Finally a fetish I'm totally judgmental of! Admittedly sort of hot to watch (or for some incredibly hot) but just totally don't do this. Seriously don't. Don't do it. Think about it all you want though.

Like I'm thinking of s bully punching me in the stomach in gym class while the teacher watched and said nothing. Aren't bullies awesome? Well, maybe not but sometimes they're cute. Overall though, I preferred the bully who put me in a side headlock and walked me around like that.

Because it meant my head was crammed into his side. It was nearly like walking while holding hands, nearly like going to prom together. I think he finally gave up because I wasn't super upset by it. I inadvertently did a non-violent protest of one. And not fighting back weirded him out.

I've fought back plenty though. So if I were to do anything like these, I would sure as hell learn from a fetish pro how to gut punch without exploding someone's internal organs. I think my method would be to give them a lovely massage then suck their cock.

That's what gut punching is, right?

Guess I'll be doing something else on the weekend.

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