Three years ago 18-year-old incoming freshmen Gabe and Chip attended several pledge parties during Greek week before the start of Fall Semester. After they had visited several Frat houses, they applied and were accepted as pledges from the fraternity that they had chosen as their first choice.

The frat rules required all incoming members to live in the frat house for at least the first year and luckily Gabe and Chip were assigned as roommates. They were from different cities and had only met during pledge week.

During high school, Gabe had been a star athlete as a wrestler at the 150-pound weight category. He stood 5'7"; blond curly hair and blue eyes; a wrestler's hard rock body; impressive biceps, abs and muscled thighs; and a smooth slick hairless 8" cut cock with a prominent v-shaped blue vein running from the cock head underneath the shaft; and a small patch of blond pubic hair as well as a treasury trail of blond hair from his naval to his crotch.

Chip was a few inches taller at 5'and 10"; weighed 160 pounds; brown hair with the sides shaved part of the way up toward the top of his head; brown eyes; rock ribbed body including chest, stomach and abs; smooth hairless body except for his underarms, crotch and light hairy legs; and a big 9" cut cock with a beer can sized shaft. For four years in high school, he lettered in track and filed as a cross-country runner.

Throughout their first few weeks of school, their friendship grew until they were best friends and thus less inhibited about such sensitive topics as their private lives. They spent evenings talking about life during high school, their families and private problems.

They attended sports' events on campus, ate together at the fraternity, worked out together and went for long runs to keep their high school athletic bodies although they were not participating in college varsity programs. They did join their fraternities' intramural sports of volleyball, basketball and softball.

Of course at age 18, they were at the mercy of their hormones. Gabe and Chip managed to jack off and empty their loads in the private bathroom or in the bed when the roommate was out. After a few weeks, they had become uncontrollably curious about each other's sexual practices.

They slept only in their briefs that gave them a clear picture of the roommate's physic. Before going to sleep, they often looked across the room at their buddy in bed wondering if he had a hardon.

Four weeks into the semester, Gabe got up the courage one Sunday night, when he was horny as hell, to jack-off under the covers thinking Chip was asleep. He got so aroused that he began to moan and grunt loudly as he neared a climax.

Chip heard the sexual noises and looked across at Gabe realizing what was happening as he saw the covers moving above Gabe's hands. Chip became so horny that he started jacking off under the covers. Soon both guys removed the covers, pulled off their briefs, spit on their rock hard blood filled cocks and watched each other jack-off.

The scene was so steamy and hot that they locked their eyes on their buddies' cock and began to masturbate with such erotic motions and sexy sounds. It was the first time that either stud had masturbated in front of another person.

Gabe got so excited that he took a pillow, got on top of the pillow and began fucking the hell out of the pillow as his ass rapidly moved up and down. Chip wondered if Gabe was fantasying about fucking a woman's pussy or a man's ass. This did it for Chip. He took a pillow, jumped on top and began wildly fucking the pillow.

The moans, groans and hard breathing filled the room. The noises probably could be heard out in the hall. As they both neared a volcanic climax, they took their briefs, placed them on top of the pillows and blasted huge loads of hot cum into the briefs. They wiped themselves clean with the briefs, threw them on the floor, smiled at each other and went to sleep.

The next night Gabe and Chip were hornier than ever after the previous night's hot mutual masturbation experience. They decided to spend the evening quizzing each other about their sex lives. Gabe got red in the face and shyly asked Chip:

"Chip, how old were you when you first masturbated and how did you know what to do?"

"Gabe, I was about 12 or 13 when I saw a photo and got the urge to try. I was in bed and I started rubbing my prick through my shorts. WOW, it started getting hard. I rubbed it until I felt some kind of wet release. I wondered if I had pissed in my shorts; however, it felt really good and hot. I asked one of my older cousins who had been through sex education classes in high school about what had happened and he told me about masturbation. He suggested that when I was alone that I should take off my shorts, spit on my prick, to wrap my hand around the cock shaft and jerk up and down. It worked and I have masturbated ever since. I love to jack-off."

"Gabe, how did you learn about masturbation and how old were you the first time?"

"Chip, I must have been around 14 when I got the nerve to find out why I woke up almost ever morning with a bigger penis than normal and sometimes there would be wet spots on my shorts.

I got the nerve to ask my father what was happening. He gave me my first sex education lesson and explained how the male antimony worked including the normal practice of young men masturbating. He also gave me a copy of Masters and Johnson instruction manual. That night I followed the manual by first rubbing up and down on my penis; it got rock hard; I took my swollen prick in my hand; and like you, I wrapped my hand around the cock shaft and jacked off until I shot a huge load of white goo on my stomach. I was hooked and I have masturbated ever since almost daily. I am so into jacking off."

"WOW, Gabe, I am so turned on with all this talk about masturbation that I am hard as a steel rod. Can I ask you another question? I love talking about sex with you."

"Sure, Chip, lay the question on me, man. I too love talking about sex with you."

With some hesitation and a nervous twitch in his face, Chip asked: "Gabe, have you ever had sex with a woman or man?"

"No, Chip, I am a virgin. I have never had the nerve to take the chance of rejection or even worse, to have the person gossip about my proposition. I think I would be so embarrassed that I would die. Now Chip, your turn to tell me if you have ever had a blowjob or fucked or been fucked by a woman or man?"

"No, Gabe, I too am a virgin. I am too shy to even think about such a move. Now here is another very personal question that yo might not want to answer. Are you Gay, straight or bi-sexual?"

"Chip, you have become my best friend so will you swear to keep it secret if I tell you?"

"Oh, buddy, Gabe, I will never tell anyone, I promise."

"Chip, I have known since I was 14 that I am Gay. Women do not turn me on. I am 100 per cent Gay. Now you promised not to tell, ok? I feel so great telling someone and especially my best friend. You are the first one to know. Now it is your turn to tell me what you sexual orientation is."

"Gabe, you may think my answer is really weird. I am not totally sure but I am almost sure that I am straight. But I would like for us to continue to masturbate together as we did last night. It is so fucking hot to jack-off with you. It increases my arousal and I ejaculate so much harder."

"Chip, thanks for being so honest. Sure I would love to continue masturbating with you. It makes me so horny and lets do it right now."

They got butt naked, lubed their rock hard cocks, sat down on the bed together, jerked off until they both came all over their crotches and legs. They cleaned up and went for a run.

Over the next month, with their hormones running wild, they masturbated together nightly but never touched each other.

One night Gabe came home at midnight after bar hoping with friends from his high school days. He was rather buzzed but was very careful not to wake his buddy. As Gabe undressed and got in bed, he looked across at Chip who was sleeping on top of his covers dressed only in a pair of light blue silk see-through briefs. The lamp on Chip's nightstand was on shinning directly on Chip's crotch. OMG, Chip had a monstrous hardon that showed through the briefs. The cock head was blood red with a wet spot on the front of the briefs. Gabe was sure that Chip was having a wet dream.

Gabe tried to ignore his out of control lust for Chip. He had never seen a hotter scene. Chip's cock twitched and pushed up to the elastic waistband of his briefs trying to escape. Gabe starred at Chip's steel hard cock and hard body for at least 10 minutes. Finally, Gabe's raging hormones and cock over powered his better judgment. He got up, tiptoed over to Chip's bed, sat down on the side of the bed, took his hand and slid it up Chip's leg until his hand was at the lower hem of the briefs. He noticed the pubic hair sticking out of the well-worn briefs. The manly smells were totally intoxicating. He must have Chip before the night ended.

Gabe slipped his hand under the briefs until he had Chip's cock in his hand. He felt the wet precum on his fingers. He lowered his head and began licking the big cock through the silk briefs. Gabe could smell and taste the precum.

Chip woke up and sat straight up. "OMG, Gabe it is you. What is happening? I was dreaming about us masturbating again. You have your hand on my cock. What are you trying to do to me?"

"Oh, please Chip, buddy, don't be anger. I could not help myself. Your cock is so hard and beautiful. Please, can I just give you a blowjob? You do not have to be Gay to enjoy a man's mouth on your boner. I beg you to let me suck that gorgeous cock, please."

"Ooooh, Gabe, your hand on my cock felt so great and your licking through my briefs as I woke up. Yes, let me take off these wet briefs and you can suck me."

Gabe got up on the bed, spread Chip's legs far apart, lowered his mouth onto the hot crotch and began kissing and licking the red-hot cock shaft and large balls. He licked and sucked on the balls and cock shaft for at least 5 minutes before taking the whole cock down his throat. Chip's piss slit formed drops of thick goo that landed on Gabe's tongue.

Gabe rotated between slow and fast sucking up and down the beautiful virgin cock---going all the way down to the base of the cock. He would hold the cock in place and clamp down hard with his hot lips before returning to sucking up and down the wet cock.

Chip began bucking his hard hips and butt up and down so his cock could meet Gabe's wet mouth. Chip squirmed all over the bed with pure lust.

"OMG. Gabe I have never felt anything this great. Please suck me hard. Do not stop. My cock is on fire."

Gabe continued the blowjob for another 5 minutes until Chip was about to come. They stopped and Gabe plunged his tongue deep into Chip's parting lips. They engaged in French kissing as their wet and sloppy tongues swirled around each other.

Gabe removed his shorts and began humping Chip as they continued to kiss. They felt their cocks slid over one another that produced lots of precum. Chip's briefs had been removed. The warm cum and body sweat had them drenched.

Gabe stood up and asked Chip: "Although kissing, sucking cock and humping is great, can we fuck? That would be so cool and awesome. Please say yes. Would you want me to fuck you or would you like to fuck me?"

"Gabe, Baby, I have really gotten into being dominated by you tonight. What do you Gay's call it? Am I your bitch? Actually, I have good news. I am now sure that after tonight I am Gay. I have loved ever second of this hot sex. Your body is hot as hell. Go ahead and fuck me, Baby."

"Chip, you are so clean and have not played around. Can I fuck you bareback? My raw cock will be so hot against your ass walls. Let me breed you."

"Oh, yes, Gabe, give it to me raw. I am lusting after that hot cock of yours. I want to feel skin against skin. Dump your thick string of cum deep into my ass."

They were so aroused and near a climax that they picked a position they both found erotic, as they would not last beyond that position. Chip got down on the carpet on his back, spread his legs far apart, placed a pillow under his butt and waited for Gabe's bouncing cock.

Gabe lubed his cock and Chip's asshole and slowly inserted his virgin huge cock into the virgin tight ass. Inch by inch the slick lubed cock slid all the way down Chip's ass channel. Gabe began to move in and out slowly at first letting Chip get use to his first cock. Then Gabe pounded his buddies ass like a pro would do.

They both began to moan, grunt and breath hard as they experienced rapid heart beats. They bounced and bucked like two wild horses.

Gabe fucked his buddy with increased speed. Gabe's velvet like cock rubbed against Chip's velvet ass walls as flesh met flesh while

Gabe's cock moved out, in and sideways with thrust after thrust.

"WOW, OMG, Yea, Chip, your ass is so tight that it is pressing hard against my throbbing cock. It feels great.Do you like my cock in your ass?"

"Oh, Baby, your cock feels fantastic in my ass. I love your hot cock. It feels so good. Fuck, me Baby."

They wildly fucked for at least 20 minutes until Gabe's cock head expanded, his balls tightened and he sprayed Chip's man pussy full of his thick creme. Chip had been jerking his own cock while being fucked. Chip exploded with a huge load all over his own crotch, stomach and chest.

Gabe pulled out, collected the cum off Chip's body onto his own hands and cleaned his hands by eating Chip's thick goo. Then Gabe plunged his cum covered cock down Chip's throat and fed his seed to Chip.

The showered and as they got ready for bed, Chip said: "This was the greatest experience ever. Roomy, I want to suck you ever night and have you fuck my ass. I love you, buddy."

"Oh, yes, Chip, I am so delighted that you have decided that you are Gay. I love your body and especially your cock and ass. No more just masturbating but sucking and fucking as well. I love you too. Just wait to see what I have planned for tomorrow night, Baby."



Naughty Eric


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