Actually two fetishes: being the guy in the tub and watching the guy in the tub. Yes, this company sells putty, among other things and thought they'd drop this studly stud into a clear tubful of the stuff. With viral results. As in 2 million hits in 2 days. Happy to add to the total because it's deserving.

While he regrets wearing such long shorts, and promises at one point that he'll likely end up stepping out nude (as the shorts are catching), that doesn't quite happen. But with the weight of the putty, and the sheer resistance. actually being nude in all that may have ended up with some sort of extreme dick stretching moment.

Also judging by the trouble he has with his armpit hair, if he hadn't been totally smooth down there, this could have doubled as a trip to the waxing spa. Though it's not wax, it's very grippy. So why the hell did he wear his watch?

Actually, there's a third fetish here, the get in a tub with 500 pounds of something in it. Though I don't see this actually having been 500 pounds of the putty, it's still a reasonable fetish. 500 pounds of feathers would be deadly as that would result in suffocation to compress that many feathers inside a single tub. But 500 pounds of used jockstraps? That's a win. As long as the guys who used them are nearby and not in them anymore. 

Then just the fetish of, hey let's all cum on the guy who is in the putty-filled tub. Because that's a good fetish. So now that we know new fetishes are possible, there are officially no limits in 2016. At least as putty and hunk filled tubs go. Dare to dream.

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