The first time I met Santi was when he came to the house with my best friend, Jhon, Jhon had many male friends. I thought it was a purely platonic relationship but I was told a story by Jhon that made me suspicious, Jhon said he and Santi were in bed fully clothed watching a soccer game when Eduardo, Jhon´s former lover had come to the house unannounced, When Eduardo saw Jhon and Santi in bed he got mad and left the house. I thought Jhon´s story didn´t totally ring true, so finally Jhon finally told me the whole truth. 

   John said he and Santi were using my bedroom on the third floor of our house  and Santi was fucking Jhon´s ass with his huge cock when Eduardo had surprised them at the point where both were cuming. Eduardo upon seeing Jhon´s ass being fucked by a strange guy was jealous and rushed out of the house upset. Now the story made sense to me especially after grilling Eduardo and asking him what had really happened. Eduardo´s version was that he had come to the house and had the spare set of keys, since during the week he would stay over being close to his workplace. He said he entered the house and heard noises on the third floor, noises one could attribute to someone fucking. Especially with Jhon who is very vocal when getting his ass fucked. Eduardo said as he went up the staircase to toward my bedroom, the noises were definitely the sounds of someone getting fucked. The door to my bedroom was left open since Jhon had no idea that he and Santi would be interrupted. As Eduardo reached the top step he could see that Jhon had his legs pinned high resting on this strangers´shoulders as Santi was filling his ass with his 10 inch cock. It must have been a sight  for Eduardo to see and react to. I think Eduardo reaction was both jealosy and the yearning to have his own ass filled with such a huge cock.

   Eduardo said it wasn´t the first time,, he had caught Jhon getting his ass filled by a big cock. Eduardo said one time when he and Jhon was living together he had come home early and found Jhon getting fucked by Ernesto, Ernesto was a friend of Jhon´s that had one of the biggest cocks I had ever had the pleasure to see personally and suck off personally. Jhon had introduced me to Ernesto´s huge Colombian cock one weekend when we were both horny. Jhon asked me whether I was in the mood to suck a huge 12 inch cock who his frriend, Ernesto possessed. I jumped at the chance out of curiosity and wanting to receive  a load from such as huge cock. Ernesto arrived at the house, this man was around 50 years old, very pleasant to converse with. Not at all Jhon´s type until I saw the size of Ernesto´s uncut cock. Jhon and Ernesto had made out below in Jhon´s room with the usual kissing and caressing. I could distinctly  hear Jhon trying to deep throat Ernesto´s big cock and ended up coughing and choking on its size. Finally after both were warmed up they both came to my room. Ernesto´s cock was huge not just in length but thickness in diameter and it had a huge head. Enesto asked whether I thought I could swallow his huge cock. I told him that I would do my best as I dropped my head over the edge of the bed knowing in that position I would be able to do it, I had sucked off Jhon´s own father who had a 14 inch black cock using this same positon. I still remember Jhon´s father ´s balls banging my chin with his nappy furred balls until he unleashed his torrent of delicious cum.

   While i made myself ready, Ernesto with his cock in hand positioned himself with his legs just behind my head. I opened my mouth and let him slide his shaft all the way in til his heavy balls hit my chin. Ernesto was astonished at my feat and told Jhon to fuck his ass while he fucked my mouth. It was truly a hot sight watching Jhon enter his ass while Errnesto fed me  his cock. It lasted about five minutes until I got Ernesto´s  huge thick load while Jhon filled his ass with his.

   When I told Jhon I wanted to meet Santi, his friend, he was more than happy to arrange it. Jhon said Santi was a ¨prepago¨ meaning he was a male prostitute and it would cost us 50 mil pesos 25 US for his servicing of both of us. It was all arranged and Santi arrived on time . We spoke for a few minutes in the living room until the three of us went to Jhon´s bedroom.All three of us undressed and Santi positioned himself in the middle with Jhon and I on each side. I went directly to his big uncut hairy cock while Santi went to suck Jhon´s big black dick. Santi had huge low hanging balls which were my favorite to suck, He indeed have a huge dick not the biggest I had experienced but it was quite a mouthful. As I sucked his ever growing cock he fingered my ass hole while sucking Jhon´s cock. When Santi was totally erect from my talented mouth he was ready to fuck someone´s ass. I told John to go first, While Santi put on a condom Jhon lubricated his hole. Jhon positioned himself facing Santi´s chest, lowering his ass to receive it. Santi was holding his stalk until jhon had impaled himself on its length. Santi started to fuck Jhon´s making Jhon moan and start to beat his cock. I got to the side wanting to suck Jhon off as he got fucked. Jhon was fisting his cock viciously and found my mouth.Each thrust of Santi made Jhon thrust his cock within my lips. Jhon was near because he was emitting huge amounts of precum. I noticed Jhon´s cock start to swell and readied myself. I received Jhon´s huge load and swallowed greedily. After cumming , Jhon raised himself off Santi´s member which was still rock hard and stll encased in the condom. Santi removed the condom and said I had such a talented mouth that he wanted a blow job til he came. He asked me whether I would eat his load and he knew from my sucking that I would. I told him to ghange position standing next to the bed as I dropped my head over the edge to receive his cock. He entered my mouth and sank his cock deep within my throat til his hairy balls covered my nose and mouth. Jhon had begun to suck his teats as I serviced his cock. After a bit, I felt his cock lengthen and swell and tasted the start of his heavy load which he fed to me until his balls were empty. 

   It was a great trio and have had Santi come to the house many times. I coined the name ¨Chimbo Grande¨ for Santi.Now when he comes he brings another friend which serves two purposes. One being the fact Santi only likes to fuck and get sucked off which makes it hard for Jhon since he likes to make out and kiss and finally sink his cock into some welcoming ass. So Santi bring s a guy who likes to receive and likes to give. So I´m left with Santi all for myself to get fucked and finally suck him off which he enjoys the most and so do I. Santi has great tasting cum which he gladly feeds me each time he comes to the house. 

   The first time Santi brought a fourth person he was a hot Colombian dude with a wife  and two kids. He had a nice thick uncut cock and I watched him fuck Jhon while I sucked Jhon´s cock from the side which was great  while Santi fucked my ass. For Jhon it was great to have both guys suck his teats while I sucked his huge balls until he covered his chest and stomach with his cum. After Jhon was satiated I ended up swallowing two loads of cum one from Santi and one from the other man. Jhon told Santi to  next time bring a guy who liked to receive and give to make the foursome more interesting.

   Santi didn´t disappoint Jhon the next timehe brought a real hot macho guy with tattoos and very muscular just John´s type to get fucked by and to sink his black cock into. After a few pleasantries of conversation we went to Jhon´s room  immediately Jhon and the other guy started to kiss and make out which was a big turn to me. So Santi was left to me. We both undressed and I started to suck his already semi-erect cock to its full masterpiece. Santi asked for a condom so I got one for him and one for the guy who was at this point feeding Jhon´s mouth with a nice sized incut cock. Santi and I took the floor and he started to fuck me doggy style which was like getting fucked by a jackhammer. Jhon was fucking the guy with his big black guy making him moan with pleasure. Then they changed positions with Jhon receiving his big uncut cock. Jhon was jacking off at this point  and it wasn´t long til he was splashiing his chest and stomach with his load.

   I told Santi that I wanted to suck him off and not to come in my ass. The other guy was lying on the bed with his cock still unsatiated so I took the chance to savor his cock. I started to suck his cock and let him face fuck me til I had his heavy load. Both Santi and Jhon watched as I received this guy´s cream and Santi said there was one more load to take ...his. I got my head underneath hiis big balls and started to lap them while Santi jerked off getting his load ready for my mouth. I was fisting my cock at the same time almost ready to shoot. All at once I could see Santi´s balls rise and separate. He abruptly stopped fisting his cock and forced his long cock into my gullet. I felt his lips on my cock at the same time and we both filled each other mouth with our loads. Jhon was astonished cause Santi was a top and never took a guy´s load. After we were finished Jhon was curious about what had happened and Santi said he was so into me  and had the urge to suck me off while he was feeding me his thick cum. 

   Jhon told Santi to bring the same guy next time since he had a great cock and was a great fuck at the same time. 




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