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Natural Born Breeders is a new bareback site featuring some very sexy hairy men and daddies, and there are a few cubs as well. The site just opened at the end of March - it's been active for three months now, so let's jump inside and see how things look.

The men on Natural Born Breeders are fresh faces mixed in with some porn regulars. If you're a hairy man fan, no doubt you've seen Troy Webb, Bo Bangor, Ray Dalton, Daddy Rick, Rod Drainer, and Zeke Johnson. You'll find a few grey-haired daddies and other older men in their forties or fifties, as well as a handful of muscle bears and other beefy men ranging in their late twenties and thirties. There's a nice mix of performers, some with rock-hard bodies and others who are a little soft around the middle. I loved the selection of men and would eagerly volunteer for fluffer duty on this site. All but four of the site's 31 performers are sporting facial hair, mostly beards but a couple with mustaches. All of them except one cub and one daddy have hairy chests. And I saw lots of natural pubes. Hallelujah!

There are four solos, 11 duos, and three groups scenes (one threeway, a fourgy and the other is a seven-man gangbang). There are several outdoor scenes, including three of the four solos, and the rest of the action happens in bedrooms, although the gangbang has power bottom Rod Drainer lying back in a leather sling while six men take turns porking his ass. There's lots of kissing, dick sucking, ass eating, and of course lots of close-up cock-in-hole action. And if you like seeing tops creaming their bottom's holes and fucking their jizz back inside, there's plenty of breeding here.

Natural Born Breeders is a fairly new site that now offers 18 videos and offers two membership options: first, you can buy a streaming-only membership that lets you watch whatever you want; second, if you want to download videos you have to purchase tickets and redeem eight or ten of them for each movie. You don't have to be a member to buy download credits, but there's a 20% discount if you are. Also there's an option to use these credits to stash videos in the cloud so that you can watch them later even if you no longer have a membership.

The downloads are in MP4 format and play at 1280x720, and they're average quality or higher. The newer videos were better quality with good picture quality, but some of the older ones I watched had interlacing. The streaming videos are MP4s sized at 890x500, and there's a full-screen option available - results vary depending on the quality of the video you're watching. Members can stream the videos in three qualities, but even at the highest I didn't find the most of the videos were as crisp as I'd like, and there was some interlacing; these weren't bad but worsened at full screen. Also, if you want to fast-forward the streaming videos before they're fully loaded, you may have a bit of a wait before it moves ahead.

Each video comes with a set of 12 to 24 good quality digital stills that display at 460x690 or 1000x667, depending on the orientation. There's an enlargement button that displays the pictures at 1024 on the long side, but these didn't fit in my browser window even though I have a 26-inch monitor, so the default size was fine for me. There's a hands-free slideshow, but there's no way to save the pictures individually, and there's no zip downloads either.

The site has mostly been updating every couple weeks (there was one late update); the owner says there are plans to speed up the updates in the future. Otherwise things are pretty straightforward, and there aren't any problems except the interlacing issue on videos and the fact that you can't save pictures, both of which I already mentioned. I did find the downloads on the sluggish side, which was surprising considering I have one of those supersonic Internet connections. And finally, I'm not a fan of sites that charge extra for downloads, but it's becoming pretty standard in the business.

Natural Born Breeders is off to a great start with a sexy crew of hairy men, daddies, and a couple of cute cubs. I love the range of ages and bodies, but I was especially turned on by all the fur and untrimmed pubes and armpits. The sucking and fucking is hot and the men really enjoy themselves. There are currently 18 videos for members to stream on your desktop or mobile, the site has been adding per month, and if you choose you can buy credits and download the videos of your choice. No site is perfect and new ones always have a few growing pain issues, but I'm definitely looking forward to watching Natural Born Breeders continue to grow.

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