Yes, it's funny gay-imagined videos that manage to make fun of straight people (and gay people at the same time). And thanks to heterosexism, straight people won't actually be destroyed by these. No anti-straight hate crimes shall occur.

At least for the next 5 minutes.

First, let's all play Gay Chicken, in which two straight guys try to get the other to quit first. Would that this were actually a thing (beyond this parody and all that "straight guy" gay porn out there.  

It did sort of occur on the only episode of Friends I thought was funny. In which Joey knows that Monica and Chandler are dating and accidentally tells Phoebe and Rachel (or something like that). But then it gets into a whole "They don't know we know that they know that we know thing." and Phoebe and Chandler are veering toward sex wanting to make the other stop first. So they were playing chicken with each other to see who would flinch. Comedy gold.

I think I'm confusing thinking that episode was funny with the fact that Lisa Kudrow if funny. Much like if you're having sex with someone with a huge dick, they might be horrible at sex but their dick is awesome so sex is awesome.

As for the second video, it sort of veers off the rails toward the end, but it's still interesting to see straight people talking like gay people, or more specifically, like gay stereotypes. Though they could have gone way edgier and had one of the straight people act out a gay teen calling a suicide prevention hotline. 

Probably good I don't make little comedy videos. I don't have time to answer that much hate mail. Anyone want to be my hate mail assistant? Pays nothing, but it's a real résumé builder.

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