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Ru Twinks features 18 to 24 year old boys from Russia, as well as some slightly older guys (maybe in their later twenties) and guys who are a bit too muscular to be considered twinks - consider them jocks. The performers are amateurs and and a few porn regulars, with slender to athletic bodies, average to cute looks and for the most part they're the kind of guys you would see on the streets in any major city in Russia. While most of the guys are smooth (we are talking about a twink site, after all), there are some with hairy legs and treasure trails that lead straight to their uncut cocks, and I found a few with lightly hairy chests, as well. Something I noticed is that a lot of the guys have perfect round asses, and only a few of them have tattoos.

The action here is mostly solos where you'll see the guys playing with their foreskin, rubbing out a creamy load or turning themselves on with anal toys. You'll find some foot fetish action and nude weight lifting, and these videos end with each guy shooting hot cum. And while more of the videos are solos, there are still hardcore duos and threesomes, and many of them contain bondage, too. The guys are quiet and even shy sometimes, but they do seem to enjoy stripping naked on camera, jerking off or sucking dick and fucking ass.

There are 715 videos inside the RU Twinks member area. On average, the site adds four new videos and four pic sets every month. You can download the videos to your own computer or watch them online. There aren't many options when it comes to the downloadable files. The newer videos are offered in F4V format, and the older videos are available as FLVs. The videos are protected by DRM, but the site claims that you will still be able to view the videos you have downloaded, even when your membership is no longer active. You can play the videos using Adobe Air and EZDRM Player.

The newer videos are sized at 720x576 or larger in size and they are of good amateur quality. You can enlarge them to play in full screen mode without losing much on the quality. The visuals are sharp with bright colors and the sound is clear. The older videos are small; they only play at 385x290 and they are of amateur quality. Sound is less important with this site since the models are pretty quiet and only some of the guys speak English - not surprisingly, most of them speak Russian. The streaming videos are available in the same formats, but they play at 384x220; they're decent quality, though, so you can enlarge them a bit without losing too much quality. Before a video starts to play, you need to enter your username and password, which is a bit annoying.

Ru Twinks now offers 1023 photo sets, up from 952. Only the four latest sets are dated, and based on those dates it appears that they add a new set every day, however there have been 71 sets added in the past year and a half. Each photo set contains multiple gallery pages, and in total a set contains between 50 and 250 photos. The size of the photos varies a bit from 800x600 up to 903x600. While some of the older pictures are a bit dark, the newer sets all have good quality pictures with lots of detailed close-ups. You can either browse through the photos by hand or sit back and start the hands-free slideshow. Some of the newer photo sets cannot be downloaded in a zip file, but you can still download the individual images.

There are 2 types of membership for Ru Twinks plus a trial, and all memberships (even the trials) give you access to a site called Pirrer House where you can watch guys who live in a house together through different cameras 24/7. That site also offers scheduled live shows. The basic membership offer members access to 1 bonus site - TwinkMix - and the live house. Premium memberships cost more, and give full access to TwinkMix and Russian Guys Feet, where you will find hundreds more videos and photo sets of Russian twink boys.

The site has some issues. First, the videos are DRM-protected, and while the site claims they'll play after your membership has expired, you will have to put in your login to watch the vids and some users may not be able to play them at all. The site has a daily download limit which is probably 8 gig per day. Trial members don't get access to the bonus sites except for Pirrer House. As already mentioned, there are several types of memberships here, and members must pay $7 more for the premium membership if they want access to all the bonus sites. The site design is improved, but navigation is a bit outdated and could use some work. The same goes for the videos, as the older and streaming versions are small, and download options are limited to unusual formats.

Ru Twinks is a hot site if you love Russian twinks, amateurs and jocks with slender to athletic bodies and hard, uncut cocks. The site now offers 715 videos that can be downloaded or streamed plus 1023 picture sets, and no matter what kind of membership you have, you'll have access to at least some bonuses. Although only the four latest videos and four latest pic sets are dated, the site has averaged 3.9 updates per month in the last year and a half, and usually adds one video per week. At Ru Twinks you can expect plenty of Russian hotties playing with their foreskinned dicks, round asses and hairy balls, or occasionally doing some hardcore sucking and fucking, and have a great time getting off on camera. I like what Ru Twinks has to offer, and I suspect so will most guys into Euro - and especially Russian - twinks and jocks.

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