Steven Prior Fucks Alex Silvers With His Monster Cock Steven Prior Fucks Alex Silvers With His Monster Cock

The well-known super-hung twink Steven Prior is on the prowl and looking for twink butt to fuck. He comes across Bulldog Pit model Alex Silvers while cruising a local toilet. The blond lad has a smooth body and sure is one dirty little fucker - he's eager for Steven's monster cock, and after sucking it for a while, gets it all nice and slick and wet, then bends over and takes every hard inch up his tight little butt hole!

Alex and Steven are both horny, and this meeting couldn't have been better timed. Both like to suck dick and takes turns going down on each other. Alex starts things off by taking Steven's monster uncut schlong into his mouth and sucking and licking it all over - all 12 inches of it! He tries to deep-throat the monster, but can't, and ends up just sucking on the fat head and tonguing the foreskin. Steven, on the other hand, seems more at home sucking Alex's more modestly-sized uncut piece and goes down on it, opening up his throat for his new buddies hard-on.

Then it's time to fuck, and Steven turns Alex around, gets him to bend over and slides that monster into his tight little rear entrance as if he was fucking a piece of warm butter! Alex's face shows an amazing array of emotions - pain - pleasure - relief - ecstasy - all the while almost every single inch of Steven's huge cock is stretching his hole to the limit and fucking him relentlessly - almost to the point of senselessness! Eventually tho, he gets to the point where he needs to cum - he pulls out and jerks his shaft until his cum load squirts all over Alex's back and buttocks. Alex then squats down in front of Steven's now relieved cock and sucks on its cummy head while he jerks his own cock until he squirts his own cum load all over the floor at Steven's feet - hot twink, hot cocks, hot fuck!

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