Like I have mentioned many times concerning Colombian men, the majority of them love head and it really doesn´t matter if they´re getting their cocks sucked off by a woman or a man. I can attest to this since I´ve had the opportunity to suck off many married Colombian never thinking that they would be open to it. Colombia is a machismo society but when it comes to getting sex from someone, I´m always pleasantly surprised.

   I have a good friend, Jorge Franco and after many months have developed a close friendship. Jorge is married with two kids. He is a very good-looking Colombian guy,but he is very short 5 foot tall. Jorge has average body for a Colombian man, nothing to write home about, but Jorge exudes a real masculine presence especially with his hairy chest hair visible coming out of the top opening of his shirt and his shadowy beard whenever he comes to the house for a visit. We always end up having a beer and discussing his time in the states.

   One day he had come to talk and seemed bothered by some problem. I asked him what was bothering him.but  refused to tell me so I didn´t pursue it. I asked him whether he wanted a beer and he asked whether I had something stronger. I said I had aguardiente, a very strong liquor which has an anise taste. Jorge asked whether I would join him and I said okay so we both started drinking shots. As time passed , both of us we quite drunk and I kept staring at his basket which became pronounced as time went by. Jorge caught me at least once eyeing his crotch  and repositioned himself giving it more visibility to my gaze.I pretended not to notice, fumbling with the conversation and glancing in another direction. Jorge said he needed to take a piss so I showed him the bathroom which he entered but didn´t close the door. He continued to talk to me as he snaked his cock from his jeans and pointed it at the toilet. I couldn´t resist from outright curiosity of knowing how big a cock he had. I glanced toward him as he started to unload a torrent of piss. I even mentioned boy you really had to take a leak¨.¨He laughed and started to shake off the excess urine from his cock. I had a chance to see his cock and was astonished at his size being a short guy and all. Jorge caught me watching as he  shook his cock ,but didn´t put it away. I noticed it had started to get erect and my cock started to do the same . He kept smiling at me and glancing down at his cock. He even turned toward me to let me see exactly what he had between his legs. I could see his hairy,black bush  and his average sized balls but I was taken abck by the size of his cock. It was at least 12 inches long and was uncut and the diameter was also very impressive.

   My mind wandered from what was happening and I was thinking about another friend of mine, Ray who owned a farm high above Envigado. Ray had invited to see it and I accepted. He came to my house and picked me up  in his Jeep and we started the upward journey to his farm way high in the mountains.We arrived at the farm and I was expecting to see his wife but she was nowhere to be found. I asked him where his wife was and he said they were separated and that he was living at the farm alone. Ray offered me a coffee which I drank at a rustic farm table enjoying the incredible view. Ray had given me a tour of the farmhouse,ending with the room where he slept each night. The room had the smell which overwhelmed me since  I had smelt this standing next to Ray many times. It always gave me a hard on  since I would immediately think about what it would be like to suck his cock and enjoy  the masculine smell of his cock and balls.Ray never gave me any indication otherwise that he would be interested in having sex with another guy. As we left his bedroom he said he needed to take a piss so I went back to the table and waited and waited and waited. Finally I went looking for him and found him in the bathroom with his cock out and he was in the process of jacking off. I immediately turned away and he asked whether I wanted to watch. Out of curiosity, I turned around and entered the bathroom. I was standing next to him and saw that he was around nine inches with a very hairy bush. Ray had continued to jack himself off and I smelled the over powering smell that his bedroom had. I eased pass him and sat on the toilet facing him and watched intently. He smiled and turned his cock toward just inches from my mouth. Ray said you want to suck me off ...I´m almost ready to come.¨I asked him if it was safe and he said we were all alone in the farmhouse. I guess he took this question of mine as being a yes and he edged his member toward my face. Ray still had his boxers on and his cock was protruding from their opening. As he got closer he peeled his jeans down along with his boxers . I helped him by fishing his erect cock back inside his boxers while he pulled them down to his ankles. Ray got in front of me and brought my head to his member. I opened my mouth and caught the first taste of precum escaping his cockslit. I was caught up in the aroma of his crotch and let him ease his organ all the way into my mouth. I used my tongue to swirl across his glans and he moaned with pleasure. He had taken his hands off his cock and began feeding me his incredible engorged cock. I told him to close the door which he did and brought back his cock to my mouth that I had begun servicing. I grabbed his hairy legs from behind feeling them tremble as  each moment passed. Ray asked whether I wanted his cum and could only mutter a response since my mouth was busy. I could hear him let out a mmmm and felt the first taste of his hot load,followed by another mmmm and another until he had filled my stomach with his heavy load. I continued to nurse his cock until I was sure I had gotten every drop,

   After reliving the experience with Ray´s cock at the farmhouse my mind abruptly returned to what was before me. As Jorge was showing me his cock and motioned with his dick to enter the bathroom. I put the lid down on the toilet and sat facing his cock. He motioned me to come closer and I was only an inch from the biggest cock I had ever seen on a short guy. Jorge said I hope you don´t mind but I need to empty my balls and Ï´m so horny and would I do him the favor as a friend in need. I smiled at his downward gaze as I eased forward and engulfted his member. I could feel his legs begin to tremble like Ray´s knowing he was lost in the moment. I started to suck his great cock trying to take it all. It was no use  I could only manage 6 inches which completely filled my mouth. Jorge abruptly withdrew his cock and said let´s go upstairs and get more comfortable so he could enjoy what was happening. We left the bathroom, I grabbed the liquor and asked whether he wanted another shot. He said yes. When we got to the bedroom I poured the shots of liquor while he kicked off his shoes and removed his jeans and underwear at the same time. He had left his socks on but it didn´t matter as we drank the shots of liquor. Jorge laid back with his hairy legs spread apart giving me full access to his great cock. I engulfed his cock and found it was easier if I laid on the bed next to him. With my head above his member i began to go down on its length feeling the blood pulse through this muscle of flesh. Jorge was intently watching me service him and at times would try to thrust more into my throat. I could tell jorge was close so I eased off and started to suck his heavy nuts,savoring their salty taste.Jorge said to go back to his cock and once I had the head in my mouth he thrust forward holding my head so I couldn´t escape what was coming. I tasted his first spurt striking the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed his cream which let him know to keep holding my head as he fed me his semen. I choked on the next spurt but managed to keep swallowing and let him continue to use my mouth as a cunt. After what seemed an eternity, I let his member slip from my lips dragging the remains of the stringy cum still coming from his slit. I swiped it with my tongue letting him know I was hungry for all his cum. I wiped my mouth and he smiled and said that was great and he started to put his pants back on. I got control of myself and poured us another shot and we drank a toast to which had just occurred. I told Jorge anytime he needed relief just stop by. He laughed and said there was no doubt he would return now and then . 




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