I had been posing at a horny teenage girl and text messaging a guy that I knew that I kind of hated and wanted to know personal info about just so I could somehow blackmail him....it blew up in my face.

His name was Josh; 16 years old. Dirty blond hair, really tall, big hands and feet, skater/motocross guy

It was the summer after my freshman year and like I said before, I wanted to know stuff about him until he figured out who I was. Here is what happened after he figured me out...

Josh: I always kind of thought you were a queer, listen, the only fucking pleasure I get lately is my hand and I'm tired of it; the only way I won’t tell everyone that your gay is if you blow me. I’ll be at your house in 15, ight?

Me: okay....whatever...

15 minutes had passed and surely enough he was driving up my driveway...

I let him in and told him to sit on the couch and we would get this over with...so he sat down and we talked for about 15 minutes about nothing important, until I said...

Me: I’m gonna go piss, if you want to go ahead and get ready and we will get this over with

Josh: by the way...you’re gonna’ do what I tell you to, and you’re gonna’ swallow my jizz.

Me: okay...

After pissing I went back into my living room and he was sitting here jacking off to get a hardon and he just looked at me and said

Josh: alright...suck it faggot.

I started blowing him and jerking him off (switching back and forth) until he said

Josh: deep throat me...go all the way dammit

So I did it and he began moaning which turned me on...the he noticed that I had a boner and said...

Josh: whoa faggot...getting a boner huh? I bet that thing is tiny...let me see it

So I did what he said and pulled my pants down

Josh: damn dude...your almost as big as me...KEEP BLOWING DAMMIT

So I did as he said until he said

Josh: stop...I'm about to jizz...I'm gonna shoot your face

So I stopped and let him jerk himself off until he shot a small load onto my face.

After that he cleaned his dick off and I cleaned my face off.

He went home...we never spoke of it again.



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