Moises had told me about the region of Colombia he was from and said the the majority of the men and even the young boys  there had huge black uncut cocks. He told me to go to the river during the day when the sun was high in the sky and would be able to view these cocks since no one wore bathing suits.

   I took a small plane from Medellin arriving near the interior towns situated along the river bank near Condoto. I had brought a tent with me since I wanted to stay near the river and make sure I wouldn´t miss the huge cocks Moises had assured me I would see. Sure enough as the sun was at its highest point during the day, I started to see naked young boys and men relishing in the cool waters of the river. They immediately noticed me since I think I was the only white for miles. They seemed intrigued by my skin color and a few would approach and ask my what I was doing there. I explained to them that I was a physical anthropologist  studying different attributes of a given population.

   I noticed right away that they were very open and weren´t shy about what hung between their legs. They were all uncut  and each cock soft measured on average a good seven inches some bigger. I took measurements of their height and estimated their weight at the same time taking the opportunity to measure their cocks. I told them I needed to measure them soft and hard. This was no problem since most would get hard as I fondled their shafts while measuring them with the tape measure. I was amazed how a soft seven inch cock quickly grew to usually more than ten inches and at least three inches in diameter. I would try to do all my measuring within my tent, allowing each one to enter alone.This was done so I could find out whether some were open to getting their cocks sucked off. I also asked them questions how often they masterbated and most said daily. Most had huge wrinkled balls that reminded me of the balls I had seen on bulls growing up on a farm during my childhood. 

   One man caught my attention immediated since his cock hung down halfway to his knees even in its soft state. The young man was about the same age as Moises and he said his name was Santi. I couldn´t help staring at his cock as we were conversing within the tent. As I started to take measurement s his uncut cock quickly grew to around fifteen inches . I mentioned I had only seen one cock that big in my life and that he was the second. Santi asked if I had ever been fucked by such a huge cock and I said not only fucked but also had the pleasure of sucking it off. Santi asked if I wanted to suck his cock for a small price. I said yes and watched as he peeled his heavy foreskin, exposing a already slimy head. The head of his cock was huge as he inserted it between my lips. I immediately tasted a salty sweet liquid emitted fro his cock slit. He asked whether I could swallow his whole cock and I attempted with great verve to accomplish  it. He looked stunned as his shaft entered my throat  and having my lips  end up at his tufted hairy balls banging against my chin. Santi reached around to fondle my ass giving me the sign that he wanted to fuck me. I continued to suck wanting him to get the point where if I allowed him to fuck me it wouldn´t take long for him to come. I told him he could fuck me but that I wanted to eat his load when he came. I had brought along a good supply of rubbers size xxx  and handed him one. He look confused and I showed him how to employ  its use. I had also brought along a lubricant that numbed one´s asshole  when being fucked by such a huge cock.

   I took the opportunity to find out if he had the biggest cock of all the men and he said his father had a cock about two inches bigger. I asked him would he help me to be introduced to such a huge cock. I told him I would make it worth his effort if he did. Santi agreed as I continued encasing his swollen member in the condom. He told me it felt weird and I asked whether he always barebacked and he replied that he had never fucked a guy but fucked many women. I made Santi sit down on the bench as I lubricated my asshole. I straddled his dark thighs and eased down over his huge mast. I was about two thirds of the way when his phone rang. I heard part of the conversation and surmised it was  his father. Santi told his father he was down at the river  and he quickly muttered three quck words which were in a dialect of theirs that  I didn´t recognize. I was almost encasing his whole shaft when I heard a commotion outside. I saw the tent flap open up and a black guy probably fifty years old enter the tent. He had shorts on with a tee shirt with some English words on the front. As he viewed me impaled on his son´s cock I noticed his own cock was snaking out of the leg  opening of his shorts and on its way to an erection. Santi had started to thrust up into my ass while his father removed his shorts exposing the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life.

  His father´s watched intently as I rode his son´s cock  amazed I was taking it all. Santi was gasping and thrusting his length deeply in my anal sleeve, I  was helpless as his father brought his huge cock to my mouth and let it enter which stretched my lips around its diamter. I let him start to fuck my mouth trying to send its entire length down my throat. It was no use it was just too big. I had meant my match but he seemed pleased at how much I had taken.  Santi had started to lift my ass up and back down grunting as my hole hit his balls. In no time, Santi asked his father if he wanted to fuck me and he said yes. Santi withdrew and removed the rubber.and took his father´s place using my mouth to finish himself off. His father sat below and eased me down over his cock til I bottomed out on his banging his balls. His huge cock had brushed against my prostate which caused me to cum on his father´s chest. Upon seeing this his father startied to thrust up into me and then I heard Santi shout that he was coming. I was astonished that he was feeding his load to both me and his father alternating  each spurt of cum into each of our mouths. His father started to buck and I felt a warm liquid filling  my belly to my asshole. I was still impaled by his softenining stalk of black flesh and could feel his cum start to leak out. After we were done I gave them a few pesos and they both thanked me and I them.

   They next day, I took the day off  and went to Condoto wanting to see if I could locate my best friend´s family. Jhon´s father, Jose  had left when he was in his early teens in search of a better life. Jhon´s father was the person who had the biggest cock I had ever seen and experienced personally.  I was intrigued to find his long lost family and check out if genetically the men of his family possessed enormous cocks. The only clues of the family´s whereabouts were the town of Condoto and a nickname of Jhon´s father. With a bit of luck I happened upon his family  in no time. I was taken a back to find out Santi and his father, Manu were the long lost family members  of Jhon´s father. It was indeed proof that the genes  were passed down generationally  in respect to cock size. Manu was Jhon´s father´s nephew  the son of Jhon´s father´s brother. I asked Manu since we had met intimately at the river whether his father had a huge cock. He said yes and asked me whether I wanted to see it personally. I went back to the river after arranging a meeting with Manu and his father later that night. They arrived at dusk and I invited them in for a few drinks of Aguardiente. Manu hadn´t told his father that he had fucked my ass and after a few shots of this strong liquor Manu left me with his father.

   Our conversation started innocently talking about his brother, Jose and then progressed to the topic I was more interested in. I told him I was doing a study about cock size. I told him that I personally knew and  his brother had a huge cock and asked whether he did too. I told him how his brother had gotten me to suck his cock and even take it up my ass. He abruptly stood up and dropped his shorts exposing a half hard uncut black cock. I asked whether I could measure it and he said yes. As I was measuring it it started to show signs of life finally growing to a cock around 16 inches, I told him it was an honor to see such a enormous cock personally. I asked him whether he felt light.headed and he asked why. I said with so much blood redirected to his cock  from other parts of his body. He laughed  and then stood silent peeling back his black foreskin exposing his huge cock head. I could see a clear droplet of precum just filling his cockslit. I asked whether he would be adverse to me sucking him off. He said if I thought I had the ability to do it go ahead. As I quickly got on my knees in front of his swollen meat he adaptly brought it to my lips smearing his precum on my lips as he entered. I let it hit my tonsils and start its journey down my throat until I had encased its whole length to his balls. Just as he bottomed out I could feel several pulsations begin underneath his shaft, he was shooting his load. There was no need to swallow since it was was flowing into my stomach. As the pulsations stopped I withdrew til his head spurted the last drops on my tongue. It was great tasting cum very similar when I had received his brother´s hot load. As he took his cock out He said he was impressed and that he had never had his cock swallowed so far down a throat. He said it was just too much pleasure to stop him from coming.

The next morning I left Choco satiated with what I had discovered both scientifically  and intimately. It wouldn´t be the last time  I visited this region of Colombiain search of enormous black cock and cum.   





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