When he's not busy slutting it up for Titan Men, Matt Stevens is interviewing the gay porn fellas. His guest this time is Jimmy Fanz, who shares his trademark of eating his cum at the end of every scene. Hey, whatever it takes! By the way, Matt's left arm seems to move a hell of a lot during this interview, with his hand out of frame. Is he rubbing himself? You decide. He does cop a feel of Jimmy Fanz's fuzzy chest though.

Next up is an in-depth interview with XL. Yes, his name is XL. No relation to XXL. The best part is how there's actually a makeup mirror with light bulbs along the rim like it's some old Hollywood dressing room. Clark Gable did gay porn, right? As for what he likes to do on a date, it includes sensual massage, making his discussion of what likes to do on a date essentially a classified ad for his sensual massage business, allegedly. As for the interviewer's question about the craziest sexual experience he's had off camera, I found that rather invasive. Can a porn star keep nothing to himself?

Now this isn't an interivew. Rather its the dialogue from a gay porn flick with all the actual sex cut out (because it is YouTube after all). I still insist that every movie Tara Reid has done has worse acting than this. Although, she was pretty awesome in Sharknado 2. So does this mean, there's a copy of Ride 'Em Cowboy out there with no dialogue? That would truly be a loss. What's oral sex without character development? My last relationships. Ha.

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