It was 10 a.m. and I, samuel awoke with yet my boxers soaking wet again from the same dream of a fireman rescuing me and showing me tricks with his hose. I have yet to have come out to anyone and am slightly confused. I am 18 years old and physically mature beyond my years with a rock hard 7inch cock. my parents are divorced and I live with my single dad Jason. my dad is a truck driver and all the time he doesn't spend on the road he spends at the gym and doesn't really have time for a relationship. he has yet to be with anyone since my mother walked out on us and am beginning to worry.

I follow my same routine almost every morning, I wake up soaking wet and get my clothes and head to my shower down the hall. although this morning is going to change my life forever. so, I have my clothes and I head to the shower, on the way I hear this noise. my dad is supposed to be home anytime today and the noise is coming from his room. I go to his door wait a few moments and decide to go in. when I open my door to my surprise was my father in the middle of his bed, covers thrown on the floor with a dildo halfway inserted in his ass with his left had and his right hand pumping his cock. I was stunned. so I turned and headed to my room shaken and even more confused as all 7 inches of me is standing at attention. about 10 minutes later still ponderng what just happened my dad knocks on the door and says we need to talk. and the awkwardness begins. my father simply explained that he was lonely and this was his only way of relief, I told him I understood and was confused. he then explained that as both of us being men we shouldn't have to hide our sexuality and he said he was not embarrased as to what he was doing. we had a mutual agreement not to talk about it but I knew this was my chance to finally relieve myself of my horrible wet dreams.

2 days later he set off on a run and from thier I set my plan into action. he was due back in 4-5 days and on that 4th and 5th day I decided I would stay at home completely naked all the time waiting to allow my dad to catch me masterbating. it was the 5th day around 2 p.m I hear his car pull up and rush to my room where porn is already playing. I jump on my bed leaving the door wide open and start working my cock over with my right hand and a bottle of lotion. I here my dad walk in the door and knew that this was the moment of truth. he turned into my room and was stunned to see me like that, he immediately appologized and ran away. I followed after here caught him in between the the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.

I still fully erect caught him by the arm and told him that he had no reason to apologize and that if he asked me we were even. I told him I had been thinking about him ever since I caught him earlier in that week. he was shocked and said that this couldn't be happening. I told him that I had been gay all my life and that I saw him with a dildo in his ass and due to my little to no experince that I needed him to teach me everything he knew. of course he answered with a hell no and said we couldn't but thats when I knew I had to make my move. I edged closer leaned in, grabbed his right hand guided it to my 7inch cock. then I took his left hand and guided it to the entrance of my willing asshole. I leaned in and told him I needed this softly and began to kiss his neck softly as I took off his shirt and began to unbotton his jeans. now it was just the two of us me completely naked and my father in the tightest pair of briefs constricting what had to be at least 8 inches of pure heaven. I had to allow it to be set free. I lean down got on my knees and stripped him of his tidy whities. by this time I had pushed him into the kitchen and he was leaning on the kitchen table. I began toying his balls with the tip of my tounge while after that I licked the complete shaft of the penis untill my tongue reached the slit of his cock. from there I lick around the slit, and engulfed the head. I had never sucked a dick before but my dad tasted like a mixture of sweat and man juice seeing as he prolly hadn't showered in the passed couple of days being on the road and all. now I was focusing on relaxing my throat as I deepthroated his cock allowing his pubes to tickle my nose. the whole time all I could here was 'ohhh shit, don't stop' and 'no one has ever treated me like this before.

I worked him for a good 5 minutes until I could feel his was about to erupt. that's where I decided to stop and got up, grabbed his hand and guided him to his room. from their I sat on the edge of the bed and told him I needed to feel him inside of me, I knew nothing of what came over me but I couldn't help what I was saying. I laid on my back and scooted to the center of the bed. my dad reached in his side drawer and grabbed the lube and a condom.

I immediately stopped him and snatched the condom and threw it aside while squeezing the lube on my hand a preparing my ass as he prepared his monster. it wasn't as much as how long his cock was it was how thick. it had to be at least 3-4 inches thick and I was ready to take it. I needed it. he lifted my legs above his shoulders, teased me and then slowly tried to ease his head in. right away I yelped and he stopped. I said, 'no dont stop until I ask I can handle it I just might have to yell to but I can.' he began again. it felt like hours of him trying to ease inside me when actually it was probably only about 4-7 minutes. he now eased in and out and he felt like he was ripping my ass hole. I yelled the loudest I had ever yelled and my dad added lubricant to my pulsing ass hole.

I eased his way in and out for a good 5 minutes before I demanded he fucked me. and thats when the ride of my life began. he kept pumping harder and harder and it seemed his cock got bigger and bigger. my legs were shaking, I was screaming, and he was making me his bitch. I loved every minute of it and by this time I began stroking my dick as fast as I could and thats when my dad yelled, 'son i'm cumming, i'm cumming here I cum' and thats when we both ejaculated together and my dad shot the hardest stream of hot cum in my ass. he shot over and over it had to be at least 9 shots of cum in me. thats when my dad bent over and kissed me, his softening cock still inside me and he asked if I had ever tasted cum? I said no and he removed his cock from my hole and demanded I try and push out the cum.

I did and could here and feel it oozing from by ass when I felt the incredibly sensation of my dad licking it up and thats when he did the most unexpected thing. he then cam to me and kissed me once more with cum in his mouth allowing me to taste it. that day we stayed in bed the rest of the day me laying my head on his chest cuddling. he did ask if I was positive that was my first time. I told him the truth that although a virgin, my hand and computer supplied me with many late nights and I knew what I was doing. he said I was a natural. its been 3 months since that has happened and school has started, my senior year and every day my father is home and not driving I rush home for our father son bonding. although I have still yet to come out to my friends, I am happy with my life and am happy with the open relationship me and my father have.




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