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Scary Fuckers focuses on skinheads and big hunky dudes in barebacking, some sounding and threeways or larger groups. Looks like all the action is hardcore, and there's some forced sex, bad boys and tattoos, as well. When I first saw the site, I thought "what is so scary about these fuckers?" After spending some time inside the site, I discovered that these fuckers are scary because they're skinheads or big, aggressive guys, and the sex is often forceful. The site does have some men who might make you nervous if they came up behind you in a dark alley, although they're not the kind of rough men I associate with the term.

The action here includes plenty of fucking and sucking, but there's a lot more to this site. Sometimes the bigger or tougher men overpower smaller guys for some forced oral and ass pounding gay sex. One of the thing that also stands out here is kinky stuff - there's several sounding scenes, jail scenes, doctor office sex and there's lots of barebacking and cum-filled assholes. I did notice that a lot of the videos (and the men, in some cases) are a bit more pristine than I'm used to seeing when it comes to kinky or rough sex. Don't expect filthy, sweaty sex pigs or grimy back alleys - the action and the tops' aggressiveness are what stand out here.

Scary Fuckers has 131 episodes in the member area, and since it's only added 9 videos in the past 20 months, it appears the site has stopped updating. The videos are offered in 2 DRM-free formats - downloadable WMV and both downloadable and streaming MP4. There are 5 sizes of MP4, the largest size being sized at 1920x1080 with high bitrates. These are good amateur quality, but for they may be too hefty for some computers or internet connections - the HD vids are over a gig each. In those cases, the MP4s are also available in a smaller HD size as well as 3 standard sizes, and separate mobile versions that play fine on iPhone, iPod Touch and many other mobiles. And for those who love WMVs, there are 2 sizes, the largest of which is shown at 720x400. Last, for those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are 3 sizes of streaming MP4.

The Scary Fuckers photo sets are an interesting scenario. There are a lot more of them than of videos (420 photo sets compared to 131 videos) because not only are there pic sets taken during the vid shoots; there are also solo pic sets taken of the models from each scene. That adds up to a lot of galleries, and although some only have 22 pics, others have well over 80. The photos are good amateur quality digital stills shown at either 427x638 or 954x638, and you can also expand the pics to their full and much larger size of 1280x1912. The photos show the men and the action off well, and are now available as both slideshows and downloadable zip files.

Let's talk extras. Scary Fuckers members get access to 3 bonus sites from the same network - Visconti Triplets, Bisex Digital and Male Digital, which offered over 2000 full scenes at the time of our last visit.

While I'm sorry that the site appears to have stopped updating, my issues are mostly with the tour, starting with the join page. That's where you'll find a pre-checked offer to the right of the join form, where you might not notice it. Also if you're not sure you want to join, when you hit back from the join page, expect a pop-up. One last potential issue is that trial members get only streaming video access - only full members can download the videos.

Scary Fuckers delivers skinheads, big muscular hunks more aggressive tops who give serious ass poundings to submissive guys and twinks. The site offers 131 DRM-free videos that are downloadable, and are not only available in full HD, but there are also versions for mobiles including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. There are 420photo sets you can download in zip files or enjoy as hands-free slideshows, but disappointingly the site has removed the update dates and doesn't seem to be growing any larger. There are some nice extras to help keep members busy; 3 bonus sites from the same network. While I didn't find some of these fuckers all that scary, many of them are masculine and assertive, although some are less so, but overall I like the content and the action at Scary Fuckers.

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