Watch Amateurs Jacking Off in Homemade Porn

"Hi, I'm Nicola. I'm going to jack off my dick for you."

If I had a nickel for every time some skinny, smooth French guy has told me that, I'd have a nickel. Or not even as he's not telling me that, just the entire internet. And in his description, he says: "I've made a video of me jerking outdoor. I am shameless! I love being exposed and shared!"

So here's your dream come true, Monsieur.

But I love that he has to explain that's he's shameless. The jacking off on a semi-public trail isn't enough to make that clear. Meanwhile, he does look further up the trail on occasion. I don't think he wants to be surprised by a wild animal or nuclear family. 

Though I think he checks to see if anyone spots him because he likes riding the edge of that fear. To him, it's excitement. And staying alert to his surroundings, despite his aggressive masturbation, helps him stay in touch with that desire to expose. It feels better if it's possible that someone may see him in person.

And he's already excited knowing he'll share the video. So he puts on a good show. I would advise him to wear kneepads though. Gravel and knees don't mix. Unless he's done this enough to develop tough knees. Yeah, probably.

By the way, I personally consider Nicola boyfriend material. He seems nice. But I'd have no idea what to get him for his birthday. Definitely not clothes.

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