Me and my best friend were hanging out together. Before I continue his name is Derrick. Mine is Ethan. We aren't gay. Or we think we aren't. We do everything together. We date girls. But we suck each other's tasty cocks. I haven't tasted derricks cum and neither has he tasted mine. We don't go that far with our sucking. But we do try different positions for sucking. We haven't had sex or anything either. I'm 15 and so is Derrick.

"Can I go to derricks this weekend?" I asked my mom when we were eating.

"Sure, has his mom said you could go?" My dad asked.

"Yeah she doesn't care," I replied.

"Well then i don't care." My mother said.

"Can I go to Alecia's then?" My sister, Ashley, asked.

"Might as well since your brothers going to be gone. Can you take him to derricks on your way?" My mom asked.

"Yeah of course!" My sister said.

Ashley knows about me and Derrick. In return of her silence, I don't tell mom or dad about how i caught her having sex with her boyfriend.... And about how i saw her having a threesome with two guys. Yeah. No Condoms either.

My sister made eye contact and smiled.

[Friday Night at Derricks]

"I'm tired," Derrick said winking.

I kissed him gently and shoved him on the bed. I pulled my shorts and boxers off. My shirt was still on. I jumped onto the bed beside him. I stretched the loose short waist and stuck my head in there. (Derrick loves it). Derrick lifted my legs over him and sucked my cock hard. I moaned with pleasure. Luckily his mother was on a date. Derrick moaned as he gave me one of his epic blow jobs. He stopped sucking for a minute.

"Let me taste your cum, please. I'm begging!" He said as he put my dick back in my mouth. I soon found myself rising to cum.

"I'm.... Cumming!" I managed to say as I moaned. He swallowed it all with some dripping from his mouth.

"Cum! Let me taste it for once!" I said to Derrick. He did pretty quickly like he was holding back. He moaned loudly. It was salty and sweet. I loved it. I licked my lips.

I heard a loud door closing and some laughing. I realized his mom was here. I quickly jumped under the covers. I realized my underwear was on the floor and I quickly grabbed it and shoved it under covers with me. Derrick jumped under with me and pretended to be asleep. I heard his mother walk in. Then I heard the room door close. I peeked open my eyes and checked for her. She wasn't there. I rolled over and hugged Derricks back. He pushed me back with his backs and rolled over. I kissed him hard. He rolled me over.

"Let's get rid of our virginity. I have wanted you to take it since we were 13." He said softly.

My eyes widen.

"You're kidding?" I asked.

"Nope." He replied.

"Well, I've already shot my loud. And since your losing yours from me. I'm losing mine from you." I made a deal.

"No... I want this. You don't hav-" I stopped him and kissed him hard.

"I want this. Figure out a way to get your mom out tomorrow night. I know it's going to be rough and loud. We will fuck. Deal?" I said.

He agreed and kissed me back.

I don't remember falling asleep. But I awoke hugging Derrick. I quietly got up and went to the bathroom. I came through the kitchen to get some water when I saw a note...

"Be gone all day and possibly tonight. Money on counter for pizza or food."

"Yes!" I whispered.

I jumped into bed. Wanting to wake Derrick. He jumped up. I kissed him quickly, and moved on top of him.

"You're mom is going to be gone ALL day!" I whispered with a smile.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I forgot I was completely naked when he flipped me over and started sucking me.

"I'm first to be fucked." I told him as I pulled him up.

"Nooooooo...." He said with a moan.

I ignored his moan and used my spit as lube.

"Should I do this?" I thought to myself.

Derrick stood up. Adding more spit. He pushed me over and got in my back. He pinned me down. I felt his cock head in my ass. I gasped as he inserted three inches. He got two more into me. I banged the bed with my fist. It felt painful.

"relax." He said.

I took his advice and it started to feel good. I moaned loudly as he put the last three inches in me. He slowly fucked me.

"Fasterrrr" I said with a moan. He did faster and harder. I was moaning so loud and he started moaning. I felt his cock getting bigger as he said...


I moaned as I felt his cum fill my ass up. He collapsed onto me. Before I knew it i cummed.

"Sorry!" I said.

"Gosh I wanted you to fuck me..." He said with a moan.

"we still have tonight." I said with a cocky smile.

He kissed me and I pulled him around and under the covers. We laid there kissing.

I woke up to the sound of knocking. My stomach growled. Derrick walked past the bedroom door to the front door. I heard talking but I couldn't make out what it was. I put on some boxers and walked to the kitchen. Derrick came through with two boxes.

"PIZZAH!!!" He said as he sat the boxes on the counter. He handed me one. "We each get one." He added.

My mouth watered and we ate. It was sometime around 4-5 when Derrick wanted me to fuck him. I sighed and went to his bedroom.

"Hold on!" Derrick hollered.

He came back with a bottle.

"Found this in my moms room. I know I will need it since your cocks bigger." He said as he tossed the bottle.

I read the label and realized it was lube. I put a bit on my cock while Derrick was kissing me. He laid on his back and told me to get on with it. I slowly placed my dick in his ass. He moaned and groaned. It felt so good and I was soon moaning. As I fucked him faster i felt myself about to cum.

"IM CUMMING... GAWH FUCK!!!!" I hollered through the orgasm. I heard a shutter and turned around. I felt myself still cumming as I looked and saw his mother. I froze. She had a camera and was taking pictures. My eyes froze. I felt myself finish cumming as Derrick moaned and pulled away.

"Smile." She said as she walked out of the room.




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