Instagram star (and probably he does other stuff but I really have no idea, maybe something with hairdressing or Olympic rowing judging by his legs) Kyle Krieger got Milkified. Follow all that? Yeah, about the Milk part. That's Milk from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 does crazy makeup stuff to him and it's what it is.

The thing about Milk is he's sort of original and sort of not. This look is not super insane but seeing it on a beefy guy is neat, especially because it shows both are open to playing around with gender expression, makeup, macho, femme, all that. It's very freedom-centric. I like that.

Glitter beards go way back of course. Not just back to the Cockettes but way further. Like I think Rock Hudson had a glitter beard, his fake wife.

The Sia thing comes into it with the wig, though really Sia is more than a wig. It was more about those little head movements of the dancers in her video. This is probably the right time to say I want Kyle Krieger to pin me with his massive legs. I don't know what would happen after that. Probably something orgasmic. Or maybe he could just post us to Instagram. Then I'd be a star!

Though as he says: "Being popular on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly money." Do you think he'd strip for Monopoly money? That's what I got out of that quote anyhow. I'd like to shove Monopoly money in his g-string. Except in addition to not being real money, it wouldn't be a real g-string, so it would just fall apart. 

Now don't bother looking for absolutely full nude pics of him. He doesn't go there. But he does go mostly there. Which I actually appreciate. Some mystery and privacy is to be respected. And by respected I mean ejaculated upon.

Milk is cute too, isn't he? Dynamic fun duo, these two.

Check out Kyle's Instagram, though maybe you're already one his his nearly 400K followers.

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