Greco-Roman wrestling competitors totally have to practice. And so do Greco-Roman wrestler male form appreciators AKA jerker-offers. In advance of the 2016 Summer Olympics, let's practice.

Yes, in general the Olympics are a mostly corrupt, massively commercialized, disturbing enterprise in which the "amateur" in amateur athletics (as in no money) has totally been compromised.

However, check out these asses on these guys!

And before I found this video (from a 2015 World Cup), I considered promoting alternative sports for which people may not consider its participants to be, shall we say, sexy at all. 

Would you get off on watching Olympic ping pong competitors? They do wear shorts and sweat a lot. Plus they have lightning fast reflexes, which tends to help in capturing ejaculate in mid-air.

Equestrian stuff is also in the Olympics, though I personally hate that sport. Forcing horses to jump (and fairly often crash) into higher and higher barrier in quick succession. Not so much. Plus the hats are dumb as hell.

Though I wouldn't mind some of the riders straddling me instead of their horse.

How to make ping pong sexy then? How about precision ping pong aiming?From 25 feet out, you have to hit the ping pong into a tight asshole. The winner gets a well lubricated medal. And the phone number of that certain judge everyone talks about.

Whoops, time for a commercial. Wow, the Olympics really have sold out. Isn't it amazing how all those commercials for soda and junk food air during that spectacle? As if that's what athletes eat. Oh well. Now back to the video to see if someone's bulge escapes. 

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