The obsession or preference for sex with men who are employed as Truckers.



A sexual preference for sex and sexual exploits of men who have the employment or job of being truckers. From short distance to long distance hauling, this niche is about men who drive trucks.


History (Legend): Modern culture portrays the 'trucker' as more of an independent sole, traveling across the country without restriction or being confined to a regular grind, normal employment provides. This leads to a fantasy scenario, that excites some.

The supposed sexual attraction is that independence, that roaming spirit. The ability to have a connection, that is intense, but not permanent, or involving any future attachments is one other reason for the fantasy about truckers. As they are constantly on the move, experiencing new things, new connections.


Some who are into 'truckers' or other similar niches, claim a more intense relationship, that is fleeting. It is more about the physical act, than any spiritual or emotional connection that other preferences might elicit, or evoke.

Rarely long lasting, and generally occurs in the outdoors or confines of public locations, such as rest stops, back of semi trucks.

Practice (Associated Acts): Dogging, public sex, exhibitionism, bath houses.

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