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Bisex Digital focuses on male/male/female (M/M/F) threesomes and blazes "It's Fun to Share" across the top of the site. Once inside you'll find plenty of guys sucking cock and eating pussy, and fucking whatever hole is in front of them. But the girls aren't just decorations - they get in there and take care of those dicks, too. We haven't visited this site since August 2012 and there have been some changes here, not all of them positive, so let's get started.

The folks in these videos are mostly in their twenties, and there are a lot of Eastern Europeans, and there are plenty of horny Americans, too. The performers are fit with nice bodies, and some of the guys are pretty muscular. It goes without saying that the dicks and breasts here come in all shapes and sizes, and if you like uncut dicks, there are plenty of them here. I saw lots of smooth guys, but a few hairy ones as well; most of the pubic hair on both guys and girls has been trimmed, and lots of girls are completely smooth.

There are a variety of themes here, some pretty hot. There are bisexual nurses, military men and women getting it on, college students including a frat boy and cheerleader scene. There's some outdoor sex but it isn't listed on the category list, so the only way to find it is to browse. There are also quite a few full-on bi orgies with as many as six to eight participants. And there's plenty of indoor fucking on couches and in beds, not to mention in the kitchen. As well, most of the action here is bareback, but there are some scenes with condoms, too.

But most of the action features almost exclusively two males and one female, although I did see one scene with three guys and a couple with just a man and women. And in case you're wondering, the woman isn't just a buffer between two guys plugging her from both ends. Most of the guys in these videos like dick just as much as pussy, and some of my favorites see guys down on all fours eating out a girl while a buddy plugs his ass from behind.

Bisex Digital offers members 287 full scenes from 75 DVD titles. The site used to offer downloads but no longer does. You can watch the videos in a streaming Flash player, and depending on the age of the videos, they playback at from 720x400 to 816x544. The quality ranges from average to pretty good, and while there is a full-screen option, the results vary by individual vid. Each video used to come with a set of screencaps, but I didn't see any on this visit. Funnily enough, the site still says "Tons of Pictures" on the header graphic, but it also says "Unlimited Downloads," neither of which is the case.

Your membership includes access to three bonus sites: Male Digital, which offers over 2,400 gay sex scenes taken from DVDs, Scary Fuckers features Euro hunks in 131 fetish sex videos, and the Visconti Triplets brings us the gay sexual escapades of the trio of Hungarian brothers in another 240 or so videos.

There are a few of other issues worth knowing about. First, our last review was in August 2012, and we stated the site was no longer updating, but since then they have added 12 DVDs with another 54 scenes. That being said, they haven't added anything else since October 2013. Second, there's also a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this site. The $1 trial membership rebills at $15 more than the regularly monthly membership. And last, when joining, you are automatically signed up for the email list with no way to opt out.

Bisex Digital delivers plenty of male/male/female threesomes and some larger groups as well. The 287 videos are available to stream on the site, and while I missed the downloadable videos, I found the streaming vids played smoothly. While the site no longer adds new content, there's enough videos here to keep members happy, and there's lots of bonus content if you're into gay sex. If you don't mind the lack of updates, Bisex Digital could be worth a visit for those looking for men who love cock and pussy and women who are into men who suck dick.

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