I was fifteen years of age when my dad told me, 'Colin, it's time for you to get a job.' Our family was a very poor one, in rural Australia, and we were tenants on land that we didn't own and worked on people's farms who lived far and wide. There are so many sheep farms on Australia that I don't even know all of the ones in a twenty-mile radius. All my older brothers had married and left or moved to cities, and all my younger brothers were too young to get jobs of their own. My families rent had rent had just been raised considerably, and there was a drought, so our water bill went up as well. My family needed me to get the best job for the longest hours and it definitely needed some place for me to stay there, because my family could not pay for my costs any more. I was a growing teenager, albeit a young one, and I ate more than three of my younger siblings put together. My dad drove into town to look through the ads nailed and stuck to Old Town Hall's left wall. There wasn't much work a fifteen year old can do now a day, especially since the invention of all this new machinery that put a great many farm hands out of work. We scoured the wall, but there was nothing about free lodging or anything near to the pay rate my dad wanted for me. We were walking back to the truck when my dad spotted a green flier stapled to a telephone pole. It was a job ad, and it asked for young workers with a pay rate my dad was grudgingly able to accept. It also gave free lodging in exchange for chores, like feeding the baby lambs on the farm. My father thought this was good deal, and I was brave and ready to help out the family unlike my other lazy brothers, so we called the number given on the flier. A man with a deep voice answered, and I was nervous for a second, but with my dad behind I proudly applied for the job. The five-minute phone interview started with my age and ended with, 'How soon can you start, son?' He said I was the right age to take care of lambs, and was happy that someone had finally applied for the job. I was to start next Monday, in two days. During those two days my mother and my dad made me promise to email them at least once a month and to try to bargain for a pay-raise. 'Work hard,' my father said to me. 'If you're successful, you'll be my first un-lazy son.'

On that note I went out to wait in front of our house, where after a couple of minutes a green pick up truck pulled up, I jumped into the back, and it drove off again. After about an hour and a half bumpy ride we arrived at Wellford Farms, a farm that raised about 200 sheep, which to my knowledge was the smallest number I'd ever heard of, which accounted to the lack of workers. There was not a man in sight when I arrived, just a very large barn and a farmhouse just as big, with a pen to hold the sheep. The man driving the truck, called Ted, told me that sheep dogs do most of the work for him, but he needs some people to feed the lambs and do other chores while he's out working. I asked him if he had a wife or any children and he just laughed. He talked a little about Thomas, the other farm hand, who was probably about half a year younger than me who had joined up last month, but he had complained he was bored and lonely, and couldn't handle all the work, so Ted had hired me, too. First he led me into the barn, showed me around. Then he gave me a tour of part of the farmhouse. I asked where my room was, but he didn't answer. I also asked where Thomas was, and he said in the back, in the shed. We walked a little ways form the house to the shed, which was fairly large. As I walked inside, I realized it was basically a kennel, in which all the dogs had a large cage and the lambs had a small pen. And I also noticed Thomas.

Thomas not what I had expected. At all. He was chained up to various bars hanging from the roof, and he wore nothing except a ragged pair of cutoff shorts. As soon as he saw me, he said, 'Hey! Look out!' I turned around looking for an explanation, and Ted had one. He handcuffed my hand together so fast it barely registered in my head, and when I tried to run, he just tripped me. He picked me up and whispered, 'Let's have some fun!' There were some more bars with chains hanging from the roof next to Thomas, as well several hooks and other common farm tools. He carried me over, chained my arms and legs into an X, and then took off his hat and sat down on a chair. 'Ok, ahhh, well, Colin, are you gay?' 'What,' I replied, 'Let me go!'

'Uh oh, that sounds like a no to me, eh Thomas!' He laughed, but Thomas hung his head. 'Well, lets get your clothes off and start having some fun.'

He walked over to me, but I had put two and two together and had started yelling and screaming. 'That won't do no good,' said Thomas. 'We're really far away form any body, and the almost unused road is like 50 meters away from here. We're trapped.'

'Damn right. You're my farm boys now, eh?' With that he picked up a long knife. I screamed and screamed, but then Ted slapped me with the back of his hand.

'Shut up. I'm not gonna' cut you, just your clothes. Scream again and I'll give you a reason.' He then roughly sawed off first my shirt, then my dirty jeans, my socks, my shoes, and finally my tight underwear. I felt tears of frustration and humiliation roll down my face as both Ted and Thomas oogled at my unerect penis, my pubes, my balls, and my whole groin area. Ted said, 'Let's compare, shall we?' He walked over to Thomas, who got red in the face as Ted ripped the shorts right off him, leaving Thomas's balls, penis, and pubis hair to be stared at by Ted and I. I notice his penis was extremely red, which worried me. 'Well, we have a cut one and one uncut (referring tour penises). Let's see the big finale.' Ted unzipped his fly with some difficulty, revealing a gigantic completely erect penis, which was uncircumcised like Thomas's. He then zipped it back up. 'Well, I see you've both got at least partial erections, so either you're gay like me, bisexual, or severely confused. I'll let you two get to know each other. See you both in around two hours.' He grinned and walked away, still sporting a very large erection through his work pants.

Thomas and I were left staring at each other and mainly each other's cocks. They were both erect now, and seemed to be about the same size, but I was older, and had some more pubic hair than him. 'I'm really sorry that he trapped you too. I though I was going to be the only one. But at least we have each other.'

'What do you mean by that?' I snapped back, unable to take my eyes off his uncircumcised penis.

'Well, you're obviously gay like me, since you're staring at my penis so much.'

'I'm not... gay...' 'So you're bisexual?' Thomas asked. 'No no,' I said softly. 'I.. don't know. I though I was normal. You know, I never though about anything when I masturbated. I don't see many people. I though I was straight as anybody until I saw... another penis, I guess. I guess I am gay or bisexual, I don't know.'

'Well, gay is your normal now. That's great,' Thomas said. 'This would be even worse if you were straight. I was straight, in the beginning, but I've been here a month and seeing Ted's or your cock makes my own penis shoot straight up. The life style isn't really ALL too bad, once you get sort of used to it, sometimes.'

'We have to escape.' I said.

'Yes, I wish that were possible. But enjoy this part of the day, it's one of the most comfortable, and just wait for tomorrow.'

'What's at tomorrow?' I asked. 'Well,' he said, 'Ted brings me into the house for, you know... his way. But he only does it every other day. It's better than tonight.'

'What's tonight?' I asked again. Thomas suddenly frowned darkly and looked away, finally, from my cock. 'Tell you later,' he replied.

As time went on, eventually chains got to be quite painful and I was starting to get hot and sweat all over. Neither of our erections had fallen, and pretty soon we were enjoying our new gay-selves by basically flirting with each other. It led on to us promising to kiss and suck off and fuck each other, and soon pre-cum was mixing with the sweat that was dripping down our legs. We were basically yelling love and promises to each other when Ted walked in. 'Glad to see you two are getting along so well,' he said, rubbing his erection. 'But I'm sorry to say that the lambs are terribly hungry.' Thomas's face perked right up, but I was suspicious. There was something about Ted's smile that wasn't good. 'Finally,' Thomas said, 'I've been pre-cumming for hours.' He turned to me. 'It's a little painful, but you get used to it real fast. Don't squirm or they'll bite you.' I was too shocked to say anything, and it wasn't until Ted led over two small lambs that I finally realized what was going to happen. Before I could say a word, Ted has tied one of the lamb's collars to a small metal loop in between my legs, and the hungry lamb just reached up and grabbed my erect cock. It was obviously very hungry, because it licked up pre-cum and sweat alike as it kneaded my penis to produce its meal more rapidly. I started yelling and realized Thomas was in a similar situation through his grunts and yells, too. The lambs only had a few teeth, but it was enough to hurt a lot when you bucked or tried to pull away. I hadn't masturbated in about three days or more, so I felt that I coming on very fast. The lamb's tongue worked me up, slowly moving around as it sucked and bit my head, and it even poked into my penis-hole. It was one of these irregular movements that brought me over the edge. As I yelled wildly and shook in my chains, the lamb latched on like a leech and held me, it tongue gathering everything that had missed the mouth, including writhing through my pubes and sucking my balls. It then started to suck again. I looked startled, and called over to Thomas, but he was only half way to his orgasm and couldn't hear a word I said. I looked around to Ted, sitting on a chair, with his pants around his ankles and his hand flying a mile and hour, pumping his enormous cock. He just laughed when I told him that I'd already cummed and to take the lamb away. The young lamb continued to suck, and my flimsy cock was starting to get erect again, even though all my sexual excitement was gone. As I was slowly worked up to another climax, I heard Thomas scream and later Ted grunt heavily as he too spilled his seamen over the straw covered floor. Another lamb, tied nearby, proceeded to lick it up again, and Ted let it lick his dick dry before pulling up his pants and waiting for us to finish. And what a finish it was. I gasped and gasped and then screamed myself hoarse as I was painfully and yet appealing pushed into another orgasm by the lamb's expert tongue. After about three minutes, while the lamb was still cleaning me up, Thomas climaxed with several profane yells and Ted untied the lams and led them back to the pen. He then put in bottles on stands for the other hungry lambs. 'I chose a different lamb each week. It's like a treat for them. Now that there are two of you, they'll get sperm twice as often. Sorry about the teeth, but they need to grow up into sheep, and they'll need their teeth for that. I know how much you all love each other, judging by the voices I heard when I walked in, so I'll put you in together in for a couple nights. But first, I'll go get your slops.'

He walked outside, and came back in with a large bucket filled with what looked like gravy, potatoes, butter, and trash. I hadn't eaten for about three hours, but my hunger was nothing compared to Thomas's, who was drooling like crazy. Ted unchained Thomas, and pulled him by his now tender penis and balls into a large cage with a pile of straw on the floor. He shut the door as Thomas rubbed his sore wrists and penis, and then unchained me. He grabbed my throbbing penis (which had tooth marks on it) with one hand and painfully fingered my balls with the other and he led me over to the cage, where he opened the door and shoved me on top of Thomas and locked the door. He then poured the slops into a trough at the other end of the cage. Thomas disentangled himself from my naked and embarrassed body and quickly crawled over to the trough and started basically drinking it straight off. I slowly stood up and walked over, and the crouched and started slurping. Ted was still their, watching us, and I realized that he did this on purpose to show his authority and power over us, and it probably turned him on. I noticed Thomas was eating really fast, and that he didn't have a bit of fat on him, and he even had a tiny bit of his ribs showing. I've had a little bit of flab since my appetite increased, and I was worried about Ted starving me, too. 'Don't worry, Colin, I'm not going to starve you or Thomas any more. I've saved enough money to buy a certain type of exercising machine that I can hook up to, so that you can stay cute but still eat well. Plus, you'll have sexier muscles.' He said this in a way that disturbed me, but Thomas was extremely happy. 'Oh thank you, thank you, ahh. Thank you,' he said between frenzied mouthfuls. Ted just grinned and said, 'You can pay me back later, Thomas, and you too, Colin. I'm very excited about tomorrow.' With that he stood up and left, closing the door behind him and leaving us in the semi dark and musty shed. Thomas and I were left lying in the straw spread eagled and naked, just to cool off. There was an enormous tub of relatively water in which we eventually found ourselves.

'All right, so what happens tonight? Does it involve more sex or torture? Or both? I mean, that sheep suck off was painful but kind of nice, too.' I asked it kind of awkwardly, while we were crouching up to our necks in the cool water. 'Yes, it does involve both, but it won't happen for a couple of nights, probably because you don't have the pheromones in your body yet,' replied Thomas, a crack of sun glistening of his sweaty face. His wet brown hair was slicked back in a way my penis found appealing, and this and the discussion led to a small erection on my part. 'Pheromones? What the hell?' I asked, confused and intrigued. 'Yeah, it's what he put in the slops. Have you noticed I smell a little funny? Well, Ted puts pheromones in the slops to turn the male sheep dogs into sex machines, but he only lets me, and now you, every other night, when he's not fucking us himself. He finds the barks of the dogs and my yells turn him on a lot, but we get time off because you don't have the pheromones in you. I also get weekends off, to...' 'To what?' I asked. 'To...heal. The dogs pump pretty hard and I usually bleed after they're done. There's like 20 male sheep dogs, and they fuck me once or twice that night. It'll be really bad at first, and you'll bleed some, but after a while it's not so bad, and I've only been here a month. What's really painful is their claws, that hold on to you when they're humping you. Of course, he ties me down before he lets them in here, so I have to sleep like that, and that's another reason I don't like it. After you cum the second time you just want to get out and far away as you can from those damn dogs. But we don't have to worry for two days. Yes! Thank God.' he finished his explanation, and I noticed through the dark light and water that he had an erection, too. 'So.' I said, awkwardly. 'Want to... I love you.' He dived on me, kissing my lips, groping my tongue with his rubbing my nipples with his hands. I was totally taken by surprise, but He slowly sank onto me in the water, and as our erection pressed together, our tongues completely locked and he completely felt each other over, groping and kissing and feeling. Our pre-cum floated to the top of the water like oil, and after maybe ten minutes Thomas let go and stood up, with water dripping of him. 'I have to pee before we start. Over there's where we have to go to the bathroom. Believe it or not, Ted usually cleans it out. You better shit before we...' 'Wait,' I said, 'You're fucking me? I'm older.'

'Yeah, well, your ass is still virgin, and mines sore, and you're new. I'll let you try later on.' He peed and I shitted, and then I scrubbed my ass as best I could with straw and water and a little slops. 'Good idea,' he said. 'Bend over.' I did, and he poured some greasy slop all over my butt and slightly into my ass. It was warm, and it felt good. I waited for him to do something, but then realized I had no idea what I was waiting for. 'I've never done this before in my whole life,' said Thomas. 'And my penis is still sore. What do I...' I cut him off my turning around and kissing him. We kissed for about five minutes, and then I bent down again and he tentatively poked his dick's head into my hole. It was about the perfect hit, but felt funny and a little painful going in, and when he started going back and worth, it didn't really turn my on. Then he pushed me farther down, grabbed my penis with his hands around my looping body, and started to slowly pump. All the fat in the slop had lubricated our love like a beautiful machine, after a few seconds, the pain receded and I started to feel something. He was messing around with my penis, but sort of only half willing to, and eventually I just held his hands while he pumped me. It was very slow, and his penis wasn't too long, so it wasn't too good to begin with, but then he took his cock out and poured in a lot of slop, and then started really fucking me. Small stars exploded in front of my eyes and I felt myself getting one of the best feelings of my life. Then Ted burst through the door.

'What the hell are you doing?! Get off a him now, damn it!' he unlocked the cage and pulled us off each other. 'I was saving Colin's virgin ass, so don't cum in it. If you're so ready to orgasm again, I can fix that.' We just grunted in response and picked ourselves up. It looked like we didn't have a choice anymore.

'Well, I was going to wait until tomorrow to fuck you, Colin, but seeing as you are so eager, I believe I can quench your sexual desire quite nicely. As he pulled us out of the pen, he put an ankle cuff on a chain around our leg, and then attached it to the wall. He then walked away and came back with a very large plastic bottle of olive oil. 'Oil up boys, but don't feel that you're missing the surprise; I have lots of activities for you tomorrow, too.'

'What are we oiling --' 'Shut up!' yelled Ted at me. 'Don't ask questions!' he persuaded me with a very tight grip on my testicles, which made me all too willing, and light headed. Ted stripped naked and put his clothes away as we oiled up in the hot steamy shack. Our naked bodies glistened as Thomas and I lathered each other up, doing it quite quickly so as not to inspire more ball squeezing. 'Alright,' said Ted as our entire bare bodies glistened and gleamed in the light. 'Oil me now.' We both filled our hands and walked up to him. Ted grabbed our erect cocks and dragged us forward as we poured and rubbed it on his naked skin. It was pretty strenuous work, and pretty soon we were baking alive, because the oil didn't allow us to sweat an inch. Ted walked over and opened the door, and a beautiful win blew across our chests, thighs, and gentiles. 'Well, let's start. Thomas, get over here.' He pulled Thomas over to a bare part of the shack, and then lowered a large hook. Then, with a slight grunt, he lifted Thomas up onto the hook and sunk its blunt point up Thomas's ass. Thomas screamed while he did this, but Ted quickly dragged over a wooden box so that Thomas could support himself slightly on his legs. Thomas still whined some, but his face no longer looked so pained, and his penis replied with a dribble of pre-cum. 'See, Thomas likes it.' He whipped me over and forced me to bend down, and then shackled my legs to the floor and released my ankle cuff. Then he released Thomas's ankle cuff and replaced it with two double cuffs, one on each ankle. He locked my wrists and Thomas's ankles together, which left me basically smelling his pubes and my back level as a table. 'Let's begin. Thomas, you cum. Colin, you suck him off. I will fuck.' He then poured some more olive oil on Thomas's dick, my dick, his own large dick, and down my ass, which felt disgustingly warm and sort off slimy. 'Oh, I love breaking boys in!' Ted said as he prodded my ass hole with his cock, testing and sounding for my hole. When he found it, he slid in.

'Oh ow!' I screamed as he put first one inch and then two inches into my ass. I moaned and yelled as he slowly got more and more in. It didn't feel as good as when Thomas did it, and when he got past the first three inches that Thomas had gotten in so far, I started crying. As tears fell from my eyes, I begged him to stop. 'Oh, shut up. You'll beg for it again later on!' With that he pushed in three inches at once. I felt like I had his penis all the way up my abdomen, and half expected it to come out my throat. After he got about seven inches in, from what I could guess through my moans and sobs, he started to rock me back and forth, pushing my face into Thomas's erect penis. Ted grabbed my balls hard, and I knew what he wanted me to do. I reached up and grabbed Thomas's cock with my mouth, and slowly moved my tongue across it back and forth. I had never felt foreskin before, and my tongue explored and mapped out every part of his. As I was doing that, my ass started to burn and hurt more and more. Ted had been fucking harder and harder, and it was still hurting, but I also sort of liked it. After awhile it got pretty numb, and Ted stopped to pour more olive oil on our penises, which greatly enhanced to speed of the fucking. He started to play with my own super oily penis as his rocked my butt and body about, while pushing Thomas's dick up into the very back of my mouth. From Ted's swears, Thomas's moans, and my own building joy, I knew we were going to climax in the next couple of minutes. After about another minute, Ted started pumping really fast and his cock started throbbing and spewing cum into my ass like a faucet. He also grabbed and twisted my cock like he was ringing out a towel. These two things caused me to start cumming as well, which made me bite down very hard on poor Thomas's penis, which ended the chain reaction as he spewed his seed down my still pumping throat. As Ted still let loose into my ass, I started yelling loudly through my spraying gag (Thomas's penis) and Ted fingers overlapped my blasting seamen, causing me to spray it out like a clogged fire hose over everyone. The cum dripped down my legs, my face, my neck, my penis, and my chest as he finally calmed down after several of the most gloriously painful and wonderful minutes of my life. Ted, who was no longer dazed, led us slowly back into the pen after unlocking our chains and then locked the door quietly. He pulled my ear and I slowly crawled over with my still dripping penis to lick his dick fresh and clean. With that he put on his clothes and said, 'See you tomorrow, boys, at 9-o-clock sharp. I crawled onto Thomas and licked the oil, sweat, and cum off his tired body, and then sucked it out of his throbbing cock. After that, we washed the rest of the oil of with a cool dip and laid down on each other, too tired and totally cummed out to have sex, but we still loved each other, so we kissed. Whether we could escape out of this heaven/hell or even wanted too, was up for debate, but tonight we just snuggled up together and waited it out for another day.




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