Guy Watching: You Win a Gold Medal!

No need to follow all the standard steps to win a gold medal, such as picking a sport, training, qualifying for the Olympics and, um, actually coming in first. You can skip right to the gold medal part.

Because your gold medal is this rather perfectly built guy in a gold singlet. Wouldn't you enjoy wearing him around your neck? 

Perhaps after your win, you'll be able to appear with him on talk shows or on the iconic (yet boringly flavored inside) Wheaties box. 

Now it's not the singlet itself, but the man inside, though that singlet sure helps call attention to the situation. Enough to make me forget that yellow means caution because all I'm getting here is go go go.

If his jockstrap is green, I'll be completely confused.

I'd say he's attempting to draw super max attention his way, except that's just what he actually looks like and that's a team color so this is just what has occurred. He can't help being beautiful.

Hopefully he's an idiot so it all balances out. And so he's stupid enough to forget his likely heterosexual orientation for a few minutes. Or days. Go team!

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