The repetitive placing of one's testicles into the mouth of another, as if dipping a tea bag into hot water.



Where one person, allows the other to suck on their testicles, by squatting over their face, and placing them into the mouth briefly, then withdrawing them, then re-inserting them, in a continuous motion.


Usually found in some form of BDSM role playing, 'tea bagging' is where another will force (in the case of BDSM) their scrotum into the mouth of another, to have them suck or lick them, then remove them and repeat the process.

In BDSM, it is done as a form of humiliation, or as a means of teasing the other. The dipping of the testes into the mouth can be used as a means of giving their submissive a taste, but not enough to satisfy, to heighten further sexual activity.

It is also a form of domination over the submissive. The quick withdrawal, heightening their 'power' over the other.

Practice (Associated Acts): Has been noted as a form of hazing in some colleges, as a form of erotic humiliation. This is where a freshman, or pledge, is held down, while another rubs their testicles over the freshman's face.

Other meanings

Wind Surfing and other watersports refer to it as 'tea bagging' when the person falls under choppy seas.

In Basketball, when a player leaps above another, to dunk the ball, their balls are considering in the face of the opposing player, and thus refer to it as tea bagging, though not a popular or well used term. The more often used term is 'slam dunking'.

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