The belief in half man, half animal, and the transformation of one to the other.



The belief in half man, half animal, and the transformation of one to the other.


From the Greek word 'therion' which refers to ' wild animal, beast ' and 'anthropos' that means 'human being'

Examples have been noted in early Cave Drawings, of this transformation process, or belief of such transformations.

Many different cultures, throughout history have some form of this belief, in which the spirit of a particular animal, is linked to the human form.


In some cultures, this particular transformation is reserved only for the high Priest, Shaman of a particular tribe.

In other cultures, the process is that human kind is linked to the animal kingdom, therefore at puberty, a male must kill the animal they have recurring dreams about.

By taking that animal's life, they then link their own spirit with the dead creature, drawing on its special talents, powers.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Some Cultures, such as Ancient Egyptians believed that many spirits took human form, or took human partners.

It isn't always clear as to how or why, these mutated Gods were created. For some it was the animal taking human form, to insure its survival, for others it was humans marrying an animal, for its powers.


A great deal of this involves the evolution of Man from the Animal world, and is 'that cultures' explanation of how some achieve certain characteristics of a specific creature.

While many sampled psychiatric patients, who believed in being part animal, part human, was found to be due to a deep psychosis,

However some contend it was due to some form of delusion, brought upon by an identity disorder.

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