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16 Apr 2024 Score 65 / 100 Mobile friendly

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Review score 65
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MuscleForce Productions offers hot muscle hunks and bodybuilders getting pumped up and sweaty to show off their huge biceps and muscular pecs, backs, and more. Action includes muscle posing and working out, nudity and some guys jerk off or shower. 21 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles. Some serious beefcake here and very reasonable prices.

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Since Last Review

  • Site has added 9 videos in 15 months
  • Quarterly membership replaced with non-recurring month

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

21 exclusive videos in MP4 format. Downloads are sized at 654x486 at vintage to good amateur quality. Streaming, mobile compatible videos also available.

Picture info

No pictures.

Site issues

By joining, you automatically agree to receive commercial emails.

Membership Cost

  • Monthly: $14.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $16.95 (30 days, non-recurring)


MuscleForce Productions Review

MuscleForce Productions originally launched in 1997, offering amateur muscle hunks and bodybuilders working out in their underwear or gym shorts, getting oiled up and posing, muscle worship sessions, and more. The site relaunched in 2023, showing off their muscle men and with plans to start shooting fresh muscle content. Their original videos are hot and definitely aimed at male physique fans, so join me as we see what's been happening since the site launched.

The men range from fit and ripped to big and muscular, and while most are smooth, there are a couple lightly hairy chests on display. Once they start pumping up their muscles by hitting poses hard or using a pair of dumbbells, they all have big, powerful biceps, full pecs, and built shoulders, wide backs, and I noticed some hairy armpits on display. The models range in age from their twenties to one daddy duo probably in their forties, and two muscle daddies are possibly in his fifties. All the men are White and I didn't notice any with tattoos.

Let's talk about the action. One guy, Mark Mason, talks to us as he works out with weights and on a machine, slaps and rubs his chest, licks his bicep, and by the time he's naked and stroking his cock in front of the lockers, he's talking dirty continually and puts on quite a stroke show. In "Locker Room Flex", a very muscular mature man poses and flexes in an actual locker room - and this guy is built! - when a second man comes in, he tells him that's hot, strokes and rubs his muscles. Our daddy bodybuilder asks the second guy to oil him up, and once they're naked, what follows is a hot muscle worship session that ends in a mutual jackoff. One hunk takes a very sexy bubble bath after a sweaty workout while another flexes in a backyard. 

Most of the videos are solos showing each hunk getting pumped up for the camera, showing off his physique as he poses and flexes, removing his workout clothes a piece at a time. All the men I watched get naked, and many jerk off, although not all do. Some of these guys have biceps, pecs and backs as big as the models in muscle magazines, and there are some closeups to let us worship all that beefcake from every angle.

Muscle Force Productions offers 21 exclusive videos which were shot between 1997 and 2003 and have been remastered to MP4 format. The videos can be downloaded in a single size at 654x486, and at their original size, quality ranges from vintage to good amateur; some look better than others, but none look bad. You can also stream the videos; on your desktop monitor the streaming videos are larger than the downloads, the player sized at 1152x646, and most of the videos look pretty good. They also played well on my phone and tablet, and when enlarged to full screen in landscape orientation, they filled my phone's screen perfectly. Not all the videos have sound, although more do, and most of the videos run for over half an hour, and there are a few that run over an hour.

Muscle Force Productions has added nine videos in the past 15 months, and for a while they've been adding a video each month. While there are no dates on the video listing page or episode pages, each video is dated on the model's page; it's currently April 15, the latest update was added on April 9, and the previous one was added on March 4, and so on, and the owner says he still has some older videos to remaster and is planning to start shooting new content later this year. 

When it comes to downsides, there are a few things worth knowing. When you join Muscle Force Productions, you automatically agree to receive commercial emails with no way to opt out until later. There are no model profiles on the model pages, and the names on the videos aren't linked. In fact, since most of the models appear in only one video, and there's info about each guy as well as good descriptions on the video pages, so I'm not sure why the site has model pages at all. There are no picture sets, and I'd like to see a set of screencaps added to each episode. As I mentioned, a few of the videos have no sound. Last, while each episode has a list of categories, none of them are linked to a tag or category page.

MuscleForce Productions delivers exactly what you'd expect from their tour - hot bodybuilders and amateur muscle hunks, sweaty or oiled up as they work out, pose, flex, and sometimes stroke their cocks or take a bath or shower on camera. There are also a couple of duo muscle worship sessions that I really enjoyed. There are 21 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and the site is updating about once a month. Hopefully the owner will keep updating and start to shoot new content this year, and in the meantime there's some serious beefcake here and the monthly membership price is only $14.95 for a month, so if you love male muscle as much as I do, this one's definitely worth visiting.

Things we disliked

  • No profiles or info on model pages
  • Categories not linked
  • Some videos have no sound

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