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Ayor Studios has been around for years, filming horny European jocks, cute college-age guys and some twinks in hardcore gay sex and solo masturbation sessions. Many of the performers here are athletic and well-built; they sport six-pack abs and muscled arms, chests and shoulders. The twinks are slender and smooth, and the average guys are fit. When it comes to looks, the performers range from average to really hot, some with a cute, boyish look and others with a more masculine appearance. Most of the models are fairly clean-cut and clean-shaven, but a couple have that scruffy, freshly fucked look. And since the guys are European (they're mostly Czech), you can expect plenty of juicy uncut cocks.

When it comes to action, you'll find lots of cock sucking, asses getting fucked, some hot threeways, as well as lots of outdoor sex by lakes, in backyards and the woods. There are guys getting down in the shower, the kitchen and even on a roof. You'll find guys kissing, rimming and even some rough sex, and mostly I found the action features enthusiastic and horny guys getting it on with partners with sexual chemistry - they feel like buddies or boyfriends. Production values are fairly good, and the camera work gets you into the action. There are also a few solos including a guy jacking off on a train.

Ayor Studios offers 589 downloadable, DRM-free videos in MP4 format. They're offered in a section called Clips and come in one size of MP4 at either 960x540 or 640x480 or 720x480, depending on the age of the production. Most of the videos are good amateur quality, some of the smallest closer to average quality, and they're compatible with most mobiles. For those who prefer to watch rather than download, the vids can be streamed in an online player at the same sizes. There's a full-screen option on the streaming player and most fare pretty well. Also, it's worth noting that when there's dialogue, it's in Czech, but the videos are subtitled in English, or at least the ones I watched were.

You'll find the pictures in the model index. There are 34 models listed, each of whom has appeared in anywhere from one to nine videos for the studio, and each model has a single gallery of pics taken from all of his shoots. The pics are mostly decent to good amateur quality, the vertical ones sized at 672x1010 and the horizontal at from a smallish 672x448 to 1024x682. There were anywhere from 18 to over 100 pictures per set, and while there are no slideshows or zip files, you can save the pics you like individually.

Let's talk about extras. Members get access to 17 behind-the-scenes videos, the same number there were on our last visit. Like the site's main videos, these are available to download and stream, and they're great if you love watching gay porn being made. Also once a month the site puts up a different full DVD for members to download. This month's DVD is "Bliss Part Two", which is 84 minutes and five scenes, and while if you're like me, you prefer watching entire DVDs to individual scenes, all the individual scenes are already offered in the CLIPS section.

Now let's talk about updates because the site isn't updating daily as claimed. The site has only grown by 13 videos in 22 months and appears to be recycling some updates. This is December 19 and there have been five updates so far; last month there three updates total. One of this month's updates is sized at 960x540, suggesting a newer production; the other videos are sized at only 640x480 and one at 720x480, suggesting they are older scenes recycled with a new release date. In November, two of the updates are offered at the largest size and one at 720x480. Another clue is that the bonus DVD download for this month was released in 2013, and the latest update is from a DVD dated I found on DVD sites dated from 2013, also. Many of the other "new releases" are also taken from older DVDs.

Aside from dropping the ball on daily updates, are there other issues? A few, so let's talk about them. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but it's easy enough to opt out of if you don't want to receive emails. There's no info about the models, and I'd prefer each video came with a gallery rather than having multiple shoots together in a long, run-on gallery for each model. Finally, we had concerns in our last review about the possibility of the site recycling content back then, but I think I've have settled that issue.

Ayor Studios features hot European jocks, cuties and amateurs. The models are a mix of jocks with hot and athletic bodies, cute "regular guy" types and twinks who are slender and smooth, and pretty much all the guys have uncut cocks and aren't shy when sucking and fucking or jerking off in front of the cameras. The site offers 589 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on most mobiles, and there are also 17 behind-the-scenes vids. While the site hasn't grown much and seems to be recycling updates, there's plenty of content to enjoy during your membership. And if you've never been a member of the site, this won't affect you until you've exhausted the library of existing content. And with lots of cute guys and hot action, Ayor Studios is worth checking out.

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