Want Tom Goss to write a song with your hook-up app texts? Then submit a convo to him or say some crazy (or normal) stuff and hope the person you messaged submits it and it strikes Tom's fancy. He may feature it in his currently weekly series.

Side note: hook-up apps aren't just for hooking up, I know. Like you can meet a gardener or a prostitute too. Or a prostitute gardener. Kneepads can do double duty.

So talented Tom pulls both deep and non-deep meaning out of these moments that would otherwise be erased. Jacksonville in particular captures the desperation and ennui inherent in putting oneself out there with a super likely to be rejected request.

A reminder to keep trying. More rejection just means you're succeeding at trying. Do you buy any of that?

BTW, let's add Tom Goss to the list of talented, non-mainstream lgbtqi folks who will never be invited to any mainstream show. Yeah, I'm talking to you Ellen. If she doesn't have Adore Delano on (even after having him on out of drag when he had been on American Idol as Danny Noriega and had exactly zero recording industry success, yet now as Adore Delano he's had a number one dance record), yeah well good luck Tom. RuPaul hasn't been on Ellen either. And doesn't want to be actually.

Rant over. Tom's a talented, endearing guy. And this series reminds me of that Ben Folds Chat Roulette improv song. Maybe next time you're doing something random or horrible, you'll end up a star.

But most of all, catch yourself in certain moments and know that what you've said could be a song in the right hands. Or a poem. Or something important. Even if seems like a disposable moment to you. Catch it. Capture it. In those surreal moments of trying to connect, you are at your most real and vulnerable. You're you.

For more Tom Goss everything, check out his channel.

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