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The pleasure was too intense; being in this muscular jock's big, powerful arms as he continued to thrust his cock with more and more strength and speed, deep into my ass. I couldn't hear it, but I knew I was moaning the better part of the session. I felt every mind-boggling blow to my prostate by Jake's long, thick, heavy cock. I could not imagine any other place or situation I would rather have been in more than I was in at the moment. Then it began happening.

My balls were getting tighter, raising higher. The pleasure was too much! I was about to cum. I used all of what little strength I had left to come out of my euphoric and ecstatic state to make my situation known to Jake.

"I'm cumming!" I yelled. "Mmmm, Jake!"

"I feel it, baby!" he shouted back. "I'm cumming too!"

I wanted to keep talking, but I was overcome with pleasure as I began to cum. My eyes shut tight, my jaw hanging loosely, my cock began shooting out ropes of my cum, all over the lockers, the floor, and the bench ahead of us.

I just barely heard Jake say "here it comes." My prostate was still swollen due to the orgasm, and I was clenching my ass on purpose to give even more pleasure to Jake. His thrusts became erratic, his voice becoming an animalistic growl. I felt it; the heat of it. He shot blast after blast after blast of searing hot cum, still pumping his rod into my used ass. It felt absolutely amazing!

As we came down from our intense fuck session, he removed me from his softening cock. As he did so, I expected to feel his cum dripping out of my hole, and so did Jake.

"Damn!" Jake exclaimed, looking at my ass. "Even after getting fucked for a while by a cock my size, your ass is so fucking tight, my cum isn't even able to get outta there."

I decided to take that as a compliment.


I wasn't looking forward to the end of the school day. I was worried that Jake would have left without me. I hoped like hell that didn't happen.

I thought that would have been the day I didn't get picked on and pushed around by the same group of guys that have been on my case since Freshman year:

Adam, he was the biggest of all of them; Head Ass-Hole, as I liked to call him. Would you believe he made me do his homework for him!?!

Then there was Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Ralph and Jerome, the twins-tall, ugly, and pimply.

None of them were attractive in the slightest. Adam wasn't big as in built, he was fat. I always fantasized about screaming at him, "Look at yourself-you are too FAT!!" I was smart enough not too, though. If I had, he would have punched my face in. Flabby or not, he was pretty strong. And those twins were fast... not as fast as me because I'm one of the fastest people you would ever meet.

When fourth period ended, I went out to the Senior parking lot, waiting for Jake. The Seniors began to flow out of the four sets of double doors, leading out of the commons and into the outside cafeteria and to the parking lot. I got some weird looks from a few students as I waited by the truck of the quarterback, along with a few smirks, grins, and congradulations from both guys and girls alike, all of which made me blush.

I felt uncomfortable the entire time.

"Damn it, Jake," I whispered to myself. "Where are you?"

"Where's who?" a horribly familiar voice said to me.

It was Adam. My heart sank, my bodily temperature lowered, and my eyes widened. Oh how I hated him so. I turned around to look the Oompa Loompa in the eyes. Too bad he was not shorter, though.

"Couldn't find you during lunch," he said as he neared, the twins following behind. "So where the fuck is my homework?"

"It's in my binder," I said quietly, getting out my binder to fish his homework out for him.

"Heard what happened to you afterschool yesterday," he said in a fake, apologetic tone. "Wonder what your mom would've thought if she knew her little boy was a faggot!"

My eyes shot open. My heart rate increased and I felt a surge of adrenalin course through me. How DARE he say something so cruel! I was ready. I was about to give that little fucker what-for!

I stood up slowly, the sound of their laughter made me even more furious. Turning around, I addressed him in a soft voice

"Hey Adam?"

When he looked back at me, I swung my fist as hard as I could at his face, punching him with my fullest strength, with the addition of my adrenalin. I heard something break, and I knew it wasn't from my hand. I had definitely broken something. Despite my anger, I felt good inside from hitting him.

In my anger, I had forgotten about his homework, which I had held on to the entire time. Blood from his nose had dripped onto the paper and I took that moment to make my stand final.

"Oops," I said with a sound of concern behind an unmistakable hint if sarcasm. "Now it has blood on it."

I crumpled up the paper and threw it to the ground. I spun around, gathering my things. To say I felt bad for punching him, if I was hooked up to a lie-detector, would have made it explode. I loved it. It made me feel good, though not as good as when I would have Jake's massive cock inside my ass.

I flung my backpack over my shoulders, feeling good about what I had done. Ordinarily, I would never even think about doing something like that, but he totally crossed the line with me. Violence is never the answer, I know that, but what I also know is that bullies are tough and relentless, but when you turn around and punch them hard, they'll think twice before coming back for another round. It's an efficient way of dealing with bullies. Thanks to that act of defiance, I had never had another issue with him or the twins.

He turned around and ran for the doors to get inside the school, holding his nose, the twins following close behind.

Finally, that asshole got what he deserved.

I clenched my fist, soothing the pain. I have seen how sore someone's hand can get after punching someone or something and how much it can hurt, but it didn't hurt too much, thankfully. I finally saw Jake come outside. My whole body got warmer and I shook with happiness. Just the sight of him was enough to make me shutter.

"Hey baby," he said with a smile as he leaned down a planted a kiss on my lips. "C'mon, let's get going. My mom called and said that she and dad are home because their meeting was cancelled. They know about you and I'm wanting to introduce you to them."

I nodded, smiling. Though I was not too happy because I was a bit nervous about what his parents would think of me. We hopped in his truck and drove to his place. I was certainly fearful that his parents might not like me. What if they too did not agree with me being gay? Given my luck, that was a likely possibility.

We had reached his house. When we walked in, I expected to hear an unfamiliar voice, but I did not. Jake walked over into the kitchen. I followed and noticed he was reading a note from the countertop. I looked over his shoulder and read:

"Jake, Your father and I have been invited to a party by some old friends. We'll be home by around midnight. We look forward to meeting Andrew!!

Love, Mom"

"Well, looks like the house belongs to us, tonight," he said. "Hey, I got something to tell you."

I looked at him, wondering what he was going to say.

"I broke up with my girlfriend," he said with a slightly unhappy tone.

As those words come from his mouth and processed through my mind, I immediately felt the warmest feeling I had ever felt. He broke up with that insanely hot babe for me. For me. For ME! I felt butterflies in my gut. He smiled at me.

"Hey," he addressed. "I'm not really in the mood for sex tonight."

I felt a bit disappointed, but I was not too bothered. Sex with him was always mind-boggling, but I wasn't necessarily horny 24/7, so I was glad he was not either.

"So," he said. "What do you wanna do?"

I thought it over. I was thinking it over intently,

"How about we just have some slow, gentle sex?"

His dull expression did not change. He slowly shook his head and made his way to his room. I followed behind him. To my surprise, he just plopped down and brought the covers over himself. I was disappointed, and was not going to stand for it. I got closer, sliding the covers off of him.

"Get naked," I instructed.

He did so, slowly, not feeling too energetic from what I could see. I did the same, eyeing his perfect body intently, my cock rock hard. Laying back down, I crawled in with him, laying next to him. He reached out, wrapping his arms around my small body and pulling me in closer, holding me against him. The warmth of him was magnificent as he placed one of his large, muscular legs over mine. I loved it. His cock lay semi-hard in my ass crack.

"Tell me about your day," I told him.

"It wasn't the best," he began. "When I broke up with her, she ran off and told a bunch of other guys. They all think I broke up with her for a guy. Trouble is, they're right. Now they're probably gonna pick on you."

I felt a sickening feeling inside. If it were not for me, he would still be happily dating and fucking his ex-girlfriend.

"Don't worry about me," I said. "I don't need anybody's pity or want it. I can handle being picked on."

What I did not realize was that he felt like it was his fault.

"Are you mad?" I asked, sympathetically.

"Yeah," he said sternly.

It was then that I got an idea that might have benefitted both of us. I knew I was going to enjoy it if my plan worked out the way I had hoped.

"How mad?" I asked.

"Mad enough that I'd love to kill every one of those assholes!"

So far, so good.

"You might wanna find a way to release all of that anger," I suggested, waiting a moment to say what I had in mind. "Hate fuck?"

I could not see his face, but I knew he was smiling evilly.

"What do you mean, hate fuck?" He asked.

"I mean grab on to me, fuck my ass as hard and as ruthless as possible and call me mean names and stuff," I said, my cock dripping pre-cum by then.

I felt his massive shaft become very hard in my ass crack. Suddenly, his cock head was positioned against my hole. I knew this would hurt, and I squinted my eyes. Quickly, he thrust his dick inside of me, burying it down to the base, causing me to scream out in pain. The cum from earlier was still inside me and that neutralized most of the pain, but even so, it was painful. He threw the covers off and grabbed onto my legs, pulling me into a missionary position. He suddenly wrapped both of his huge muscular arms around one of my legs, hugging it closely as he began to thrust as hard as possible. I was instantly overcome in pleasure and began to scream out. Before long, I was moaning like a little slut, when all of the sudden, he shoved something in my mouth to silence me.

"That's my fucking jock strap," he said. "I've used it for two years and never once washed it! You like the way it smells and tastes, don't you!?!"

Nodding my head vigorously, I lay there in his control as he rammed his enormous shaft into me over and over and over again, sending waves of incredible pleasure through my body as I whole-heartedly gave my body over to Jake. The smell of his jock strap was strong and turned me on intensely. His sweat had kind of a sweet smell to it. The strength of his thrusts practically had me in sexual turmoil, unable to decide if I was going to die from the insane pleasure or not. His thrusts increased in speed and in strength, now causing friction. Suddenly, he pulled out. I was confused. What the hell is he doing, I asked myself. I saw him scoop a large amount of vaseline from a jar on the nearby night stand, before applying it to his rod. He repositioned himself and I prepared myself for the certain forceful reentrance of his enormous rod inside me. Without warning, he rammed himself as hard as possible back into me, causing me to scream out as loud as I could into Jake's dirty jockstrap. He did not let anything get in the way. I could not get enough! Every brutal thrust was joined by a loud groan from Jake as he let out all of his anger and frustration into me as his cock began to harden even more (if that was even possible) and fill up my ass with hot cum.

Suddenly, I felt my own balls rise up and I knew I was close to cumming. I reached down to grab my pre-cum soaked cock, but Jake leaned down and wrapped his hand around my wrist, pushing it back down to grab onto my other hand. By that point, I knew I was totally his! I knew that, by how he stopped me from jacking myself, that he was not finished yet.

He began to slow down his thrusts and removed his jock strap from my mouth. Gasping, I thanked him.

"Thank you, Jake!" I said. "That was amazing.

"I'm not done yet," he said, grinning. "You didn't cum yet."

A big smile formed across my face. He knew how to excite me with just a single look! As he released my arms, he wrapped them both around my body, lifting me up. He locked lips with me, searching my mouth with his tongue. I enjoyed the sweetness of his spit as he passionately kissed me. I felt him slowly slide his cock out a little bit, and gently glide it back in, causing me to moan in pleasure as the head brushed up against my g-spot. To my surprise, he pulled out completely and set me down. I am telling you, if my cock could speak, it would have been screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK?!? GET BACK IN THERE AND GET ME OFF!!" Panting, Jake asked me something I did not expect to hear.

"Andrew," he said. "Do you wanna fuck me?"

My eyes got very wide. I never thought he would ask me something like that. I was, by then, a determined bottom, but when he asked me that, my cock jumped out of control, and I was wanting to fuck him. Smiling, I gave the answer I felt he wanted to hear.

"Lay down on your stomach with your legs over the edge," I instructed.

He assumed the given position, and I got even more excited. Seeing that hot, muscular, tight ass of his, I positioned myself, pressing my cock head against his hole with a little bit of pressure. Now, my cock was not small. It was almost 8" long, and not too thin. I knew it would hurt him a little bit, but the way his entrances hurt before, I was not going to hold back much. In one, quick motion, I had thrust me entire dick into his warm, tight ass, the tightness, warmth, and pleasure overwhelming me.

"Ahhh!" he screamed. "Fuckin' hurts!!"

I kept myself buried inside him, letting him get used to it.

"Give it a minute," I said. "The pain will go away soon."

He nodded. Fuck! He looked so hot the way he was stretched out with my dick inside of him. He was just so fucking tight and the way his ass muscles tightened and released, massaging my cock, was not helping my situation. I didn't want to cum too soon. If I did, he would not get to feel the amazing pleasures of having a dick up his ass, so that I could possibly fuck him again. Do not get me wrong... I absolutely LOVED when I was impaled on his magnificent fire rod, but fucking him in the ass was pretty nice too. I so wanted to kiss his body, and I did just that. Leaning forward, I placed my lips in his muscular back, kissing all over and licking at his neck. Jake was beginning to feel more excited. I waited, being patient, wanting nothing more than to fuck him as hard as I could.

"Okay, go ahead, slowly," Jake panted.

I withdrew a little bit, and slowly thrust back inside, Jake gripping the sheets lightly. I couldn't help it! It felt so good, and knowing I was in control made me even more horny. I finally made the decision to let him have it. I started to fuck him, hard. It felt so good! Jake just gripped harder until he started to let out a few moans. That excited me even more.

"Oh fuck!" he shouted. "That feels so good!"

I took that as a sign. I placed my hands on his hips, pulling out until the head of my dick remained, and, with little control, slammed as hard as possible back inside him. I was moaning and panting and sweating by then. It was happening too soon. I felt my balls rise up I was out of control. I began to cum, continuing to fuck the holy hell out of Jake's ass, filling him up.

"Fuck!" I screamed, finally collapsing on top of Jake, letting my dick slide out.

"I didn't cum," he whispered, rolling us over and positioning his pre-cum soaked dick against my recently fucked hole.

"Just fuck me," I said quietly.

I didn't care if he fucked me again, as long as he fucked me hard. Then seddenly, he quickly impaled me, at his fullest strength and speed, causing me to scream out in a mix of intense please and intense pain.


Ray Walker

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