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It's like the top has a new prize he won at a carnival. He managed to beat some normally fixed game, tossing a softball into a can when the ball is almost bigger than the can. Blowing up a balloon with a water pistol at distance when there's minimal water pressure. Or more likely, meeting a guy who turns out to be a bondage slave while pissing in the public toilet but it's at the carnival blowing through town so it's classy.

And while I officially do not get the allure of being tied up and having one's penis stepped on by the world's ugliest sneaker, the bottom is also blindfolded so doesn't have deal with that sneaker's pattern. When he met the guy while staring at his cock as they peed next to each other, he wasn't looking at those sneakers either.

When they are years into their relationship and he finally looks at those sneakers, which assuredly will be identical and not have gone through much wear because pressing on a penis with them isn't exactly heavy wear like playing sports would be, then the relationship will be over.

Or since he's so into being used in this exact way (and using the top in this exact way) that he may look past the unforgivable nature of those sneakers and focus on what's most important, that being blindfolded again as soon as possible and going into a euphoric kink state because that's what sex friends are for.

Though maybe the sub loves the sneakers and was the salesperson who recommended and fitted them in the first place. That's way less glamorous than meeting in a public toilet at a carnival though.

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