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Uncut Boyz is a photography site featuring sexy Latin guys ranging from 18 to their twenties. They're a mix of Latinos and Blatinos; they're mostly a pretty good-looking bunch of guys, and of course, they're all sporting uncut cocks. Viktor is 18 years old, he's good looking and wears a bit of scruff on his chin. He's got a smooth body with a bit of definition. His pubes are untrimmed and he's sporting a heavy-hanging uncut cock. He pulls on his foreskin in a couple of the pictures before he gets hard and jacks off. He's not a shooter, so when he cums his thick load slides down his fat dick - what a mess!

Lee is 19 years old, he's cute with a prominent square jaw and big ears, and he's got a hairy body - quite furry, actually, for someone his age. His bush is darker and hairier than Viktor's and his cock is a decent size, but it swells to OMG proportions, it's super fat. Lee isn't a big cummer, but who cares, I'm in love with his nice fat penis. And there's Peter, who's 18 with a smooth, athletic body with thick pubes, heavy hanging balls and lots of foreskin that he plays with before shooting his load that slowly oozes down his dick and onto his pubic hair.

Tony is a bit different. He's 19 years old, and he's a little more on the thug side of things. He started off wearing a wife beater and baggy jeans pulled down around his hips so his boxers show. His arms are heavily tattooed. He's cute and also wears some chin whiskers; his pubes are untrimmed, although not wild, and he's packing a thick uncut dick, as well. Tony shoots large, he blasts cum across his belly, onto his chest, and even up onto his shoulders. Wow!

So that's a good cross section of the guys; there are 74 of them in total, and most of them are reported to be straight. Their bodies range from slender to athletic, and while some are more defined or chiseled than others, I didn't see any who I'd say were truly muscular. Each guy also has a few lines of description detailing how the photographer met them and a few personal bits about them.

Each guy starts off his photo shoot clothed and he strips as the photographer keeps snapping pictures. One thing I really liked is that we get a good look at each guy's flaccid penis, including closeups that show his foreskin off, and some stretch it and pull on it before they start jerking. Then each guy strokes himself into an erection, and the photo set usually ends with cum on his belly.

Each of the 74 guys has a gallery of 50 to around 100 pictures each. They're displayed in thumbnail galleries that only display a few pictures at first, but there's a "load more" button at the bottom of the gallery and you click that a couple more times to see all the photos. You can enlarge each photo and they display at about 654x870. These are good quality digital stills and lighting is pretty good. There's a forward and back button so you can move ahead to the next enlarged picture or back again, but there's no hands-free slideshow, and unfortunately you can't save the pictures in any way. Right-clicking has been disabled and there's no zip files. Also be aware that there are no videos here; this is a photography site.

Aside from the lack of videos, the other problem here is that the site doesn't update. To confuse this issue further, each time I reloaded the member home page, the order the models were displayed in was changed, so there's no way to know which guy was added most recently. At the bottom of the homepage you find this note: "Coming Next 'Speedo' Special Shot On Location In Panama!" But there's no indication on when "coming next" might be, and the site has the same amount of pic sets two months after we visited. And one last thing you might want to know is that the models, and I believe some of the content, is semi-exclusive and may appear on this studio's other site, Miami Boyz, but is shot for the sites and doesn't appear on other companies' sites.

I loved the guys on Uncut Boyz. Most of them were good-looking Latinos and Blatinos from 18 to their twenties with nice bodies and, of course, uncut meat. Most are smooth, but there were a few furry ones, and either way, most of the guys have natural pubes. That and their uncut dicks really turned me on. It's a simple photography site with 74 models, and each photo set takes the guy from fully clothed to naked with cum on his belly. Visit the tour and check out the nice selection of horny amateur Latin guys.

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