A mental state where the 'sub' (submissive) enters a mental state, that divorces himself from the action going on, due to the varied sensory perceptions of pain and pleasure.



An almost drug like induced stupor or trance that is created from the application of both pain and pleasure. This trance state is a result of natural chemicals in the body being suddenly released at once, creating a mental state where the submissive party is unable to experience pain.

It is like becoming detached from reality, and the more that pain is applied, while in this state, the more long lasting this trance like state can last.

Return to normal, or when the stimulus is ended, can result in extreme physical exhaustion along with incoherence.


This is a state induced from deep role playing, in where the session mixes a high amount of pain and pleasure in various stages of succession.

It creates a sympathetic response in the nervous system.

This is due to release of epinephrine, along with a high dump of endorphins and enkephalins. These control the flight or fight responses in a person.

The combination results in a drugged state for the submissive, in which they can experience an out of body or out of situation state.

Pain and Pleasure become one, and their tolerances to pain stimulation only increases the surreal state they are in, increasing their presumed tolerances to pain.

In short they are unable to stop the pain that might be beyond their bodies tolerances, due to the drug induced state they have entered, from the natural chemicals released into their body.

The return to a normal state can cause them severe exhaustion, as well as make them incoherent.

Such a state can require treatment, aftercare, by a properly trained Dominant.

This state should NOT be a goal, if neither party are unaware of the risks, or in the case of the Dominant, in the procedures required for aftercare.

This is a mental state reached, almost as if the person had taken morphine, which is what the natural chemical mixture creates in the body.

Practice (Associated Acts): In some instances, where a submissive reaches a high level of subspace, they lose all sensation of pain or pleasure, as we know it, and the added pain, pleasure, only prolongs their drug induced stupor.

Noteworthy: A dominant MUST take care in monitoring a submissive who might lapse into this state, and must be ready to provide aftercare.

Sessions should not continue if a submissive enters this state, unless both parties know the limits of each other. Keeping in mind, when in this state, a submissive cannot use their safe word, as they are immune to the sensation of pain.

NOTE - in this state, ANY stimulus can prolong the trance like state a submissive enters, not just pain, but pleasure as well.

It becomes the responsibility of the Dominant to know the limits, to stop when they believe they have reached that level.

This state usually occurs in extremely long play scenes, without interruption of the pain / pleasure combination.

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