The attraction or desire to someone who is foreign, different, or unknown.



An attraction, based on being different.

Can be for inanimate objects, as well as people.

A genuine desire, or curiosity of those who are culturally different.

This can be confined to a difference in language, or in skin color.

However, it can also include differences in mannerisms, in historical cultural differences.

In a sexual connotation, this attraction is not based on the individual himself/herself, but on the group.


Synthesis of the Greek Word 'xenos' (meaning stranger, or unknown, foreign) and 'philos' (meaning a love attraction).


The interests, or attraction is not based on physical traits, such a big penis, or particular butt, but is based on the different culture or race.

This involves an attraction to the clear distinctions between the one and the other, such as skin color, but also to the language, the type of foods, or even how they differ in values, morals.

In some instances, this passion for different cultures, can become an obsession, to the exclusion of one's own culture.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Fiction I s most notable for its use of Xenophilia.

Some of the more noted uses of this, is even in Harry Potter, in the book 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.

Generally one can find this form of 'attraction' within the science fiction genre.

It can be used to establish a blending of different cultures, in a good way.

Others may see it as a negative, in the eventual extinction of one race, by the co-mingling.


Some argue that Xenophilia is not a good thing.

In politics, it is considered, by many, to be at the detriment of one's own nation, and even George Washington made note of it, in his farewell address of 1796.

In some instances, a romantic attachment can be based solely on the cultural differences.

Someone who is attracted to twinks, may wind up engaging in a relationship with another party, who is far from being a twink ,but is of a different culture.

For example, a white man, seeking an African American partner, irrespective of their physical traits, could be considered acting on Xenophilia.

Other would merely call it being unmindful of an cultural differences, of the mingling of races.

Other meanings

Basically this is a deeper appreciation, and attraction to a different culture, at the expense of one's own culture.

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