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Clothed Male Naked Male (CMNM) is a unique site where straight guys are stripped and then fondled, humiliated, examined, and jacked off by a small group of clothed men. The scenarios follow several different situations like job interviews, private school students in the head master's office, locker rooms and other athletic situations, sometimes the clothed men are cops, and some of the scenes take place in an army barracks. It's been over a year since we reviewed the site, so it's time to see what's been happening at CMNM.

Most of the guys on CMNM are in their early twenties, but a few are as old as 28 to 30. For the most part these straight guys are amateurs, and although you may see them on a couple of other sites run by the same company, most of them aren't gay porn regulars. This site films in England, so you'll find lots of uncut cocks. There are a fair number of athletes, so you'll find some pretty hot rugby-player builds, but there are regular-bodied guys, too. There's a good cross section of men and types: cute, handsome, and average looking; some are smooth, others are hairy.

While each scene has a different set-up, what happens once the guys are naked is fairly similar. A straight guy finds himself alone with three men; he's stripped, fondled, sometimes humiliated, there's usually some ass inspection, and the guys are jacked off. Polo player Yuri hobbles into the coach's office with a groin injury. Three coaches strip Yuri out of his sports gear and give him an extensive whole-body examination. The coaches check his butt hole for internal injuries, and while each coach fingers Yuri's ass, the chatter is typical of a medical exam. Yuri looks confused - is all this ass probing necessary? - but he goes with it because the coaches know better, right? The coaches decide that Yuri's balls are too full and need relieving. They touch, fondle, and stroke his cock, but in such a way that Yuri isn't ever sure that he's being jacked off. All the while they talk amongst themselves about whether his cock and balls look normal and scarcely notice when Yuri starts shooting a hands-free cum load.

There are a lot of different scenarios involving men in authority, but my favorites involve the all-boys school and the nasty head master. In one episode a couple of trouble makers are hauled into the head master's office and one is stripped naked and has his hole examined by the head master while the other stands in his school uniform watching. This second student is forced to sniff his buddy's ass and has to lie on the floor while his friend sits on his face. Then the naked student is ordered to crawl on top of his clothed chum and kiss him, all the while getting his exposed butt hole poked and examined. It's pretty hot stuff! The head master is a real prick, a good dirty talker, and knows how to humiliate his students.

There are about 112 full episodes in the CMNM member's area, but each episode is broken into three updates and a couple have at least one part up but haven't added all the clips, so there are about 338 updates. The site updates anywhere from five to seven times a month with a one-third scene; however, CMNM runs two or three different episodes concurrently, so it may take anywhere from three to six weeks to see a guy's entire episode. Newer videos produced in 2012 and later can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 format and play at 960x540. Older episodes display at 640x360 and usually come in WMV and MP4 formats, sometimes there's a smaller WMV (320x240). The MP4's are compatible with mobile devices. You can also stream the videos online in a Flash player and the sizes vary like the downloadable versions. The camera work is good so that you get close-ups of the cock and ass examinations, nothing's left to the imagination here - you see it all.

Each episode's three parts come with separate galleries of screen captures. The pictures are large, displaying at 1200x675, and they're pretty good quality. There are anywhere from 50 to 80 pictures per gallery. You can view these online, but there's no hands-free slide show or downloadable zip files.

I'm not fond of the practice of breaking each episode into three parts and dragging out the updates over a number of weeks. But CMNM has a healthy library of past episodes that you can watch in their entirety. BTW, when joining the site, they levy a $1.95 processing fee; and frankly, at $39.95 the site is already expensive enough.

The realism of the scenes at CMNM impressed me. In a lot of gay porn you'll get a "straight" athlete getting an exam or a massage, and within about five minutes he's deep throating the masseur's huge cock like it's something he does every day - not very realistic at all. But with CMNM, the scenarios are realistic, the clothed men remain in their roles, and even the straight guys do a good job of looking uncomfortable, shy, and confused throughout their ordeal.

CMNM delivers some of the hottest humiliation of straight guys I've seen anywhere. There's a lot to like here from the fully dressed men stripping, probing, and jerking off the nervous straight guys to the good quality downloadable videos. I didn't even know that I found this type of thing exciting, but I sure found my cock stirring in my shorts. While I'd prefer the site updated with full episodes, they do update every 3 to 6 days. If you like watching male humiliation, CMNM offers a lot of unique scenarios that are realistic and titillating, and the site is definitely worth checking out!

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