Something for the Weekend: Ass Meets Technology

I can neither confirm nor deny I know what the hell is going on here. Strike that. I can confirm I don't know what the hell is going on here. Or I do. Art.

Hey, I'm pro-art. For sure. But I'm going to need to quote the writeup on YouTube here:

"Dani Ploeger is an artist and theorist, currently living and working in Berlin and London. Heralded in the press as the 'Jimi Hendrix of the sphincter', Dani's performance installations often involve cheap readily available medical technologies and explore themes around the technologized body, sexuality and vanity."

You go, girl! Though Perry Como did this first 50 years ago. What a como.

Actually,  this does make me think as here I am attached to a computer in a way. Am I controlling/playing it, or is it controlling/playing me? I'm expressing myself anyhow.

Now I'm going to go blow my nose into a DVD player, establishing myself as the 21st century Rachmaninoff. 

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