Marco Rubi Returns to Men at Play Marco Rubi Returns to Men at Play

Italian hunk Marco Rubi got his gorgeous ass fucked three times on Men at Play back in 2013, then he moved on. He didn't leave Pornland, in fact, he's bottomed on some of the hottest sites in the business. But now, two years later, Rubi returns to get his ass drilled by Xavi Duran in Men at Play's Slick and Steel.

Marco Rubi plays a guy working in a metal shop and Xavi Duran stops by under the pretense of seeing if the hunk is open to taking on some extra work. Marco is pretty sure that he knows where this is going, but he plays it out. Rubi has an amazing ass, although I'm partial to legs and butts, so I might not be the best judge. What do you think? Rubi's derriere is big, round, and strong. It's the kind of butt you want to drop to your knees and hug. And Duran does. He rubs his beard across Rubi's cheeks, then spreads them with his hands and pushes his face deep between those fleshy mounds.

Gripping the work bench, Marco braces himself as Duran enters from behind. His dick is challenging, but then comes that moment of pure ecstasy when Marco's hole gives in and he lets out a sigh of pure pleasure. Duran grabs Rubi's hips and drills him hard, then he lies the bottom across a bench and fucks him some more on his back. It's nice to see Rubi back at Men at Play, and the site says that they have their "big guns lined up for that amazing ass," so there's more coming in the weeks ahead, but this week they're offering a 50% discount, so it's the perfect time to check out Rubi's comeback.

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