So there was a Kickstarter for the band Hi Fashion, because while that band is fabulously uh, uh-mazing, uh, uh, uh-mazing, they are not loaded with coins. One of the options for donators was to have the skyrocketing to fame Jinkx Monsoon narrate an improvised story of your life. Here is that story.

You'll see it proves Jinkx would have made a fine addition to the absurdist ranks of Monty Python. This is gay genius 2013 style. Gayer than Bill Hader's Stefon. And yes, this is gayer than gay porn. (Though not as gay as a porn starring Bill Hader's Stefon would be.) It's the gay that I want gay to be. Free form, silly, knowing and happy.

I intentionally have not typed the name of the woman who won this video story as she didn't sign up to have this site come up in search engines when people search for her name. I think she'd rather her LinkedIn pop up. You're welcome, lovely lady.

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