It's bikini undies yoga time! This guy's got a plump sack. As in balls. As in wouldn't they be great in your mouth? Or in his mouth. He can probably reach. He says in the comments that he doesn't wear pants while doing yoga because the pants would get sweaty. I like this logic. I don't wear $1,000 bills because the money would get sweaty and I don't have any $1,000 bills but sweat is the main reason. Plenty of male or female bitches do wear $1 bills when offered/stuffed, despite the sweat, but none of them are this guy.

I'm going to some sort of yoga hell for finding eroticism in this totally innocent non-sexual video some daddy guy posted of himself in tiny underwear with his bulge flopping. I mean his Zen bulge flopping. I mean his barely restrained penis flopping. Lot of yoga knowledge in his bulge. I mean brain. Wherever he keeps his brain. I think I'll start underwear yoga. Immediately.

P.S. I'll bet you that's a picture of him on the wall. And why the fuck wouldn't it be.

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