I can't tell if he's in a break room or at home but I approve either way. If he is at work, this makes a strong argument for renaming "coffee break" as "cum break". Sorry coffee industry.

Revol (whatever that company sells) should be proud of him for going above and beyond to advertise their "Great Gifts. Great Deals!" motto. Though I am confused why "Great Gifts" doesn't deserve an exclamation point as well. 

The gift of seeing a large penis ejaculating deserves a bonus exclamation point.

Maybe he's over the job and wants to get caught. Or maybe he's a supervisor and has locked the door, not releasing the video until he no longer works there. Or maybe he just wants everyone to know he works at Revol and masturbates openly. 

All I know is I want to take the place of the tissue he comes into at the end. That is a fine job, though has a lot of competition. I also wouldn't mind running my hands over his washboard abs. 

My only critique is that he should put his fitness tracker bracelet on his masturbation hand. He could definitely rack up the miles that way.

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