Something for the Weekend: Don't Stay at a Hotel

That's right, if you need to have sex with a stranger visiting from out of town, have sex in the alley next to a hotel, but not in the hotel. If it's an Axel Hotel at least. Here's why.

At first I thought this video was an awfully-tuned, shit show of a sort of boyband trying to appeal to the gay market in some backwards ironic way. Encouraging people to accept straight people. Because of course that is the issue. But no.

It's an ad for a hotel chain, which while lgbt friendly, still made this horrible song. Thereby making me feeling decidedly unheterofriendly. Which of course doesn't make sense, since are we talking identity or behavior? Bi folks sometimes have "heterosexual" experiences in terms of having sex with someone of a different sex. So b-friendly would seem to encompass the h.

But now is not the time for logic. It's time to be glad I took a moment to go to the website cited in the video description to see wtf this is about. 

And it's also time for an apology. In the form of this Adele parody performed with soul and pizazz by Lady Red Couture. Song starts 2 minutes in, but is prefaced by some fun lines. Hopefully her clever artistry can erase the interminable hotel jingle out of your head. Feel free to keep the pool crotch shot in your head though. Because look at it.

P.S. Lady Red Couture for RPDR Season 9 please.

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