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Pirrer House lets members watch, spy on and interact with Russian twinks and jocks living together in a live cam house. The current crop of sexy, college-aged guys are jocks with smooth, nicely muscled chests, six-pack abs, and well-built arms, thighs, and everything else. They're attractive, friendly and hot, and not surprisingly most of them have uncut cocks. And the site also offers videos of guys who used to live in the house, so you'll find lots - and I do mean lots - of 18- to 25-year-old Eastern Euro guys in recorded live shows.

Beside the daily scheduled live shows, there are also several spycams installed in the house which you can use to see the models in their bedrooms, showering, or doing everyday things, not to mention while they're chatting on their computers. There are two cams in the house gym, so we can watch them sweat during their workouts. As I write this, all four of the guys are sound asleep, but they're naked, which is always a plus - especially since one of them has a hard-on as he sleeps. In the recorded live shows you can watch the guys jerk off (alone or together), play naked Twister, oil wrestle, and much more. While there isn't much hardcore action, some of the guys suck each other off or play with toys, but there are only a couple recorded shows in which a guy gets fucked. There is some softcore bondage action as well.

Before we have a closer look at what's inside the member area, I should tell you that a basic account gives you limited access. You can watch the spycams, scheduled live shows, and newest archived live shows, but in order to view older replays or to have a one-on-one chat with the guys, you need to create a "free" account. A free account comes with 50 credits which you need to pay for the extra services, such as viewing older replays. It costs 10 credits to download a video and when you have spent your free credits, you would need to purchase more. Each membership includes some credits every month so you can download a few archived vids without spending extra.

There are 22 cams inside various rooms inside Pirrer House; most of these are online 24/7, and there are scheduled live shows and chats every day. Those live shows are recorded and added to the video archive on the site. At the time of this review, there are 2,373 videos. The twelve most recent videos are free to watch, but you would need to pay 10 to 20 credits per scene to watch the rest.

The most recent videos can either be downloaded to your computer or streamed online. The rest of the videos are only available as downloads, and you must pay to download them. The videos are good amateur quality with clear sound and lots of close-ups. The streaming videos are available at a size of 636x508, while the sizes of the downloads vary a bit. On average they play at a size between 640x480 and 720x580. The videos are FLV files which are protected by DRM and can only be played in Adobe Air or EZDRM Player. While the site uses DRM protection, they claim that you can still watch downloaded videos after your membership has expired.

The Pirrer House live spycam feeds are shown in pop-up with a screen sized at about 384x290 that don't enlarge but look pretty good, plus there are 2 "HD" cams that are sized larger. There was sound in the live show I watched, and the guy was cute, muscular and accommodating. I also watched one of the guys hang out, and as I mentioned earlier, all the performers sleep on cam, totally naked and showing cock - one guy is on cam at two angles.

There are also 264 photo sets containing 30 photos each. These photos are taken by the guys who live in the Pirrer House and are a selection of sexual and non-sexual images. For example, there are pictures of a guy getting a hair cut and funny selfies. It almost felt like I was watching someone's photo albums on Facebook. The photos are of average quality or better, and display at a size of around 533x800. There is no hands-free slideshow and you can't download pictures in a zip file, but you can save individual photos if you find some you'd like to keep.

Members get access to a forum, though it's not very active. There are model pages, but there is hardly any information about the guys, which is a pity. There's also a possibility to create your own show - you can pick the models, and you're the director, so you can tell them what they should do. That's a nice feature, but prices for such a show start at $120. You can also request your own custom photo shoot for $350 and up.

The issues here are mostly related to the restrictions and limitations on members. You need to purchase additional credits to make full use of what this site has to offer, although full-month recurring memberships do include enough credits to do a few downloads each month. And even when you do, there are still download restrictions. Another issue is that the downloadable videos are DRM-protected, and can only be played in Adobe Air of EZDRM Player. And more issues - there is a daily download limit of 3 GB per day and you can only download one video at a time. Also if you try and download the same video twice, they will terminate your membership; I'm guessing they assume that would indicate a second person is using your login.

Pirrer House is a nice live cam house site with lots of spycams, daily live shows, and sexy amateur jocks and twinks from Russia. The guys seem to have lots of fun, which makes the live shows and videos fun to watch. These twinks aren't shy and show off their naked bodies, jerk off, play naked games, and even suck each other sometimes. There is a big archive full of recorded shows and chats, downloading all but the newest live shows requires credits - the non-trial memberships include some monthly credits. I like the amateur Russian twinks in the live and recorded shows, and while Pirrer House does complicate things, the site is still a great place to watch horny Russian 18- to 25-year-old Russian guys showing off their stuff.

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