Something for the Weekend: Tom Jones Treats You Right

Also known as Tom Jones dances like crazy into your heart. Look up gyrations in the dictionary and you'll find his picture and while you're looking at his picture, he'll fuck you in the ass and mouth at the same time.

Yes, at the same time. He's Tom Jones.

People talked about Elvis' scandalous hips (and later his terrible nutritional habits) but back then some broadcasts aired him from the waist up only.

To make Tom Jones non-scandalous, you'd have to film him from 200 feet away through a vaseline covered lens and he'd still fuck you in the ass and mouth. 

He also sings and stuff (still does). But damn, he knows how to pack himself into tight pants and in this crazy dance (in which the black pants at least make him somewhat less obscene because they obscure some detail), there are some hair-pulling moments, as in he's pulling his own hair like he's in the middle of fucking you and you're pulling his hair in passion.

What a multitasker.

Why Tom Jones? Because he told me to and I can't think of such a sexy crooner in modern day times at the moment. And my second choice was Fabian Forte and that is just a bit too vintage for me today. Well, Mika is pretty cute I guess. But he's no Tom Jones, who is pretty damn cute.

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