• French Dudes
    • 79
    • 10 May 2019

    French Dudes

    French Dudes offers horny guys from France in their 20s and 30s sucking, fucking, and getting nasty in all kinds of places - condos, dirty basements, locker rooms, in the open air, abandoned buildings, and more. There are 586 streaming videos, weekly updates and lots of uncut cocks.


  • Dark Cruising
    • 76
    • 7 Jul 2018

    Dark Cruising

    Dark Cruising features mostly European men in nasty, dirty sex with lots of gangbangs, extreme ass play, gloryhole sex, piss play, skinheads, fisting, dungeon play, and heaps of uncut cocks. This 2,078 streaming videos, some of which are also offered for download for an extra fee. Multiple weekly updates.


  • Sneaky Peek
    • 75
    • 12 Jul 2019

    Sneaky Peek

    Sneaky Peek offers hot voyeur content of amateur guys in locker rooms, showering, changing in fitting rooms, or even in private homes. 861 downloadable, DRM-free videos, and many can be watched on your mobile; newer can also be streamed. There are also plenty of photos. No update schedule, but site seems to update weekly.


  • French Lads
    • 75
    • 5 Sep 2018

    French Lads

    French and European guys in their twenties through early forties getting off in dirty sex scenes. Lots of variety of guys and scenarios: outdoor sex, rough sex, group sex, and kink. There are 523 videos to stream and download (with restrictions) on your computer or mobile. Heaps of uncut dicks, many nice and large.


  • Czech Gay Fantasy
    • 67
    • 10 Jul 2019

    Czech Gay Fantasy

    Czech Gay Fantasy features guys sucking and fucking in a Prague sex club featuring a gloryhole maze that goes way beyond anonymous blowjobs. There are holes big enough for guys to fit through their whole bodies making ass fucking not only possible, but anonymous and lots of fun to watch. Six bonus sites.


  • Public BF Videos
    • 60
    • 7 Nov 2017

    Public BF Videos

    Public BF Videos offers guys getting naked or having sex outdoors or in public places. 155 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile plus 6,500+ network videos. The site has issues and content on the tour is not found in the member area, but the network gives access to tons of amateur-style gay porn.


  • Gay Public Fun Trial $1.00
    • 68
    • 18 Aug 2014

    Gay Public Fun

    Gay Public Fun offers horny guys sucking and fucking in public places. They're athletic, good-looking and enjoy having sex while there's a risk of being caught. The 216 exclusive videos are downloadable and come with pics, and the site updates weekly. Full members get access to 11 gay reality bonus sites from the Big Daddy network.


  • Shower Bait Trial $1.00
    • 66
    • 20 Jun 2017

    Shower Bait

    Horny guys sneak up on their buddies in the shower and surprise them with a grope or a stiff dick between their soapy cheeks, which leads to lots of sucking and fucking under the spray. 43 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile plus access to 12 other sites and 2 weekly network updates.


  • Gloryhole Job
    • 64
    • 15 Dec 2016

    Gloryhole Job

    Gloryhole Job offers a cocksucker who waits on his knees in front of a gloryhole. Men enter his apartment, close the door, and slide their cocks through this hole for servicing, they blow their loads, and leave. About 250 full sucking sessions broken into 764 videos.


  • Out in Public Trial $1.00
    • 63
    • 30 Dec 2016

    Out in Public

    Out in Public delivers some of the best - and hottest - public and outdoor gay sex I've seen in any site. The 216 videos can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobile and come with pics. The site no longer updates and has some issues, but the public sex is hot, and full members get access to a good sized gay porn network.


  • Bad Boys Bootcamp
    • 60
    • 7 Nov 2018

    Bad Boys Bootcamp

    Bad Boys Bootcamp offers guys in their 20s with slender or gym-fit bodies (rough twinks, blue-collar guys and athletic jocks) sucking and fucking in a mix of indoor and outdoor sex scenes. 201 videos from gay porn DVDs to download, stream and watch on newer mobiles and the site averages 2 to 3 updates per month.


  • Boys on the Prowl Trial $1.95
    • 57
    • 21 Mar 2017

    Boys on the Prowl

    Boys on the Prowl delivers horny UK guys picking up amateurs on the street and fucking them in the back seat of the van. 45 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and while the site no longer updates, there are over 2,000 bonus videos. Hot reality porn and plenty of uncut cocks.


  • Bath House Bait Trial $1.00
    • 56
    • 14 Nov 2017

    Bath House Bait

    Bath House Bait puts the focus on hunky, well-built men sucking and fucking at the baths, spas, and in the locker room. 39 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile; while the site doesn't update, full members get access to a good-sized gay porn network with two weekly updates.


  • Unglory Hole Trial $4.00
    • 56
    • 13 Jul 2014

    Unglory Hole

    Ungloryhole offers straight guys being tricked into getting gloryhole blowjobs in an adult bookstore. The theme and action are hot, the content is exclusive and there are 106 downloadable videos but alas, the site no longer updates. Even so, I think str8 guy fans are going to like what this site has to offer.


  • Gay Violations Trial $1.00
    • 55
    • 21 May 2018

    Gay Violations

    Guys, including some porn stars, getting pranked, public nudity or having sex in outdoor/public places - car and public blowjobs, sharking, guys jacking their cocks outdoors. 127 downloadable videos but the site no longer updates. Still, members get access to a good-sized gay porn network with an update each week.


  • Gloryhole Boy
    • 55
    • 10 Apr 2015

    Gloryhole Boy

    Gloryhole Boy features horny amateur guys sucking cock through gloryholes. There are 15 good sized streaming videos with downloadable clips that are compatible with many mobiles. 23 straight and 1 tranny bonus site round out this package. No gay porn stars here - just regular guys who love sucking dick.


  • Boy Gloryhole
    • 54
    • 19 Jun 2014

    Boy Gloryhole

    Boy Gloryhole features horny Asian twinks servicing a fat uncut black dick thrust through various gloryholes. The site is on the smaller side and seems to have stopped updating, but the very good quality downloadable videos and cute Asian twinks make it worth a visit, although oddly the two most recent updates feature ladyboys.


  • Project City Bus
    • 50
    • 14 May 2014

    Project City Bus

    Project City Bus lets us watch horny amateur guys sucking and fucking on an actual bus while it drives through the city. The site offers 17 DRM-free videos but does not update; luckily there is an interesting collection of exclusive bonus sites.