Flint Harris Gets His First Gay Ass Flint Harris Gets His First Gay Ass

Flint Harris is new to this whole gay-for-pay thing, but he loves that cash so much he's willing to do almost anything to earn it, including fucking a guy in the ass for the first time in his life. Paul Canon is a little more experienced when it comes to enjoying some anal action with another guy, so he might be the perfect choice to ease the straight dude into it. He's on that cock and sucking it to full hardness, and Flint reaches around to give the guy some friendly tugs on his juicy dick. But this is about the bareback fucking after all, and when Flint finally gets his cock in that hole and starts boning Paul's ass he seems to get what all the fuss is about! Even though Paul was new to all this not so long ago, it seems he's learned to enjoy it, and that straight guy dick in his ass makes him pump out an impressive load of hot cum as he jerks himself off! Is it the smell of fresh jizz that has Flint pulling out to unleash his own cum? Perhaps. But whatever it is, it seems to have him converted by the time his nuts are empty for the Broke Straight Boys cameras!

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