had to do. It doesnt change how I feel about you. And I hope you learn to forgive yourself for what happened. Hating yourself doesnt do any good at all. Ive learned that." I said.

He just took me in his arms and held me for the longest time. Things just seemed to go along okay for a while after that. Talking out what was bothering me seemed to help. I stopped withdrawing and kept reminding myself that love would come eventually. And, in the mean time, I was still having a great time with Dad and the guys.

Things got really busy towards the end of school, though. I had exams and papers due and all that shit so, what with one thing or another, I didnt make it down to help Dad at the job site for more than a month. But finally, school let out and the first Saturday afterward, I got up and went down with him.

When we got to the job-site, Dad and I were just getting his tools out of the back of his pickup when this hot, 73 black Trans-Am, blaring rock music, pulled up next to Dads truck. When the guy driving it got out, I just stood there stunned--completely unable to move. They guy was so incredibly beautiful that I went into brain-lock!

He stood well over six feet tall (I found out later hes six-four). When he took off his dark, wrap-around shades I saw that he had sparkling, deep green eyes. He had thick, dark hair which he wore short on the sides but long on top. As he was not wearing a shirt, I could see that he had broad shoulders, a bulging chest full of muscles which was lightly dusted with hair and a washboard abdomen below. He, too, wore severely cut-off jeans but the bulge that pushed out the front of them told me two things.

The first was that he must be wearing a jock and the second was, the jock obviously could barely contain what was between his legs. When he turned around to lean back into the car to get his hard hat and t-shirt, I almost lost it! A groan almost escaped my lips when I saw his incredible ass! A true bubble-butt which, given the dusting of dark hair everywhere else I could see, I was willing to bet had a butt-trench filled with dark, fragrant hair as well. His face was something else again. It was obvious to me that he was young. Much younger than my Dad but slightly older than me. If angels exist, his face could be a model for one. Along with the flashing green eyes, there were white, even teeth, an incredible smile and dimples in his cheeks when he did. A square jaw made him beautiful, but ruggedly handsome somehow at the same time.

I stood there like an idiot, staring. I couldnt stop! I couldnt help myself! I knew my Dad was good looking and I was certainly attracted to him, but never, ever, in my whole life had I ever seen a male as beautiful as the one who now stood in front of me. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back but continued to stare. He looked away, like he was embarrassed by my obvious worship of him. I couldnt believe that this hunk wasnt used to being stared at by now! How could he not be? But I finally regained control of myself enough to turn my eyes away.

I looked over and saw my Dad grinning at me. Hed obviously seen my embarrassing display of attraction for this young guy. But Dad seemed to just think my reaction was funny and didnt appear to be angry or disappointed by it at all. The gorgeous young male walked over to my Dad and they started talking.

"Morning, Mike," the young guy said. "Whos your helper there?"

"Hey, there, Josh. Thats my boy, Matt." my Dad said to him. "Hey, Matt. Come here and meet Josh. He just joined my crew last month. He wasnt here the last time you were up to the job site." Dad said to me, a mischievous grin on his face.

I walked over to where Josh was. I stuck out my hand and he gripped it with his. Now, I dont have small or weak hands, but Joshs paw covered mine like I was a little kid and the strength I felt in it, I knew he could crush my hand in an instant. But his grip, while firm, was gentle all the same. He was a guy who needed to prove nothing to nobody!

I, however, smiled and made the mistake of looking into those deep green eyes of his again. Again I was lost. My tongue grew four sizes in my mouth and made me completely unable to speak, my knees were weak and I was afraid Id collapse to the ground right at his feet. I didnt let go of his hand and he didnt let go of mine. We just stood there, not saying a word, lost in each others eyes.

His eyes seemed to pierce right into my brain and my soul, like he knew everything I was thinking and feeling in those moments. And in his eyes, I saw such kindness and honesty and something else which I wasnt very sure of. I thought I could see desire and even love. But that was impossible. First of all, wed only just met and, while Ill admit if hed asked me at that moment to run away with him forever, Id probably have said "Yes!", still there was no way that he could possibly be attracted to me. And secondly, though I think I started falling in love with him the minute I saw him get out of his car, I was sure he could never feel that way about me.

We continued to stand there, just staring into each others eyes until we both heard my Dads voice.

"When you two are done with your staring contest, why dont you both head over to unit 20? Josh, I need you to put up the drywall in the upper bedrooms. Take Matt with you to help. Hes almost as good at drywall as staring." my Dad said, a huge grin on his face.

We both quickly let go of each others hand and looked at my Dad and then back at each other. We both had a sheepish grin on our faces.

"Sure, Mike. Anything you say." Josh answered my Dad but was still looking at me. " Come on, Matt. We might as well get at it." he said to me much more quietly than he had answered Dad.

Id love to get at it with you! I thought to myself. Anytime, anyplace! But I, of course, said nothing. Instead, I followed Josh over to the unit Dad had indicated and we climbed into the upper floor and went to work.

Now, there is nothing whatsoever romantic about putting up drywall. It is hot, sweaty, hard work. But Josh and I worked like a team, almost from the beginning. It was like I could read his mind. I knew exactly what to hand him, exactly what to hold in place, exactly what to do to help and make his job easier. There were not a lot of words that passed between us, but there were a lot of shy smiles - on both our faces. It was like this guy had no fucking idea that he was not only hot--he was damned near a god!

As we worked, something slowly crept into my brain. It was a scent. An earthy, masculine sent that was sending electrical currents directly to my cock and causing me to leak cock-snot into my already over used jock. Luckily, I was sweating like a pig and my cut-offs quickly became soaked in my sweat, otherwise a large, serious circle of pre-cum would have shown on the front where my cock continued to belch it out. It took me a while, but I finally figured out what the scent was--it was Josh. Whenever I would get close to him, the scent would overwhelm my senses. It was the most erotic scent Id ever smelled on a male before. I thought Dads scent was powerful. It didnt even come close!

We had been hard at work for a couple of hours when Josh said he needed to take a break. He walked over to where a pile of drywall lay and pulled off his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face and neck. I would have given anything to be allowed to smell and suck on the sweat in that shirt! Grabbing his large thermos, he sat down on the pile of drywall. He raised the thermos to his lips, tilted his head back and drank deeply of the contents. I could see red liquid dripping out of the corners of his mouth and onto his bare chest.

He held out the thermos to me. "You want some Gatorade?" he asked.

I reached for the thermos and put my lips where his had been. I raised the thermos and drank down some of the sweet liquid. I, too, felt the dripping of the liquid on my bare chest, having removed my t-shirt an hour ago.

I handed Josh the thermos back and sat down next to him. We slowly started talking. It was obvious that Josh was a rather quiet guy. Didnt evidently do much talking. I did find out that he was only three years older than me and had graduated high school but didnt have any desire to go to college. Josh had always loved building things and his dream was to eventually become a licensed contractor and build his own houses.

As we sat there talking, it started to seem to me like, instead of just meeting each other, we had known each other all our lives. We liked the same music. We both liked cars - I loved his Trans-Am! Neither of us had many friends and neither of us particularly liked going out to crowded places or with a lot of people. We were both basically loners.

As we talked, I became amazed at how comfortable I felt talking to Josh. Oh, I was still all too well aware of how beautiful he was, but as we talked, I started to see that more and more of that beauty was as much inside as outside this wonderful guy. He also seemed to be very comfortable talking to me.

"You know, Matt, your very different from anyone else I know. Ive never felt this comfortable talking and being around another guy before." he said smiling.

"Thanks, Josh. I feel the same way. I guess youre more comfortable around girls, huh?" I asked, sure that he would dash all my hopes by telling me about some girl he was in love with.

Instead he started laughing. I didnt exactly understand what that was all about so I just sat there, looking at him, with a puzzled look on my face. He finally stopped laughing and looked at me very seriously.

"Matt, Im sorry. Youre question threw me for a second. The truth is, I dont much care for women. Never have. I hope that doesnt bother you. Im sure you have your share of them." Josh said, his voice low, his head hanging by the time he finished.

Oh, fuck! This was unbelievable! Was he saying what I hoped he was saying? Did Josh like other guys like I did? There was only one way to find out. I took my heart in my hands and opened my mouth.

"No, Josh. I dont care much for girls, either. Never have. I guess I like spending my time with guys a whole lot more. Does that bother you?" I asked.

At this he looked up, his eyes searching my face to see if what I was saying was what he was hoping I was saying. I stared back, my face smiling into his. Slowly a grin spread across his face and he slowly reached out his hands and held my face in them. He slowly leaned forward until his lips gently touched mine in our first kiss.

The kiss was gentle and soft, almost like butterfly wings. I didnt even close my eyes and neither did he. I continued to stare into those deep green pools and lost myself to him. When his lips left mine, I moaned and quickly reached up putting my arms round his neck and pulling him back to me, crushing his lips against mine. I pushed my tongue out and licked at his upper lip demanding entrance to his mouth. He surrendered quickly and my tongue entered his mouth for my first taste of Josh. The sweetness of his mouth and the power of his scent were enough to almost make me pass out.

Id never felt like this before. My night with Dad had stirred up strong feelings of love and loyalty and gratitude. But this! This was stirring up feelings I didnt even have names for! All of a sudden, I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life in Joshs arms, kissing Joshs mouth. Nothing else in the entire world mattered in that moment but him. I could feel him wrapping his strong arms around my body. I was locked in his embrace and felt that same safety and contentment I had felt sleeping in my Dads arms last night.

Finally, we broke the kiss. We smiled shyly at each other. Josh leaned his forehead against mine and we just sat there. Holding each other, not talking for the longest time.

"I dont know what to say. I dont usually come on that strong." Joshs quiet, husky voice broke the silence. "I wanted to kiss you from the moment I met you. I hope I havent freaked you out or something."

"But you have." I said quietly. "Youve freaked me out completely! Why would a guy as beautiful as you are want to kiss me?"

Josh seemed stunned by this statement. I told you he didnt have any idea how beautiful he really was.

"What do you mean beautiful. Im not beautiful." Josh said, turning a bright shade of red. I love a guy who blushes!

"Oh, yes you are! You have no idea how beautiful you are. Especially to me!" I swore to him.

He smiled shyly and I think he even managed to turn a deeper shade of red, if that was truly possible. "You dont understand, Matt. You are the one who is beautiful! I was completely overwhelmed by you this morning. I couldnt even speak; I was so gone on you! And so scared at the same time." he said, again hanging his head.

"Scared? What the fuck are you afraid of?" I asked, completely baffled by this.

"Youre only 18. And your father is my boss, for Gods sake! Whats he going to think of me having lustful thoughts and desires toward his only son! Fuck! The least hell do is fire me, if he doesnt cut of my balls first!" Josh said.

"Josh, please, trust me. You have nothing to worry about from my Dad. My Dad knows that I prefer guys. He has no problem with it. He says you dont judge a man by how he gets his rocks off! You judge a man by what he is as a person. And I figure he must have understood exactly what was going on between us this morning. Why do you think he sent us off alone to work? Ill bet hes hoping that well take advantage of the time together to at least get to know one another." I added.

"Do you think thats true? Do you think he wants us to get together? Why would he?" Josh asked.

"Well...I think there are several reasons. My Dad is a great judge of character. If youve worked around him for a month, hes already decided whether or not he likes you. From what I saw of the way he acted this morning he obviously does. Besides that, if he didnt like you and he didnt trust you, he would never have let me work with you alone. I bet hes already figured out that you prefer guys. He knows I do. I think hes just letting nature take its course. In fact, I wouldnt put it past him to have asked me to come along with him this morning just so that we would have a chance to meet." I explained.

"You think your Dads matchmaking for you!? Thats too much!" Josh exclaimed.

"Not really. Dad and I are really close, always have been. My mom ran off when I was two years old. We havent seen or heard from her since. My Dads been the one who raised me. Hes always been there for me. Hes like my best friend. And a lot more. I bet hed sure rather see me with you--somebody he knows and trusts than someone he doesnt even know!" I said.

"Well, yeah, that makes sense. But I had no idea that he liked me. Hes never said anything." Josh explained.

"No, and hes not likely to for a long time. Dads not real verbal with his feelings. I guess neither of us are." I told him.

"You seem to be a whole lot more than I am!" Josh laughed.

"Thats only because Im still fucking scared to death!" I laughed with him.

He stopped laughing and looked at me. His voice grew serious. "What are you afraid of?" he asked.

"You. Me. Us." I said quietly. "Im feeling things I dont even have words for and weve just met! I guess Im afraid that this is all a dream and Im going to wake up and youll be gone. Or that you wont want to have anything to do with me because Im just a kid. Or that youll reject me because Im into things that you might not want to have anything to do with." I answered.

"Matt, look...Im feeling things, too. I dont understand them but I know this - This is not a dream, Im not going anywhere - except maybe to follow you wherever you go like some love-sick hound. You are not a kid! Im only three years older than you are and I know now that seems like a lot to you but, trust me; those three years dont matter--especially not to me. As to what youre into, Ill make a deal with you. There are some things that Im into that you might not like either. Lets just be honest with each other and keep an open mind. We can explore together what we want and see if we can come to some agreement. Okay?" he said, his voice calm and reasonable.

"Okay!" I grinned at him. "But I gotta warn you! I can be pretty kinky!" I laughed.

"Well see about that! I can be, too!" he said and dipped his head down to take possession of my mouth again.

Breaking the kiss, he looked deep into my eyes. "Wed best get back to work. I wouldnt want your Dad to think we were having fun on company time." he grinned. "And besides, Ive got to take a wicked piss."

He no more than said this, and a rush of desire went through my body. I guess it showed on my face and in my eyes because he looked at me oddly and said, "You do, too?". I told him yes, even through I didnt. What I really wanted was to watch him piss. Well, actually, I wanted to drink his piss, but I figured that doing that would just freak him completely the fuck out, so I would wait until I could get him worked up to that.

He walked over to the open window which faced the back of the building. Nothing was below but dirt and sand from the construction. He opened his cut-offs and I could see that Id been right on both counts of my estimation. He was wearing a jock--and one that had not seen a washing machine for a very long time, if ever. The heady aroma of it rose to my nose as he dropped his cut-offs to his ankles. I couldnt help but take a deep whiff of the heady masculine odor that was rising from his sweaty crotch. On my second estimation, I was technically right, but way low on my idea of how big and long his cock was. Soft and uncut, it hung at least eight inches, curving over his nuts which were nestled in a dark, furry bag and were the size of golf balls.

He held this cock in his hand and skinned back the hood until the glistening red head of his cock appeared. The piss began to gush forth like a break in a dam. I couldnt help myself. I moaned at the site. He looked over at me and saw me staring at his piss stream. I looked up and met his piercing green eyes. Im sure my thirst for his golden stream showed on my face. A slow, horny grin appeared on his face and his stream stopped abruptly. He didnt say a word, just turned from the window and pointed his cock at me. I looked at his smiling face, then down at his cock, and finally back to his face. He didnt speak, just gave a slight nod of his head in approbation. I sank to my knees, opened my mouth and took in the head and first inch of his cock. I closed my lips around it and looked up into his eyes.

He looked down at me with the kindest, gentlest smile and placed his hand on my head and combed his fingers through my hair. I nodded to let him know that I was ready and he let go again of his golden stream. It began to flood my mouth and I was quickly overwhelmed by it. I began to swallow rapidly to keep from being drowned by it. He moaned and threw his head back, closing his eyes while using me as his urinal.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah! Drink my fucking piss!" he moaned quietly as I drank down his golden offering. "God, you dont know how good that feels. Do you like it?" he asked, looking down into my eyes again.

I smiled around his pissing cock and nodded my head while continuing to swallow his warm fluid. I tried, in the look on my face and in my eyes, to tell him how much this was turning me on and how much I loved doing it for him. He stroked my hair as I continued to drink his golden piss.

"Matt! I love this! Ive dreamed of someone doing this for me, but Ive never met anyone before who would. Youve got to let me have yours as well!" his eyes bore into mine as he said this, making sure that I understood this was not a one-way-street.

He finished pissing and I continued to nurse on his cock which rapidly started to harden in my mouth. I pushed back the hood of his foreskin with my lips and the fumes of his cock-cheese began to float up into my nose. I pushed my tongue under the head of his cock and began to lick and taste the tangy mixture I found there.

After licking it all out, I tried to take more of his cock into my mouth but found that it was so thick that only about half of his length could fit. After all, I later measured it and found that it was somewhat over eleven inches long and very, very thick. Without extensive practice, there was no way I was going to be able to deep-throat that fucker! But I had another hole which I knew would greatly appreciate the length and width of Joshs immense organ. But that would have to wait until later.

Josh pulled his cock from my mouth and reached down and pulled me to my feet. He immediately locked his mouth on mine and began tasting his piss and cock-cheese from my mouth. He groaned and was evidently pleased with the taste.

"Mmm! You taste good!" he grinned as he pulled his mouth from mine. "Now, how about letting me have some of your piss?" he asked, a horny gleam in his eye.

He got down on his knees and I opened my cut-offs, allowing them to drop to my ankles like his were. Josh immediately pushed his nose into my sweaty, raunchy jock pouch snorting all the ripe smells of piss, sweat, cock-cheese and cum that were there. He began to lick the pouch and it was soon soaked with his saliva as he tried to suck out all the smells and flavors of the mesh pouch.

Then he reached up and pulled it down to my mid-thigh and took the head of my hardening cock into his mouth. He, too, pushed back my foreskin and began to lick the cock-cheese from under the head of my cock. There was a lot built up there over the last few days, what with fucking Dads ass that morning and not having really showered during that time. I was really glad that Josh evidently loved it as raunchy as me because he was getting quite a mouth and nose full of my ripe scents.

He finally allowed my cock to just rest in his mouth and looked up at me. He slightly nodded to me, telling me he was ready for my piss. I thought I would have a hard time getting it started considering I had only started pissing in somebodys mouth a couple of months ago. But, no, my piss began to flow as if it was on cue. The relief of letting go of my piss was equaled by the intense feelings that pissing into Joshs mouth caused. Looking down into his beautiful face as he swallowed load after load of my hot, golden stream with such evident satisfaction on his face it all but took my breath away.

I understood my desire to drink his piss, my need to take part of him inside me just like I would his cum load. The intimacy of the act as well as the taboo nature of the act made it intensely pleasurable. But it was so hard to think that he was feeling the same things about me. But the way his eyes looked into mine as he continued to swallow my piss load told me that was exactly what he was feeling and I was so overwhelmed by it that it was hard to keep tears from forming in my eyes.

Somehow I knew that something was happening here that was far beyond sex, far beyond simple male rut and horniness. Something in the realm of the heart was happening between us. It was happening so quickly that it took my breath away but, rather than wanting to slow down, I wanted it to go even faster. This roller-coaster ride of building desire and emotions, this toboggan run of feelings rushing at me was beyond anything which I had ever experienced before. And I didnt want it to ever stop!

But my piss stream did. And when it did, Josh rose and again brought his mouth to mine in a deep, open kiss. He had saved the last of my golden flow to share between us. The kiss was wet, hot and passionate and, when he finally broke from my lips, I was glad he had his arms around me because I think I would have fallen on my ass otherwise! He steadied me in his arm and then slowly let me go.

Just at the time that he turned away and picked up a hammer to continue hanging the drywall, we heard heavy work-boot steps on the stairs. "Hey, you guys, time to quit. Weve done enough for today. Come on down to the truck and have a beer." he called out as he walked up the stairs.

Dad walked into the room where we were working and saw Josh and I standing there together. A knowing smile crossed his face. "Well, Josh, howd he work out?" Dad asked Josh.

"Just fine, Mike! Matt is a great helper. He made the work go a lot faster." Josh replied, smiling at me.

"Ill just bet he did. Matt can be very helpful in a lot of ways." Dad said, with obvious other meanings left unsaid.

"So Matt," Dad said, addressing me. "You ready to go home?" His voice seemed to imply otherwise.

"Ah...I was wondering, Mike, if it would be okay for Matt to come over to my place for a while. Ive got some work to do on the Trans-Am and I could sure use Matts help. I thought we might have a pizza and maybe rent some movies. Is that all right with you?" Josh said earnestly.

Dad just looked at the two of us and grinned. "Sure its okay! You two run along. And if it gets too late, dont worry about it. Ill just expect you home in the morning, Matt. That is, Josh, if you think you can stand him that long?" Dad said, a twinkle in his eye.

"I think I can stand him a lot longer than that." Josh said quietly.

Dad had a good laugh at that and at my face when Josh said it. I was right! Dad did set this up! Did he know that something would happen between Josh and me? Did he hope that something would happen between Josh and me?

I couldnt worry about it right then. Josh and I were heading towards that hot Trans-Am of his and we were soon speeding to his place. And with Dad permission to spend the night!


The ride to Joshs place took a while. Just like a couple of love-sick teens, we held hands the whole way. Even when Josh had to shift, he just put both our hands on the stick shift. It was exciting riding in the old "muscle car". The roar of the V-8 engine and the blaring rock music from the killer CD system in the car prevented any real conversation. But that was cool with me. Josh and I didnt seem to need to talk a lot. We seemed to have already done our talking. Now it was just nice being quiet together.

We drove to an old, industrial part of town. The street was full of abandoned factories with shattered windows. Brian pulled up in front of what looked like an old fire station and got out and opened the huge garage door. He then pulled the Trans-Am inside. The inside of the building was a complete surprise. This garage part, where the fire trucks had been parked at one time, now held a complete garage set-up with hydraulic lift and a monster tool bench. There was also a wood working area with several large standing saws and drill presses. There was also a laundry area. An area was set aside for a basketball hoop and half court painted on the cement along with a complete set of weights and bench for working out. The only thing left of the firehouse origins of the building was the long, brass sliding pole that still went up through a hole in the ceiling to the second floor.

"Holy Fuck!" I exclaimed. "This is incredible! How the fuck did you ever get to live here?"

"My Dads in real estate. He found it when the city put it up for auction. He bought it for me for next to nothing." Josh explained.

"Fuck! You mean all this is yours!?" I said, not believing that he could own this whole building.

"Yep! All mine. Course, theres a mortgage on it, but the payments are really low. It was an 18th birthday present from Dad. Ive spent the last year making it into someplace to live. Come on upstairs and Ill show you around." Josh said, heading towards the back of the building to a set of wide metal steps.

The second floor was even more amazing than the lower level. Brian had evidently taken out almost all the walls. The second floor was like one big room. At one end, I could see a very large bed on a platform covered in what looked like black leather. There was a part of the room with two couches and chairs and a huge stereo/DVD/giant screen TV set-up nearby. Against one wall was a very modern kitchen and there was a lot of empty space in between. The floors were all wood and highly polished. Throughout the room there were large skylights in the ceiling which let in light and air.

"Come here, I want to show you something." Josh said, taking my hand to lead me over to one of the walls. We went through a door and were in what had been the bathroom for the firehouse. There were still two toilets in stalls as well as four sinks with mirrors. One wall held a long, trough urinal which I eyed with envy. Thoughts of lying in it had me wondering if it was strong enough to hold my weight.

"I re-enforced it so that it will hold up to 500 lbs." Josh said with a grin, having apparently read my mind.

I guess its catching, because I blushed at this. I could actually feel my face heat up and go red. He pulled me over to another side of the bathroom and there was the shower area. A rack ran across one wall with 8-10 hooks for towels and the shower itself was huge! It could hold at least 6-8 guys at a time and had that many shower nozzles.

"I didnt touch anything in here! I wanted it just this way." Josh grinned at me.

"I dont blame you. That looks like it could be a really fun place!" I said, eyeing the shower.

"We can try it out later. Ive never had anyone else to share it with." he said shyly, looking down, not meeting my eyes.

I moved closer and gently put my lips to his. He gently put his arms around me and we kissed deeply for a while.

"Thank you." I said.

"For what?" he asked.

"For bringing me here and letting me be the first to share it with you." I said.

Now it was Joshs turn to blush. "Do you mind if I get out of these clothes? I usually dont ever wear anything when Im home. Ill leave my jock on if it makes you uncomfortable." Josh asked.

"You should get out of those clothes before I tear them off you! And the jock, too! But put it somewhere where I can get to it later. I want to sniff it some more." I said smiling.

"So, why dont you do the same?" Josh asked.

And so I did. Within seconds, we were both naked. Josh took my hand again and we walked back into the main room. He led me over to the platform which held the bed. Up close, I could see that the king-sized bed was covered in solid black leather with a lot of leather covered pillows. Josh jumped on the bed and sat up against the pillows. He patted the bed by his side and I quickly got settled next to him.

"So what do you think of the place?" Josh asked, taking my hand and bringing it to his lips. He kissed my fingers one by one.

Trying to answer while he was doing this was next to impossible. "Its really great!" I managed to say. "I wish I could live someplace like this someday."

"Yeah, I figure theres plenty of room for two." Josh said, finally taking my fingers away from his mouth and looking deep into my eyes.

I didnt know what to say to that. I was stunned. Was Josh actually asking me to live with him? Talk about a speeding locomotive! This train was definitely moving fast.

"Josh, you dont mean that." I said.

"Yes, Matt, I do. Oh, I dont mean right now. I know you have to finish high school first. But I want you to know, this isnt just a one time thing. In fact, if thats all it is, Id rather not do it at all. I think that there is something very special happening between us. I want to give it a chance to grow. I just dont know how you feel about it." Josh looked away, almost embarrassed by his own feelings.

I reached over and took his chin in my hand and made him look at me. Oh! Those fucking green eyes. Like deep pools I could so easily get lost in!

"Josh, I know that there is something very special between us. I want nothing more than for it to grow. I know now what Im feeling isnt just lust. Yes, I want you. I want you really bad! But its you I want. Not just your body. I want Josh. I want the really sweet, gentle guy that Ive been seeing all day peeking out every so often." I smiled. "As to this being a one-time thing, you may eventually have to throw me out of here from begging you so often to make love to me!"

"Never happen! Your Dad may end up calling the cops on me for kidnapping his only son!" Josh laughed.

"Never happen. Didnt you see the way he was grinning. He set this whole thing up! He wanted us to meet! He knew all along about both of us. Didnt you notice, neither one of us mentioned me spending the night. He came up with that all on his own!" I explained.

"Yeah! Youre right! We didnt talk about that! I never thought to even ask about you spending the night. I figured that was going much too far. How come hes so accepting of you?" Josh asked.

I got suddenly quiet. I didnt know how much I could say to Josh. Yes, it was obvious that he was into some kinky things, just like me, I just didnt know how he would deal with the idea of me having sex with my own father. Josh noticed my concern, however.

"Whats the matter, Matt. He does know, doesnt he? He must!" Josh asked.

"Oh yes. He knows. But theres more to it than that. Josh, Ive got to tell you something, but youve got to promise me something first." I said.

Josh got a very serious look on his face. "Anything, babe."

"Josh, youve got to promise me that what Im about to tell you, youll never tell anyone else--not anyone! And youve got to promise not to hate me for it." I said; my voice husky with emotion.

"What is it, Matt? I wont tell a soul! I promise! And I could never hate you--no matter what!" he said, putting his arms around me and pulling me close.

"Dad definitely knows about my preferring guys because weve had sex." I said it all in a rush, to get it out.

"Youre shitting me! Youve had sex with your Dad! Wow!!! Hes such a fucking hunk!!!" Josh exclaimed.

"Youre not freaked out by it?" I asked.

"Fuck no! Not unless he forced you or something. It wasnt like that, was it?" Joshs voice suddenly showed real concern.

"Oh, no! It definitely wasnt forced!" I grinned. "Id wanted to get in his pants since I was 12 and started jacking off! I always thought he was a real hunk, too!"

"So when did this all start?" Josh asked, his voice betraying curiosity and some lust.

"Several months ago." I grinned sheepishly.

"Well Ill be fucked!!!" Josh exclaimed.

"That can be arranged." I grinned.

"So howd it happen? Tell me all the details!" Josh was really getting excited now. I noticed that his cock had risen to almost completely hard.

I told him the story of what had happened that first night between Dad and I. I told him, too, about Joe and Randy and all the fun wed been having together. Rather than being turned off, Josh was completely turned on by the tale.

"Fuck! I wish I could get it on with my Dad! Hes a hunk, too!" Josh exclaimed.

"Well, I kind of figured that." I said.

Josh looked at me puzzled.

"Youve never heard the saying that The fruit doesnt fall far from the tree?" I asked. "After all, look at the hunk you are! You had to get those genes from someplace!" Josh grinned and blushed at the same time. I just loved this guy!!!

"Id love to get it on with your Dad, too." Josh said, continuing to blush.

"Oh, I think that can be easily arranged!" I said, beginning to plan a little surprise for Dad in the morning.

"Maybe thats something we should talk about, though." Josh said.

"About having sex with my Dad?" I asked.

"No, that would be so cool! No, about having sex with other people. Look, I know that Im falling in love with you. But Im a guy and so are you. I know that were probably not going to be completely faithful to each other. I dont know how much experience youve had, I havent had much at all. Just mostly just mutual jack off sessions with guys in High School. But eventually, were going to want to get it on with other guys. Thats just the way guys are. I dont want you to ever feel like I dont love you." he said, his eyes looking deep into mine.

"I understand. Horny is one thing, love is another. Ive already figured that out. The only people Ive ever had sex with were my Dad and Joe and Randy. Ive been too afraid to do it with other guys at school. I figured that they would know I was gay and I would never be able to deal with what would happen." I admitted. "I love you, Josh. I cant believe Im saying that! Weve jut met! But I do! I feel like I want to be with you forever. But it would be so cool to have sex with other guys - especially together! In fact, I think thats going to happen tomorrow morning!" I exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Josh asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"Well...when you take me home, Dad will still be in bed. He always sleeps in on Sundays. I think that we could both easily end up in his bed with him! What do you think?" I grinned a horny, leering grin at him.

I could see Joshs mind working on that one! An equally horny and leering grin started to spread across his face.

"Yeah! I think that would be awesome! You dont think hed be mad, do you?" Josh asked.

"Fuck no! Hes as equally horny and kinky as we are! Whos piss do you think I drank first? And guess who drank mine this morning!!!" I exclaimed.

"Fuck!!!" Josh exclaimed and we high-fived each other.

"Of course," I said, calming down and looking very serious. "That is if we can still get it up tomorrow morning." And I started to grin. Josh saw the look and started laughing. He grabbed me in his arms again and we started rolling on the bed. The next thing I knew, Josh was on top of me and he was kissing me deeply and I was sucking on his tongue. My hands were roving all over his body and he was moving down my face to my neck. His mouth moved over my chest and I felt him begin to suck on one of my nipples. The sexual charge that went through me when he did this caused me to arch my back and push my chest harder against his mouth. My hands went up and grabbed his head to pull him even closer. My fingers worked through his dark hair and I begged him to suck harder.

Josh moved to the other nipple and began to give it the same treatment. Then he moved up to my underarm and pushed it with his head, forcing me to let go of his hair and raise my arm above my head, laying open my armpit to him. He shoved his nose into the soft, golden hair there and I could hear him taking deep whiffs of my pit-funk. After two days without a shower and all the sweating Id done while working with him today, I knew that the ripeness in my pits was powerful! But Josh was evidently as big a sniff-pig as I was because the moans and groans that came from his throat left no doubt as to how much he loved my ripeness.

His tongue began to lick through my pits, causing a slight tremble to go through my body. Now it was my turn to moan as his licking and sucking under my arm was driving me crazy with lust! The feelings were ever so much better than I could ever imagine - mostly because it was Joshs mouth that was causing them. When he pulled out of one pit and was moving to the other, he looked down at me. Our eyes locked and I knew, right then and there, I had it really bad! I was completely totally in love with him. Nothing was going to change that now. Wed just have to see how this was all going to work out. Funny thing was, I had no doubts that it would work out. I guess thats the optimism that comes with being young.

After drenching both of my pits with his saliva, he proceeded to leave a trail of wetness down my body and into my groin. My pubic hairs were quickly saturated and my balls equally wet. But it was when he lifted my legs and began breathing in my ass funk that I just about lost it. And if that wasnt bad enough, he proceeded to drench my trench with his saliva as well. This boy has the wettest mouth! He finally centered on my hole and began sucking it while shoving his tongue up my eager butt.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Eat my fucking hole, Josh! Pack it full of spit and fuck my brains out!" I yelled as he looked at me over my balls and incredibly hard cock. I could see his eyes grinning at me as he sucked my hole and drove me crazy. His eyes told me he knew exactly how crazy he knew he was driving me!

"No, more! Please! Fuck me, Josh! Please fuck me! Shove that monster cock of yours in my ass! Please!" I begged.

He rose up between my legs, spit in his hand and began lubing his cock. Getting another look at the length and thickness of it, however, were giving me second thoughts! It was immense and I had only had my Dad and Joes cocks in my ass before. And while not small by any stretch of the imagination, but they werent the monster that was hanging between Joshs legs! Josh could see the fear in my eyes and got off the bed and went over to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and brought out a bottle of clear liquid. He got back on the bed and poured some on his fingers and began to rub it around and in my hole. It was cool and very slick. He also coated his cock with it before pushing back my legs and putting his cock at the entrance to my body. Then he looked down into my eyes.

"Dont worry, Matt. Ill be very slow and gentle. The last thing on earth I want to do is hurt you. You do know that, dont you?" he asked.

I nodded my head and smiled at him. "I cant believe this is really happening. I cant believe that youre here, waiting for me to make love to you for the first time. And thats what this, Matt. Love. I promise you that!" he swore.

He then began to very slowly push against the opening to my body. I pushed down and the next thing I knew, the head of his cock was inside me. He waited to see my reaction. My reaction was simple - I reached for his hips and pulled more of him inside me. There was no pain--only a wonderful feeling of completeness. I felt joined to Josh, like we were one body, one person. With Dad, that first night, there had been love and horniness. With Josh, it was so different. The feelings were welling up in me - overwhelming me. I never knew that I was incomplete within myself until I felt my body joined to his. My whole body seemed to cry out in joy for the feeling of being one with him.

He continued to slide gently into me and when I felt his pubic hairs tickling my hole, I knew that he was a far inside me as he could get. The union was complete. I wrapped my legs around him and he leaned forward over me, holding him self up by his arms. But he was too far away for me! I reached up and pulled him down until he was actually lying on top of me. The feeling of his cock deep inside me and the touch of his body on mine sent my emotions spinning out of control. Tears began to form and to run down the sides of my face. Josh immediately became concerned.

"Matt, whats the matter. Does it hurt? Do you want me to pull out?" he asked, his voice trembling with concern.

"No!!! It feels so wonderful!!! Oh, Josh! I never knew it could be like this! The feelings are just too much for me right now! I want to stay joined to you like this forever!" I all but screamed.

Josh smiled and began to lick my tears away. He chuckled down in his throat. "I dont think theyll let us into your Senior Prom like this!" he said grinning at me.

I smiled back. "No, I guess they wont. So I wont bother going because Id rather be here with you anyway!"

Josh kissed me deeply and passionately, burying his tongue in my mouth like his cock was buried in my ass. Then he began to slowly fuck me. His strokes at first were short and slow, but he quickly lengthened the stroke and quickened the motion. Soon he was driving himself in and out of me like a pile driver!

"Yes! Josh! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD! Fuck me DEEP!!!" I moaned as he complied with my demands.

"Oh, FUCK!!! Matt! You feel so fucking good! Your ass is so hot and so tight!!! I could fuck you forever!!!" he cried as he continued to pound away at my body.

"Yes, Josh! Fuck me forever!!! Never stop fucking me!!!" I screamed as well.

But that was, of course, impossible. All to quickly, I could feel Joshs cock become like a thick piece of iron in my ass and Josh drove in me one last time as hard as he could, burying his bone as deep inside my butt as he could reach. At that point, I could feel the tremors in his cock as he began to shoot his load of cum deep in my guts. This triggered my orgasm and, without touching myself, I began to shoot volumes of cum between our bodies. We were both drenched with my seed. I never came that much in my life as I did that first time with Josh!

Josh collapsed on top of me, our bodies glued together by my cum and our sweat. The fumes of our ripe bodies, the smell of my cum and our fucking created a miasma of rich, masculine scents around us that we were both enjoying as we came down from our sexual high. We lay there, wrapped in each other. Josh went to move off me, but I held him where he was.

"Dont move. I dont want you to pull out yet! I need to feel you inside me a while longer. I need to feel your body on mine. You have no idea how good this feels. I feel so protected and loved! I dont want it to end." I whispered in his ear.

Josh groaned at my words and I felt his hips reflex and push his cock a little deeper in me. He began licking and nibbling my shoulder where his face lay. I kept running my hands up and down his muscular back, feeling the thin sheen of sweat that lay there. He nuzzled my ear and then began to lick and nibble on it. He put is face over mine and began to lick at my closed eyes, and then my nose until his mouth reached mine. He kissed me gently on the lips--just a quick, simple kiss. No tongue. Almost like a butterfly alighting on my lips. I opened my eyes and looked into his.

"Josh, I love you!" I said quietly.

The words seemed so inadequate for all of the emotion I was feeling, but they were said so earnestly that Joshs tears began to fall on my face. He said nothing, but leaned down again and, this time, kissed me so passionately, I thought I would pass out for lack of oxygen. When he finally broke the kiss, he again looked into my eyes. It was obvious that he was trying to get himself under control enough to speak.

"Matt, I want you to know that Ive had sex before, but I have never in my life made love to someone before now. This was the first time. In a way, I wish I could just die right this minute because it is hard for me to believe that there is any way that I could ever be happier than I am right now in life. But I cant bear the thought of being parted from you so that is not going to happen! I never want to ever make love to anyone but you, Matt. I want to make love to you for the rest of my life. I dont know if you can handle that or not, but I cant change the way I feel about you." he swore.

"I can handle it, Josh. I have to. I feel the same way about you! Im yours forever, if you want me. Nothing is ever going to change that. And, even though I know this doesnt make any sense, I know that somehow, someway we will find a way to be together always." I swore.

Josh just smiled at me and I smiled back. It was as if we were both of the same mind and body. We were one, and to our mind, it was forever.

"I think we just got married." I said, giggling.

Josh laughed. "Yeah, it sure did sound like that, didnt it!" he said, leaning down for another quick kiss.

His softened cock finally slipped from my ass and he rolled over on his side, pulling me with him and gathering me close in his arms. I lay my head against his chest and he stroked my hair. After a while, we both fell dreamlessly asleep.

Many hours later, I awoke. I could see through the stars twinkling in the night sky through the skylight. Somehow, I had turned over and now was facing away from Josh, but his strong arms were still around me and his body was spooned up against mine. I could feel his warm breath at my neck and could feel his cock pushing against my ass. I was surprised that I woke up without disorientation. Even though I was in a place I had never been before and in a bed which I had never slept in before, I felt a warm and comfortable as if I were in my own home and in my own bed. But from the way Josh and I talked before, I guess this now was my home and it was my bed. Except it was OUR home and OUR bed! What a fucking concept that was!

I began to wonder what Dad would think about this turn of events. I still thought that he had arranged for Josh and I to meet and hoped that we would perhaps like each other. I wondered what he would think when he found out how extremely well his little plan worked. Much better, Im sure, than he anticipated. But I wondered if it was too far beyond what he expected for him to deal with it? But laying there in bed with Josh and feeling his strong arms around me, nothing else mattered. Nothing could disturb me. I was so happy. The feelings of love and being loved flowed through me and I was at once completely at peace and at the same time, filled with excitement.

Josh must have felt that I was awake because I could feel his arms tightening around me and pulling me even closer to him. "You are still here! I thought it was all a dream." Josh murmured in my ear.

He nuzzled the back of my neck and I could feel his hips pushing his cock harder against my ass. I loved the feel of his body against mine. I loved the scent of him that surrounded me. I loved that long hard cock that was trying to get back into my eager hole!

I reached back and positioned his cock so that the head was resting right at the opening to my body. Joshs load was still up my ass and provided lubrication for his hardon to slide back into my depths. Josh did not rush; he pushed slowly--very slowly, exquisitely slowly--into my hole until all of him was once again buried inside me. Once he was, he stopped and drew me even closer. He seemed content for several minutes just to rest there, buried inside me and me wrapped in his strong arms.

I, too, was content to just lay there joined with him. We were again one. I could again feel that completeness which has never failed to surprise and move me. I began to softly moan at the intense feeling of being joined to him and the tremendous desire which was welling up in me from feeling his hardness inside me.

"I love you, Matt." Josh whispered in my ear.

"Oh, God! How I love you, Josh!" I moaned, "Ive never loved anyone before. Ive never felt like this before! But right now, all I want to feel is you fucking me!"

"I have a problem with that." Josh murmured.

"What problem?" I asked.

"I have to piss really bad! I woke up with a piss-hard and Im about to burst." He moaned.

"Then piss!"

"But I dont want to pull out of your ass, it feels too good." he moaned again.

"Who said anything about pulling out? Piss in my ass, right where you are and then fuck me!" I said. "Dad says its his favorite way to fuck ass--one filled with hot piss!"

"Youre sure?" he sounded dubious.

"Im sure. Thats how Dad and I fucked each other last night!" I giggled. "Of course, if youre afraid for the bed..." I offered.

"Fuck no! This covers had my piss on it before and theres a plastic cover over the mattress just in case." he assured me.

"Well, then, just roll me over onto my stomach with you on top and just piss! I promise you, its an experience that is like nothing else! For both of us!" I promised.

He got on top with me lying there face down and without any wait, I felt my ass filled with warmth and fullness. I had taken Joshs piss down my throat and now up my ass! I was in heaven!

"Its kind of like marking territory!" he said. "This ass is MINE!" he said laughing.

"This ass was yours the minute I laid eyes on you this morning! You only had to ask." I said.

He leaned down and kissed me gently on the cheek. He lay on top of me, his cock still hard, soaking in his own warm piss in my ass.

"You know, theres one thing I cant figure out." he said.

"Whats that, Josh?" I asked.

"What the fuck did I do to deserve you?" he asked.

"I personally choose to believe that we were meant for each other from birth. It just took a while for us to meet." I said quietly.

"I like your belief. I think Ill believe it, too. I already feel like Ive known you all my life!" he replied.

"Enough talk--more fucking!" I said. I didnt want to talk anymore. My feelings were running away with me again and I needed him to fuck me so I could just get lost in his love and not think. About anything!

"Yes, sir!" he answered and began slowly fucking in and out of my ass.

I could feel little gushes of his piss pouring out of my ass and down over my balls each time he pulled back. It was so erotic. I guess he felt really good, too!

"God! This is incredible!" he cried. "I love fucking you when youre full of my piss!!! Oh, I want you to do this to me!!! I want to feel what it feels like!"

"No problem!" I said, but in my mind I was going nuts!!! This gorgeous hunk not only wanted to fuck me--he wanted me to fuck him!!! He was willing to give his ass to me!!! This was WAY beyond anything I ever expected!

His fucking became hard and fast--almost violent. But it was just what I wanted and needed. It didnt take him long to cum. I could feel his body tense above me and then he was screaming out in ecstasy as he shot deep into my piss-filled ass! I felt at least ten twitches of his cock inside me delivering his second load into my ass. His orgasm triggered mine and while he shot into my butt, I was shooting my cream all over his bed. I dont know what the bills are for cleaning this bed cover but I was afraid wed go bankrupt doing so!

Josh collapsed on my back, breathing hard and sweating. I could feel his wet body on mine and smell the fresh sweat and the re-invigoration of his previous odors. I loved it! I loved the smells of his body! I loved him!!!

After a while, he got his breath back. "So what do we do now?" he asked.

"Well, that depends on exactly how kinky you are. What Dad and I do is go into the shower and just dump the piss and cum on each other. Sometimes we even drink it right out of each others ass. I dont know if youre ready for that yet?" I replied.

"Just fucking try me! I want to suck my cum and piss out of your ass!!!" Josh answered with real lust in his voice.

"Okay, pull out slowly and gently to keep most of inside me. Then go to the shower and lay down on the floor. Ill follow and then squat over you. Then you have the choice of whether you want to drink from my butt or just have me cover your body in the piss and cum thats inside me." I replied.

Josh did as I said, and I walked carefully to the shower room, holding my ass together with my fingers to prevent any more leaks. I found him there, laying on the tile floor, his cock as hard as it had been 30 minutes ago when he started fucking me.

"Doesnt that thing ever go down?" I joked.

"Not when youre around it doesnt!" Josh answered. "Come on. Put your ass on my face! Im thirsty!!! I want that ass flavored piss youve got for me!"

I did as he requested. I squatted down over his face and he leaned up and locked his lips to my butt and began to suck. I let go of my muscles and I could feel the piss and cum pouring out of my hole right into his fucking mouth. I heard and felt him swallow all of it and then I felt his impossibly long tongue digging in my ass for more! I grabbed my cock as he ate my ass and almost got off. But then I remembered that Josh wanted to be fucked, too, so I held off.

Josh got back to his feet and took me in his arms and we began kissing. I could taste his piss and cum and my ass juices in his mouth! It was incredible! I pulled back from the kiss and looked him in the eyes.

"Still want to get fucked?" I asked.

"More than you can ever know, Matt!" came his reply.

I took his hand and walked back to the bed. I sat him down on the edge of it and stood in front of him. He grabbed me around the waist and laid his head against my abdomen.

"Have you ever been fucked before?" I asked stroking his head and running my fingers through his hair.

"No." he said, confirming what I already figured.

"Are you sure you want this? Ive never had a virgin before. I know how to fuck but Ive only fucked guys who were really experienced. My Dad is better at breaking in guys than I am. We could wait until tomorrow." I suggested.

He looked up at me, a fierce look in his eyes. "No!" he said firmly. "I want you to be the first. You know what to do, I know you do! You wont hurt me. I promise you! But youre the only one I want to do it to me. I want you to be the one who takes me the first time. I love you. Dont you understand?" he begged.

"Of course I do! I would give anything if I could have given myself to you the first time. I wont hurt you for anything. Youre right about that. And I am so honored that its me you want to fuck you for the first time." I said.

"No, Matt. Not fuck me. Make love to me! Thats the difference. Youll do it with love." he said, looking up into my eyes.

He was right. I would make love to him, especially this first time. There was nothing more I wanted to do in the world at that moment.

I got the lube from the bedside table and raised his legs as he lay back on the bed. I got down on my knees and started eating out his hole! God! I loved the taste, the feel, the scent of his ass! I wanted to fill his hole with my cock and my cum! I wanted to give him the good feelings he had given me.

As I continued to eat his hole, I could hear him moaning. I looked up between his legs. His head was back and his eyes were closed. A look of sheer ecstasy was on his face as I shoved my tongue as far up his hole as I could get. His cock was rock hard, despite cumming just a little while ago. I was almost overwhelmed at the site of him. I figured Id better get to fucking before I left my load on the floor!

I leaned back on my haunches and looked at his beautiful pink hole. It pulsed and seemed to beg me to put myself in it! I took the lube and began working it into and around his pucker. My finger slipped inside and he moaned. I added another finger and he moaned louder and his cock pulsed out a load of cock-snot onto his abs. I added a third finger and his eyes flew open and he opened his mouth. He couldnt say anything at first. All that came out was a louder, deeper moan. Finally he found his voice again.

"Oh, Matt! That feels incredible!!! God! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!" he begged.

I wanted him even more turned on, though. I wanted him to want my cock so bad that his ass would open and allow me entry without any pain to him. To this end, I felt up in his body and found his prostate. His joy button was already getting hard. I stroked it a few times and each time more cock-honey flowed out on his abs until they were drenched in it. I didnt want him to cum, though and end everything.

I quickly got to my feet and pushing his legs back with my hands while spreading them as wide as they would go, I maneuvered my cock to the opening of his body. I then very slowly but firmly began to press my cock into him. With almost no resistance, my first effort buried almost half of my cock in his butt. I immediately stopped to assess how he was taking it. His butt was so hot and wet inside, I nearly lost it right there. But by standing still, the intense need to cum started to recede.

"Are you okay, Josh?" I asked.

Instead of answering, he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled the rest of me inside him. My pubic bone crushed against his butt hole and I was buried to the hilt in his ass. At this point, his eyes opened again, he raised his head and he looked at me with a lust-crazed stare.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard!" Josh ordered.

I complied. I started fucking in and out of him accompanied by his loud moans of pleasure. I was glad that the buildings around us were empty! Somebody hearing this would think I was killing him! Yeah! Killing him with love!

I quickly picked up my pace and began to pile-drive his ass. I couldnt stop! I was in a fuck-frenzy that could only stop when I came deep in his ass. That time was not long in coming. Luckily, Josh was one step ahead of me. Without either one of us touching his cock, I saw it rise up and begin to unload burst after burst of white, slimy cum all over his body. Some of his cum hit the bed above his head. The rest coated his face, his chest and his abs. The start of this orgasm, with his impossibly tight, hot butt clenching on my cock was enough to send me over the edge. So while Josh was shooting cum all over his body, I was shooting my cum deep inside his guts.

Coming down from the most incredible fuck of my life, I collapsed onto his body. I began to lick his hot cum from his chest where my head rested. Without looking up or even opening his eyes, Josh put his hands onto my head and began to stroke my hair.

"That was so beautiful!" he said quietly, his voice betraying his exhaustion from his orgasm. "I now know what youve been feeling when I fuck you! No wonder you like it so much!"

"I dont like it, Josh. I love it. And I love you!" I murmured to his chest.

"By the way," he said, finally looking down at my limp body laying on him. "Dont you have to piss?".


Now you might think that the rest of the night Josh and I fucked each other like rabbits. Well...we did make love to each other a couple of more times. But that was like icing on the cake. What we did do was talk.

It was after I fucked him and pissed in his ass that we went to the shower room and I drank all of my piss and cum from his butt. He almost got off on the feelings that this engendered in him. While he had the same kinky desires that I had, he had no experience sharing raunch with someone else. We lay on the floor of the shower, kissing and licking each others bodies until we were too hungry for food to accept sex as a substitute anymore. Josh was laying on his side with his head held up by his bent arm and hand and gently tracing his fingers over my chest and abs while I lay on my back, my body pressed as close to his as I could get.

"So what do you want to eat?" Josh asked.

"You mean besides you?" I answered.

"Yeah, besides me." he smiled and leaned down and kissed me.

"Well..." I said when the kiss ended. "What have you got to offer?"

"How about a thick, juicy steak, baked potato and green salad?" he asked.

"Yeah, and what take-out place are we going to get THAT from?" I retorted.

"Joshs Kitchen. Open all night and the prices are very reasonable. In fact, theyre free!" he replied with a grin.

"You can fucking cook?!" I was amazed by this boys talents!

"I can both fuck and cook, but not at the same time." he laughed.

"So what the fuck are we waiting for! Im starved!!!" I yelled, jumping up and running out of the shower room.

Josh was right behind me. When I got to the kitchen, I stopped and waited for him to catch up to me. Josh went to the refrigerator and pulled out two huge, thick steaks. He put them on a tray, grabbed a set of tongs and headed towards the bathroom. I was, needless to say, shocked. He was going to cook in the bathroom?! I followed him to find out what was up.

When we got inside the bathroom, he opened a door I hadnt noticed before. He entered a small room with a circular, metal stairway leading up. I followed him up the stairway and when we got to the top, there was another door. It opened onto the roof of the old firehouse onto what was evidently a rooftop garden! Large areas of the roof were boxed in by thick wooden beams and contained beds full of growing things. Not flowers and stuff. No! Vegetables! I could see tomatoes and what looked like cabbage and lettuce growing in well tended beds.

"I grow a lot of my own food," Josh explained. "That way its not only fresh, but it is organically grown."

"This is fucking amazing!" I replied.

Josh went over to the side of the roof and there was a large gas grill built into a brick base which gave him more space to prepare foods and that also included a sink. He turned on the grill and put the steaks on it. Then he turned to me.

"Go pick some tomatoes and some lettuce for the salad. Those long green stalks over there are green onions. Pull a few of them, too. I run down and get the salad dressing and put the potatoes in the microwave. Everything should be done in a few minutes.

I picked several red tomatoes and a head of lettuce along with about six green onions. I was washing them in the sink when he got back.

"Here let me do that! Youre a guest." he said.

I looked at him for a moment. "I thought I was more than that." I said quietly.

Josh stared at me a second and then dropped his eyes. We just stood there quietly for a few moments before he could speak.

"Im so sorry, Matt. Of course you are--so much more. I told you before, as far as Im concerned, this is your home, too, now. Im just not used to having anyone here yet. Im not used to sharing things. Youre absolutely right. You continue with what youre doing. Will you forgive me?" he said, looking at me as if his whole world would collapse if I didnt.

I leaned over and kissed him gently. "Of course I forgive you! This whole thing is going to take some getting used to for you and for me. Now, you take care of the steaks and Ill fix the salad." I said, going back to what I was doing.

As I turned back to the sink and began washing the vegetables again, I felt his arms slip around me and felt myself being hugged to his body. I felt his lips begin nibbling on my neck and his hands begin to stroke my chest and abs. My cock immediately started getting hard again and I felt his hardness pressing against my naked butt.

"If you keep that up, the steaks going to be burnt to a crisp and this salad is never going to get made!" I laughed.

"I think Id rather eat you!" he murmured in my ear.

"Well, cannibalism is against the law. I suggest that steak is far more nourishing, if you want to have the strength to continue with what we were doing before." I said, leaning my head back and rubbing it against his.

"Okay. But later, I want you for dessert!" he said.

The meal finally got on the table for two that sat on the roof. From the downstairs, Josh brought the baked potatoes, butter, sour cream and all the possible condiments on a huge tray. He also brought china and silverware and tall thin crystal glasses he called flutes. Into this he poured champagne from a chilled bottle which he also brought up. I looked at the bottle and blanched!

"Dom Perignon! Fuck! Josh, Ive heard about this stuff! Its like a hundred dollars a bottle!" I exclaimed.

"More like two hundred and fifty for that one. Its one of the best bottles ever sold and its quite rare." he grinned.

"Were going to sit here naked on a roof drinking stuff thats two hundred fifty dollars a bottle!" I couldnt get over the extravagance of this!

"What would you want to drink at a wedding? Bud Lite?" he grinned.

That stopped me short! Wedding? What wedding? Oh...our wedding!!! I had said that we sounded like wed just gotten married.

"Josh, are you SURE?" I asked.

"Yes, I am. Arent you?" he asked, looking at me.

"Yes, I am. I know I want to spend my life with you. I know Im supposed to be too young to know that, but I dont feel that Im too young." I vowed.

"Did you know that at the turn of the last century1900--someone your age would already have been married and probably have at least one kid and be running his own farm? Of course, the life expectancy of a male in those days was age 42. But if someone younger than you could make a decision about who they wanted to spend their life with - and there were no easy divorces in those days so it was for life - then why cant you and I make that decision?" he said reasonably.

God! Those looks, that body, that cock and brains, too! What the fuck was I marrying?! Oh, yeah--a god! The God Josh! I started giggling over these thoughts and Josh looked at me weird.

"Whats so funny?" he asked.

"Not funny, exactly. Incredible! How can anyone be so fucking beautiful and so fucking intelligent at the same time?" I asked.

Josh did his usual blush. I just loved doing that to him! The look on his face was priceless!

"Im no brain, trust me. I just found History to be really interesting. Im interested in old things, like this building. And my Trans Am. I want to know what life was like before we got here." He explained.

"So why didnt you go to college? Given all this, Im sure you could afford it." I said.

"Oh, my Dad would have paid for everything if Id gone. But I didnt want to. I really hated school. I did ok in it, but what I really like is building things. I didnt want to design them; I just wanted to build them. So college held no attraction to me at all." he said. "What about you? Do you want to go to college?"

"Absolutely! I have to! To be what I want to be, you have to go to college." I said.

"And whats that?" he asked.

"I do like to design things--especially buildings. I want to be an architect." I said.

At this point, Josh almost choked on his glass of champagne. He looked at me like he was seeing me for the very first time.

"Youre shitting me, right? You dont really want to be an architect, do you?!" he exclaimed.

"Im not kidding! Ive wanted to be an architect since I was a little kid! Ask my Dad! My favorite toys were my Legos! I would sit and build things for hours! Why?" I asked.

Josh stood up. "Stay right here, Ill be right back!" he said and ran downstairs.

He was back in a few minutes with a large, leather-bound book in his hand. The leather was black and there were gold edges to the pages. A red satin ribbon hung out of the book as a marker. He opened to a page and set it down in front of me. I immediately knew what it was. His personal journal!

"Oh, Josh! I shouldnt be looking at this!" I exclaimed. "This is personal to you!"

"Matt, I love you. I have no secrets from you! I want you to know who I am. Just read that page there." he said, pointing to a page dated a week previously.

"Dear Journal,

Another long, hot day. Sometimes I wonder if all this is worth it! I know Im learning a lot from Mike and the guys. I know that I need to learn all this if Im ever going to be able to be a contractor. But sometimes it depresses me to be so alone. I cant talk to anybody about what Im feeling. I cant say that I desperately want to find a guy to love and who will love me! Sometimes I become convinced that theres nobody out there for me to find! And besides --whos going to want a contractor for a lover? I guess Id better go over to the University and start hanging around the School of Architecture! Thats probably the only guy whod want somebody like me! Actually, thats not such a bad idea! Wouldnt that be great!!! The two of us--partners! Hed design his dreams and Id build them for him! I dont think anything could make me happier! Now, how the fuck do I find out if any of them like guys???"

I sat there stunned. It was like Joshs dream come true! No wonder he couldnt believe me when I said it!

"Do you understand now?" he asked, shyly.

"Oh, god! Do I!!! Oh, Josh! This could be so wonderful! Us, building things together! It would be a dream come true!" I said, smiling into his face and getting his smile in return.

"And if you think thats weird - read the next page!" he exclaimed.

I turned the page and found an entry for the next day.

"Dear Journal.

After work, I got to spend some time with Mike alone. We had a couple of beers and just shot the shit. He asked me about my plans in life and I dont know what got into me - I started telling him all about wanting to be a contractor and build things. I told him how I wanted to have a special relationship with an Architect and build his designs exclusively some day. I thought hed just laugh at me, but instead, he took it very seriously. He said that it was a great idea. That working with one architect alone would create a very powerful bonding of ideas and work. I kind of floated home on my dreams! At least Mike doesnt think theyre crazy! I dont know what Dad would say about them."

I shut the book with a thump. "That conniving, manipulative son-of-a-bitch!!! Just wait until I get my hands on his meddling ass!!!" I screamed.

"Matt! Whats the matter?" Josh was on his feet, looking very concerned.

I looked at him with fire in my eyes. That is until I realized that this was Josh, the guy I just said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! This wasnt his fault. He was as much a dupe as I was!

"My Dad! He did this on purpose!!! Dont you see? You told him about wanting to have a special relationship with an architect - to build buildings together. My Dad has known I want to be an architect since I was a little kid!!! He set this whole thing up!!! He pushed us together on purpose!!" I was practically yelling I was so mad.

"And what does that matter?" Josh said reasonably.

"What does it matter!!!" I screamed. "Dont you see?"

"Yes, I do see!" Josh said, coming over and putting his hands on my shoulders and squatting down until he was looking directly into my eyes. "I see that your Dad loves you very, very much!"

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Your Dad loves you very, very much." he said very slowly and deliberately--like I didnt understand English very well. "He wants you to have everything in this world to make you happy. He saw a chance--just a chance--that you might find what you were looking for in me and I might find what I was looking for in you. What is so bad about that?!" he asked.

Putting it that way, I began to see that I was being an asshole again! Josh was absolutely right. I remembered that conversation that Dad and I had in my room a month or so ago when I told him how much I longed for someone to be in love with. And here Dad had gone to all the trouble to find him for me and put us together and, little in-grate that I was, I was angry about it! That cooled my jets real quick!

"About a month ago, I was getting really down. I loved Dad and I was happy sharing his bed and his body and having sex with the guys out at the job site, but I felt like something was missing! I didnt know what. Finally Dad had a talk with me. He figured out real quick that what I was missing was you==someone to love who would love me. He told me then that he would do anything he could to make me happy. I guess he kept his promise, didnt he." I said quietly, tears starting to drip from my eyes.

"Yes, he did. And more successfully then he even knows right now!" he said and then leaned over and licked my tears off my face.

"Well, I guess you know by now that I can be a real asshole at times!" I said, hanging my head.

"Yes, you can. And so can I. But that doesnt mean Im going to stop loving you, Matt. Its okay to be human and be an asshole sometimes. I wont ever stop loving you for that!" he raised my head in his hand and grinned at me.

I reached out and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. "God! How I love you! I feel like I want to burst inside from all the feeling." I said.

"Dont do that! Id hate to be cleaning Matt off the roof!" he laughed.

I laughed, too. But I didnt let go of him. I wanted to be in his arms. He quickly realized this and put his arms around me. He held me to him tightly and I closed my eyes, loving the feeling of being loved and protected by him.

The next thing I knew, hed slipped one arm from around my body and put it under my legs and lifted me into his arms! He carried me down the circular stairway and over to the bed where he lay me down and got in beside me! I was blown away! I didnt know he was strong enough to carry me all that way!

"Fuck! I dont want to ever wrestle you!" I exclaimed. He grinned at me. Then he slowly reached up and started stroking my face with his hand. "You are so beautiful, Matt. I almost want to cry every time I look at you! I cant believe how lucky I am to have found you! Its like we were made for each other!" he said softly.

"See, I told you that!" I smiled. "And I guess I should thank God that I have a Dad who loves me enough to want me to be happy with you."

"I need to thank your Dad for several things! First, for giving me a job. Second for having you as a son. And third, for giving that son to me!" he said, leaning down and kissing me.

"Now, if only I could do the same for Dad!" I sighed.

"What do you mean?" Josh asked.

I told Josh the story of Dad and his friend Matt. By the time I finished telling it, both of us were in tears.

"God! He must have loved Matt so totally! What a terribly sad story! Youre right. We have to find somebody for your Dad!" Josh stated.

"And just how are we supposed to do that? Put an ad in the paper? Wanted: One hot kinky man into man smells, fucking and piss for hot Construction Foreman. Apply any day between 8 and 5!

Right!" I said.

"Actually, wed need two ads." Josh said softly.

"Two ads?" I asked.

"Yeah. Wed need one for my Dad. Wanted: One loving, caring loyal mate for Real Estate executive who has no life and no one to care for him except a son whos found someone else to love." Josh said, a note of extreme sadness in his voice.

"Josh, what about your Dad? You havent said a word about him." I said, reaching up and stroking his hair.

Josh moved down on the bed, pushing his body against mine and laying his head on my chest. My arm went around him and I held him while I continued to stroke his hair with my other hand. "There isnt a whole lot to tell. Hes been alone as long as I can remember. When I was six months old, my mom ran off with somebody. We never heard from her again and Dad never wanted to talk about it. I gathered from what little I could learn, Dad had gotten Mom pregnant when they were both very young and they were forced to get married. It didnt work. And Dad refused to ever even try again. He raised me alone but I never felt deprived in any way. He was always there for me! He always supported everything I did. When he found out I was Gay, however; he had a hard time with it at first." Josh said.

"Why was that? Didnt he still love you?" I asked.

"Of course he did! Thats what all the trouble was about. Dad was very concerned that I would be very unhappy in life because of it. He was afraid that I would never find someone to love who loved me and would end up alone like him! I think you will make him very, very happy!" Josh said, gently kissing my chest.

"Maybe. Until he finds out how old I am!" I said.

"Will you get off the age thing!" Josh said, poking me in the ribs and making me jump! "You arent that young! Dad was only a year older than you when he got my mom pregnant with me!"

"Youre kidding! Thats how old my Dad was!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, lets face it - we are the way we are because we come from really horny fuckers!!!" Josh laughed.

"Your Dad certainly loves you though! Buying you this place and all!" I said.

"Yeah! He really does. It was his decision that I should be on my own. He didnt want me to feel like he was looking over my shoulder if I was having sex with other guys or, hopefully, falling in love with one." he said.

"Do you really think hell like me?" I said, a strong note of uncertainty in my voice.

"My Dad will love you! Just like he loves me! You will be like a second son to him! I promise. After all, you both have something in common. You both love me!" he said, raising up and planting another big kiss on my lips.

"Yeah," I said. "There is that!"

And with that, he kissed me again. Before things got carried away, I put my hand on his lips.

"Josh, dont you think we ought to clean up the dishes and stuff before we get involved with anything else?" I asked.

"No. We dont do the dishes until dinner is over. Dinner isnt over yet - were just about to have dessert!" he said and kissed me deeply.

I let myself go and was overcome by the wonderful feelings of lying in this bed and making love to the most beautiful male in the world! We were both instantly hard and before I knew it, Josh was down between my spread legs and sucking on my butt again, getting it wet for his cock.

I lay there moaning in joy, feeling his tongue deep inside me. I couldnt wait to be joined to him again. I wanted to feel him inside me - feel us one with each other. I wanted this to be a long, slow fuck! I wanted it to take hours. I didnt want to think anymore. I just wanted to feel loved and wanted.

Josh seemed to feel exactly the same way. He entered me with exquisite slowness. We both were groaning as his cock made its way deep into my body. When he was buried to his pubes, he lay down on top of me and just held his cock there. I could feel its thickness and length filling me inside. Filling up that empty place physically and emotionally that Dad and I had talked about. I now knew what it was like to be loved. I now knew what it was like to love. And I now knew what true happiness was.

After a long while, Josh began to slowly fuck me. I dont know how or where he got the control, but he never speeded up. He just kept slowly fucking in and out - almost driving me crazy at times. But I surrendered to him. I wanted him to use my body anyway he wanted. He would bring us almost to the point of orgasm and then stop. He would just wait until we had both calmed down and then he would start again. He did this at least a dozen times until I reached a point that I needed to cum so badly my balls actually hurt! For the first time in my life, I experienced blue balls and I didnt like the feeling at all!!!

"Josh, for Gods sake, fuck me!!! Make me cum!!! Josh, my balls hurt I need to cum so bad!!!" I almost screamed.

Josh let out and evil, almost sadistic chuckle. "Well, why didnt you say so? All you had to do was ask!" he said.

I had about sixty vicious things I wanted to say at that point, but instead, when I opened my mouth, all that came out was a groan. Josh had immediately started power-fucking my ass like this was the last fuck he would ever get in his life! Within a minute, we were both cumming. Him, deep in my butt and me, all over the bed, me and him!

Josh collapsed on me, breathing hard. It has been a masterful fucking performance! I had never seen anyone fuck as long as he had. He lay on me like he had passed out! But soon, he recovered and looked at me.

"Ive gotta piss." he grinned.

"So do I." I grinned back at him.

"Lets do it together!" he said.

And matching words to actions, he pulled out of my ass, spun around and took my still hard cock into his mouth while his dangled above my face. I reached up and brought his cock to my mouth. I caught the smell of it--his cum, his sweat and my ass! What a wonderful ripe smell! I quickly gobbled his cock, tasting everything I was smelling. I loved the taste of his cock when it had just been in my ass. I nursed on his cockhead and felt his piss begin to flow into my mouth. At the same time, I let go of my flow and I could feel Josh begin to swallow all of my golden piss. This was wonderful! Id never done it like this, pissing in somebody while they pissed in me! It was like I was sucking on my own pissing cock!

After a while, our flow gave out and Josh spun around again and pushed his mouth on mine. I opened and a flood of my own piss flowed into my mouth. We swapped the piss back an forth between our mouths until we both swallowed it and continued to lick out the insides of each others mouth. After a while, we finally stopped kissing and just lay in each others arms, gently stroking each others bodies.

"This is so amazing!" Josh said. "I cant believe we not only love each other, not only want a life together, but were both kinky in the same way!" He laughed.

I knew what he meant. I never thought Id find someone who could take me where I needed to go sexually. Josh not only took me there, I knew he went there willingly with me! It was like we were literally made for each other.

After a while, we finally decided to get up and clean up after dinner. We worked together quickly and easily - like we had lived and loved together for many years--and yet, unbelievably, we had only met this morning!

It was getting late. We went into the large shower room and took a shower together. We spent a lot of time washing each other bodies by running out hands all over each other, delighting in the touch and feel of each others skin. I shampooed Joshs beautiful dark hair and he did mine. There is no more sensual experience out of bed than having someone shampoo you! We finally took a long time drying each other, grabbing kisses and licks of each others bodies in between. Finally, Josh took my hand and we walked over to the bed. He stripped off the leather cover and pillows. He brought pillows from drawers under the bed and pulled back the sheets. I crawled into bed beside him and noticed his scent on the sheet. I was a wonderful smell! I curled up in his arms, Josh, spooned behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck and his head rested against mine.

"Im exhausted. I cant imagine why." I said.

"No, I cant possibly imagine either. Maybe its the fact that weve made love so many times today I cant even remember how many times!" Josh laughed.

"Six." I replied.

"You kept count!?" Josh exclaimed.

"Well, not exactly. But I wanted to memorize every moment with you! I was afraid it would never happen again." I admitted.

"It will happen again. I promise!" Josh said.

"Yes, I know that now. God! Its going to be hard getting up tomorrow! Im so tired." I said.

"No, its going to be hard going to bed tomorrow when youre not here." Josh said quietly.

I heard the sadness in his voice. I knew exactly how he felt. I didnt want to leave either. Now that Ive found him, I didnt ever want to be parted from him. I had to talk with Dad tomorrow. I had to work something out so that Josh and I could be together!

"Im going to work something out, Josh. I promise I will! Well be together! I dont want to be without you either! I want to share this home with you. I want to be your mate, if thats what you want." I promised.

"I want that more than anything Ive ever wanted in my life!" he swore to me, pulling me closer and tightening his arms around me.

"Lets just sleep on it. I know we will find a way to be together. I just know it!" I said.

"Ill trust your belief. It seems to be pretty accurate so far." he murmured. Being held by him, I soon fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The next morning, I woke up still wrapped in the arms of my beautiful lover. There is absolutely no better way to wake in the morning than in the arms of someone that you love and who loves you. There was no way around it! I was not going to give this up having just found it! I was going to find a way for Josh and I to be together--no matter what.

But at the same time, I knew that I was all that Dad had. I was his whole world. Without me, he would be completely alone. I guess I was just going to have to find him someone, like he found Josh for me. I didnt exactly know how I was going to do it. But I was going to try. In the mean time, however, I didnt know what I was going to do about Josh and me.

I was laying there just thinking about the wonderful day and night he and I had spent together. The wonderful dinner. The love-making. And then it hit me! Something Josh had said last night when hed wanted to stop me from making the salad! He said he hadnt learned to share yet. Thats was it! It was a matter of sharing. If Josh would go along with it, I think I had a way to keep us together and keep everyone happy! At least I sure hoped so!

While I was laying there thinking, I suddenly felt Joshs arms tighten around me and his lips kissing and sucking at my neck. I moaned at the feeling. I also moaned when I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass, seeking entrance to my body.

"Umm! You feel so fucking good!" I heard Joshs sleepy, deep voice in my ear.

"And you feel fucking hard! Want to put that where it will do some good?" I replied.

"Gotta piss first." he murmured and then laughed deep in his throat.

"How do you want to do it?" I asked.

"I dont know. I saw you checking out the piss trough yesterday. Wanna see if it will hold you?" he asked.

My cock went from plump to full hard in seconds!

"Yes!!!" I all but screamed and struggled to get out of bed.

I rushed to the bathroom, but I looked back before entering. Josh still lay in bed, laughing. I walked back to the bed, looking down at his naked body as he convulsed in laughter.

"And just exactly what is so funny?" I asked.

It took a few moments for him to get himself under control enough to answer. "You!" he said, still laughing.

"What do you mean?" I asked again.

"I cant believe how incredibly horny you are!" Josh smiled at me, a horny leer in his eyes.

"And youre not?" I asked, walking over to the bed and grabbing his hard cock in my hand and giving it a squeeze.

"Not like you! God! You are so fucking exciting!" Josh swore as he continued to smile at me.

I couldnt help it. I smiled back.

"Everything is exciting with you, Josh. I spent so much of my life believing that what I wanted was wrong and sick. It doesnt feel that way with you! I feel free to express myself, be myself, with you. Can you understand?" I said. "Now, get the fuck out of that bed and come piss on me!"

He smiled and rose from the bed. Throwing his arm around my shoulder, we walked to the bathroom together. Once there, I got into the trough. It was long enough that I could lay down completely in it. The cold porcelain against my back was cold. However, I knew I would soon be covered with Joshs hot piss. I looked up into his eyes as he stood over the trough, fingering his cock, trying to get it to go down enough to piss on me.

"I have to piss, too. Do you want me to do it on myself or do you want to take a turn in the trough?" I asked, a horny leer on my face.

"I want in the trough!" he answered, his own look as horny as mine.

He finally got his cock soft enough and began to drench my body with his hot piss! The smell was strong. This was the first piss of the morning and had been fermenting overnight inside Joshs body. He started at my crotch, soaking my pubes and running down my balls to my ass. He moved the piss up my body, wetting down my abs and then my chest. He pointed his stream at each of my tits and I raised my arms so that he could drench my pits as well. Finally he brought his stream to my open mouth and I began to drink down his strong, rank piss. I loved it! This offering from my lovers body. I could suck down his piss all day long. And, since we would be together, I would have the chance to do just that!

Joshs stream finally stopped and he leaned down into the trough and kissed my open mouth, tasting his own strong piss. He licked out my mouth and then began to lick down my body tasting more. When he got to my cock, he sucked all his piss out of my pubes and then sucked my cock into his mouth.

"You keep that up, and Ill never get it down enough to piss on you!" I warned him.

He looked up at me with a horny grin on his face. He stood and helped me from the trough, still dripping his piss. Then he got into the trough himself and lay in the remnants of his piss. I stood over him, looking down at his beautiful body and his incredibly hard cock pawing the air. I had to close my eyes and not look because just the sight of him was keeping my cock too hard to piss.

Finally my cock softened enough to let my piss flow. I did the same to him, starting with his groin and washing my strong morning piss up his body to his open mouth. He drank down everything I had to give and then began sucking on my rapidly hardening cock. As much as I wanted to cum down his throat, I pulled out before I lost it.

"What?!" Josh asked, looking up at me.

"I dont want to cum. And I dont want you, too, either." I said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Well, if were going to have any cum for Dad, wed better save it up now." I said.

"Fuck!" Josh said, sitting up in the trough. "You really werent shitting me last night, were you? You do want to have a three-way with your Dad this morning. Do you really think hell be into it?"

"Bet on it! That horny fucker will eat you up like a cat licking cream!" I laughed.

"So what do we do now?" he asked.

"I suggest we let this piss dry on us as a little appetizer for Dad while we go to Joshs Kitchen for breakfast. I have a feeling were going to need all the nourishment and strength that we can get!" I said.

Josh made us incredible vegetable and cheese omelets with friend potatoes and coffee. We sat there, kissing and feeding each other like a couple of newly-weds. We were so much in love. Im actually glad that no one could see us. Id been so embarrassed; I would never have been able to stop being red! But it was fun. After breakfast, we got dressed and slid down the firehouse pole to the Trans-Am.

"Im sorry to be leaving here, but if my plan goes well, well be sleeping together tonight - just not here." I said as we walked to the car.

Josh opened the huge garage door and then went to the passenger side and started to get in. I stood there looking dumb and wondering what the fuck he was doing? He looked at me and then reached in his pocket and tossed me a set of keys across the roof of the Trans-Am. He expected me to drive his Trans-Am!!!

"Are you kidding? You want me to drive?" I exclaimed, looking at him with my mouth hanging open.

He smiled at me. "You can drive a stick, cant you? And you have a license, right?" he asked.

"Well, yes! But youre going to let me drive the Trans-Am?!" I exclaimed again.

"Matt, youre my partner. Not only is this house youre home now, this car is for both of us." He explained, smiling at me with such love I nearly lost it and started crying. But this was no time for tears! I was going to drive the Trans-Am!

I got in the car and turned the key, the car roared to life with the growl of the massive V-8 under the hood. I couldnt believe the feeling of power that went through me! I pulled out of the garage. Josh got out and closed the garage door after pulling out and, when he got back in the car, he asked what I meant. I outlined my plan to him. The one who would be most hurt by me living with Josh would be my Dad. So the two men in my life who I loved more than anything were just going to have to share me. I was going to propose to Dad that he let me stay at Joshs every other night and at home with him--and with Josh there--on the alternate nights. Since it was summer, I wasnt going to school but spending every day at the job site helping out anyway. When school started again, wed see how things would work out then.

I also wondered how Josh would feel about this, but he was very enthusiastic.

"Thats a fucking great idea! Howd you ever come up with it?" he asked.

"Actually, you did." I replied.

"I did??!! When??!!" he exclaimed.

"You remember when you said that you were having trouble learning how to share? Thats what gave me the idea." I explained.

"Thats great! Are you sure your Dad wont mind having me there?" he asked.

"Well, if this morning goes the way I think it will, I think Dads going to love having you there!" I said.

"Well, lets hope. I will do anything to make sure you sleep in my arms every night." Josh vowed.

Getting to my house, I told Josh to wait downstairs while I went upstairs and found out if Dad was awake or not. I went quietly up the stairs. I looked into Dads room. He was still asleep, lying naked on the bed. I crept back down the stairs.

"Okay," I whispered to Josh. "Hes still asleep. Lets strip here and go up and wake him up."

Josh and I started undressing and I could see his cock was really hard and dripping. He was really turned on to this - really looking forward to having sex with my Dad. I started to really believe my plan might just work.

We both crept naked up the stairs and went into my Dads bedroom. He was laying on his back and his cock was hard. I motioned to Josh to get up by the head of the bed while I climbed onto the bed at Dads crotch. I opened my mouth and slowly sank on the way down on his smelly, raunchy cock. Dad slowly began to wake up. The first thing he did was reach down and rub my head as I gobbled his cock and groaned at the good feelings I was giving him. Next he looked over and I watched as he looked up at Joshs beautiful body and immense cock, harder than hell and dripping cock-snot like a faucet.

"Wow! Where the fuck did you get a pecker like that, boy?" he asked, looking up into Joshs face, a very horny smirk on his face.

"I got it looking at your hot body, Mike!" Josh said, his voice husky with sexual need.

"Well bring it over here where I can fucking get my mouth on it. Lets see if I can take that fucker down my throat!" he said, reaching for Josh.

We were now all three on the bed. Me deep-throating Dads cock and Dad trying to deep throat Joshs. The room was filled with the sound of sexual moans and the smell of three horny, raunchy fuckers! Dad pulled of Joshs cock and looked up into his eyes.

"Well, I guess you and Matt must have talked about things, huh?" he asked.

"Yes. We did a lot of talking, Mike." he said, reaching down and stroking Dads hair.

"And youre ok with this?" he asked.

"More than okay. Ive wanted to get it on with you since the moment I met you." Josh explained.

"I kind of figured that, but I thought you might possibly want to get it on with somebody else more." Dad admitted.

I raised up off Dads cock and looked at him.

"You did plan this whole thing, didnt you? You wanted Josh and I to get together." I said.

"Wellyes. I figured anybody as beautiful as Josh would probably drive you nuts and that part went fine. I was also hoping that you two might find more than just sex with each other. You know, Matt, like that talk we had a while ago?" Dad admitted.

"Well, Dad," I said, looking right into his eyes. "It worked a lot better than you ever expected. Josh and I are in love and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. What do you say to that?" I asked.

Dad didnt say anything for the longest time. He just sat there looking from Josh to me and back again. Finally he spoke.

"Yep! Youve both got it!" he said.

"Got what?" I asked.

"The look." Dad replied.

"What look? What are you talking about?" I insisted.

"The look that everybody gets on their face when they are so fucking gone in love with somebody that they cant hide it! Yep! Youve both got it and youll both be fucking useless without each other! So I guess my little plan did work better than I expected." he said, a self-satisfied smug look in his face.

I reached up and kissed him. "Dad, I have a plan to suggest to you and I hope youll hear me out." I said.

"Okay, a plan about what?" he asked.

"Dad, Josh and I really are in love. I know Im young, but we dont want to be apart from each other all the time. And at the same time, I dont want to desert you! I love you, Dad. I still want you sexually and so does Josh. What Im suggesting that Josh and I spend every other night here with you and the rest of the time at Joshs place. At least until school starts again and then we can see. After all, until school, Josh and I will be working with you every day. How does that work for you?" I asked Dad.

"I works fine, Matt." Dad answered. "But look, Matt. You dont have to worry about me. I understand how youre feeling. If you two want to be together, I dont want to stand in your way." Dad said.

"No! You dont understand, Mike." Josh suddenly said. "He really loves you. Youre still his Dad. I dont want our love to come between you and him. He still needs you. I just dont want to have to be without him. Ive looked for him for so long!" Josh was almost in tears after this impassioned plea.

Dad reached up and pulled Josh down onto the bed beside him and put his arm around him. "Look, son. I guess I can call you that now, huh?" Josh nodded. "Well, son, I understand. If you two want to be here with me, youre always welcome. We dont have to set up systems unless you both feel more comfortable with that. I figure the way I see it is that Ive now got two hot, hunky sons and having both of you around half the time kind of equals having one of you around all the time and miserable for the other one!" He hugged Josh and I hugged both of them.

"Now, Im horny! Is anybody else in this bed horny?" Dad asked us.


At Dads announcement of his horniness, both Josh and I leaned over and kissed Dad at the same time. It was a messy, sloppy, three-way kiss, but it was exciting for each of us. Dad reached down under my balls and started fingering my hole. I knew what he wanted. And I wanted it, too. Despite having that magnificent cock of Joshs up my tail all weekend, I still loved having my Dads hot cock up my butt.

"Hows about me fucking you, Matt, while Josh rams that telephone pole between his legs up my hungry hole?" Dad said.

"Fine with me!" cried Josh. "Just so long as you promise to fuck me with yours later!"

"Id love to fuckin rape that hole of yours, son!" Dad growled at Josh, a horny leer on his face.

From the sound of things, it looks like exactly what I figured - Dad now had two sons and they were both going to be considered play-mates for his horny desires. I knew I had a lot to be grateful for, having a Dad who loved me so much and was so accepting of who I am.

Dad got up off the bed and allowed me to lay down, I pulled my legs back until my knees were almost resting on my chest, opening my ass to Dads inspection. He knelt on all fours between my legs and shoved his face right into my ripe butt-crack. I could hear him taking deep snorts of my raunchy ass and groaning at the rich, ripe smells he found there. Finally, I felt his tongue licking out my trench. Nobody could eat butt like Dad! As I felt his lips lock to my ass-lips and felt him begin to suck hard on my hole, I started moaning as well. I looked down between my legs, just in time to not only see Dad eating away at my horny hole but I saw Josh down behind Dad, pigging out on Dads butt as well. God! This family really loves the taste of man-butt!

Dad moved up to shove his cock deep into my shit-chute. Pulling his ass away from Joshs face made Josh moan in frustration but as soon as Dad shoved his cock all the way up my shit chute in one long thrust, he lay down on me and allowed Josh to move forward and bury his face in Dads hairy butt once again.

Dad kissed me deeply and I could taste my ripe ass on his lips and in his mouth. It was delicious! I love the taste of my own ass. I wish I could bend far enough to lick it myself. But if I could, I probably would never leave the house!

I could hear Josh still slurping and sucking at Dads hole, getting it ready to shove his eleven very thick inches up Dads chute. Dad was making little fucking motions, barely moving in and out of my ass but his cock was still clipping my joy button every time he moved. I was soon moaning with ecstasy at the quick jabs his cock was making in my hole.

Over Dads shoulder, I finally saw Josh rise up and move his cock to Dads hole. I got to watch as Josh began shoving that huge fuck stick of his up Dads butt. I also got to hear Dad moan as his butt was stretch far beyond what he was used to.

"Goddamn! Fuck, boy! Shove that fuckin log up my butt! Fuck! I can sure feel THAT one!!!" he cried out as Josh relentlessly shoved his huge cock into Dads ass.

Finally, Josh bottomed out in Dads hole and Dad reared up and arched his back as he felt his insides being rearranged by Joshs man pole. Josh began to very slowly fuck Dad and I could feel every thrust he made in Dads hole through Dads cock which was up mine.

After a short time, Dad and Josh got into a good fuck rhythm and I was getting pounded good and hard. The fuck was so intense; there was no way it could last for long. I could see the effort on Joshs face and I knew he was holding back, waiting to get Dad off before he creamed Dads guts. I, on the other hand, had not choice. As usual, just being fucked by Dad was rapidly pushing me to orgasm without any other stimulation other than his cock against my prostate.

I was the one who finally triggered the series of explosions. My cock couldnt take any more of the pounding up my ass and it began shooting off a huge load of my boy-juice all over my face, chest and abdomen. Dad, seeing me shoot and feeling my ass clenching around his cock, screamed out and unloaded deep in my guts. This, of course triggered Josh, who buried his long, thick bone in Dads hungry hole and shot what apparently was quarts of cum up Dads ass. So much, in fact, that before Joshs third shot, his cream was already dripping out of Dads ass onto the bed.

The three of us collapsed in a sweaty, ripe-smelling heap, cocks still buried up holes. I finally protested the weight of two men on top of me and the mnage finally started to pull apart. We lay on Dads bed, touching, licking and generally bringing each other back to a fever pitch for another round. It was obvious that none of us was ready to let things go at one orgasm this morning. I felt like saying to Josh I told you so. Thank God we didnt fuck each other silly this morning before we got to Dads!

It wasnt long at all until Dad announced that he had to piss. I knew that was coming! But when he asked who wanted it, both Josh and I announced our thirst for his hot yellow man-juice. So off to the bathroom we went to get into the shower. There, Josh and I knelt side by side and shared Dads morning piss as he played his cock back and forth between our open, eager, thirsty mouths. No sooner was Dads cock drained of all his piss by my eagerly sucking mouth than he was hard again and so were Josh and I. We headed back for the bed.

Once there, Josh declared that it was his turn to take Dads cock up his shit-chute and Dad was equally randy to fuck my gorgeous lover and his new son. I decided that what I really wanted was a blow job, so as Dad put Josh on his back and started to eat out his beautiful ass, I knelt over Joshs face and presented my hard cock for his mouth. He eagerly swallowed me down to my pubic hair and while I locked my hands behind the back of his head and proceeded to fuck his face while he deep-throated me.

I could feel Dad behind me as he pushed Joshs legs up in order to shove his hefty honker into Joshs guts. This was a sight I didnt want to miss, and I knew where I could have the best seat in the house for this performance - right on Joshs face!

I pulled out of Joshs mouth, stood up, turned around and squatted my ass on his face. Now he would get the joy of not only sucking my butt but sucking out Dads load from my butt, too! I could hear his moans of approval as my ass lips met his face lips! I could feel the moans as well as they vibrated through my colon and up inside my body. My cock was rock hard as I felt Josh sucking and digging at my hole with his tongue and watching Dad slide his boy-fucker deep into Joshs hole.

Once he was well seated in Joshs shit-chute, Dad looked up at me sitting on Joshs face and gave me a horny grin as he began to power fuck my lovers ass. Seeing my rock hard cock almost at mouth level to him, Dad leaned forward and swallowed my cock as he continued to pound the shit out of Joshs butt. Fuck! What a feeling!!! Joshs hot mouth sucking on my hole and Dads hot, wet mouth hole swallowing my boy-cock! I could have died happy right then and there!!!

This was not destined to be a long coupling. The three of us were far too turned on to last that long. Josh started it all (or ended it, depending on how you looked at it) when Dads boy-fucker drove him over the edge and he started shooting spooge all over me and himself. His screams of orgasm were swallowed by my eager ass, sending more vibrations up my bowels and through my body. This caused me to shoot my load of hot boy-cum deep into Dads throat while Joshs ass spasms caused Dad to unload deep up Joshs guts.

We finally collapsed in a heap on Dads bed and all drifted back off to sleep for a while, exhausted by our slutty sex-games only to be woken up by a phone ringing.

It turned out to be Joshs cell phone. I could hazily hear him answering it.

"Yeah?...Oh! Hi, Dad! Yeah?... Okay, sure, Ill be there...by the way, do you mind if I bring a friend with me?...Okay. See you then." and he hung up.

"Whats up?" I asked.

Dads grilling some steaks and wanted to know if I wanted to come over and have a swim in the pool and have dinner. I havent seen him in a couple of weeks; hes been away, so I said yes. I asked him if I could bring you along and he said sure. Do you want to go?" he asked. "That is if its okay with you Mike?"

"Sure! You two go on. Ive got some things Ive got to get done today and Im never going to get out of this bed if you two horn-dogs hang around. Tell you what, Matt. Why dont you and Matt just stay at his place again tonight and Ill see you at the job tomorrow morning." Dad said, ruffling my hair.

"You sure you dont mind?" I asked, feeling a little guilty for leaving him alone so much this weekend.

"Ill be fine, worry-wart! Im a grown man. I can be on my own without you around!" Dad laughed.

So I picked up some clothes and a bathing suit and threw them in my backpack and Josh and I hopped in the Trans-Am and we drove over to his Dads house. Actually, it wasnt so much a house as a fucking mansion! His Dad lived on about 100 acres out of town. It was a long drive off the main road until you even came to the house. And what a house!!! Jeez--three stories with six big white columns out front! I could see a stable behind the house and horses running around in a paddock. Josh explained on the way over that the house had 8 bedrooms and was huge. His Dad did a lot of entertaining which justified the size of the place. I have to admit, when I finally saw it, I was a bit intimidated by it. Josh seemed to understand what I was feeling because he took my hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it gently. I just melted when he did that!

"Dont be afraid. Youre married to me--not to Dads house." he reminded me.

I kind of giggled at this. It still was so weird to hear that word married, but thats what we were, from what I was feeling and, evidently from what Josh was feeling, too. We pulled up to the front of the house, got out of the Trans-Am and rang the bell. An older woman in a maids uniform answered the door.

"Hi, Mabel!" Josh said and put his arm around her, squeezing her to his side and kissed her cheek. "Wheres Dad?" he asked.

Mabel beamed at Josh. "Welcome home! Youre Dads out back on the veranda. I swear youll be lucky if he doesnt destroy those steaks before you get a chance to eat them. And whos your friend there?" she said, her voice the voice of the green hills of Ireland.

"This is Matt, Mabel." he said, introducing me. He turned to me and said, "Mabel practically raised me. Shes been with Dad and me since I was just a little boy."

"Im pleased to meet you, Mabel." I said, holding out my hand.

"And you, too, Matt!" Mabel said, taking my hand and giving it a light squeeze.

We walked through the house to the veranda. I dont think Id ever seen a house like this one except in magazines. There was a beautiful curved stairway going up from the foyer to the second floor. The floors were all hardwood and the furniture looked old and expensive. And the size! I felt like I wasnt in the foyer of a house but in the rotunda at the state capitol!

We went out some French doors and there was a large brick veranda and paths that lead to a large swimming pool down a slight incline from the house. We could smell the grilling steaks as soon as we stepped out the door. Off to the side, I noticed a man standing in front of a large, brick grilling area with his back to us. When he turned around, I almost fainted. It was Josh!!! Well...Josh a few years older and maybe three inches shorter! But father and son could well be mistaken for brothers. I knew Joshs Dad was 36, but he could have passed for much younger--even younger than my Dad! He had Joshs muscular build, his dark hair and his deep green eyes. I had been right about the fruit not falling far from the tree! If I didnt already fall for Josh, I might well have gone head over heals for his Dad!

"There you are, Josh!" said his father, coming over and taking Josh in his arms. The two hugged each other openly and without embarrassment. Then Joshs father turned and looked at me.

"Dad, this is Matt." Josh said.

I dont know what it was about the way he said it, but even to me those four words spoke volumes. And from the look his Dad gave Josh, Im sure that the meaning of those volumes were understood.

"Well...Im very glad to meet you, Matt." He said, looking deep into my eyes and taking my hand in his--a hand almost as huge and strong as Joshs.

His eyes were as deep green as Joshs and just as hypnotic. Joshs Dad also had the ability to seem like he was looking right down into your soul with those eyes.

"Im...Im very glad to meet you, too, sir." I nervously replied.

"Please, dont be so formal, son. Please call me Rob." he said, smiling and continuing to hold my hand in his. I guess Josh and his Dad have trouble knowing when to let go on first meeting!

"Ahh...sure...ah...Rob." I said, stuttering. I wasnt used to calling people as old as my Dad by their first name.

"So, I hope you boys are hungry! Or would you rather take a swim first?" Rob asked us.

"Frankly, Dad, were starving!" Josh said.

"Well good! Theres plenty of food here. Why dont we eat and then you boys can swim later." Rob said, leading us over to a table already set with three places.

We sat down and Mabel came out of the house bringing salads and a pitcher of ice tea. Rob served the huge steaks himself from the grill while Mabel brought out delicious twice-baked potatoes and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Josh hadnt been kidding. We were two teens and we ate like pigs. I was full by the time I had a second piece of pie.

"So, how did you two meet?" Rob asked.

"Matt is my foremans son." Josh answered.

"Oh, I see." Rob answered. He seemed to be wanting to ask something but was trying to figure out how to formulate the question.

"Have you known each other long?" Rob asked.

"Ah...no...you see...we just met yesterday." Josh answered again. I was wondering what it was that his Dad was trying to get at.

"But youve worked there over a month, Josh. How come you and Matt only met yesterday?" he asked.

"Well...you see...school just ended for the year and I wasnt able to get to the job site and work with Dad on Saturdays like I usually do for over a month because I was so busy getting ready for final exams. This was the first Saturday Id been free to go in with Dad. Ill be working on the site full-time starting tomorrow." I explained.

"Well, is that what you want to be--a contractor like my son?" Rob asked me.

"No, sir. I want to be an architect. But I figure that working with my Dad will give me a lot of practical experience that most architects dont have. Ive been working with Dad since I was a little boy." I said.

"What about your mother? How does she feel about you working on a construction site?" Rob asked.

I was silent for a moment. Josh jumped in.

"Dad...Matts..." he started to say.

"No, Josh!" I interrupted him. "Its okay. My mother ran off when I was three years old. We havent heard from her since. Besides, it was my Dad who took care of me even before she left. She really didnt want anything to do with me--or my Dad, for that matter. So Ive been going to the job sites with Dad all my life." I told Joshs Dad.

"Im very sorry, son. I had no idea. I hope I didnt bring up any painful memories for you." He said his eyes kind and compassionate when they looked at me.

"No, I really dont remember much about her--or want to. My Dads a great guy and has really taken good care of me all my life." I said.

"I can see that. What grade are you in?" Rob asked. He was certainly full of questions. If I didnt know better, I could swear that Josh had already told him what we had become to each other the way he was grilling me.

"Ill be a senior next year. Im 17 - Ill be 18 the end of August." I answered.

"And youll be 20 in December, wont you Josh." He said, looking at his son.

"Yes, Dad." he answered.

"Well, Ive got to make some phone calls, why dont you boys have a swim while I do." Joshs Dad said, getting up from the table.

Before his Dad had even made it into the house, Josh jumped up from the table as well.

"Ill go get us some towels. Just wait here for me; I wont be but a minute." Josh said, heading quickly towards the house.

I knew something was up. Something gave me the feeling that Josh wasnt going looking for towels. Something told me that he was on his way to have a word with his Dad about something. I tried not to think about it. I got up and started walking around the veranda. I reached a side of the house and turned a corner. I really didnt mean to overhear, but evidently I was right outside the window of where Josh and his Dad were talking. I could hear their voices as clear as day.

"Dad! We need to talk." I heard Josh say to his father.

"About what?" His Dad answered.

"You know damn well what! What was with the third degree you were putting Matt through out there?" Josh asked. I could hear in his voice he was upset.

"What third degree?! I was just trying to find out about your new friend." his Dad said.

"Youve never asked that many questions of any of my friends in my entire life! Why now?!" Josh said.

There was a pause. And then I barely heard Robs low reply to his son.

"Because youve never brought home someone you were so obviously in love with before." He said.

There was dead silence for a while. I could just imagine Josh growing very red in the face and trying to come up with some explanation for it.

"Come on, Josh. Dont tell me it isnt true! Youre my son! I know you! I could read it on your face the moment I saw you! Youre in love with that boy. And if Im any judge at all, hes very much in love with you, too!" Rob said.

At first I was completely panicked over Robs statements. But he didnt seem to be in any way upset. It was Josh who seemed upset. His Dad seemed to be trying to get him calmed down.

"Yes, Dad. Its true. I do love Matt. And he loves me!" he said, an edge of defiance in his voice which I couldnt understand. Rob didnt seem at all angry that we loved each other.

"I think thats wonderful, son! I couldnt be happier for you! But I do have one question - does Matts Dad know?" he asked.

"Yes, Dad. He knows. We were just there this morning. He not only knows, Matt and I think that he set it up for us to meet!" Josh told him.

"Well! He must accept it very well then?" Rob asked.

"Yes, Dad, he does. He has no problem with it at all." Josh said.

"Well, thats a very good thing, considering Matt is below the age of consent. And youre over 18 which means technically you could be charged with statutory rape or lewd behavior with a minor." Rob pointed out.

"Thats not true, Dad. I researched this. The age of consent for sexual conduct in this state is 16 - not 18. Matt is perfectly legal as far as thats concerned." Josh informed his Dad. He informed me, too! I didnt know that!

"Really? Well...then that puts an entirely different light on things. But hes still in high school, Josh!" his Dad said.

"I know that Dad! Were working around it. His Dad is very supportive of us. I was hoping you would be, too!" I could hear disappointment in Joshs voice.

"I am supportive, Josh! Im very happy that youve found somebody to love. I think Matt is a wonderful boy! And its obvious that he loves you as much as you love him. Im just concerned because you both are so young.

"And just how old were you when you had me?" Josh shot back.

There was silence again. I was very concerned. It almost seemed like Josh was trying to antagonize his father. I couldnt understand why.

"Look, Josh. I dont want to fight with you over this. Theres nothing to fight about. Youre obviously in love with this boy and hes in love with you. Im not against that. I told you when you first told me that you were Gay that my only concern was that you wouldnt find someone to love and end up alone. That obviously is not going to happen now. Son, all Ive ever wanted is for you to be happy. If Matt makes you happy then Im happy as well!" Rob told his son.

There was silence again. Then I heard what sounded like sobbing. And it sounded like Josh. After a while I heard his voice again.

"I do love him, Dad--more than anything in the world. I know you cant understand that. I know you cant understand how it could happen so fast. But take my word for it. I believe that Matt and I were meant for each other." I could hear the sound of tears still in his voice.

"Josh...son...please! Im telling you that Im not opposed to the two of you making a life together! Trust me; I would give anything to make sure that happens for the both of you. As far as my not believing in love happening this fast, you would be surprised what I believe. Youre not the only one whos ever been in love, you know." his Dad said.

"Im sorry, Dad." Joshs voice seemed to be more relaxed and conciliatory now. "I guess Im always trying too hard with you, arent I?"

"Why do you think that youre going to be a disappointment me? I have always been proud of you! You have never, ever disappointed me." Rob swore to his son.

"Even when I told you I was Gay?" Josh asked

"Even then. I told you my only problem with it was I didnt want to see you alone. Youre not alone now. But I was never disappointed with you. If thats the way you are - thats the way you are. Period. Nothing wrong with it. Why would I be disappointed?" he asked.

"Because I wont have any grandchildren for you." Josh said quietly.

"Oh, Josh! You cant really believe that is an issue with me! Trust me, I was never looking forward to being called Grandpa!" he laughed.

There was silence again.

"Now, lets go out and join your young mate. I do have to admit, his is a very beautiful boy. And seems very intelligent. I think this combination of you wanting to be a contractor and him wanting to be an architect, could lead to a very productive partnership - as well as a romantic one." Rob said.

"Thats my Dad--always looking for a new development!" Josh laughed.

"And just who do you think you could get to sell these buildings you and Matt are going to build?" Rob laughed.

"No one but you, Dad! We even have a built in foreman for the construction crew as well." Josh said.

"Oh, yes! Matts father. I really must meet him. Since were going to be in-laws, I think we should get to know one another." Rob said.

"Hes a really great guy, Dad!" Josh assured his Dad.

"I can already tell that from his son." Rob said.

This is going to be interesting, I thought to myself. I wonder what Dad is going to think of the very handsome father my lover has? And I wonder what Joshs Dad will think of my Dad?

I rushed back to the veranda in just before Josh and his Dad came out of the house with their arms around each other, laughing.

"Hey, I thought you guys got lost!" I shouted to them.

"Sorry, Matt. I had some things to talk to Dad about." he said, leaning over and kissing me.

I blushed. But I kissed him back. I looked up and Rob was standing there grinning. But I thought I could see something in his eyes. Something like desire or jealousy. I wondered where that was coming from? He did say he thought I was beautiful.

"Well, youve got towels," I said, looking at them hanging over Joshs arm. "I better go get my suit on."

"Suit? What suit?" Josh said. "Matt, we dont need to wear suits here. Our nearest neighbor is over five miles away."

"You mean we get to swim naked?" I asked.

"Yes, unless youre too modest to do so." Rob said.

Josh and I started giggling together! Me? Modest??? I love to drink guys piss and get fucked with a bunch of construction workers! Modest!

"No, Dad. Matts okay with this, arent you, Matt?" he asked.

"Sure. I love to swim naked!" I said standing up and beginning to strip.

I noticed that Robs eyes never left my body while I did so. I was beginning to have some inkling about why Joshs Dad never re-married. No male whos completely straight has ever looked at my body that way. I wondered if Josh had any idea. I was sure he didnt. And I wondered how he would react to Dad. And better still, how would Dad react to Rob? It was all very interesting!

As I watched Rob strip, I saw not only where Josh got his body, but where he got that weapon between his legs as well! Robs hooded cock was even bigger than his sons! It had to be the biggest cock Id ever seen soft. It hung at least 9 inches soft over his balls. And his balls! Like a bulls balls! Huge! Rob was a lot hairier than his son but then, Josh was only 19. I was sure that I would be gently stroking and playing in a nicely furred body for the rest of our lives together. And that thought alone could make me start getting hard - not to mention the massive amount of father and son meat hanging within my vision. I figured that Id better get in the water before I embarrassed myself with an erection.

We swam and sunned for the rest of the afternoon. Rob spent some time with us but then went into the house to work.

"There are still calls I have to make, and I think that my son wants some time alone with you, Matt. There is something that I want to say to you first, however." Rob said.

"Ill go on in the house." Josh said, making to jump out of the pool.

Rob put his hand on Joshs shoulder to keep him in the water.

"You dont have to leave, Josh. Im not going to say anything you cant hear." he said to his son. Then addressing me, "Matt, I want to welcome you to the family - such that it is. I am very happy that Josh has found someone to love who so evidently is deserving of that love. It is my hope that you and he will be happy for many, many years. And I would truly be pleased if you would think of me as another father." Rob said.

Josh and I looked at each other and smiled. I turned to Rob.

"Thank you. I love your son very, very much. I want to spend the rest of my life with him making him as happy as I am able to do. And it would make me very happy to think of you as another father...Dad." I said grinning at Rob.

At that, I reached up and hugged him. Robs arms went around me and I could feel the strength in him. It was a tender hug but I could feel my cock starting to grow and I thought I could feel Robs cock starting to grow as well as it pressed itself against mine.

Rob jumped out of the water, wrapped a towel around himself and walked into the house.

Josh and I splashed around for a while longer but he trapped me against the wall of the pool and began kissing me. Before too many minutes, we were both hard as rocks. We got out of the water and walked over to a double chaise lounge and lay down. Josh took me back into his arms. We started kissing again and I could feel his cock pressing against my abdomen and leaving trails of his leaky cock-snot all over me. Josh was horny and he wanted me now. I understood, I felt the same.

Josh moved off the lounge and then lay back down with his head toward my feet. We grabbed for each others cock at the same time and buried them in our mouths. It was a very hot, very intense 69. Neither of us were interested in prolonging anything. We gobbled each other down to the root and rushed toward our climax. We came in each others mouth almost simultaneously and swallowed each others massive loads.

Afterward, we continued to nurse on each others softening cocks. After a few minutes, I suddenly tasted and felt the spurt of Joshs hot piss in my mouth. I relaxed and began drinking from his cock and at the same time, let go of mine in his mouth. There we lay, for several minutes, rapidly drinking down each others hot man juice. It was an incredible feeling. One that I had only done with Josh once before but one I looked forward to doing many, many times in the future.

After a while, the sun began to set and it began to grow cool. Josh and I decided that it was time to go. We had to get up for work in the morning. We got dressed and went inside to find his Dad. We both hugged and kissed him good-bye. We climbed into the Trans-Am and Josh turned to me.

"Well, time to go home, Matt." he said.

Without thinking, I replied, "But Dad said that we could spend the night at your place."

"Thats OUR place, Matt, remember? And thats what I meant when I said home" Josh said, taking my hand, raising it to his lips and gently kissing my fingers. I just melted when he did that.

"Yes, OUR place--home! It will take me a little while to get used to it. Forgive me?" I said.

"Nothing to forgive, lover. I understand. I just like the fact that Im going to have you in my arms when I go to sleep and youll still be there when I wake up." he said, kissing my fingers again.

I blushed. "And Ill be there as long as you want me." I said.

"Then thats forever, Matt." he said and drove us to our home.

When we got there, the phone was ringing. It was Joshs Dad, asking if we could come to dinner next Saturday night and bring my Dad. Josh asked me and I said that I thought it would be all right and that I would talk to Dad at work tomorrow just to make sure. Josh told his Dad wed be there, but that if there were any changes, hed call him during the week.

"Wonder what thats all about?" I asked.

"I think that Dad just wants to get to know Mike since they are in-laws - of a type." Josh said.

"Gee! This is sounding more and more like were married all the time!" I replied.

"Does that bother you?" Josh said, his voice showing concern.

"Nah! It doesnt bother me at all - as long as it means I get you!" I said reaching out my hand and stroking it down his chest and abdomen.

"I just dont want you to feel pressured. I know that this is a lot all at once. If you want to slow things down, Ill understand." Josh said.

I stood up and put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. I made it a very long kiss.

"Thats the only thing that I want to slow down - how long I kiss you." I said grinning at him.

"I could go for that!" he said, giving me another very deep, passionate kiss.

We walked over to the bed, hand in hand and slowly began to undress each other. I loved watching his body being revealed as I removed his clothing. And I especially loved running my hands over his bare skin, feeling the softness of it and the hard steel of the muscles beneath it. Josh seemed to take the same delight in me. But this night, after all the activity of the weekend, we were both so tired, we simply fell into bed and into each others arms. With one more deep kiss, we cuddled into each others arms and quickly went to sleep.

Early the next morning, before the alarm rang, I was gently awakened by Josh kissing an nibbling my neck. We were laying spoon fashion with him behind me. I could feel the hardness of his cock as it pressed into my ass crack. My own cock was hard as well and I needed to piss badly. Josh kept licking all over the back of me, my shoulders, neck and ears.

"Mmm. That feels so good, Josh. But Ive got to piss really bad!" I moaned.

"Hmm! I was hoping youd say that! I have just the place for you to piss. Nice and warm and waiting for your piss load." he murmured in my ear.

"I know, your mouth!" I giggled.

"Nope! Not my mouth." he said, teasingly.

"In your ass?!?!" I almost shouted.

"Thats right. I want you to fuck me this morning and piss up my butt!" Josh said.

"Fuck, yeah!" I said and quickly turned over and pushed Josh onto his back.

I got on top of him and started kissing his body. I licked and nibbled at his chin, then licked and sucked at his neck. Moving down, I teased both his nipples with my tongue and teeth then slid my nose into his hairy, ripe pits to chow down for a little while. Leaving his pits sopping wet with my saliva, I dragged my tongue down his torso until I reached his raunchy pubic bush. The smells of sweat, piss, cum and ass were embedded there and I stopped to have a nose feast of all the wonderful, ripe smells.

I began licking up the shaft of his cock and Josh started moaning. I pulled down the foreskin and my nose was assaulted by the wonderful, fragrant build-up of head cheese under the flange of the head of his cock. I quickly licked up all the raunchy matter I could find. I then took his cock in my mouth and began to suck and lick it. Josh started moaning and thrusting up into my mouth. I pulled away before he could have a chance to cum and moved down to his balls.

Now, I need to tell you, Joshs nuts were works of art! Beautiful egg-shaped ovoids in a wrinkly bag covered with soft, dark hair. I was so glad that Josh didnt shave his balls because I really felt like the hair added to the odor of his ball-raunch. I sniffed his ripe gonads and began slowly licking the bag holding them. The back was tight against his body and allowed me to lick all the way down to just the edge of the opening of his ass crack.

Josh quickly lifted his legs, pushing them back until his knees rested on his shoulders. This boy wanted his butt eaten and he wanted his butt eaten NOW!!! I gladly complied. The funk of his ass hit my nose like a strong hit of poppers. I mashed my face into his butt crack and began licking up and down the trench. The tangy taste of him was so good I kept licking up and down until I figured Id get hair burns on my tongue. Finally, I couldnt resist. I locked my lips around his opening and began licking and teasing the lips of his ass hole. As I did so, the hole slowly opened to me and I shoved my tongue as deeply inside his body as it would go and began swabbing out his tasty butt. Ass licking is such and nasty, deeply satisfying thing to do! The smells and tastes can become to enticing that you almost want to just shoot your load while your face is buried in a hot ass! But I knew where Josh wanted my loads of cum and piss!

When his hole was dripping my spit out of it, I intended to go to the bedside table for the lube. Instead, when I raised my face, I was staring right into the bottle which Josh was holding out to me between his legs. Oh! This boy was ready to be FUCKED!!! And I wasnt about to disappoint him! As much as I loved having that monster cock of Joshs up my ass, I equally loved burying my bone in his butt!

I lubed his ass up good, to where three of my fingers were easily going in and out of his hole. Then I slapped some lube on my own hard cock and placed the head at the opening of his body. I leaned forward, placing my hands on either side of his chest. I looked down into his impossibly green eyes which were glazed over in lust feeling my cock just nudging the entrance to his ass.

"You ready, lover? You ready for this cock to pound the shit out of your hole?" I asked, my voice husky with lust.

"Yes, Matt!!! Please, fuck me!!! Shove that cock up my ass HARD!!!" he begged grabbing my tits and pulling hard on them and twisting them at the same time.

That did it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! I snapped my hips forward and buried my cock balls deep in his ass in one, swift lunge. He moaned at the intrusion and I felt the muscles of his ass tighten down on my cock like a vice. I rested a moment to allow him to get used to my rammer up his guts. I looked down into his eyes again and realized that he was seeing nothing! He was lost in the feeling of my hard cock up his spasming hole. I slowly started to withdraw my cock from his ass until just the head was inside the tight muscle ring at his opening. He moaned like a cheap whore at the withdrawal. I rested at his opening for maybe 3 seconds and then slammed my cock deep into his butt again.

I kept this up for a while, slow withdrawal followed by lightening swift and hard re-entry. He was moaning and screaming and moving his ass all over the bed! I finally hooked his legs over my arms; bent forward and started to rabbit fuck his butt until I could feel my load building in my balls and knew it wouldnt be long before all my hot load was going to be discharged in his waiting shit chute. I could also tell by the throbbing of his ass, the trembling of his cock and the hardness of his prostate when the head of my cock nudged it, that Josh was going to be joining me in this two gun salute of sperm!

One last thrust deep into his ass was all it took! I started shooting my load and looked down in time to see Josh firing all his white cum all over his chest and belly. I loved to watch that huge cannon of his fire off a load! And what a load it was! He was covered with the stuff! My own load must have been heavy as well for I could feel it seeping out of Joshs ass around my cock and falling on his balls.

But I wasnt done yet! I still had a load of piss waiting to go up his butt as well. And it didnt take long at all for my piss load to get into firing range! My cock hadnt even really softened when I heard myself groan as the pressure in my bladder released and I began to fill up his butt with my piss. It is so hot to piss up an asshole! You get to feel not only the relief of pissing but the warmth of your piss as it surrounds your cock. No wonder Dad loves fucking a butt full of piss! The heat and the fluidity of it is a real turn on!

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Piss up my butt!" Josh moaned. Then, suddenly, he looked up at me, "Im gonna piss, too!" he cried.

Quickly bending over, I just got the head of Joshs huge cock in my mouth just as he began to piss his load out. There I was, pissing up his ass and drinking the piss from his cock at the same time! It was a masterful pissing performance, if I do say so myself!!! And I loved every minute of it.

"Oh, yeah, babe! Drink my piss! Suck all my piss out of my cock!!! Swallow that fuckin piss down your throat!" Josh babbled almost incoherently.

I did just as ordered. I swallowed every drop of his piss and then sucked on his cock for the dregs. I then rose up and slowly pulled my cock from his butt. A little piss came with my withdrawal but most of it stayed up his butt. Josh clamped his hole closed with his muscles and we quickly went from the bed to the big shower room. We didnt even have to say anything to each other. I just lay down on the cold tiles and Josh squatted right over my face. I licked his just fucked ass and he opened his hole and pushed out all of my piss and cum right into my sucking mouth! I rapidly swallowed all of the fluids coming from his hole: my piss, my cum and his ass juices. I was in heaven!!!

Josh helped me up from the floor and then we went into the kitchen for coffee before we got dressed and left for work.

When we got to the job site, Dad was already there.

"Well, did you two have a good night?" he asked.

"Dad, you should see Joshs Dads house!!! Its humongous!" I exclaimed.

"We had a nice cookout with my Dad, swam for a while and then went home and crashed we were so tired!" Josh stated.

"Well, if you both crashed, how come I getting such heavy whiffs of ass and piss from you both this morning?" Dad laughed.

Both Josh and I blushed--at the same time for once!

"Thats from this morning--not last night!" I finally said, giving Dad a grin.

"Well, I hope you guys didnt wear yourselves out fucking! We got a lot of work today." Dad said.

"You just tell us what to do, old man, and then get your slow ass out of the way!" I goaded him.

Dad playfully took a swat at me but I ducked out of his way.

"I dont know how you can put up with him! You must tie him up or something!" Dad said to Josh laughing.

"Nah! I just handcuff him to the bed." Josh said, laughing as well.

"We gonna stand here all day running our holes or are we going to get some work done?" I asked.

They both laughed at me.


The rest of the week became a simple routine: work, and then maybe a few beers with Dad and then home--to one home or the other. The every other day thing didnt pan out. Dad was right, it seemed too regimented. We just played it by ear, and everybody concerned seemed happy about it. It was interesting sleeping with Josh in my old bed at Dads house. It was of course, much smaller and that should have made things less comfortable, but since Josh and I slept wrapped in each others arms, it didnt seem to make any difference at all. Both Josh and I had exactly the same feelings about the situation - as long as we went to sleep with each other and woke up with each other, we didnt give a flying fuck about which house it was.

Not that I didnt love spending time at our place. We could be completely alone and talk. We were rapidly getting to know each other very well. Not just physically but who we were, what we thought about things, where we saw our lives going. It was what I later learned in college was intimacy--true intimacy. We were sharing our deepest selves with each other and I was more and more amazed by the depths of this wonderful boy that I had fallen in love with. I think I fell in love with Josh all over again almost every day.

Josh and I knew Friday night was coming and that usually there was some kind of orgy between Dad and some of the guys. We talked about it and decided that it would be cool to join in. I let Dad know and he talked to Joe and Randy. They had figured something was up with Josh and me, but they had no idea how far our relationship had gone. When they heard about it, they were really happy for us and let Dad know that we were welcome to join the party anytime we wanted.

So, Friday afternoon, after the other guys on the crew left, we were all sitting around one of the empty houses having a few beers. I guess we were waiting for somebody to get things started when Josh stood up and said that hed had too much beer and needed to take a piss really bad. I simply moved over and knelt down in front of him. He undid the button on his cutoffs and let them drop around his ankles. Then I plastered my face against his sweaty, raunchy jock and began licking at his cock. Without even taking the jock off, Josh let go and started pissing. I sucked the golden stream through the worn mesh of the unwashed jock and drank down all his piss while Dad, Joe and Randy watched, their hands in their laps, rubbing their crotches.

As Joshs piss came to an end, Dad got up, took off his cutoffs, jock and t-shirt and walked over to me, naked but for his construction boots and socks. He put his thick, smelly cock in my face and I quickly sucked it into my mouth. Dad let go with a strong stream of piss and I looked up at him and smiled around his cock while I drank every drop of it down.

Joe and Randy, not to be left out, quickly stripped to their work boots and socks and walked over to where I was playing boy-urinal. But Josh had other ideas. He decided, I guess that I had taken enough piss for myself and he wanted a turn. He stripped as well and got down on his knees next to me and took Joes thick cock into his mouth and started drinking Joes hot piss.

Dads piss flow came to an end and I decided to let Josh have Randys load and instead started sucking on Dads cock and licking under his hood for the smegma I knew I could smell there. I wasnt disappointed! A nice helping of head cheese awaited me under the head of Dads cock and I pigged out on that manly smelling delicacy. I then opened my throat and began taking Dads hard rod all the way down to his smelly pubes. God! I loved the raunchy smell of my Dads cock hair! Sweat, piss, cum and some indefinable essence which was Dad filled my nose as his cock filled my mouth and throat.

Meanwhile, Josh was gulping down Randys piss and Joe was standing there, stroking his hard cock and watching his buddy piss down my lovers throat. When Randy had pissed out all he had into Josh, I saw Josh put his hands on Randys hips and turn him around. I knew what was coming then! Josh pushed Randy over and buried his face in Randys hard-muscled butt. He started eating at Randys hole like he was a starving man and Randys ass was a ten course dinner! I could hear Josh slobbering over the smelly hole and could also hear Randys moans of pleasure at having his shit chute eaten.

Feeling that Joe was being left out, I reached over and grabbed his hard cock in my hand and drew him towards Dad and me. I then began alternating between Dads cock and Joes, sucking each of them deep into my throat and getting them well coated with saliva. Then I turned around, dropped my shorts and offered my butt - nicely framed by my jock--to whichever of them wanted it.

Joe got down and started licking out my sweaty, ripe shit hole while Dad moved over and squatted down behind Josh and began to finger Joshs hole. Josh immediately knew what Dad wanted and so he pulled Randy down to his knees so that he could assume the position to be doggy fucked by Dad while continuing to suck on Randys bone. As Joe shoved his thick cock in my willing fuck hole, I could see Dad down licking out my lovers ass crack. Dad was really getting into sucking on Joshs hot butt hole and Josh was moaning around Randys cock.

Dad finally moved up and shoved his hard cock up Joshs willing hole. It was so hot to be able to watch my Dad fuck my lovers butt. Dad, however, had other ideas. He not only wanted to fuck Joshs hole, he wanted to fuck mine as well--at least the one in my face. Since Josh and I were right next to each other, Dad took to pumping Joshs ass for a while and then pulling out and shoving his cock in my mouth for me to suck on. The taste of Dads cock and my lovers raunchy ass on Dads cock was an amazing and stimulating combination! After a short while, Dad would pull out of my mouth and then shove his cock back into Joshs ass. He kept going back and forth between us. It was helping him last longer and fuck harder. I was wondering how he was going to divide up the cum, but he had his own ideas on that.

When Dad finally dumped his load, it was in Joshs ass, just as Joe was dumping his in my ass. Randy was rabbit fucking Joshs face and he, too, let out a groan and dumped his load down Joshs throat. Dad, in the mean time, pulled out of Joshs ass again and delivered his cock, dripping with his cum and Joshs ass juices to my waiting mouth. Once inside my mouth, Dad let go with another healthy load of his piss juice which I drank gratefully.

At this point, the only two people who hadnt cum were me and Josh. Since we were already next to each other and face to ass, so to speak, Josh and I grabbed each other into a 69, but not a regular 69. I sat on Joshs face and let him suck Joes cum out of my butt while I pulled his legs back, bent way over and began sucking Dads load out of his just fucked hole. The other three stood and watched us, sending encouragingly raunchy messages to us as we put on quite a show of butt munching.

Finally, Josh and I pulled back and swallowed each others cock. Dad got behind me and shoved his already hard cock into my dripping hole while Joe knelt in front of me and, pushing Joshs legs back for me to hold, shoved his cock up Joshs butt. So there Josh and I were, each of us sucking each others cocks while not only getting our own ass fucked but getting to watch each other get fucked! With all of the physical and visual stimulation - not to mention the raunchy man stink which surrounded us, we both quickly shot our loads into each others mouth. But Dad and Joe were not ready to cum yet so they continued fucking our butts while we continued to suck on each others softening cocks.

Just about the time that Joe and Dad had built up a good head of steam and were heading for their own climaxes, Josh and I began pissing all the recycled piss we held in our bladders from them. We swallowed down each others raunchy piss while Joe and Dad dumped cum loads up our shit chutes. We continued to piss in each others mouth and when our piss loads ran out, we sucked clean the cocks of the men who had been up our asses and then leaned down and sucked their loads out of each others ass again.

Dad and Joe had gotten off twice but Randy, Josh and I had only gotten off once. We decided that a three-way fuck was the best idea so I got behind Josh and Randy got behind me and I got fucked by Randy while fucking Josh. Surprisingly, it took only a few minutes of butt pounding for all three of us to blow our loads - Randy up my ass, mine up Joshs ass and Josh all over the floor.

After a days work and then all this energetic fucking, sucking and piss drinking, we decided to call it a night since we all had to be in to work in the morning for a half day. Dad told me to go home with Josh as he wanted to just fall into bed and get some rest. He seemed to intimate that with the two of us there, hed never get any sleep. I laughed and said that the reason he couldnt get any sleep is that he couldnt keep his mouth, cock or hands off the two of us!

So Josh and I drove back to our place. We went upstairs and Josh grabbed some hamburgers he had in the freezer and we took them up to the roof to grill them out. We sat up there, drinking beer and talking and watching the sun go down on the city.

"Josh, Im starting to get scared." I said.

"About what?" he asked, his voice showing concern as he reached out and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Everything seems so good! Life is so wonderful! Im afraid that something awful is going to happen to change everything!" I said.

"Sounds like some kind of residual religious guilt, if you ask me, lover." he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We grow up getting taught the most fuck-up things, like people dont deserve happiness that life is hard and unhappy and when you are happy, you have to pay for that in misery! What a load of shit!!! Havent you and I been unhappy enough in our lives already? Didnt you go through hell coming to terms with being Gay like I did? Didnt you especially have problems dealing with the idea of wanting your Dad? And how about the lonely years we went through wanting to find someone to love until we found each other? Wasnt that enough crap to pay for the happiness were having now?" he said, pulling me over into his lounge chair and holding me with me resting my back against his chest and his arms around me.

"I know Dads life was really miserable. I blamed myself for a lot of that for a long time. But I now understand that it was a choice he made. He wanted a son and he was willing to do anything, sacrifice anything to have one. But it did make his life very hard for a long time. He lost the man he loved and almost lost me. If anybody deserves a little happiness, its him." I said.

"I dont think that anybody gets to make that decision. Everybody deserves happiness in their lives. A lot depends on luck and the choices you make. Fuck! I could have gone to work on hundreds of job sites. But, no! I picked the one where your Dad was and ended up meeting you! Now, maybe it was fate, maybe it was meant to be, or maybe it was just luck. But whatever it was, I refuse to think that I have to somehow pay for the happiness of falling in love with you and the greater happiness of having you love me." he said, squeezing me tight to his body and nuzzling his nose and face in my neck.

"I guess youre right. I want to ask you something, but I dont want you to freak out, ok?" I asked.

"Okay, but after the last time you didnt want to freak me out, this must be a real hummer!" he laughed.

"Is your Dad gay?" I asked.

"Why do you ask?" Josh asked me in turn.

"Because of something I noticed when we were over there." I said.

"Like what?" he asked, sounding very interested at this point.

"Well...a couple of things, actually. For one, the way he looks at you. Now, I know he loves you and hes proud of you, but theres also this other look in his eyes, like he is turned on to you as well. Like he really wants your body. I know that hungry look, Ive seen it often enough. Its never when youre looking - its when you look away or youre too far away to see it." I explained.

"So howd you get to see it then?" he asked.

"Because, I guess, hes not used to having someone else around and forgot that I was sitting where I could watch him watching you." I said.

"I see...what else?" he asked.

"The way he looked at me. Im not being egotistical, but I know when a dude is hot for my body--or at least interested in me. And the way your Dad looked me up and down - not once but several times--and the way he touched me in the pool, there was a lot more there than just fatherly affection, if you know what I mean. Now, dont get me wrong! Im all for it! Your Dad is a really hot guy and Id suck his cock or let him fuck me in a heartbeat! After all, it would be almost like getting fucked by you! You have no idea how much you and your Dad look like each other! If I didnt know better, Id think he was your older brother! He looks so much like you, how could I not be turned on to him?" I asked.

"No, I agree with you. I caught some of those looks he was giving you and I began to wonder myself. I mean he never even tried dating after my Mom left us. Ive never seen him hang out with guys, but then, he wouldnt want me to see that, now would he--at least not if he was keeping his sexuality from me. But why hide it after I already came out to him?" he said.

"Because hes afraid to freak you out. I think one of the main reasons he was upset when you came out is he wants you! Hes kept his hands off you all these years because youre his son and he doesnt want to freak you out. Also he figured you were straight. But now that he knows youre gay, it probably makes it harder for him to keep his hands off you. He doesnt know youd fuck him in a heartbeat! Hes afraid to find out. So hes keeping his desires as far away from your notice as he possibly can - just the same way he always did when he thought you were heterosexual." I reasoned.

"That makes a lot of sense. So how do we break through his walls? How to I reach him?" Josh asked.

"Well, a frontal assault might work. Just fucking say to him Dad, I want to suck your cock and have you fuck my ass! That should get some reaction." I said blithely.

Josh almost fell over laughing.

"Oh yeah! Like Im EVER going to do that!" he laughed.

"No, I figure not. On the other hand, perhaps you are not the one to break through his defenses. We may already have the exact right person to do that already targeted for him." I said, keeping up the military references.

"Who?" Josh asked.

"My horny fucking father! Thats who!" I answered.

"Your Dad?" Josh looked askance.

"And what the fucks wrong with my Dad!" I pretended to pout.

"Nothing!!! Hes a very hot man! But hows that going to help?" Josh was bewildered.

"Dads hot. Your Dads hot. Perhaps two hot guys will go after each other. And how long do you think it will be before my Dad tells your Dad that not only are we fucking each other but him as well. Do you think he might get the idea that a little father/son sex with his own son might not be such a bad idea - especially when youre already into it with my Dad and me?" I asked.

"But how is my Dad going to know that Id love to have him fuck me?" Josh said.

"My Dad could tell him." I answered.

"But your Dad doesnt know that!" Josh exclaimed.

"Not right now he doesnt, but he will tomorrow if I tell him!" I answered.

"Oh, fuck! Do you really think we should?" Josh asked.

"How did we get together?" I asked.

"What a weird question - youre Dad arranged it. You have to remember - you were so hot about it at the time." Josh answered. (Sometimes this boy just needed to buy a vowel!)

"And who did we just get done saying deserves a little happiness in their lives?" I asked.

"My Dad....and your Dad....ohhh!" the light bulb went on! (Ill have relationships for $1000, Alex.) "You think your Dad and my Dad might fall for each other?!" he asked.

"It could happen. Remember about the fruit not falling far from the tree? Well, we are talking about the two trees here! I fell for you, didnt I?" I asked.

"And I sure fucking fell for you, babe!" he said, squeezing me in his muscular arms and wrapping me in his wonderful, warm masculine scent.

"Like I said, it could happen!" I reiterated.

The next day, I talked to Dad at work with the excuse of giving him directions to Joshs Dads house. We got to talking and that led to a conversation about sex. Well, it usually does these days between Dad and I! And I was able to casually drop the fact that Josh wished he could get it on with his Dad the way I did with my Dad. Im sure Dad got the message. He just doesnt know where or when hell need to drop that little bomb. Hes almost like the Manchurian Candidate. One right word from Joshs Dad and my Dad is going to let him in on a piece of information that is going to blow his mind!

I let Josh know what I had done. He was ok with it - in fact, more than ok. I hoped so much that this would work because it would make everybody VERY happy.

After work, Josh and I drove back to our place to get ready. Dad was going out on his own and wed arranged it to be there before him. We got to Joshs Dads house about a half an hour before my Dad was supposed to arrive. Joshs Dad again made those hungry eyes at his son but Josh was looking for that and I think he caught his Dad at it at least once. I, on the other hand, was more convinced than ever that Joshs Dad was definitely checking me out! Boy, this could turn into one fucking family if everything worked out the way I hoped it would.

Dad finally arrived and Josh introduced him to his Dad.

"Mike, this is my Dad, Rob." Josh said.

"Im glad to meet finally meet Matts Dad. Ive already heard how wonderful you are!" Joshs Dad said, grinning. The two men reached out their hands. Their grasp was strong and they held it as they talked.

"And Im glad to finally meet Joshs Dad. I didnt need to hear how great a father you are, Ive seen the result!" my Dad said, returning Robs grin.

They stood there, grinning and looking into each others eyes. Something seemed familiar about this scene. It was almost like when Josh and I met. Each of them were sizing each other up and it was apparent that they liked what they saw. I could especially tell with my Dad. His easy grin slipped into that cute horny smirk of his. He definitely like what he saw!

Finally, Rob broke the contact.

"Well, what will you have to drink, Mike?" Rob asked.

"A beer would be fine." my Dad answered.

"Coming right up!" Rob said and went behind a wet bar and brought out beers for all of us.

"Dad, Matts never seen the whole house; I want to show him around." Josh said.

"Okay, Josh. Mike and I will stay here and get to know one another." his Dad said to him.

I got the feeling that this was a ruse to get our Dads alone on Joshs part. However, his Dad seemed as eager to get rid of us as we wanted to be gone.

"Come on, Matt. Theres something I want to show you." Josh said, taking my hand and leading me out of the room.

Josh took me to the winding staircase and I thought we were going to go upstairs, but instead, he went beside the staircase to a small door set in the base. He opened it and pulled me inside. It was a small room filled with a console with about eight or ten small video screens. It was a very sophisticated control center for a very sophisticated security system. On one of the screens I could see our Dads talking in the living room and when Josh pushed a button, we could hear them.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed.

"Shh!" said Josh and we both listened to our Dads talking to one another.

"Well, I wasnt exactly happy when Josh told me he was Gay. I was worried that hed end up living his life alone. Josh is a very loving and emotional boy and I was afraid that the Gay world would eat him alive. I didnt want to see him hurt. You can understand that, cant you, Mike?" Rob said.

"Oh, I can understand it. But I just wonder one thing. How do you know so much about it?" Mike asked Rob.

That caught Rob unawares! His face turned red as a beet--just like Josh did when he was embarrassed. Rob stood there, speechless. My Dad set his beer down, got up off the couch where he was sitting and walked over to the bar where Rob was standing. Dad was just a hair taller than Rob was but Rob seemed to shrink as Dad approached him. I could see a look in his eyes like a scared rabbit. Dad walked right up to him and then reached out one hand an put it behind Robs head. He pulled Robs face close to his and put his mouth on Robs hard. Rob seemed to resist weakly at first, but quickly capitulated. I could see him open his mouth to my Dads and the two men stood there kissing passionately.

Rob just stood there, his hands to his side until Dad went to break the kiss. Then Rob reached up and grabbed Dads hips and pulled him closer. He put his mouth on Dads and the need and wanting in him was very apparent.

As Josh and I watched them kiss, Joshs arms slipped around my body and he drew me to him. I rubbed my head against his chest. It was so wonderful to see this happening between the two men we loved most in the world other than each other. The conversation from the monitor began again.

"So why havent you told Josh?" I heard my Dad ask Rob.

"Theres a lot of reasons." Rob answered, dropping his head.

"I think theres only one reason. I think its because youre attracted to Josh and youre afraid of that attraction." my Dad said calmly.

Rob looked like hed been struck. His mouth opened but no words came out. Finally he just hung his head.

"Hey, guy!" my Dad said, putting his arms around Rob. "Its okay! I was attracted to Matt. Luckily the feeling was mutual. We get it on all the time. Fuck, Ive had lots of sex with both Matt and Josh. And, I happen to know, that Josh would love to make love to you! Hes always wanted to, he was just afraid. As afraid as you are."

"Youre kidding! Hes attracted to me?! But Im his father!" Rob said.

"And what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Youre a man, arent you? And quite a fucking hunk, if I have to tell you that! Why wouldnt he be attracted to you? He loves you already! Why not? Besides, arent you attracted to him?" Dad asked.

"Yes, I am. I guess youre right." Rob said and then there was a long pause. Finally Rob said quietly. "You really think Im a hunk?"

"Fuck, yeah! I thought Id fuckin start babbling when I met you, I was so turned on. If you dont believe me--just look down." Dad said.

Rob did and started grinning. I didnt need to look. I knew that Dads hard cock was pushing out the front of his jeans. I saw Rob reach down and rub his hand over it.

"Is that for me?" Rob asked quietly, looking into Dads eyes.

"Anytime you want it." Dad said.

"I dont just want sex with you." Rob said.

"I dont just want sex with you." I heard Dad reply. "I understand why you were afraid about Josh being alone. I have been a very long time. I fell in love once and I lost him through my own selfishness and stupidity. I havent let my self feel anything for anybody except Matt since then. Watching him and Josh has shown me I cant go on like that. I need someone to love who loves me other than my son. I dont know if youre that guy, but Id sure like the chance to find out."

"Youre one up on me. I never found anyone. Well...someone found me. A guy when I was 16. He and I had a lot of sex with each other. He fell in love with me, but I wouldnt let myself feel anything for him. I thought it was wrong. I thought that two guys could never make a relationship work. So he left me. It was soon after that I got Joshs mother pregnant. My family was very wealthy. Hers were not. My family bought hers off and I got Josh. To me, it was worth every penny and more. I love him as I never thought Id never love anyone. But since hes moved out, I realize how miserable I am. I need someone. I want the chance to love a man. I want the chance to have a relationship and make it work. Hell! My own son has done better in that respect in his life than I have!" Rob said.

"Hey! Dont be so hard on yourself. Our sons grew up in a different time than we did. Being Gay isnt the problem it used to be. But, Ill agree with one thing. We both could learn a lot from the two of them!" Dad laughed.

"Shall we?" Rob asked.

"Shall we what?" my Dad asked.

"Learn something from them?" Rob replied and kissed Dad tenderly on the lips.

"Theres some things you probably need to know about me. I can be kind of kinky." Dad said.

"How kinky?" Rob asked, reaching over and nibbling at Dads earlobe.

"Well, I love the natural smell of a man and Im not too good about taking showers regularly. And Im into having sex with more than one guy at a time--especially down at the work site. And Ive got this thing about piss..." Dads voice kind of trailed off.

"So far, all youve done is to feed into some fantasies that Ive been hiding for a long time. Did I tell you I used to steal Joshs dirty underwear and jocks to sniff and suck on while I jacked off?" Rob admitted.

"Well Ill be fucked!" Dad said in a deep, growling voice.

"Oh, Id like that very much--as long as you return the favor." Rob smiled.

I felt Josh pulling me out of the little room so I followed.

"I think weve seen enough, dont you?" Josh said to me.

"Yeah! Well...not really! I want to see them get it on!" I enthused.

"We will--when we get it on with them, I promise. But for now, I think we should leave them alone. Would you really have wanted your Dad there the first time we made love?" Josh asked.

"No. I guess youre right. They need to be alone." I replied, hanging my head.

"And I think we do, too!" Josh said reaching down and stroking my hardon through my jeans. "Let me take you upstairs and show you the room I grew up in." he said taking my hand.

We went upstairs and Josh took me to his old room. It reminded me a lot of mine - just a lot larger with its own bathroom. He had model planes hanging by fishing wire from the ceiling and posters of sports stars on the walls. There was a double bed with a cover on it with a howling wolf in the center. Josh took me over to the bed after locking the door and sat me down. He got down on his knees in front of me and looked me in the eyes. I looked in his deep green ones and was as lost as ever when I did that.

"I spent so long in this room, on this bed, trying to fight the feelings that I had. Then, after I realized that those feelings werent going to change, I literally prayed that Id either die or find someone like you. I thought it would never happen. I thought Id never be loved by someone that I loved. When I found you, I thought that was the happiest day of my life. And it was, up until that time. But Ive found that each day loving you and being loved by you is better than the last. Matt, youve had time to think about it now. Are you ready to answer a question for me?" he said.

"What question?" I asked softly, knowing somehow what he was going to ask.

"Will you make me completely happy and spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?" he said seriously.

Putting my arms around his neck and putting our foreheads together, I answered Josh quietly. "Josh, how can you even doubt the answer to that. I dont know why you even have to ask the question. There is nobody else that I have ever or will ever love as much as I love you. I cant even think of life without you. But if you need a formal answer then, yes, Ill marry you. But of course we cant get married. The law wont allow it."

"Not now, but someday maybe we will be allowed to." Josh said. "So until we can, this is a close as we can get."

And saying that, he pulled a small black box from his pocket. He opened it and showed me two bright gold rings. Each had a wolf in carved in black onyx, it looked like the one on the bedspread. He took one of the rings, put it on my finger on my left hand and kissed it once it was in place on my finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed and pledge you my life and my love." Josh said.

I took the other ring and went to put it on his finger. I noticed my hand was trembling and I could feel tears filling my eyes from my happiness. I pushed the ring onto his finger and also kissed it.

"With this ring, I thee wed." I repeated, looking into Joshs eyes. "And pledge you my life and my love."

Then we kissed--a deep soulful, passionate kiss. Josh rose from his knees and pushed me back on the bed. He reached down and began to undress me. He pulled my shirt off over my head and then his hands went to my jeans. He unbuttoned the top button and leaned down and kissed the bare skin of my lower abdomen that was exposed. He tugged open the rest of the buttons and then went down and took off my shoes and socks. He pulled my pants down and I lifted my ass from the bed to allow him to pull them off. I lay there in just my jock.

Then he stood up and continuing to look deep into my eyes, began to undress. I watched with longing as I saw his beautiful body revealed as he slowly undressed. My cock became hard as Josh became almost naked, just left in a jockstrap like me. He got onto he bed over me and lay down on top of me. The feeling of our two bodies pressed together and his hard, jock-covered cock resting against mine, made me groan in desire for him.

"I want you, Matt. I want to make love to you. I want to feel myself inside you. I want us to be one." Josh said, leaning down and nibbling my ear.

"Oh, yes!" I murmured to him. "Please! I want that, too. More than anything."

"The only problem is, I dont have any lube with me, babe." he said.

"I dont think were going to need it! Youre leaking so much youre making my jock wet with it. We can use that and, you know what they say - If it aint spit, it aint love!". I laughed at my own joke.

"Spit Ive got plenty of. And Im going to put it where I love to put it most!" Josh grinned down at me.

And putting actions to words, he moved down my body and got between my legs, pushing them back to my chest. I moaned at the first touch of his tongue on the lips of my ass as he gently licked them. I could feel his tongue push inside as he locked his own lips around my hole and sucked gently. I could feel the roughness of his tongue as he swapped out my hole and prepared it for his cock. I pushed down to help me relax and allow his tongue to go deeper and provide more wetness inside me.

Soon my hole was very wet and I was begging him to fuck me. But instead, he got on his knees and, holding my legs back and my butt open with one hand, he began to milk his hard cock to produce his own natural lube for my ass. He was leaking a great deal, as I had felt, and soon my ass was a sopping mess with enough lube to make the entry of his cock a smooth, easy action. I felt him press against the hole and I pushed out to help him breach my outer muscles. His cock slid easily and soon he was fully embedded in my ass without any stopping.

I felt no pain, only the wonderful fullness of again having his cock where I knew it belonged--up my eager, horny butt! But this wasnt about horniness. This was about love. This was about a physical expression of our oneness with each other. A oneness we had just pledged with words and now were sealing with actions. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me, remembering the first time he ever made love to me - on the huge bed in the loft I now considered home. But I was wrong. Home was not a building. It was not a place. Home was anywhere that Josh was. I couldnt believe how much my life , my thoughts, my emotions were wrapped up in this wonderful guy who now rested on me with his hard cock buried inside me.

Josh kissed me passionately as he began the rhythmic motions which were our dance of love. I loved being fucked by Josh. His hard cock felt so good inside me and his movements were so perfectly matched to my needs. Not too rough, not too gentle--just enough to keep my body at fever pitch and moving inexorably towards the spilling of my seed between our rutting bodies.

Soon, his movements were speeding up and becoming stronger. Neither of us were interested in holding back. This was a not going to be a long, leisurely fuck as we were used to at home. This was an intense, unrestricted emotional and physical striving to prove our love and devotion to each other. And it was an entirely successful one. I felt Josh tense and bury his cock as deeply into my body as he could and then I felt it harden and begin to throb with the expulsion of his cum into me. That was all it took for me to begin firing blast after blast against our bodies as I writhed and screamed out in bliss.

"Yes!!! Cum inside me!!! Make me yours!!!" I screamed as my orgasm took away all sense of anything but Josh and the feelings he was creating inside my body.

Josh could not speak. He could only groan as he took pleasure from my body and collapsed on top of me, a fine sheen of sweat coving his body. I stoked his back and licked his salt-tasting shoulder as he licked at my neck, gathering my sweat there.

The scent of his body, natural and unadorned, my body in the same state and the scent of our lovemaking surrounded us there in the room that Josh grew up in as a boy. As I came down from the high of my orgasm, I began to giggle as I looked up and saw the model airplanes hanging from the ceiling above me.

"Whats so funny?" Josh asked, his voice breathless in my ear.

"Did you ever think when you made those planes that they would one day fly over you and another boy as we fucked on your bed?" I asked.

"No, of course not! But I even knew then that I wanted another boy to lay with me in this bed and to touch each other. I just wasnt very sure how. Im glad I learned how." he said.

"I am, too! And youve learned so well!!!" I assured him.

"That isnt learning, Matt. It only happens with you. Your body seems made for mine." he said.

"Yes, I believe that as well." I assured him.

Joshs cock slowly slipped from my well-fucked ass and we curled up in each others arms and went to sleep. But not before, I raised my left hand and looked again at the beautiful ring on it. The visible symbol of my love for and my possession by this wonderful boy/man in whos arms I lay.

We slept for almost two hours and woke up wondering what our Dads were up to and why they had not come looking for us. We should have known.


When we woke up, Josh and I continued to lay in each others arms on his bed in the room he grew up in. There was not greater pleasure, to me, than waking up in Joshs arms. To feel and smell his body close to mine. We talked quietly about nothing in particular.

"God! I wished Id known you when we were young. I bet we would have been friends then." I said.

"Yes, and we both probably would have come out a lot sooner, too!" Josh smiled. "I know I wouldnt have been able to keep my hands off you!"

"And you think I would have not taken every opportunity to touch you?" I smiled back.

"Was it hard for you, coming to grips with being Gay?" Josh asked.

"It was for a while. For a long time, I just ignored that fact that the only people who turned me on were guys. But as time went by and I saw more and more guys my age getting all wrapped up with girls and dating and shit, I started to wonder why there seemed to be something wrong with me. I wasnt attracted to girls at all. For a short while, I kidded myself that I was just a late bloomer. But I realized that wasnt true. I had bloomed--a long time before. I just bloomed a different way. Then I got scared because I realized two things." I told him.

"What?" he asked.

"The first was, that if anybody found out--especially at school--Id be dead meat! I knew I wouldnt be able to stand the jokes and the taunting. Ive seen the abuse heaped on guys who dont fit in. I didnt want that to happen to me. So I withdrew. I tried to make myself as invisible as possible. If no one noticed me, no one would know that I liked guys." I explained.

"Its awfully hard not to notice someone as cute as you are." Josh said and leaned down and kissed my cheek.

I know I blushed. I could feel my face getting red.

"I love it when I can make you blush." Josh murmured in my ear. "So what was the other thing you were afraid of?"

"Well actually it was two other things, combined in one. My Dad. Id run into this kid one day while I was at the mall. He wasnt obviously Gay, but my Gaydar went off - Big Time! We got to talking and we admitted to each other that we were both Gay. He warned me never to let my Dad find out. His parents had caught him in bed with another boy and had literally thrown him out of the house onto the street with nothing but the clothes on his back. They told him they never wanted anything to do with him again. Now he had to sell drugs and his body in order to live. I was afraid my Dad would do the same thing to me. Especially because I had something else I was desperately trying to hide - the fact that I wanted my Dad sexually. I was very turned onto him. He was my ideal male." I told him.

"But your Dad would never do that to you!" Josh said.

"Oh, I know that NOW. I didnt know that then. Dad did get a little angry with me when he found out that I thought that, but he said he could understand why I did. His anger was truly reserved for that kids asshole parents! What pieces of crap they are!".

"How did you end up telling your Dad you were Gay?" Josh asked.

"I think it was about the time that I was licking his raunchy jockstrap and begging for his piss that he got the message." I laughed.

Josh howled in laughter.

"Youre kidding, right?" he said.

"Nope. Thats what really happened. One Friday night - not too long ago, Dad came home earlier from work than I expected him and caught me lying in my room jacking off. One thing led to another and I was sucking his cock, drinking his piss and taking it up the ass from him. I told him then about being afraid of him finding out about me and how much I was turned on to him. Of course, he could tell about the turned on part. When somebody is begging for you to fuck them, you kind of get the feeling theyre attracted to you." I grinned.

"Just that simple?" Josh asked.

"Just that simple. You know Dad. He has a very straight forward idea about how to live life. You see something you want, you go for it. He told me a few days ago that he was afraid at first that you and I would be too shy with each other to get together. He was so happy when that didnt happen. Thats why he gave us so much time together. He knew how good we were for each other and he wanted to make sure that we really had a chance to make a relationship with each other." I said.

"And it certainly worked. Now, I just hope the same thing happens with our Dads." he said.

"Oh, Im not worried about that. Ill bet they are fucking and sucking right now. And Ill also bet, from what I saw on that video monitor that it wont be long before they are as much in love and bonded to each other as we are." I said.

"God! I hope so. It would be so perfect if your Dad and my Dad were lovers. It would make the four of us so close!" Josh said wistfully.

"You dont feel that youre already close to your Dad?" I asked.

"No. Not really. Not like you and your Dad are. And I dont mean the sex. Theres always been like this wall between Dad and I. I dont know what it is. I know he loves me. But he always seems to hide something - hold something back in his feelings about me. I dont know how else to describe it." Josh said.

"I think I know what the problem is." I said.

"Okay, Dr. Freud. You tell me." Josh grinned.

"The answer is simple. You Dad wants you. I told you that. Didnt you notice the looks he was giving you when we got here?" I asked.

"Yes, this time I was watching him, watching for the looks, and you were right! He does look at me that way!" Josh admitted.

"I think hes had an awfully hard time keeping his hands off you. You know it is perfectly normal for males to express their love sexually. Thats the usual response to strong, positive emotions in males. But I think youre Dad was probably very horrified at himself for his desires and hes had a tough time keeping himself in check. I think thats the wall youre feeling." I explained.

"Yes...you could be right. Oh fuck! What a fucking waste of time! Here weve both wanted the same thing all these years and were afraid to tell each other!" Josh fumed.

"Hey! Its not his fault and its not your fault. Society makes it very tough on people who break its taboos. Father/Son incest is one of those taboos. And, I guess, for very good reasons most of the time. But not at all times. Sometimes that taboo makes as much pain and heartache as it prevents." I answered. "I wonder how many Gay guys grow up attracted to their Dads?" I asked Josh.

"A lot more than would ever admit it, Ill bet." Josh speculated. "After all, to most boys, Dad defines--at least for a time in their lives--what a man is. Of course, a lot of boys, especially Gay ones, grow up with very bad relationships with their fathers. I think some of that comes from their father recognizing their sons difference on some level, even when theyre very young and the father reacts against that difference. The son perceives his fathers reaction and feels rejected. He tries at first to regain his fathers approval at first but when that doesnt happen, the son becomes angry and the relationship deteriorates from there. Its especially bad because the boy feels rejected not only as a son but as a lover because there is the situation of his physical attraction to his father wrapped up in the whole thing as well." Josh explained.

"Talk about Dr. Freud!" I gasped. "How did you figure out all of that?"

"Well, even though I didnt go to college, I did a lot of reading. I even took several psychology courses online. I was trying to find out why there was always such distance between me and my Dad. For the longest time, I thought it was because I was Gay. Now it seems, its because were both Gay. But not honest about it." Josh said.

"Gee, I married a genius!" I giggled. "But I think youre right. Wasnt it Lincoln who said that honest is the best policy? You live a lie and everybody ends up getting hurt."

"So do we go to your Senior Prom?" Josh asked, looking me in the eyes.

"Well...Im not Lincoln. And I guess there are some times and places where complete honesty isnt necessary. I really dont give a damn about the Prom. And, Ill be honest with you, theres something inside of me that says I dont want to cheapen our relationship by displaying it in front of a bunch of ignorant assholes who arent mature enough to know what love is all about. Am I wrong to feel that way?" I asked Josh.

"No, I dont think youre wrong at all! I feel exactly the same way. If you really wanted to go, I would! But Id rather take you out to dinner and make love to you all night long." Josh said, licking the inside of my ear.

"Mmm. That sounds MUCH better than any fucking Prom! But do I have to wait until then?" I moaned.

"When would you like me to fuck you all night long?" Josh grinned.

"How about tonight?" I answered.

"Youve got it, babe!" he said and pulled me closer to him.

Our lips had just met in what would have been a very passionate kiss when there was a knock at the door to Joshs room.

"Yes?" Josh called out.

"Dinners ready! Come down when you are." Joshs Dads voice called through the door.

"Okay, be there in a minute!" Josh called out. "Well, I guess well have to postpone the fucking for fuel. It probably would give us more strength to go at each other all night if we were fed." Josh laughed.

We quickly dressed and went downstairs. Josh took my hand and we walked into the dining room. It was a huge room with a table that could easily hold over 20 people comfortably. But there was nobody there! And nothing was set up for dinner!

"I guess were eating on the patio." Josh said and we went to a pair of large French doors and walked onto the patio. There were our Dads sitting at a cabana table, sitting very close to one another and holding hands. And both of them naked!

"Oh my God!" I whispered to Josh. "Do you see what I see?"

"Fuck!" he whispered back. "Looks like our little plan REALLY worked!"

"Yeah, just like my Dads did with us!" I giggled.

"Shall we join them?" Josh said, stopping and unbuttoning his pants.

We were both naked in a heart beat and walked over to the table hand in hand.

"Well, there you both are!" Rob said to us.

"Seems like weve adopted a much more relaxed posture, huh, Dad?" Josh said.

"Well, its such a nice day, seemed silly to get dressed again." Rob laughed.

It was obvious what the two of them had been up to. The smell of sex, sweat, cum and piss exuded from both of them.

Rob brought on the steaks and we all set to eating with a vengeance! Seems that sex really does make you hungry and we were all starved! At one point during the meal, Dad turned to me.

"It be best if you went home to your and Joshs place tonight. Im going to be spending the night here." Dad said, looking all innocent.

I was taken aback by this. Not about Dad spending the night with Rob, but this was the first time Dad had ever acknowledged that Joshs place was now ours. Something had definitely happened here.

"Okay, Dad. That just fine." I said.

"Josh," said Dad. "I think its about time we looked into getting Matt a car. After all, hes going to need it to get to school. Youre not going to be able to drive him every morning with you working. Think we could find him one like yours?"

I was overwhelmed and the look on Joshs face showed that he was, too! Not just about the car, but what Dad was saying was that I would be living with Josh when school started again!

"Dad, do you mean this? Are you saying that its ok for Josh and I to live together full-time?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Well, I was noticing those rings you have one when you sat down. I figure I pretty well know what they mean. And if the two of you are going to be a couple, you might as well live together. Youll be 17 in a few weeks, so I figure you two pretty well know your own minds by now." Dad said.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you, Dad!" I said.

"How do you feel about it, Dad?" Josh asked Rob. I could tell he had some concern about how Rob would react to this.

"How should I feel? My son has found someone to love and is, from all appearances, deliriously happy. I think that as long as Mike has no objections, I shouldnt either. After all, son, that house belongs to you." Rob said. "But whats this about rings?"

Josh and I showed our Dads the rings that Josh had made for us. They both admired them.

"Well, congratulations to the two of you!" Rob said. "This calls for a toast. Let me get some champagne!" he said, getting up and walking into the house.

"I very happy for the both of you!" Dad said.

"And were happy for you, too, Dad." I said.

And for the first time in my life, I saw my Dad blush! I couldnt believe it. "It shows, does it?" He asked, sheepishly.

"Oh! It definitely shows! On both of you!" Josh said.

"I thought that shit like this only happened to kids your age!" Dad said with a sigh.

"Nope! Love hits wherever and whenever it pleases!" I told Dad.

"Well, I never thought that this could happen again to me! But, you know? I like it. I really do! I cant believe what a great guy your Dad is, Josh! Of course, I guess I shouldnt be surprised since youre such a great guy yourself! Ive gotta tell you, I nearly didnt introduce you to Matt! I nearly made a play for you myself!" he laughed.

"I probably would have said yes, Mike, if you had!" Josh smiled.

"No, it wasnt meant to be. Something just told me that you and Matt were meant to be together. I dont know why, it just felt right." Dad said.

"For us, too, Dad." I said.

At this point, Rob returned with an ice bucket, two bottles of chilled champagne and four crystal flutes. He popped the cork and poured the four flutes about three quarters full of the bubbly liquid. Then he raised his glass.

"To Josh and Matt, may your love endure and may you find happiness in each other all your lives!" Rob said.

"And may your cocks stay hard and your desire for each other never wane!" Dad added.

Josh and I laughed and we all drank. Josh then grabbed the bottle and re-poured all the glasses. He then raised his glass. "To our Dads, may you both find in each other the happiness that Matt and I have found!"

I stood as well and raising my glass said, "And may you both love each other with the devotion that you have loved both of us!"

We all clinked glasses again, but I thought I saw tears glistening in both our Dads eyes. To our surprise, my Dad leaned over, grabbed Rob around the neck, pulled him close and kissed him passionately right in front of us!

"Yeah! Dad!" I yelled like a football cheer and then turned to Josh and we high-fived.

Our Dads broke their kiss and they were both blushing. It was so beautiful to see the love in their eyes for one another. I guessed that this is how it looked when Josh and I looked at one another. I suddenly felt tears coming to my eyes as I felt Joshs arms go around my shoulders.

My Dad, pulled Rob close again, but this time, he murmured something in his ear. Rob got a scared look on his face as he looked at my Dad questioningly. My Dad nodded his head as if to say "go on" to Rob. Rob then stood up and spoke to Josh.

"Josh, would you come into the house for a minute; theres something that I need to show you." Rob said, but I could tell that it was taking great effort for him to get the words out.

After theyd walked into the house, I gave Dad a questioning look. "Rob has some unfinished business with Josh. Theyll be a little while. Well join them later." Dad said, not explaining any more. "Now, where can a man take a piss around this place!"

I immediately got down on my knees and took his half-hard cock into my mouth! His cock tasted of sweat and somebodys butt. I could easily guess whos! I licked at the folds of his hood and tasted more butt funk and cum inside. I was thinking about going for it, when his heavy, hot flow of piss started pouring into my mouth. I quickly began to gulp down the warm, salty liquid as it continued to fill up my eager mouth. Dad must have been holding this piss for a while because there was a lot of it. I knelt there and drank while leisurely pulling on my hard cock. I stilled loved the taste of Dads piss, second only to Joshs.

Finally, Dads flow stopped and I was able to begin licking out all the funk from inside his hood. I could taste butt and knew that hed been fucking, but I wondered if that had gone both ways. I looked up at Dad and took his cock out of my mouth.

"Im still hungry." I said with a horny grin on my face. "You wouldnt be any chance have a nice load of man-cream up your butt I could have for dessert, do you?"

"I think I just might. A new taste for you, too! Somebody I dont think youve tasted before." He grinned.

He got up and knelt in the chair, pushing his raunchy butt into my face. His hole smelled like it had been fucked and I could tell there was a lot of sweat and funk in his trench. I buried my nose in his butt and took heady whiffs of his aroma. Whew!!! Did his ass reek of man-sex! I couldnt hold back. I quickly began licking his butt, tasting his sweat and ass juices. His hole was loose and opened quickly to my tongue as I locked my mouth around his ass lips and began sucking out Robs load from Dads butt. Robs cum tasted strong, like it had been a while since hed gotten off and there was a real load up Dads ass so I knew that this was probably the case.

It was while I was so eagerly sucking out Dads butt that it dawned on me what must be going on in the house! Josh was finally getting his fondest dream - hot man-sex with his Dad!!! The thought brought both warm feelings of love for my mate and extremely horny feelings for me! I began to fantasize what it would be like to get off with both of them! Father and Son! Almost mirror images of each other! It blew my mind thinking about it and I almost blew my load on the pavement under Dads chair!

"I think its about time that we joined the guys, dont you think, son?" Dad said.

I could see cock-snot dripping from his cock between his legs and knew that he was getting as hot as I was.

"Fuck, yeah! I want to watch Josh get off with his Dad!" I said eagerly.

Dad and I walked naked into the house, our hard cocks pointing the way before us. Dad took me upstairs and turned a different way down the hall then Josh and I had gone to his room. We went through double French doors and there, on a massive bed, was Josh and Rob. Josh was on his back with his legs in the air and Rob was pounding his cock in and out of his sons ass.

"Fuck, yeah, Dad! Pound my fucking hole!!! Shove your cock all the way up me!!! Pound me HARD!!!" Josh yelled as he Dad proceeded to do just what he was begging for.

My Dad and I approached the bed and stood there mesmerized by the sight before us. Our two lovers, father and son, fucking their brains out for the first time! No porno could ever excite me the way the memory of this could! The man smells of their bodies and their fucking permeated the room. My cock began dripping a steady stream falling on the rug beneath me. I needed a cock up my ass NOW! I approached the bed and knelt so that my face was directly over Joshs and my ass was open for what I hoped was a rear assault by my Dads hard cock.

"How you doing, lover?" I murmured to him.

He looked up and I could tell he was so far gone in ecstasy that it took a few moments to recognize me. When he did, he reached up and pulled my face down to his. We began licking out each others mouths as I felt my Dad get on the bed behind me and take a few licks of my ass with his tongue. Joshs load up my ass from before was enough lube for Dad to shove his cock straight up my ass in one, hard-driving shove.

So there we were, Josh and I, kissing each other deeply and each of us being fucked hard by our Dads. It was something I knew that Josh had wanted for so long and I was so happy that we were here together as he experienced it. I pulled my face up and looked down at him. The bliss on his face was matched only by the look of love which he gave me.

"Oh, Matt! Im so glad youre here! I love this, babe! But I love you more! I wanted you to share this with me!"

"Im here, lover! Ill always be here for you!" I promised.

I began to move forward, intending to suck Joshs cock while Dad fucked me. Dad realized what I was trying to do and, talented fucker that he is, moved forward with me without missing a stroke. I no more got Joshs hard cock buried in my throat than I felt my own cock engulfed by the warm wetness of Joshs mouth. I had the added pleasure of now getting to see Robs hard cock driving in and out of my lovers eager hole and smell the scent of their fucking. It was incredible!!! I could also feel Dad leaning over my back and from the way I could see Rob leaning toward me, I could tell that they were sharing a deep and passionate kiss while they fucked their respective sons.

Unfortunately, this intense scene couldnt last. I could feel Josh quickly reaching the point of no return and that triggered the rest of us. Joshs load fired into my mouth and almost at the same time, my load shot from my cock down his eagerly sucking throat. The tightening of Joshs hole when he came evidently triggered Rob who shot off in Joshs ass about the same time that Dads load went streaming into my guts. I could hear the two of them, their moaning muffled by each others mouth, above us as they came.

As Rob pulled out of Joshs ass, I leaned forward and took his hard cock into my mouth, cleaning off Robs cum and Joshs ass juices. It was a heady combination and tasted wonderful to me. I could also hear Josh slurping on Dads wet cock as it came out of my ass. Then Josh and I buried out faces in each others butts and sucked our Dads loads out - me tasting Robs again as I had from Dads ass while Josh feasted on my Dads load from my ass.

Evidently, our mutual butt sucking was turning our Dads on again because before I knew it, I could see Dads cock arriving for business at Joshs hole and could feel Josh move away from my ass and the unfamiliar width of Robs cock began to slide up my ass. With hardly any hesitation, I took Joshs cock back in my mouth and he replaced mine in his while we were now having our respective butts pounded by each others Dad!

This fuck was longer. Rob was long-dicking my butt and giving me shivers each time his knob hit my joy-button. I could watch Dad doing the same to Josh. Our Dad rode our butts long and hard and Josh and I couldnt hold back any longer and dumped our loads down each others throat before the had finished. That was all right, Josh and I continued to suck each other while our Dads continued their pounding of our asses. Our cocks went semi-soft and then hardened again before our Dads shot their juices up our butts for the second time.

That seemed to cause our Dads to need to rest for a while, but Josh and I were well on our way to our next orgasm. However, Josh pulled off my cock and I heard him say, "I want to fuck you, babe!"

I didnt need any other prompting. I quickly pulled off Joshs hard cock and lay down on the bed on my back, raising my legs as Josh got between them and buried his hardness in my butt with one, hard snap of his hips. He leaned down over me and kissed me deeply as his cock pounded in an out of my butt. I could taste my ass and the load he had eaten from it in his mouth and I moaned in delight at the taste. We were both far too close to slow down at that point and, very quickly, Josh pushed me over the edge just by the tremors of his cock shooting his load up my ass. I sprayed mine between the two of us and Josh collapsed on top of me. He kissed me deeply and I could see tears in his eyes when he finally pulled back.

I knew what those tears were--tears of complete happiness! I leaned up and licked one of the salty streams from his eyes and pulled him back down on me, cuddling his head in my arms.

"I love you so much!" I murmured in his ear as I held him to me.

"And I love you--forever!" he promised.

It hardly seems like it was ten years ago when all this happened. Dad and Rob did become lovers. Dad sold the house and moved into the "Big House", as we jokingly call it, with Rob. Josh and I didnt dance at my Senior Prom, but he took me to a beautiful inn where we had dinner and then went upstairs where hed rented a beautiful suite and we made love all night in an antique canopy bed. We drove there, by the way, in my red 74 Trans-Am, which Josh and Dad bought me for my senior year.

Upon my graduation, I immediately enrolled at our local university and graduated with a degree in engineering and architecture. After that, the four of us opened D&S Development and are doing exactly what we dreamed of doing! Dad is still supervising the work crews (of which Joe and Randy are still a part) while Rob is the manager of our sales force. Josh has had his general contractors license for eight years now and Im designing custom homes for very wealthy buyers who can interest me in their projects. Since we have more offered work than we could ever do, we have nothing to worry about for the future. In fact, we all plan to retire in 10 years and enjoy the rest of our lives--together.

Josh and I still get together with our Dads for mind-blowing sex and we also like to go down to the jobsite on a Saturday afternoon and have a few beers and some hot man-sex with Joe and Randy. But mostly, Josh and I love to be alone with each other in our converted firehouse where we still make love nearly every night. I still cant be near him without getting a hardon and I seem to still stimulate that reaction in him.

I know this; I love him more now than I did when we met. Each day with him is more fulfilling than the last. We still sleep in each others arms every night and wake up every morning the same way. As to whos cock is poking into whos ass at that time, well...that just kind of varies from day to day.

The way I look at it, Im the luckiest guy alive!


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

[email protected]


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