Similar to the Bodyguard sex position, except in a kneeling position. Helps take the strain off both parties, as their lower bodies are better supported on a flat stable surface.



In Roman Catholicism, lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

This belief, can be seen today in many modern laws, governing pornography, and the basic concept that pornography is not good for any person.

Abrahamic Religions all have some form of objection to lust, unless pertaining to one's single partner, where it is accepted.


You will need a flat surface, without obstacles around either, in case you fall.

Both parties are in a kneeling position, that being where both have their knees and lower legs on the flat surface.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) has their legs spread apart.

The Giver (the one doing the penetration) has their legs placed within the legs of the Giver, not outside them.

Both use their hands on the hips of the other, usually the Receiver's hands are on the inside of the Giver's arms.

They are used to help in controlling the thrusting motion, once penetration is achieved.

The Giver can further control the motion, with his/her hands on the hips, or can use them to further arouse their partner, by reaching around and caressing, touching the Receiver.


The Receiver is able to rest the backside of their upper legs, on those of the Giver.

This allows for a more intimate experience, as well as provide for more comfort, to both parties.

Achieving the right angle for penetration, and for maintaining it, can be troublesome.

Use of a cushion or pillow can aid in this, behind the Giver's buttocks. It would rest on the back of their legs.

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