Munakta Kyousuke was orphaned at an early age; but his looks had taken him far than he could ever had expected....beautiful long dark brown hair, a lean build which gave quite a turn to many women...a deep voice that almost gave an impression of the quite before a storm....curious yet piercingly deep warm black at 18 he was one of the few actors who were gifted to be destined to make it big in was during this time he met an aspiring actress Ran Utsonomiya,the two of them instantly became very good friends because both of them shared a painful past of loss....its amazing how the turn of events is they say 'Love brings two people together' but here a pain....a loss brought two young indiviuals togther....Ran Utsonomiya was just as gorgeous. A slim and petite figure....flowing dark caramel hair....a melodius voice and personality that made many men go weak in their knees....The friendship increased to an extent where both Kyousuke and Utsonomiya would tell each other their most intimate secrets....

One night after eventful and tiring day Kyousuke came home. He called out for Utsonomiya....but all hecould here was a crying noise. As he went into her room he found her huddled in a corner and sobbing, he went and sat beside her and patted her on her back.

'What happened dear?' asked he.

Looking up at him with beautiful watery eyes she whispered,'I have a son....a son fr..from a previous relationship.'

'Then what has upset you so much?' he asked gently patting her back back.

'I cannot take him with me because I got an offer of a lifetime....a hollywood project..'

'Don't worry Utsonomiya...what is his name?'

asked he.

'Mira-kun....he is 8 years old....he is in Tsaitama...!'

Then giving loud cry she hugged him tightly, he took her in his arms and kissed her forehead softly.

'Promise me you take care of wil adopt him as your own...never let him know who his parents were..??'

He looked at her the buden of her promise laid heavy in her eyes....then kissing her agin on her forehead he said in calm and reassuring voice,'Yes Utsonomiya...I will love Mira-kun as my own.'

But did he know this promise would soon bring him a love....a reason to smile and trust which would be tested brutally in the coming future.....!!



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