A Taboo Love

By : A. Williams

     My story starts when I was 13 years old and my parent’s adopted my brother Joey. He was 3 years old and could barely talk. He was a small rug rat in my option and ran after me constantly calling me “Bubba” because he could not say Brother.

     My name is Matt and little Joey soon latched on to me. I was the only one that he wanted to take care of him, he didn’t want my Mother or Father, only me. I gave him his baths, read Joey his favorite bedtime stories and he loved to play trains all the time and of course I did that too.

     In truth, Joey pulled me out of my selfish teenage years because I had to be there for him. He needed me, only me, to teach him everything and help him grow up.

     He was a good boy but afraid off the dark, thunder and lighting. He was afraid of storms in general and he had really bad dreams. He often snuck into my room at night after his bad dreams or during a storm and I would wake to find him curled up to my back sucking his thumb to calm himself.

     I would roll over and hold him tight to me and sing lullabies in his ear softly as I stroked his curly brown hair. I loved him and him me.

     Many years later, I was 20 and Joey was ten and our Parents took an airplane to my Grandmother’s funeral and the fight crashed. They, the crew and all the passengers were killed on impact and Joey and I were on our own. I had to grow up fast and be Joey’s total life now.

     Thank God they had a will that left us the house, and they both had life insurance policies that paid double indemnity for accidents. Plus the families of the survivors had a class action suit against the airline and won. Money was no problem.

     I had a good job working in construction, which I chose to continue despite the money and the house and both their cars, matching Lexus were paid for so I could take care of Joey and me.

     We carried on together, living and helping each other. The court gave me Parental control over Joey but because I was only 20 years old, they appointed the executor of the estate, our family attorney to oversee us for a year. We loved each other and despite the loss of our parents, we got along well together.

     He slept in my bed most nights, just to have someone close. But the older Joey got and the more he matured, my feelings started to change. Change from looking after him to lusting after him. I was still a virgin to sex having been a parent to him most of my life and after our parents died he was all I focused on. As far as I knew Joey was a virgin too.

     When Joey started his senior year at Franklin High he was 5 foot 10 inches tall and 190 pounds of muscles. His brown locks were now down to his broad shoulders and he had the perfect furry V torso that ended at a small waist. His hairy legs were like rocks from years of running track and with that perfect smile, deep dimples and blue eyes he was indeed very handsome.

     He had a bunch of friends, mostly guys. He was 18 and I was 28 and I was jealous on the men in his life. I wanted him for myself… I did not like those guys touching him, hugging him, patting him on his back. He was mine … only mine and he needed to know that soon.

     One day when I went to pick him up from school, I saw Joey and one of his close friends together. It seemed to me Paul and Joey were laughing a little too loud, standing a little too close and staring a little too long at each other and I knew Paul was after my Joey.

     That night when Joey came to bed with me in just his silky boxers, I was nude and laying on my back, hands behind my head.

     “Things seemed tense at super. Have I done something wrong Bubba? Are you upset with me?” Joey asked as he slipped into bed and lay on his side facing me.

     “I don’t like Paul, Joey. He’s a bad influence on you and you should stay away from him.” I said sternly.

     “Bubba please, you know we are buddies. He helps me study and always has my back,” he said softly moving closer to me.

     “I’m sure… very sure he wants more from you, a lot more from you. I just don’t trust him Joey.” I said determined to settle this once and for all.

     God he smelled so good, as he put his head on my chest and threw his hairy leg over my crotch, I groaned out loud. I wasn’t able to hold my voice in.

     “Am I hurting you Bubba? I don’t like it when you’re mad at me,” he said snuggling in close to me.

     With his warm body next to mine, my mind started to race with thoughts I knew were terribly wrong. I started to image the taste of his skin, the feel of his lips on mine and the smell of his most private places that I had not seen for years.

     Even as I slid my arm from under my head and wrapped it around his back, I knew it was not a good idea. My hand rested on his hip and my fingers were only inches away from his manhood. I pulled him tighter to my body and this time, Joey moaned.

     “Uuummm, you feel so good, so strong and so warm. Please hold me tonight so I know you still love me,” he said softly.

     “Joey Baby, you know I love you… always deeply. You have no idea how much.” I said as I squeezed his hip.

He whispered, “Show me Bubba. Please show me you love me.”

     Joey moved on top of me, his face only inches from mine, “Kiss me Brother, please show me you love me tonight,” he whispered, his voice and eyes full of lust.

     God I could not stop myself as I pressed my lips to his softly. When our lips touched, I felt a charge in me from my head to my toes. Oh God I wanted him and I knew I was going to hell but I was going to have him, now.

     I pressed my tongue to his lips and he opened to me. I slid my tongue in slowly and found his …wet, hot and ready. My cock almost exploded as they met and swirled together.

      My hands moved over his muscular back and cupped his full round butt checks. I squeezed and Joey moaned in my mouth.

     Joey was rubbing my hard cock with his own and I could feel that his rod was long and thick.

     I rolled us over and broke the kiss, “I love you baby and want you in all ways…in every way. Are you sure about this Joey?”

     “Bubba I have wanted and dreamed about this for years. I have saved myself for you. Now I give you all of me…totally and completely. Please take me in all those ways, in every way my Brother. I can wait no longer,” he begged.

     His words only increased my desire and I started my exploration of his body. First that long lushes neck, he tasted even better than I had dreamed.

     I went lower to his hairy chest and his nipples buried in that sweet smelling fur. They were hard as rocks and I sucked and nipped those tasty morsels. Joey moaned, “Yes oohhh yes Brother suck my tits,” as he pushed my head hard against his chest.

     God I felt I could eat him up…. But I let loose of his tits and went further with my exploration of his wonderful body. His hairy abs were hard and his smell was driving me insane with a deep seated desire. I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock in his ass and make him mine for all time but I held back my wanting.

     My journey of his body continued with my tongue leading the way. At his crotch, I raised my head. I needed to look at his cock, to study it, to smell it and to worship it.

     I held his hard pulsing shaft between my hands and admired the beauty of his organ. It was 8 inches, heavily veined, thick, hard and pulsing. But somehow it felt soft and smooth in my hands. His reddish/purple mushroom head reminded me of a plum in size and color.

      I could smell his arousal, the sweet smell of testosterones and pre-cum. I let my tongue take it’s first loving lick of Joey’s cock. “Uuumm,” I moaned in deep pleasure.

     “God yes Brother, please suck my cock,” Joey moaned beneath me.

     When I swallowed him whole and my face was buried in his clump of pubic hair we both groaned out loud. Now I needed to taste his cum, my only purpose was to make him cum in my mouth.

     “Bubba… Ooohh… yes feels amazing.” Joey panted as I bobbed my head up and down on his hard shaft. Spit leaking from my mouth, tears streaming down my face but I loved sucking his cock and giving my brother Joey his first blowjob.

     Neither of us knew what we were doing so no mistakes could be made, just all out pleasure and fulfilled desires were to be had.

     I felt Joey’s cock swell in my mouth. “Oooohh Bubba feels so good. I’m close please don’t stop. Let me cum in your mouth.” Joey whispered holding my bobbing head tight in his hands.

     All I could do was moan in agreement with my mouth stuffed full of him as I continued sucking him, needing his cum on my tongue and in my mouth as sure as I needed air to breathe.

     His muscles locked and his balls drew up tight against his shaft. As I tasted that first shot of salty sweet hot cum on my tongue, I shot my load all over the sheets. Then more of his cum filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily as I tried to drink his very essence out of his shooting dick. 

     As Joey relaxed and came down from his orgasm he said breathlessly, “Yes…Ooohh my God Bubba that was incredible.”

     “It was for me too Joey.” I said releasing his softening cock from my mouth and laying my head on his hairy thigh with the taste of his sweet cum still in my mouth.

    His skin felt so warm and his hair on his thigh was so soft, like my pillow. I wanted to sleep and forget all the wrong I had done by sexually loving my brother.

      But Joey had other ideas. “Bubba, I need you and I still want more. You need to claim me as yours. Please make love to me and become my Man. I only want you, I only need you,” he said straddling my crotch and kicking off the bed covers. All of sudden my soft cock was on the rise when I felt his hot butt cheeks on my dick.

     “I have always been yours and you have always been mine Joey.” I said matter of fact like. “No-one else will ever do for us. Come baby, let me love you and unite us as one.” I said almost crying my heart full of twisted emotions.

      I pushed those emotions away as Joey kissed me deep and hard. He was urgent with desire and wanted me as much as I wanted him…maybe more.

     I  moved him up on my chest so I could lubed up my 10 inch cock and spread some lube on his hole. As I pressed in one finger, Joey begged, “Please brother ….more fingers. Spread me and get me ready for our love making. I need you so….now!”

     I worked in two, three and then four as Joey moaned, “Aaahhhh yes…but I want your cock. Let me ride you…Please Bubba.”

     He moved back and rose up. He positioned himself over my lubed cock and slowly slid down on my aching shaft. My eyes rolled back in my head at the intense smooth tight hot feeling on my cock.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed grabbing Joey’s hips to hold him steady.

“Yes Brother, fuck me!” he said bending over to kiss me deep and sloppy.

     I ground my heels in the mattress and shoved my hips and cock in and out deep and hard. I had to concentrate on holding back from cumming, damn this was so good… so much better than I had dreamed. I wanted Joey to cum on me…on my smooth chest, all over both of us.

     He pulled away from the kiss and I could see his cock was rock hard and swollen. I knew he was close so I increased the speed and angle of my thrust.

     “Yes….Oooohh yes right there. I’m cumming Brother!” Joey screamed as his cock shot all over us… again and again.

     Cum hit my face, my chest…Joey’s face, his chest. He kept firing away as I unloaded in his pulsing ass, long and hard.

     He collapsed onto my chest. We lay there quivering and feeling the after-shocks from our love making. I knew then that we would always be together, in life, in love and in deep dark taboo pleasure.

“I love you Matt,” he whispered calling me by my name for the very first time.

“I love you too, my Brother.”


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