Guy Watching: Nearly Naked Muscle Man Parades Downtown

In this social experiment to see what happens when a shiny, pretty muscular guy (carrying a coffee cup most of the time) walks nonchalantly through Manhattan.

Or more specifically, certain parts of Manhattan, not including Wall Street, the Meat Packing District, Dhinatown, or Bergdorf Goodman. Because everyone knows what would happen if he walked into ritzy department store Bergdorf Goodman.

They'd towel off that oil, get him some cucumber sandwiches and sell him $6,500 worth of clothing, meaning a pair of pants, some loafers and a sports coat. His credit card would max out before he could add a shirt so he'd end up looking like whatever kind of person would wear a sports coat and no shirt. Justin Bieber.

The result of this social experiment? Nobody gives a fuck. At all. Sure some people take his picture, but only because his semi-nudity is interpreted as an eager invitation to do so. 

Now let's see what would happen if he weren't so in-shape. Or if he didn't meet some certain standard of beauty in some other way. Or better yet, let's not.

Overall, while he may have walked for several hours like that, between all the other muscle guys running around NYC shirtless, those shorter trips add up to one long trip. So people have seen this before.

And hey, I'm all for guys walking around shirtless. I've actually done it sometimes. Just not with oil. I mean, oil? I need mine to make salad dressing.

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