Guy Watching: Dick and Ass Guy Watching: Dick and Ass

Indoors and out, hot dick and ass is everywhere. Seven years from now, when cameras will be built into contact lenses (making Google Glass look positively archaic), you'll be able to record what you see, and upload it to your media center to beat off to later. Ahh, technology!

So that guy you spied on in the gym showers for 1.2 seconds can be freeze-framed on your 55" screen for as long as it takes for you to blow. Or that guy you spent a solid minute peeping at (allowing you to record video) can be your masturbation video candy for a solid minute, or as long as you want if you loop it.

Until those days, you'll have to rely on what you see in person plus random sneaky shots from fellow watchers. Capturing an exposed jock strap, and exposed ass, an exposed cock. And would every captured guy mind if he knew he was on film? Fuck no!

Except for Anderson Cooper. Reportedly he uses every means at his disposal to not reveal his cock and ass in the locker room. But to no avail, since I can imagine it. His cock is pretty much a good-sized daikon radish and equally as pale. If I run across a peeped pic of him somewhere, I'll pass it along. For now, just think of that radish.

Or think about actual dick and ass. That works too.

[Photos via Flashrs, All Things Penile and Guys From Behind]

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